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Flashing a Group from a Boat ...

JOHN - Before I attempt to use the anal beads, has anyone here had experience with them and know best how to use them? Kim agreed to try maybe two beads to see how it feels, and I don't want to blow it not doing it right.

When we got home she started looking at these dildos again and thought the suction cup ones were neat to ride with no hands. She pulled out the strapon and was reading it and realized what it was. She told me it was for women to use with each other for 'doing it.' I was reading about the edible panties Kim got and casually said maybe she and Ann could use it. Kim said she didn't know about that. I told her they had their fingers inside each other and this wouldn't involve having anything inside but a dildo.

She said I was right, but how did it work. We took it out of the wrapper, and figured the one dildo went inside the user for pleasure and stability and the other for the other woman. Kim put it on,looked in the mirror at herself and thought that was really funny. Asked her what she thought and she said it might be ok, depending on what Ann thought. She remembered she had to call Ann, and left.

I sat there somewhat in shock over Kim more or less saying she'd use the strapon if Ann agreed. Kim and Ann talked for maybe 30 minutes or so and Kim came back. She said Ann was still trying to come up with something for her choice for the weekend, saying it was so limited, with the men having no contact with the other woman. Ann didn't understand that just meant sexual contact between the legs until Kim told her.

Ann said that makes it easier, that she had thought about massages, etc., and Kim said that was fine, that George rubbed lotion on her back, butt, and legs before on the dock. Ann asked about frontal massage and Kim said that was ok. Ann asked if the boobs were ok, too, and Kim said she didn't care if Ann didn't. Ann asked Kim how far were they gonna take the girlie thing, and Kim said whatever they are comfortable with. She told Ann about the dildos and the strapon and described it and Ann said it sounded embarrassing and said they could see what it's like. But...before that happened we had Jay over again...

Kim was looking really sexy last nite in her new low rise yellow short shorts that left just a hint of ass cheeks in the rear, and a matching halter.

We sat out on the deck, with Kim sitting in the lounge, me in a chair, and Jay sat on the end of the lounge. Kim had her knees up and together as we all made small talk. Jay reached over and put his hand on her knees as if to pry them apart. Kim opened up a little, then all the way, and what a sight. Both sides of her pussy were exposed as Kim watched Jay look there.

I slid my chair next to Kim and she reached to hold my hand, as Jay reached to rub her pussy. Kim unfastened her shorts and Jay slipped them off, leaving Kim in tiny, sheer yellow panties. Jay was rubbing Kim's pussy thru her panties. Jay began kissing her inner thighs, making his way to the honey spot. He began kissing and licking Kim's pussy thru her panties, and Kim was visibly hot from this. She put her hand on Jay's head and said let's take this inside.

She took us by the hand and led us into the bedroom. Turning around, she put her arms around my neck, told me she loved me, and kissed me hard. Jay untied her halter and removed it and reached around to squeeze her breasts. Kim pushed down on my shorts enough to take my cock in her hand, just as Jay's hand slipped inside her panties. I could feel her moan in our kiss as he touched her clit, and watched as her other hand moved behind her to find Jay's cock. I moved down on my knees in front of her, and as I began sliding her panties down, the movement of her arm told me she was stroking Jay's cock.

Her panties were wet, her pussy soaked, as I slid two fingers inside her. Jay had one finger on her clit, the other on her nipple, kissing her neck, and Kim stroking him behind her. With both of us working on Kim's pussy, she came quickly, trying to bend over as she did. We moved our hands, and I took my mouth to her pussy.

I saw Kim pull her hand back around front, and saw that it had alot of semen on it. I heard Kim ask Jay was he gonna be all right. I stopped what I was doing and asked what was wrong. Jay said kinda a guy problem. I realized he wasn't hard. I thought he came in Kim's hand, but she said he just leaked alot. Jay said he'd never had to perform in front of someone, and thinks that's what is bothering him. Kim asked if there was anything she could do to help, and Jay said maybe if I went out until they got going and then come back, he'd be ok. She told Jay that couldn't happen, that this was about a 3-some, not something behind closed doors, and not something she'd consider. Kim said maybe we could just keep it like we did at the lake until he was used to it more. He offered her oral, but Kim said to wait until we had it all. Jay was apologizing, and we both told him it was ok. I suggested we call it a night and take it up another time.

Kim went in the bathroom to wash her hands off, slipped on a robe, and we walked jay to the door. As I closed the door and tuned around, Kim smiled and shook her head, saying maybe fingers were all she's meant to have, unless I had something more to offer. She dropped her robe, looked at me and said, "I need it really bad right now". We got it on right there on the sofa.

Kim said when she first took his cock that he was hard. She said he was smaller than me, and maybe that bothered him. She said he started leaking and started losing his erection. I told her I think he just leaked so much that he couldn't stay hard. Kim said she got some excitement anyway, that his kissing and licking her thru her panties was very hot, and both of us doing her pussy was hot.

She said she couldn't help but be disappointed, but alot of it was good. She said she wouldn't be surprised if we never hear from Jay again. I told her we needed to get up this morning to set up our camera, and she started smiling.

Kim and I left for a boat ride this morning, and as we left the cove, George and Ann were on their deck. I think they were waiting for us, cause they both stood up, Ann flashed her tits and George mooned us. Kim clapped and I laid on the horn. Not to be outdone, Kim raised one side of her top up and her bottoms down, flashing one tit and her bush. They in return applauded her. We waved and left, and Kim said it was so much fun being around them.

When it was time for the marina, George and Ann came over to go. George knew Kim was wearing panties as her bottoms to her suit, but didn't know Ann was, too. They both had their bathing suit tops, and matching cover skirt, Ann with black panties and Kim, red. Except for me seeing her, this was Ann's first big exhibition thing. Ann and Kim sat in the back, and George asked for a preview, and they both gave him a big, wide preview. Ann asked George what that did for him, and he pulled down the front of his suit to show his boner. The girls laughed and high fived each other over their accomplishment. The girls were talking and laughing as we went to the marina, but couldn't hear.

Kim later said Ann told Kim how nervous she was and Kim told her to think of what she has on as a bathing suit and not panties. She told Ann half the excitement was watching guys look. Some will sneak and peak, turning their heads and cutting their eyes back. Kim said some will just stare between your legs wanting to get caught, wanting to make eye contact so you know they were looking. Kim said usually she lets them look and doesn't make eye contact, but occasionally if a guy is cute, she will look up and make the contact he wants with the eyes. Then after the eye contact is made, she'll look away and close her legs. If she looks back, the guy is usually smiling and a couple times has smiled back as a tease to let him know she saw him looking.

At the marina, they were both showing off and loving it, as were me and George. The hottest part was when we left. We had just gotten in the boat, and Kim removed her skirt, standing there in her top and panties as we began to leave. There is 'no wake' in that area, so you're like trolling, and it took 15 minutes to get out of there. Ann took off her skirt and both were there for all to see. Of course, they thought it was bathing suits. Probably 40 or more guys saw them in their panties. One boat with a group aboard were trying to get them to flash.

Kim pointed to her boob, and they all were yea,yea,yea. She pushed it up with her hand, covering herself as she did, so nothing showed. To this they all went, no, no, no. She pointed to her crotch, and they went wild. She slid her hand down, pushing her suit down, but covering herself at the same time. They were hollering, one time, come on, etc. Kim turned around and pointed at her butt, and they all applauded. This time, she pulled it down a couple inches showing some crack and I thought they were coming off the boat. They were acting like they were having heart attacks as Kim blew them a kiss and waved bye. Little did they know they were seeing her in her panties.

That was the one hottest thing she's done. Ann and George applauded her actions as she sat next to me and gave me a big wet kiss and told me she was soaking wet. Soon we were out of there and on our way. Kim went back where Ann was and George told me he couldn't believe how hot Kim just was. He went back with them.

Next time I looked back, George had Ann's panties off and was between her legs. Ann's hand was laying on Kim's thigh, and Kim was watching them. I pulled into a cove to go slow. Kim told me to come there, and I now saw Ann's hand resting on Kim's crotch. She wasn't moving her hand, it was just there. I leaned over to kiss Kim and she was hot. I reached down and took Ann's wrist pressing her hand more on Kim and moving it. I moved my hand and Ann kept rubbing there, and Kim wasn't moving it. I reached down again, and moved Kim's panties over, which put her hand on Kim's wet pussy. I pulled her panties back over on top of Ann's hand. Ann obviously found Kim's clit, cause she was getting hotter and moving her hips. Thru heavy breathing, Kim asked me to take her panties off. I did, and Ann put her hand right back, and Kim opened her legs wider. George was trying to eat Ann and watch Ann massaging Kim's clit at the same time. Kim wouldn't let me leave from kissing her. It was like I was her security blanket for letting herself enjoy what Ann was doing. I knew they were both getting close to orgasm, but I wanted this to last. Ann was sliding her finger inside Kim and the rubbing her clit, and then back again. Just as Kim came, she grabbed Ann's hand and held it tight against her pussy, moving her hips against it. Kim leaned over, pulled Ann's top down, and licked her nipple, once, again, and then put her mouth there, covering her nipple and Ann exploded. I was cleaning Kim's pussy up and George was doing Ann's. Ann asked, "Did you boys like that", as they were giggling. I looked up and asked," The question is did you girls like that", and they started laughing.

Kim asked me later when we got here if just cause it felt good does that make her bi? I told her if it does what's wrong with it, that if she enjoyed it, we enjoyed it, there doesn't have to be a label. I know one thing, she wanted me bad when we got back. I think her actions made her a little nervous, but she'll be ok. She said she'd post another time. "

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