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JOHN - After the incident on the boat with Ann, which was like a warm up for Kim, she needed me when we got back. Expecting her to talk about Ann so openly masturbating her on the boat, and Kim having her mouth on Ann's nipple, instead, she starts in on the excitement she felt riding out of the marina in front of everyone in her panties, especially the boat with the group of guys on it. She said when showing herself is really hot, it takes her breath away, makes her knees weak and her heart race with excitement. She said this happened with Rob, the bug man, and then at the marina.

She said Ann told her on the way back that when Kim pushed her panties down in the front for those guys she didn't have all of her hair covered with her hand and said that got her so hot. Just after Ann told her that, George started eating Ann, and Kim said she was gonna masturbate. But when she felt Ann's hand, and I joined in, she wanted Ann to masturbate her.

She talked about it as we laid on the dock afterwards. Looks like alot more like tan lines than all over tan. Kim says she'll meet me halfway on this. She'll go topless for tanned breasts, but will give me tan lines on the bottom. I told her it would have been so much hotter, I think, if when she pushed her panties down in front of those guys, she had exposed creamy white skin against whatever dark pubic hair was peeping from under her hand. Same thing when she lowered them in the back past her crack.

As we lay on the dock, we talked about what excitement might lay ahead for the evening, and one thing Kim said is that she knows Ann is alot more into girlie things than she is. Kim said that was ok, that she was more into exhibitionism than Ann. Kim said we are all new at tapping into our sexualities and turn ons, and incorporating everyones needs into our get togethers is what will make it work. She said Sat. afternoon we fulfilled her need to show herself, and if Sat. nite Ann needs to fulfill her need for the girlie things, she'll do her part. I asked Kim what if Ann wants to kiss or wants ya'll to go down on each other. Kim says she'll kiss if Ann brings it up, that she never will with a guy, but doing things with Ann just seems like doing thigs with herself. Kim said the oral sex she is just not ready to do, and may never be. She said the flavored whip cream, and all the dildos are fine.

Armed with our bag of dildos, we left for their place. Kim just wore normal shorts and a button up shirt. After several drinks, it was time to play. Ann stood up and announced that after alot of thinking, her idea for excitement was this: the girls would compete (as soon as she said that, I knew she had Kim's attention. After years of sports, she thrives on competition, and hates to lose). Ann went on to say that each girl would undress the other girl in whatever way she felt would most excite the men, as the men would judge and pick the winner.

The winner would have her choice of one sexually exciting thing to have with the other woman, and the loser must comply. The winner will also receive a full body massage with heated oil from all three with 6 hands caressing her entire body for one hour.

The loser will also get the same massage, but for 30 minutes, and will have to wear a blindfold and wonder whose hands are where.

Ann said there cannot be a tie. This is all gonna be lengthy and I'll have to post as I can.

I'll start on Sat. nite, but it will take a few days to post it all, as so much happened. Ann had to borrow a button up shirt from George so they both started even. As we were the judges, they faced us. Ann reached around in front of Kim, running her hands across Kim's breasts to reach the first button, and as she unbuttoned it, she began to kiss on the back of Kim's neck. She continued this as she unbuttoned the shirt completely. She slipped it off Kim's shoulders, slightly, exposing Kim's sheer bra and her erect up-turned nipples. Ann was now running her tongue along Kim's neckline and shoulders, as she reached to cup her hands around Kim's breasts, flicking Kim's nipples with her finger.

Up until now, Kim had been smiling and with a look of what's next on her face. But now, with Ann's wet tongue on her neck, her chin, and her nipples being rubbed, Kim's smile was replaced with closed eyes, and she began biting her bottom lip- a sure sign of her heating up. Ann removed the shirt, taking her hands to unclasp the bra in the front, and freeing Kim's breasts. She would run her hands up and down Kim's frontside, always going back to her nipples, and began pulling on them. Kim nipples are very small and super sensitive and it was showing in Kim's increased breathing. It didn't matter if it was a woman doing it or not, it was getting her hot.

Ann knelt down, still behind Kim, and reached around to unfasten Kim's shorts, slipping her hand inside to squeeze Kim's crotch. She removed the shorts, leaving Kim there in her sheer pink panties. Ann was running her hands between Kim's legs, clutching her pussy each time, kissing and tonguing Kim's lower back. She went inside the panties and her finger inside Kim. She pulled it out, brought it to her mouth and licked it clean.

Ann then slid Kim's panties down to her thighs. Coming from the rear between Kim's legs, Ann's hand was again at Kim's pussy, rubbing her mound on the outside as she was kissing Kim's ass all over. George asked Ann to turn Kim around so we could see. Until then, not one word had been spoken. Ann was squeezing Kim's pubic mound as we watched her tongue running up and down Kim's ass crack, over her cheeks, and back to her crack. That was a very hot thing to see. Ann turned Kim around and began kissing her lower stomach, tonguing Kim's navel. Ann moved lower to the top of Kim's triangle, and tracing around Kim's little dark triangle with the tip of her tongue. While doing this, Ann slid two fingers inside Kim and placing her thumb on Kim's clit. Each time Ann would trace Kim's hairline, and reached the bottom, her tongue would be right against her thumb on Kim's clit. I just knew she was gonna replace her thumb with her tongue on the next trip. I was sure she was gonna eat Kim right there stading up, and I think George thought the same thing, as we were both on the edge of our seats. Kim reached down and pressed Ann's head against her there as she came hard. Ann pulled her cream covered fingers out and licked them clean, telling Kim she loves her taste. Then I thought she'd clean Kim up, but again, wishful thinking only.

They left for Kim to clean up, and put her clothes back on cause it was now her turn to compete and undress Ann.

Ann had just finished her part of the competition, and the girls returned. I knew it would be hard for Kim to top what Ann gave her at the end, licking Kim's ass crack, and fingering her to orgasm while licking everywhere in the front except Kim's pussy. George said before they returned he knew Ann was more into doing this than Kim was and had told him that Kim excites her on the phone.

Kim started off by turning Ann sideways to us instead of front side. As Kim reached for Ann's first button, she leaned into Ann's neck with kisses. Ann's neck went back as Kim began licking along her neck, up her chin, over her chin and across Ann's lips. Ann's tongue immediately came out to meet Kim's. This was the beginning of what turned out to be a very, very long and wet kissing adventure. For the entire time Kim unbuttoned Ann's blouse, slowly I might add, removed it, unclasped her bra and removed it, they were in some form of kissing.

I realized this was what the side view was for. Often, their tongues would mee in mid-air, flicking each other. Kim would put her lips over Ann's tongue and pull on it, suck on it, suck on her lips. Kim pushed her knee between Ann's legs and into her crotch, which Ann took advantage of and began grinding herself against Kim. When their lips were pressed together in a hard kiss, Ann would moan, and I knew why. Kim has this thing she does sucking your tongue in her mouth while somehow licking it with her tongue, and it's hot. I mention lots of times Kim kissing me hard, and that's what I mean. "

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