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Using a Strapon with Ann ...

JOHN - By the time Ann's bra came off, she had had a small orgasm humping on Kim. Kim pulled away from the kiss and Ann was recovering from her orgasm. She turned to George and said, "The kid is a kisser, hope you watched what she did". They both call Kim 'kid' partly cause she's a lot younger, but mostly cause she looks more like a teenager than a 22 yr. old woman.

Ann turned back to Kim and Kim began kissing on Ann's breasts teasing the nipples getting them wet, then blowing on them. Kim would clamp her teeth gently on the nipple and pull, then suckle it. Ann told Kim she wanted to do all this when it was her turn but didn't know what Kim would say.

Kim made her way down to her knees, and began sliding Ann's shorts down, kissing as she went. Ann stood there in lacy white panties, as Kim slid her hand between Ann's legs. She asked Ann to spread more as Kim began licking her inner thighs. Kim was sitting on her butt, her legs stretched out between Ann's legs, with Kim's face right at Ann's pussy. Remembering Jay kissing and licking her pussy thru her panties on the lounge chair, she decided to make that her finale. Ann's pussy was bulging in her tight panties and Kim began kissing it thru her panties with little pecks. George and I couldn't believe this. Kim's tongue came out and licked the length of her pussy and then back again. Opening her mouth wide, Kim placed it over Ann's entire pussy, closing her mouth while against her pussy. Ann was looking down at Kim telling how wonderful it felt. Kim placed her mouth again on Ann's pussy, and with her mouth wide, began doing something. I say something, cause I don't know what. Kim's mouth was open you could see her jaw moving, Ann was squirming like crazy, Kim pulled Ann's panties down to her mouth, giving her a naked look and a look that Kim was really munching, and then Ann exploded. The biggest and most vocal orgasm I'd see Ann have.

Kim stayed there until Ann was finished, and then Ann said she had to sit down on the arm of the sofa as her knees were weak. I asked Kim what she did, she shrugged her shoulders, giggled, and said she had no idea, but it must have felt good. Ann laughed, too and said she didn't know either, it just felt like a warm wet massage. Ann said she loved the whole thing and asked Kim if she enjoyed it. Kim said she thought it was alot of fun, so soft, too. Ann asked if that meant she'd like for them to do things sometimes, too, sexually, and Kim said she would but added she wouldn't want oral at least now. Ann asked her if she meant giving oral, recieving, or both. Kim said she meant giving, but it wouldn't be fair receiving and not giving. Ann asked what if she wanted to give Kim oral pleasure for her own pleasure as well as Kim's, would she let her.

Things were getting serious and to snap us out of this mode, Kim, as only Kim can do, says, "Ann, are you trying to tell me you want to eat me?" This broke the serious mood, as we couldn't help but laugh . Ann said, thru her laughing that yes, she did want to eat Kim, and could she. Kim said she'd try it and wondered how soft it would be.

The girls had completed their competition, and Ann talking about wanting to eat Kim, and I told them before they got into anything else, I needed a little something to get me by. Kim came over to the sofa and knelt between my legs, and noticed a little wet spot . She reached up, kissed me, and said I must have really liked that. I told Kim I loved every minute, as she made her way down. Kim had hardly started on my cock, and I came. Kim was trying to swallow and got tickled at how quick it happened, and ended up almost getting choked on my load. I just wasn't used to seeing what I had been watching with the girls. Ann finished George's BJ and they went to brush their teeth and clean up.

Ann came back and dumped the bag of dildos and things on the floor and started looking at all of it. They decided they didn't want to try the anal beads. Damn't. Ann held up the strapon, and asked how it worked, and Kim said she thought one goes in the wearer, the other in the partner.

I held up the suction cup dildos and said this was what they should try first. I had fantasized about them using these on George's glass coffee table. In my fantasy, they would lower themselves on the dildos, facing each other on the table, and hopefully begin fooling aroud kissing and touching while they rode. I didn't tell them about my fantasy, just suggested they try these together.

George and I set the dildos up on the table, and then the girls straddled the table. Kim asked Ann had she ever used dildos, and Ann laughed saying never one sitting there looking up at her. They lowered themselves onto their respective toys, both leaning in towards the middle. It took a few minutes to adjust to what they had, but they learned quick, and soon the rythm was going, and what they had was feeling good. The initial silliness was being replaced by pleasure. Ann initiated the kissing, placing her lips on Kim's. Then, their hands found each other's breasts and nipples. Watching Ann and Kim screwing these dildos, kissing and fondling was hot and an answer to my fantasy. Their faces glistened from where their wet tongues were on each other. Kim laid her head on Ann's shoulder and by the look on her face, I knew it was time. Ann laid her head on Kim's shoulder, and the tempo of riding picked up. Kim's eyes tightened up, her mouth opened up and then she had a very vocal orgasm, almost bringing tears to her eyes. Ann followed, hers enormous too.

They kissed more during their cool down, then both said that was good. George said he'd love to see them swap ends, clean up each other's toy and ride again. These two are up for almost anything. They swapped ends, and both began licking and cleaning up each other's dildo, going from dripping wet to spotless. Again, they mounted and rode, kissed and fondled, and came. Not near as hard as before, but good.

Calming down, they traded little kisses, and Ann told Kim she really wanted to go down on her now. Kim reminded her she couldn't return it, and Ann told her that was fine, that she just needed to try this. Kim said she was kinda messy, and Ann smiled and told Kim that made it better. They got on the sheet on the floor, lying side by side, kissing and rubbing, and then Ann rolled Kim over on her back, and began making her way down. George and I were on either side of them as Kim turned, kissed me and I held her hand.

Just as Ann began her descent on Kim she was already squeezing my hand tight in anticipation of her letting this happen. She had told me the week leading up to this that if Ann wanted to eat her, she wanted to let her, wanted to know how it would feel from another woman. It took but just a minute for Kim's first orgasm, mostly, I feel, from the excitement of it being another woman, and a very hot and wanting one at that, between her legs. Kim looked up at me and just looked, smiled, and raised her head slightly. She needed me to kiss her.

Ann continued as she raised Kim's legs and pushing them back, sucking on Kim's clit, nibbling it with her teeth, sucking her lips, tongue fucking first Kim's pussy, then her ass and the tender area between the two. Kim had released my hand and was squeezing her nipples for added pleasure. Ann was treating Kim's pussy as if it was the last she'd ever get, sucking and fingering and even just rubbing her face all over Kim's wetness. I thought I loved eating pussy, but Ann was devouring Kim's pussy. Kim's hands were now on the back of Ann's head as Kim's hips were grinding and she came and came. Ann's eyes grew tight and she, too, came, obviously from the pleasure of Kim's orgasm cause nothing phsically was happening to her.

This was probably the point I felt left out. I could see Kim's cream filled pussy and her cream all over Ann's face and wanted Kim so bad, wanting to taste her clean up every drop. Instead, Ann was doing it. Kim's hands were behind my neck pulling me to her open mouth, sucking my tongue, and then she came again. This time she had to reach down and stop Ann as her clit couldn't take anymore.

Ann kissed her way back up to Kim's mouth, lying naked on top of Kim, then sliding to the side but leaving one leg over Kim leaving herself spread. As they kissed, I saw Kim's hand move between Ann's legs, her fingers searching. Just seeing Kim's soft little hand rubbing all over Ann's wet pussy was so hot, and then Kim penetrated her. Kim brought Ann to a huge climax, very vocal to say the least.

Ann reached for the strapon and laughingly asked Kim what her favorite position was. Kim said doggy-style. She helped Ann get it on then Ann gave it a couple strokes with her hand, mimicking me and George. With Ann standing and Kim in front of her on her knees having assisted her, Ann brought 'her' cock to Kim's mouth. Kim giggled a bit, but opened her mouth and sucked on it just like it was mine. Kim pulled away turned around and put her face to the floor and left her ass in the air.

Ann entered Kim and once they got the hang of it, they went at it. Wondering what it would look like to see Kim get fucked and hot from it had crossed my mind and now I was seeing it. Not from a man, but a woman. From the rear, Kim on top turned both ways, from the side, sitting in Ann's lap they just fucked and fucked and Kim came and came. The part of the dildo inside Ann was getting her off as well. This was one of three times that nite Ann used the strapon on Kim. Kim used it twice on Ann, the second time fucking Ann's ass at Ann's request. Ann said once she got use to it, she's liked it there and George said he did, too. WE hadn't seen them fuck there. Kim won't even let me finger her ass so I hoped seeing Ann enjoy it might get Kim enthused to try a little bit more ass play.

After masturbating each other at the same time, Kim wanted me. As I moved between her legs I found the biggest mess I'd ever seen with her cream from her pubic hair to her ass, and inner thighs. Such a mouth watering, delicious mess. She couldn't take my tongue against her clit as it was just too sore, having been sucked, licked, nibbled on and fingered by Ann all night. Once cleaned up, I expected Kim to roll over for the rear entry she loves, or slide out from under me to get on top. Instead, we used the military position, one I've told you we hardly ever use. I heard George losing his load with Ann behind us. At first Kim was not very responsive, kissing me and even apologizing for basicly having nothing left. She didn't even have the energy to wrap her legs over my back. It was nearing daybreak, and Ann had been fucking Kim all night, literally. Not to say Kim didn't fuck Ann alot, too, cause she did, but Ann was so into contact with Kim's pussy that she spent much more time between Kim's legs than Kim did hers. "

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