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Jay Gets Another Go ...

JOHN - As I got closer to cumming, Kim was responding more and meeting my thrusts. When I came, it was a load I'd held all night so it was alot. As we kissed I could feel those wonderful muscles inside Kim's pussy pulling on my cock and draining me. Oh how I love it when she does that, sucking on my cock with her pussy and sucking on my tongue with her mouth simultaneously. She whispered she loved me and I told her the same, then she asked for my cock. I straddled her body up to her face. I watched as some of my cum dripped onto her lip and her running her tongue out to collect it. She placed her mouth just over the head of it gently sucking for whatever might be left before starting down my shaft all the while our eyes in constant contact.

I sensed something behind me. It was Ann between Kim's legs licking and cleaning her up and George right there encouraging her.

Kim really didn't want that but I thought it was very erotic. Kim said she doesn't know if she'll ever eat Ann but knows she couldn't do that. She admitted it was very pleasing to be cleaned up after fucking.

We're still at the lake, and as I sit here in the half dark room I'm looking at the bed where Kim, Jay, and I had the hottest time of our lives last nite and where Kim and Jay still lay sleeping. I want to quit writing and go wake them up and start again, but will let them sleep.

Kim's actually afraid she won't make it thru the day before Mother Nature moves in as it's that time again. She told us this last nite after the last round, but said she hopes not as she wants us all day long and as often as we're able to go, she'll be ready. Just remembering that makes me hard.

When Jay got here yesterday the first thing he asked was could we all talk. He told us he felt bad all week from what happened and wanted to be honest with us. He looked at Kim and told her she intimidated the hell out of him and even more so with her new hair cut and how hot it makes her. Kim started to speak, but Jay asked to let him finish. He said the other thing was he knew he was smaller than I was and wasn't too confident in being able to please her. He said when Kim was playing with him before, he felt so intimidated with her naked and doing that to him that try as he might, he couldn't hold it and came some in her hand, enough that he couldn't get hard again.

Kim listened and then responded. She told him if he wanted to talk intimidation, she felt that, too. She said her lack of sexual experience and lack of different partners makes her feel intimidated wondering how the 18-twenty something yr. old girls with lots of experience are pleasing him and afraid she wouldn't do as good. She told him as far as size goes he has plenty, that she doesn't like big. She reminded him that the first time they explored, he satisfied her with his fingers and he was alot bigger than that and he could please her and that she wants him to, wants both of us to.

Jay was sitting there shaking his head and grinning and Kim asked him 'what'. He told her here she was wondering if she'd please him and he hasn't even made it past her hand yet. We couldn't help but all laugh.

Kim and Jay are awake and I can't help but think how hot it would be writing this while watching them get hot, but Kim won't do anything without me involved as she says it's all about us. Kim just got up to read this and whispered in my ear,"No she won't". She says she needs the computer to check on a few work things, actually to post something. Jay thinks we're doing work stuff. Kim just put a t-shirt over nakedness, then Jay told her she looked better naked. She took it off and threw it at him. Guess I'll start telling the excitement tomorrow, just wanted to explain Jay.

After we talked to Jay, Kim got up and walked over to the bed, turned to face us and removed her bathing suit. We looked at her and she finally asked if we were gonna sit and look or join her. We dropped our trunks and went to her, her eyes going back and forth from my cock to Jay's. Kim was sitting on the edge of the bed as we faced her, our cocks both semi-hard. She took one in each hand telling us they felt good. She told Jay to get a condom from the top drawer of the night stand. Kim told Jay it will be better for him and her both if she can do this first part without a condom, and since he was dry she would. She told if he starts leaking any at all, he would have to put the condom on.

With that, Kim took her mouth to his cock, taking it to the hilt as I watched it completely disappear. Her cheeks 'caved in' as she sucked it all the way back up, then taking just the head and pulling and sucking. She sat back looking at Jay's total hardness, then leaned in to gently tongue and kiss the head. She left his cock and moved to mine, repeating the whole scenario and a little more, I guess, feeling mine should get more.

Kim moved back to Jay, licking the underside of his shaft all the way to his balls and across them. Taking her hand to hold them up, she began kissing them, finally pulling one of them into her mouth. I had to reach down and stop her hand from stroking my cock as I feared losing my load, she had me so hot. I looked at Jay and he was opening the condom and as Kim pulled away, I saw he was leaking. She thanked him for putting it on, but said all the thanks went to her.

Kim looked up at me as she moved to my cock while Jay put the condom on. I knew that look she gave me, as it was the same look I saw with Larry. I'm never supposed to mention that, but. The look was her need of approval from me. I winked, and she smiled and took my cock deep down her throat. She pulled away and looking at Jay's still hard cock, told him when we return from the concert, she wanted him to go down on her for a long time, but right then she said she wanted to feel him inside her before he loses what he has. She asked me to lie down on the bed. She took my cock in her mouth as Jay entered her from the rear. In this position, Kim usually either rocks back and forth or arches her hips up and down getting what she needs. Kim is more into doing the fucking than being fucked, so I wondered why Jay was the one moving. She later said she knew Jay wasn't as long as me, and was getting a feel for how much she could move and at the same time, Jay was moving alot and she didn't want it to come out. She chose the up and down grinding on his cock as she picked up the tempo, and Jay let her take over.

Kim's moans and little 'whimpers' on my cock were doing a number on me as was watching her in control of the fucking now and giving Jay a hell of a ride. I came hard, and before I finished, Jay was cumming, and then Kim. As Kim came, she raised her head up and back, mouth open, and with my cum still in her mouth, trying to swallow that while at the same time having her own pleasure and orgasm. After initial explosion, she went back to my cock to clean up, slowly moving on Jay's cock.

She then looked at me, the first time since we started and our eyes just looked at each other. It seemed like an eternity before she moved up to me, placing her lips to my ear and whispering in a question, "It's ok?" She was this way when something with Larry happened, but not a bit with Ann. What she was asking was it ok that she had just fucked another man and got pleasure from it. I whispered in her ear that it was wonderful and she started to kiss me, but realized I just came in her mouth and that's a no-no.

We talked just a minute while Jay showered and she said she doesn't understand why she can't look at this sex with Jay in the same way as with Ann and not ask herself should she do this. We decided to just work thru it. We all got ready for the concert. "

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