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Lips Bulging Out ...

JOHN - "Apologies, again, for my typing. I'm terrible, and trying to go fast while Kim is away makes it even worse. Kim just left for the gym, and I marvel at her dedication. Back to Sat. We got up from the chair after our hot, but brief fuck, and got a shower. She went to get her top and panties from the dryer and came back. After putting the panties on, she turned around to look in the mirror and commented they weren't really showing any butt crack.

I told her to squat down, then bend over then squat again and then stand up and look again. About an inch of crack was showing and her mouth fell open as she asked if that had shown all morning. I said yes, but that was standing up, that when she squats you could add another inch to that. I asked if that was ok, and Kim said if she had known it at first she might have put on one of her other panty suits, but since Larry has been seeing it all morning it would have to be ok.

She said alot of butt cheeks in bathing suits always shows, but she hadn't planned on showing crack too. And that it doesn't leave alot left to the imagination. I told her I thought it made her ass look even hotter than it already did look, and we shared a long kiss. She said Larry told her he was off 3 days this next week and would be interviewing for other jobs, but would be back in the afternoons, and could help more in the yard. She said if he gets another job and his family comes back she can't do this outside stuff so we need to think of other things too. I told her I wanted other things and we'd come up with things. I asked if she was ready to go out on the deck, and she said she was a little nervous now about the back of her panties, but that, yes she was ready.

She said she can't believe Larry doesn't know they are panties, but that he never said anything, but because he says whatever he thinks, she's worried that he may ask, and that even if we explain that she wears them so as not to mess up her real suit bottoms and didn't think anyone could tell, what would she do? She said what to do concerns her, cause she either has to say since he has seen her it doesn't matter, and just ask him not to say anything, or she would have to get up and put something else on.

And if she said it didn't matter about those what would she do other days with other panties? Say if he sees me in one pair it doesn't matter about others if he didn't care? Then what would she do if he came over and we were out on the deck and her in regular sexy panties, like we do in the mornings and drink coffee? I slowed her down and said just enjoy the moment and not worry about that, and with that we went outside on the deck. We were gonna start with the rails and spindles with brushes and then spray the decking with a deck sprayer.

Kim was on the deck to do the inside and me on the ground to do the outside. Kim was sitting there, legs up, out and open and I looked between her legs. DAMN! Her pussy was just bulging at her panties, actually hanging outside her panties on either side. I said how hot that was, and she leaned over, looked, and said "Oh no, I can't show that to Larry". She asked me please not to be mad, but she just couldn't. I told her, yes I would love knowing Larry saw that much of her pussy, but that I wanted what turned her on cause that is when we get hot. We kissed and she said she'd let me look until he came over. I could have kicked my ass for telling her about it.

It would have been so hot watching Larry look at her pussy. Oh well, damnit. After awhile, Larry was there, and Kim closed her legs as he walked over to where I was. He had his cooler of beer, and I told him if he was gonna help us I would furnish the beer. Kim said she would go to the store and get more. Without thinking, in getting up Kim's legs naturally spread wide open and there it was bulging out. I saw and with Larry next to me I'm sure he did, too. Kim looked at me as if she realized what she did. When she got back, she came out with her suit top on and shorts, and I thought oh no. But she pulled them off while asking if we needed a beer, later saying she wanted the excitement of pulling her shorts off in front of him.

I had given Larry my position outside and was gonna help Kim on the deck. Kim walked over to her place in front of Larry, and sat down without a glimpse of anything showing, and continued to keep her legs together. We made lots of small talk over awhile, and Kim moved over to a sunny part of the deck to get sun, and her back was to us, with that butt crack just a shining, and ever so often she'd get up on all fours, lean over, and brush under the rail. This gave a very hot view. Then she'd sit with her legs open but her back to us. After a couple of hours, lots of beer, all of a sudden Kim jumped up and was screaming, slapping at herself, and wasps were everywhere.

I grabbed Kim and we ran inside, while Larry took off around the house. I was asking Kim how many times was she stung and she was just saying it hurt. In brushing the wasps off her stomach, she had pushed the top part of her panties just below her pubic line maybe a half inch. The panties only came to the top of her hair, so there was no extra room. I asked her about allergies cause I had never seen her stung, but she said she wasn't allergic it just hurt. She was stung 3 times.

On her inside thigh halfway between her crotch and knee, once close to her belly button, and then right below the top of her panties, which was why she brushed her panties down past her hairline. Larry had come in the garage door and concerned about Kim. I pointed to the stings and that's when it hit me that a good quarter to half inch of Kim's neatly trimmed bush was fully exposed. Kim hurting, hadn't thought about it. Larry asked for a cup with just a tiny bit of water and started emptying tobacco from his cigarettes. He said it would draw out the poison and would feel better. I had used wet tobacco on stings too.

He sat in front of Kim, wet the tobacco and just as he placed it to the sting, Kim looked down and for the first time saw how exposed she was. She shrieked, reached down to pull her panties up and in doing so knocked the tabacco out of Larry's cup. I hate to leave it at this point but it is time for Kim to return so I must go. Tomorrow."

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