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Seeing Jen Again ...

JOHN - Now to Jen. ** If you remember Jen is Kim's best friend and had flashed with her once while getting a pedicure.. When she arrived, Kim was sitting at the table. First thing Jen saw was Kim's new hairdo which she loved, we all do as it looks hot on her. Then KIM stood up to hug Jen and Jen couldn't believe her eyes. Jen said," A tennis skirt. You're wearing a tennis skirt as a low rise"? She lifted up the front and added," And wearing real panties with it"? She put her hand to Kim's forehead to make sure she wasn't sick. She asked what happened to sweet cover everything up Kim. She said watching Kim dance in that should be fun. Kim told Jen she gave her the idea back when they did the pedicure. Jen looked over at me not having known Kim told me.

I told Jen I thought it was sexy and told Kim she should do things like that to get excitement going around here. Jen said it excited her husband for her to dress sexy and I told her it excited me for Kim too. Kim looked at me and said they had talked about our lack of sex and Jen asked had it improved. Kim said she likes it everyday. Jen was just in shock over the whole issue and Kim told her some of the milder things she'd done. Jen said she was so happy to see Kim come out of her shell and take advantage of the hot body she had. Jen shared a few things she had done with Kim on the way to the club.

Kim wore a short black tank top with the skirt, and Jen wore low rise white shorts and a tight top that came just below her tits. She had on black thong panties you could see thru her shorts in the back and didn't realize it 'til Kim told her. She didn't seem to mind. George and Ann were already there. George said they probably wouldn't stay long that he was too old for this place. It was a primarily twenties but they wanted to see it. Ann was comfortable.

Kim and I love to dance and did a lot. Sometimes I danced with Jen and Ann as George doesn't dance. As before Kim wouldn't dance with anyone else. Sometimes Jen danced with other guys, sometimes she and Kim danced. You see alot of girls dancing together there and sometimes making out which always livens up the guys. Kim told Jen what happened before when we came and everyone watching Kim humping all over this guy to get back at his friends and getting embarrassed.

What got the whole thing going with Jen and Kim, along with the alcohol, was when they were dancing, there was two other girls dancing not too far away. They were kissing some, rubbing asses, etc, and getting the boys riled up. Near Kim and Jen were two tables of mostly guys but a few girls. They started hollering at Jen and Kim to get some excitement going.

Kim turned sort of towards them and us, and started doing a grinding type move going lower and lower. She didn't have to go too low before you could see up her skirt to where her legs stopped. With black skirt, black panties, pretty dark room with strobe type lights, it gave a 'flashing' effect to her crotch. HOT. Jen moved up behind her and grinding her frontside into Kim's ass. They raised up and Jen turned Kim to face her and reached back to squeeze Kim's ass, rubbed it then went to the top of her skirt slipping her hand just inside. The guys were all yelling encouragement as Jen slid her hand farther. Kim told me at first it was on the outside of her panties, but then Jen put it inside and Kim felt her fingers along her ass crack. They were squeezed together and Kim tried to do the same to Jen, but couldn't get her hand in the back, so she rubbed Jen's ass.

To keep from pulling Kim's skirt down Jen held the top and went down further. She was now basically all the way down Kim's pants, and seeing Kim's face, I saw her biting that bottom lip. Those who know Kim from this site knows that means she's turned on. The guys were yelling to show them where the hand was, obviously wanting to know inside or outside the panties. Kim said Jen asked could she show where her hand was and Kim told her yes. Kim said her heart started racing again as Jen lowered Kim's skirt just a little past her panties to show Jen's hand was indeed inside them. Kim said Jen knew she was hot and asked could she show a little crack with her finger there and Kim told her yes. She pulled Kim's panties down enough to show her finger stroking there. That lit the boys up, but the song ended.

The last song was a thriller, as 5 different girl on girl combos were gonna dance. I think it had turned in to a competition to get the guys attention. When Jen and Kim drew the attention away from the other two girls on the floor the first dance, this had turned into something. The owner or manager came over and told the guys to get themselves under control and turned and told the girls the clothes had to stay on. He then walked over to Kim and said, " I see you're back " remembering her from her 'humping night'.

Two of the girl couples were nice, one was one nice girl, and the other couple looked maybe gay, and then Kim and Jen. Things got hot real quick with lots couples kissing and petting. The strobe like effect plays a big part in how it all looks. Kim was showing her crotch even more than in the first dance. Jen had her hands on Kim's thighs pulling the skirt up almost to her crotch before Kim bent her knees and opened her legs, then closed them. At certain times the light would catch Kim when her legs were open and it was then you could see the silky material of her panties and know what you were seeing. Other times you only saw darkness at the end of her legs.

Jen ended up in front with Kim behind her reaching around rubbing her flat stomach, up and around Jen's boobs. Some of the others were doing more touching and getting more of the crowd. One girl had her hand squeezing the crotch of her partner and most went there. Kim and Jen had the looks, a pretty good crowd, but weren't doing much until Kim slipped just her fingertips inside the top of Jen's shorts. The guys started pointing down as encouragement for Kim to go inside Jen's shorts. With Kim behind Jen and at her ear, Kim told me later she asked her if she cared and Jen told her to go for it. With the low rise shorts Jen had on, there's what, 4-5 inches from the top of the shorts to the crotch? Jen reached down to unbutton one button so Kim could get her hand in, and down it went. Two of the couples sat down.

With the light effect, you could see Kim's hand moving, Jen's shorts moving. They had a big crowd now. The guys were yelling again to show it. Show if the hand was inside or outside the panties. Kim was nibbling on Jen's ear, Jen's hips were moving on Kim's hand, and Jen reached down to unbutton another button which went to the top of her black panties, clearly showing Kim's hand inside them. There's really no way to explain in writing all the hollering, etc. that goes on but it does. My cock was stiffening fast once I knew Kim's hand was really on Jen's pussy, and right here in front of so many people. There was one other couple left, and one girl had sat on the floor the other straddling her and looking like she had her mouth on the girl's crotch. This is where these light come in to play. Was it on there or only close? The following was pretty equal. Kim said she told Jen to fake an orgasm. Jen brought her hands up and behind Kim's head, Jen turned and flicked her tongue and Kim met it with hers, the first of any kiss they had done. Kim's hand moved faster, Jen's hips moved faster, Jen dropped her head back and opened her mouth and the guys were pointing and going wild. Jen did her little orgasm to quite an applause.

Kim and Jen were the only couple up. Kim pulled her hand out, holding two fingers together. When the light hit them, you could see they were wet. Kim separated the fingers and in doing so, two sticky strands went from one finger to the other. This was when she held them out as if offering them , and mouths were open everywhere. Kim gave this sexy sorrowful look, shook her head, and smiled as she broght the fingers to her opening mouth and inside. Guys were grabbing their crotches, jumping around, on the table, and the manager came over calming everyone down, the lights came on and it was closing. So many came by to just speak on their way out. The manager looked at Kim and asked why she always ends up in the middle of everything and Kim told him she really wasn't like this. Jen assured him she wasn't. He looked at them, busted out laughing, patted Kim on the back and walked off. We left and went back.

On the way back from the club, I could sense that Kim was hot. I'm learning to pick up on things like that. This was to be a no sex weekend because Jen was gonna be there and with only one room we couldn't. When Jen went to the bathroom to clean up and put on her gown, Kim kissed me and said she had to have something, but how. She said what happened with Jen had turned her on so much and she felt guilty, because Jen was just having fun and going along with it. I reminded Kim that Jen came right there in front of everyone so she must have liked it. Kim told me she had told Jen to fake an orgasm to add to it. I didn't know that. I said but Jen was wet when she fingered her, and Kim said she wasn't inside just rubbing her on the outside, and she was probably wet because all those guys were looking. As with everyone else, my thinking Kim finger fucked Jen to orgasm wasn't what happened.

Jen came out and Kim went to the bathroom. Jen's gown wasn't sexy in case anyone wonders. She has spent the nite at our house and gone on vacation with us and never wears sexy gowns in front of me. Jen came up to me and put her hand on my arm and asked real low if Kim was all right with what happened at the club. I told her we had just talked about that and Kim wondered that about her. I told Jen just between us, I actually think Kim was a little turned on by it. Jen smiled and asked if I really thought she was, and I said yes. I asked Jen how she felt and she told me the same as Kim and she asked how I felt, and I said I thought it was hot. I told Jen Kim felt guilty enjoying something she thought Jen looked at as a game they were playing. Jen smiled and said she thought the same about Kim. I said when she comes out, and I go in, talk to her.

Kim came out and I went in. By the time I came out they were in the bed covered up, and I assumed I was to get the sofa. Kim turned over on her side and I could see she wasn't wearing a top. Kim told me they had decided we should have a 3-some if I wanted to and at that they pulled the cover back revealing they both were naked. What's a guy to do, right? "

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