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Meeting Lisa ...

JOHN - "Kim asked me to wake her up so she could post but I'll let her sleep awhile longer as she and Jen look so comfortable all snuggled up in bed. Kim didn't come close to letting anyone know just how damaging Thurs. night was for her. She actually cried all the way home, her eyes so swollen and red. She came in and latched on to me and wouldn't let go. I held her in bed until she went to sleep. All I asked was if Bill had upset her and she said he'd been a gentleman. She said she felt like a whore coming home to a loving husband. Some other arrangements will have to be made as I won't allow her to go thru this again. Fri. morning she was much better, even smiling, but we both left early with no time to talk, so I didn't know what happened at Jen's until I read it here.

Kim always calls to let me know when she and Jen are going to have sex, as she said it makes her feel better, so I knew about the rest stop, and sex on the dock before I arrived yesterday. It made me feel so good to hear excitement and laughter in her voice again.

Last night may be the beginning of another woman in Kim's life along with Jen. Two weeks ago I wrote about the dancing at the club with the women with women. I mentioned a really attractive girl actually one of the last two up. Jen has basicly the same hot body as Kim, and Jen is pretty, but not pretty in the face like Kim. This other girl, Lisa, is pretty in the face like Kim. I'll get into that in a bit.

When I got to the lake yesterday and walked in, Jen was naked at the little vanity putting on makeup and screamed then saw it was me. Kim was coming towards me across the floor, and, damn, she looked hot. Hair fixed perfect, make-up highlighting her beautiful face, eyes sparkling, those hot little shorts, and topless. I told her how hot she looked and Jen said she already told her. Kim kissed me so hard, sucked my tongue into her mouth like it was my cock, and told me she was so horny for me as she squeezed my cock. I told her she'd get all messed up if we got in bed, but I could use some hot lips down there.

As she unzipped my shorts, she said she had hot lips and a deep throat. Jen asked if they were gonna share, and Kim said later, but not now. I was standing there getting a blow job, and watching Jen masturbate in the chair, and I had just walked in the door!

Kim glanced over hearing Jen cum, and then motioned her over to us with her hand. I came hard in Kim's mouth with her taking it like she couldn't get it fast enough to satisfy her. Kim went straight from my cock to Jen's soaked pussy to clean her up. Kim stood up with one arm over my shoulder and one over Jen's, and I told her it was her turn. She kissed me, kissed Jen and said when we get back. She said she just needed a little snack from her two best friends. I was glad she cleaned Jen before kissing me to clear out my stuff.

Kim decided to wait and wear the lacy top and bra tonight to the club instead of the concert because of families there we'd walk past to get to where we had to go. Jen gave her a sheer bra and thin white, short tank top to wear, showing hard little nipples poking thru. Kim said she'd cross her arms over her boobs until we passed everyone. Jen commented on Kim's shorts saying standing next to her, you can see down the front and back of them and tell she's not wearing panties. I told Jen wait until Kim sits down and they slide down and stick out. Kim ties a little jacket around her shorts until it's showtime.

When we got to the concert, still an hour away from starting, we got our place and then Kim and Jen left to go to the restroom. I was sitting there and saw this gorgeous blonde walking my way. Like with Kim, you can't help but look. She was walking up to me and said, "Hi". I jumped to my feet and she told me to please sit. She looked at my ring and asked, "Married?" I couldn't believe she just walked up and was hitting on me, though I soon found out it wasn't me she was after. I told her I was married and she asked, "To the pretty brunette?" I said yes. She had the softest voice, more like a young teenager. She looked so familiar and I told her so. She said she saw us at the club two weeks ago when the women danced, and then I knew exactly who she was. She seemed very nervous and shy and said she saw us last weekend but was afraid to say anything and I asked why.

I told her Kim's name, and she was wondering if Kim was bi, or if that night was just for show, if the girl with her then and tonight is her only girl, etc. I asked if she was asking because she was interested in Kim or just wondering. She said she was very attracted to Kim. I asked if she was bi, and she said yes. I told her Jen's name and said they had been best friends for years, but that night was the only time they had done anything like that. She looked disappointed when she guessed then Kim wasn't bi. I said she'd have to ask Kim if she considers herself bi, but that she and Jen have been having sex ever since that night. I asked how old she was cause how young she sounded and she was 22 yrs old and in her final semester at school. I told her she was aweful pretty not to have a boyfriend and she had one, but he didn't like her interest in girls so they broke up. She asked was I involved or just them and I told her both ways, that I enjoyed joining but also allowing her to be alone. I asked how many girls she'd been with and she said actually only one and she won't go all the way. I told her she needed to talk to Kim when they got back and she was afaid to in front of Jen. I told her I'd find a reason to get Jen away if she wanted to talk to Kim and she said she really wanted to.

She left to watch for Kim to be alone. When they got back, I briefly told Kim about her and she remembered her and wanted to talk. I told Jen I needed to talk to her, and Kim, played along asking about what, and I told her a secret. I left with Jen and used the excuse of what happened Thusday nite. Kim's up and wants to write something while Jen sleeps.

KIM - I didn't feel I had to sneak to talk to Lisa, but John said she was uncomfortable in front of Jen. I did remember Lisa at the club, in fact our eyes met a few times. She is very, very pretty and her voice is hot. She reminded me of me awhile back being so nervous, naive, and innocent. Not that I'm not now, but I have come a long way. One of the first things she asked was how serious Jen and I were. I told her to sit next to me so our conversation could be more private. I told Lisa I was married and John was the only person I would ever be serious about. She asked if I would want to be with anyone else and I said it depended on who it was. I asked her to look at me because she kept looking down and she said she was shy. We were sitting side by side and her hand was on the ground between us. I covered her hand with mine, and she rolled her hand over to hold mine. I told her she didn't look shy on the dance floor and she said that was alot different. I told her not to be shy, to look at me and tell me what she wanted. She looked at me and said, "To be with you". I asked in a sexual way and she said yes. I asked if she wanted to be with me and Jen, me and John, just me, or what. She said whatever I wanted, but that she wasn't on the pill, so condoms would be needed.

She asked if I wanted to be with her and I told her I did. I suggested maybe just she and I to start with and she seemed relieved at that. I asked where she lived and it wasn't but 30 minutes from our home so I asked could she come over one night and she said anytime. I got her number and we're planning on next Tuesday.

She asked if I would dance with her tonight at the club just a regular dance. She said she knew I'd be with Jen for the girls dancing at the end, but I told her I didn't know if we'd stay for that, but I'd love dancing with her some. She said she'd see me tonight and leaned over for a quick tongue kiss, saying she's been wanting to do that. The guys behind us didn't miss the kiss and were quite vocal.

I know I said before that if being bi meant being sexually attracted to women then I wasn't. Guess I'll change that because Lisa really turns me on and I'm looking forward to being with her at the club and especially Tuesday. Hopefully after that, Jen can join us for a 3-some with Lisa, then a foursome with John. I know John will not wear a condom, so I guess he'll miss out on that, but, he'd never last through all three of us anyway.

When Jen and John got back I told them about meeting Lisa from the club, but not what she wanted. Surely Jen won't be upset about Lisa, as she'll be with her later. After what I did for us to be together Thursday, she better not care.

Saying all this and now don't have time to tell about all the showing at the concert. Jen really got in to showing off with these guys. When I laid down, she lifted up the front of my shorts and showed everything before I could sit up. She's crazy! I got her back pulling up her skirt in front of them, and before we left, Jen took her thong panties off and threw them at them. They passed them around smelling them and saying how wet they were. Guys are pigs! One of them yelled they knew I'd give up mine but they all already saw I didn't have any on. Not wearing panties really makes for a big mess and as before, my shorts were in a mess and it was time to go. Don't have time to tell about our sex last night but will. Jen's awake, and I told her I was doing work stuff and she wants us to come back to bed, so must go.

JOHN - Kim, Lisa, And Jen are out on the boat until Lisa has to leave. Although Kim and Jen were in agreement that sex with others was fine, Kim got a little upset at the way Jen did it. After meeting Lisa Friday nite, Kim wanted to spend some time with her at the club Sat. nite. When Jay called Sat. and was coming up, she thought Jen could spend some time with him and then she could with Lisa Saturday nite. But, Jen was awestruck by Jay, and from noon on on Sat. was basicly just with Jay. They were talking about going to the dance (Jay and Jen) together.

Even tho Kim hoped Jay and Jen would hit it off, she thought Jen would be with her more and be with Jay some other time. Kim felt after the crap she went thru with Bill, and doing it for them to be together that's how it should be. She felt Jen should have at least come to her and talked about it. Kim decided the sexual part between She and Jen was more important to her than it was to Jen. I told Kim that she has me, a man to love her, give her everything in and out of bed she needs from a man, and Jen doesn't have that. Maybe that's what she's looking for. "

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