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JOHN - "Anyway, when Jen talked about being at the dance with Jay, that's when Kim got in touch with Lisa at work and invited her over. Because Jen and Jay were messing around, they weren't ready when Lisa got there. Kim was all fixed up for Lisa, and when Lisa walked in, she was all fixed up as well. Lisa wanted to see the water while we waited, so the three of us walked down to the dock. Halfway there, Lisa reached to hold Kim's hand and they shared a peck on the lips. We sat down, them on a bench and me in a chair and just talked about things. Lisa was still being shy, so Kim kissed her and this time, a long, wet kiss. Lisa looked at Kim and then moved back to Kim's lips. Lisa said she was happy already. We decided not to even go to the club when Jen came down to get us.

Jen just sort of looked at them holding hands. We thought we'd go get something to eat and come back and get to know each other.

Turns out that Lisa hadn't been sexually active until college and then with only two guys she had long relationships with. One changed schools and the other one didn't like her with a girl. The girl wouldn't go all the way. That was her sex life. Kim told her about ours including Jay and Ann but doesn't count Larry. That when she and Jen started, she decided not to have sex with either Jay or Ann. Lisa was curious as to what all we did with Jen and Kim said everything we could come up with. Lisa asked were there rules about me as far as what to or not to do, and Kim said the only rule was we don't kiss the opposite sex in the mouth. They talked about what they liked and Lisa said her first boyfriend liked giving oral, but the last one, he just liked getting it and not giving back. Both said they didn't like anal other than Kim saying she enjoyed a wet tongue there. Lisa had not experienced that. Kim told her we were big on cleaning up and Lisa said that sounded good. I said I hate condoms but if things work out, I may later. She apologized for not being on the pill which no apology was needed. Kim asked Lisa if she was ready to see if this was what she wanted, and Lisa said she knew it was what she wanted and was very ready for it to happen.

We left a note fore Jen, a couple blankets asking them to go to the dock when they got back. Kim didn't want our sex around them and Lisa especially didn't. Kim started unbuttoning her blouse and Lisa glanced at me. I asked if maybe I should go out a minute, but Lisa grabbed my hand and told me no. We undressed and got in bed.

Lisa was definitely gorgeous naked as I knew she would be. They started off kissing as I began kissing Lisa's nipples. Kim joined me on the other nipple and our hands went between Lisa's spread legs. Lisa was already breathing faster as we sucked her nipples and played between her wet thighs. Kim went inside while I rubbed her clit. She came immediately and told us how good it felt. I could see Lisa's hand between Kim's leg then felt her hand on my stiff cock. Kim began moving down and Lisa's breathing increased with anticipating what Kim was about to give her. Once there, Kim began kissing and licking Lisa's wet pussy all over with Lisa saying how wonderful it felt until she exploded again.

As much as I hated to pull away from her grip on my cock, I began to move down to join Kim, cleaning up now. We turned her slightly onto her side to make room for me and together we began licking and sucking her pussy all over. Lisa is vocal when excited, and that soft kid-like voice sounds so hot. She was cumming her third time and was getting so sticky and so hot. This was a huge one as she moaned so loud, humping against us. Her cum was thicker and very sticky as we both cleaned up and then I moved to Lisa's ass spread it open and slid my tongue inside. I could feel her pushing her ass against my tongue as if wanting more. Kim was on her clit as I tongue fucked Lisa'a very wet ass as fast and deep as I could. I felt her legs tighten on me as she came for the fourth time in such a short time. Like Kim, when she cums, you see it puddling inside her and Kim and I both love that taste and sharing it together. This was all she could take. She raised up with her arms out reaching for Kim . She kissed Kim and pulled her back down, still kissing her and reached to find and hold my hand, squeezing it and holding it against her body. She was literally shaking from her orgasms and excitement as she thanked us for what we gave her.

Lisa moved to the other side of Kim and moved to her nipples, finding real quick how sensitive they were. She sucked, pulled and licked as Kim moaned. I went to Kim's other nipple. Our fingers touched as we reached Kim's pussy that was soaked. Lisa kissed Kim and said she wanted to taste her. Sucking Kim's pussy was turning Lisa on as much as it did Kim. I joined her as I did Kim and Lisa and I teamed up to make Kim scream with pleasure. Lisa looked at Kim's pussy and saw her cum puddle and licked it up and just moaned so low, as she swallowed. We gave Kim three orgasms before Kim had to stop us.

Then, I was in the middle as they both licked me all over. With Jen, they've always gone straight down, but Lisa and Kim were covering me with their tongues and that was hot. Watching them take turns sucking on me was so hot. They turned on their sides putting their pussies towards my face. With my hands, I opened their legs, first just looking at these two beautiful pussies, so hot, so wet. As they sucked me, I slid two fingers inside each pussy. I stroked and looked at their pussies as they began moving on my hands and sucking harder. As I came, some went in their mouths and some was on both faces as they kept trying to share my load. Kim licked it from Lisa's face and Lisa sucked it off Kim's tongue then Lisa cleaned Kim's face. As they licked my cock clean, I could see cum in both of their mouths and then they kissed.

They came back up and Lisa said this was better than she had ever dreamed it could be and Kim said we haven't even gotten started good. They went 69 with both taking turns on top, a circle of sucking each other, lying and rubbing their pussies together, etc, etc. While going 69 with Kim on top and me fucking her Lisa was licking us both. Lisa would pull me out and take me into her mouth and then reach up to suck Kim and then put me back in. That was so hot. She'd rub Kim's ass, then rub my hands on Kim's ass as I fucked her, and then wrap her little hands in mine and squeeze. She always wants to touch and please us both. With Jen, it was mostly just suck and fuck on our part, but Lisa adds much more.

During a break, Lisa wanted to know how she was, etc. I said I enjoyed it more than with Jen even without the intercourse because she put more into it. Kim said the same thing, and we agreed we'd like having a relationship. Kim reminded her this didn't mean Lisa couldn't have other people, but let us know about it and be safe. Lisa sat up between us and said she's not much into different partners and didn't want anyone else but us but understood Kim's sex with Jen. Kim said she didn't understand her sex with Jen but felt right now she only wanted this with Lisa. Lisa said she didn't want Jen mad, and Kim said she wouldn't be. Lisa told Kim she didn't have to just be with her because she only wants Kim, and Kim said that wasn't it, that she just wants Lisa only right now.

So that was Sat. night. I'll explain or let Kim explain, but Jay and Lisa are going to Cancun with us too. What a weekend, folks.

KIM - Things didn't go quite as planned, lots of confusion, and I don't think anyone knows what is going on. To put it in a nutshell, Jen and I kissed when we took her home, apologized to each other for any hurt that happened. Jen wants our sex to continue but I don't know. I am very interested in Lisa and Jen in Jay, and I don't know about Jen and me.

On top of everything else, I have to figure what to do this next weekend about Dale coming (**Dale is an 18 year old kid who is Larry's nephew who wanted to come down and visit Larry's lakehouse). Not good timing at all. Jen and I were deciding what to do because we didn't want to wear a bathing suit all 3 days and end up with tan lines before Cancun because we wouldn't have time to get tanned back over them. I don't know who is even going, Jen or Lisa. Probably not good to have both there. Lisa wears a bathing suit, and I'm sure would be shocked if I were naked around Dale. I don't even know if I could do that.

Jen said she and Jay may go off for the weekend and tell Bill she's with me. If so, I'll have Lisa at the lake. Sex with Lisa won't be a problem with Dale there because John can take him out on the boat while we have it. The problem is John won't be involved and I don't know how we'll have sex unless I give John oral at night. The biggest problem is the tan lines. Lisa knows I'll be topless in Cancun and she says she doesn't know if she could do that and has never done things like that. She said her white boobs would stick out like a sore thumb. I told her if everyone else is topless there she should feel ok, and told her to tan her boobs. She can't afford to go to a tanning bed, and says she can't lay out topless at her apt, so the lake is the only place. John is the only one she'd go topless in front of. She doesn't want to wear a thong, so if we can just get her top tan, maybe she'll do that. I have to work on the exhibition stuff with her. The only exhibitionism she's done is dancing at the club in the girl dancing, but doesn't show her body. She knows I like it and said she'll try. Still, I don't know what to do about Dale and my tan lines.

Lisa is coming over Tuesday night as we originally planned before the weekend. She works two part time jobs and makes nothing and I want John to let her work for us. I can already hear the advice coming in about that, but in her case it will work out. She's spending the night and I'm off Wednesday. She doesn't work at either job on that day.

John and I are both having to take off today, Jay is taking off, and Lisa is going to be here as well so we can move Jen. Lisa was suppose to spend the night, intimately, with me and John tonight so I don't know how this will affect that. Jen and I talked alot yesterday about us, Jay, and Lisa. Jen will be spending alot of time with Jay now and knows I want to spend alot of time with Lisa, but we do want to be sexually intimate with each other as well. I would love Jen to join me and Lisa if at all possible, Jen hopes Jay will understand her wanting me and John sometimes. I told her if they get serious, Jay may not be comfortable with her being with John, and told Jen I wouldn't be with Jay to even things out. So, eveything is so undecided right now. I talked at length with Lisa, telling her I may sometimes have sex with Jen and she is very comfortable with that and just says she wants to be with me. I told Lisa she is who John and I want to be with and hopefully with alot. She said knowing that makes her happy and is exactly what she wants and needs. She didn't rule out a 3-some with Jen just said we'd talk. I would really like to have that, not just for the sex but because I feel very close to both and want them to be great friends, too. I think the bedroom would be a good place to start.

Back with another load and I came upstairs to check on work, supposedly. This has been a great day for all of us. Jen says she feels like she just got out of prison. Jay is excited she's leaving Bill, for obvious reasons. Jen apologized to Lisa for the way she treated her over the weekend and now Lisa was helping her. John has been the only one complaining because of work being missed today. What I thought was going to turn out to be so terrible has not been that at all. Worrying about Jen and Lisa being around each other I didn't have to do as they've been great.

So, instead of thinking we were going to need time to straighten out all this, we don't. I'm excited and in a good mood today, although I see no suggestions as to write about tomorrow. Won't be able to tonight with Lisa and Jen both over here. Sleeping arrangements tonight? I know what I want. I actually kinda have a plan. Depends largely on what time Jay leaves. I love Jay and not trying to run him off, he just doesn't fit in the plans I have. "

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