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At the Club Again ...

JOHN - "Kim will have to post the requests you all asked for. She had intended to post this morning. She woke me up just a few minutes ago saying she promised to post excitement if our day went good yesterday. I told her to go ahead, and she giggled in my ear that she wasn't leaving me naked in bed with Lisa and Jen. She literally pushed me out of bed.

I went to the bathroom, then Kim did, and we were standing in there kissing when Lisa, eyes squinting, comes in and says, "Sorry, gotta pee", and walks over and sits down. Kim smiled at me and me at her and I told Lisa she wasn't shy anymore. Lisa looked up, still squinting, and still peeing, and said she didn't think we'd care. Kim walked over, kissed her on the head and told her we're glad she's comfortable with it just go ahead and pee.

Giving her the privacy she obviously didn't care about having, I walked back into the bedroom to put my pants on. Kim walked by, kissed me and got back in bed. Then, Lisa came by, squeezed my arm, kissed my shoulder and got in bed. Lisa always does little things like that to show affection to both me and Kim. I mentioned that in my post of our weekend sex. It doesn't bother Kim she's like that with me cause she's like that with Kim. Kim says she's just so affectionate and shows it in a kiss and touch way. Anyway, Lisa climbed back in bed, over Jen who never moved. Kim was on her side, so Lisa snuggled up as close as she could to Kim, kissed her on the back, and Kim raised her hand. Lisa took her hand and Kim pulled it around her. They were ready to sleep.

By now, if you have paid attention, you know we were involved in a fffm encounter last night. This was Kim's plan she talked about in her last post yesterday. Jen had been really cold towards Lisa all weekend and felt really bad when Lisa showed up to help her. They hit it off right away. Just as Jen and Jay would kiss during the day, so would Kim and Lisa and Kim and me. Jen had come to realize just as she had Jay, Kim had Lisa, but neither affected their friendship or the fact sex between them would continue.

Jay left around 9:00 last night after our last load. I fixed drinks, Jen walked Jay outside, Lisa went to the bathroom and Kim sat in the middle of the sofa. Lisa came out and sat just as close to Kim as she could, laying her head on Kim's shoulder. Jen came in and sat across from them, but Kim patted the cushion for her to sit next to her. I gave them all drinks and sat in the chair.

Kim put an arm around each of them then turned to Lisa, giving her a hot, wet kiss. Lisa moaned and reached her hand to cradle Kim's face. Kim turned to kiss Jen in the same way and I could tell Jen wanted that. While kissing Jen, Lisa squeezed Kim's breast and kissed her neck. Jen's hand went to Kim's other breast and Kim laid her head back. Jen unbuttoned Kim's shirt and Lisa unhooked her bra and they each sucked Kim's nipples. Kim looked down at them and said she wanted us all to go to bed. Jen and Lisa raised up loking at each other, and Kim took her hands and sort of pushed their heads together. They kissed. Kim leaned forward and joined for a three way tongue session. Jen got up and pulled Kim up, Kim pulled Lisa up and Lisa reached for my hand to get up, and up the stairs we went.

We all needed a shower so the three of them went first as three is all could fit. They did more playing than washing but it was fun to watch. As they got out and dried each other off, I jumped in. Looking at three gorgeous asses lined up at the counter was enough to get me swelling. Kim and Jen's asses both tanned and Lisa's little white triangle of ass from her suit was so hot. I got out and all three dried me off.As the three of them climbed on the bed, I stayed back. Kim asked what was wrong and I told her I just wanted to watch them a minute. Kim had had sex alone with Jen and Lisa, but with me not there. The other times were 3somes. I just wanted to watch her. I loved watching them take turns in a 69 with the third one going from one pussy to another. One would stand up on the bed and the other two suck her pussy and ass together. Each got turns at everything, and it seemed like they'd go all night.

While Kim was between Lisa's legs, and Jen sitting on Lisa's face, I decided it was time. Although I hate condoms, I got one from the dresser. We bought these back when Jay was coming over. I put it on and moved to the bed. Kim saw me and slid over, kissing my cock. Kim moved to Lisa's breast as I pushed Lisa's legs up over my shoulders. Lisa looked around Jen at me and smiled. I slid in and it was so wet yet so tight. Lisa came literally within a minute, with Kim and Jen laughing at her. She said it had been a long, long time for her, but asked me to do it again. Lisa couldn't eat Jen while Ipumped her, so Jen got off and Lisa slid fingers inside Jen. Lisa didn't last too long this time either and just wathching her cum was hot. Her nose crunches up eyes close tight and she is vocal. I've said that before, but really vocal. I pulled out and Kim took me down her throat. She then pulled the condom off and told Lisa in 29 more days we won't need that and Lisa said she'd love it.

Looking down at Lisa's pussy, it was messy and looked so hot, but as I was going to clean up, Jen pushed me onto my back and climbed on. Kim moved to sit on my face and told Lisa to stand up straddling me, as Kim wanted to clean up. Jen rode me slow, thankfully, I sucked Kim and Kim sucked Lisa. I've learned in being with Jen and Kim to let my mind go off to other things other than sex to keep going. Kim came twice while i ate her and I could hear Lisa cum again. Believe me, everybody hears Lisa. And then, Jen was going all the way up my shaft, then slamming herself back down and I was afraid I wasn't gonna make it, but then she stayed down, squirming on me and I heard her cum. I could just feel her go from wet to creamy.

Kim went into the doggy position, her favorite, Lisa slid under her in a 69, and Jen laying on her back, slid her pussy up in front of Kim and close to Lisa's, if you can picture this. Kim immediately went to Jen's pussy, hot and creamy from my cock as I entered Kim. Kim gave it to me harder than ever as she went from cleaning Jen to sucking Lisa. Seeing Kim please two pussies that were only inches apart, making them both cum, her making me cum and having an orgasm herself was the hottest experience I'll ever know.

Jen turned around and kissed Kim, I pulled out as Lisa put her mouth quickly over my cock to clean it then up to Kim's pussy, barely catching my cum as it dripped out and then covering Kim's pussy with her mouth. Kim says she loves the way Lisa tongues her inside and sucks her at the same time.

Everyone was clean and totally worn out at 2:00 this morning. That was our nite. Have to get them up. Lisa has to work since she was off yesterday, and Kim was to be off but has to work, and Jen goes to an attoney this morning. Don't know if Kim can post this morning with them here, but will later. Maybe she can sneak down.

KIM - Last night when we got here we left and went to eat and took Dale. We went to the club to eat. Al, the manager, saw me and came over to speak. He recognized Lisa from dancing but didn't know her name and then I introduced Dale as a friend. He asked if we were going to team up and dance that the girls wouldn't like it but the guys would. I told him if we stay, we would be together. He smiled and said he couldn't wait to see that. Afterwards, Dale started asking what dance, etc. Wanted to know if we took our clothes off, to which Lisa laughed. I assured him no clothes came off. I tried to explain what we do without explaining what we do, but he picked up on it and asked, "Touch where"? He was asking if we touched boobs, and other places and I said yea to turn the guys on and make them support you. Wanted to know if the girls kiss, go inside the clothes. I said sometimes and then he asked if I did. I told him I only danced once, but yes we did that to win. He said he saw some girls kissing at school and it was hot. He asked were Lisa and I going to kiss if we danced and Lisa told him we have to. He wanted to know if we had ever kissed and I told him maybe we'll practice later. If he only knew what we have done.

We got back and it was late. We didn't turn the air on so it was so hot inside. It's been closed up all week and in the 90's here. Dale told us if we wanted to practice kissing he'd tell us what he thought and how we did. I jumped on that, saying since he was a guy he would know if we did good, and Lisa agreed. He said we'd put music on and we could dance and he'd "help us" by telling us how we did. Isn't Dale just the nicest guy to want to help us? Lisa and I knew exactly what he wanted....to see us kissing and feeling each other up!! I told him to tell us as we go what guys would want to see. Was I taking advantage of this or what?

We put the music on and started dancing and moved close to kiss, a little one, then bigger, then hot showing Dale lots of tongue. He assured us we're doing great. He said we should touch more, so I turned Lisa towards him and reached around to squeeze both breasts and he said I should go inside her shirt. We giggled a little as if embarrassed and the I slid inside her top and inside her bra. He asked if Lisa had on a bra, so I pulled her top over to show her bra and my hand inside. I unbuttoned two buttons so her bra would show. Lisa seemed tuned on letting him see her bra. Dale said I should move my hands down. I left her boobs and bra showing as I moved to the top of her shorts and Lisa left it. I moved to her crotch on the outside and giggled again as I squeezed there. Lisa said she couldn't believe we were doing this for Dale to hear. He said we were doing great. He is the expert, you know. He said I should go inside like I did on top. I asked if he was sure guys would like that and of course he said yes. I said ok.

I had to unbutton her shorts to get my hand in and then they unzipped themselves leaving her panties exposed all the way down. I took my hand to her mound and past to between her legs. Lisa was hot. I didn't know if it was what I was doing, or him seeing her or both, but she didn't stop me.

Her shorts were just hanging on her hips as I rubbed between her legs and Dale said I should go inside the panties to really get the guys so he says. I had both of my hands at the top of her panties as she turned to kiss me. I started sliding my hands down taking her panties with them. She whispered,"Not yet" and I knew it was time to stop. I pulled her panties up before they were low enough to show hair. I told Dale we'd have to work on it as I closed Lisa's shorts and Dale said we did good . He said he had to go to the bathroom. Hmmmmmm.

I asked Lisa was she ok and she was, she just needed to go slow. She said doing that in front of him turned her on and it excited her knowing her bra and panties were showing.

I had on a t-shirt so took my shorts off and was pulling my bra out when Dale came out. My shirt came to the bottom of my butt. Lisa had to put on a t-shirt in the bathroom as her top had to come off. Her shirt covered, too. It was still hot plus our dancing made us hot. Turned off the lights and laid down. I told Dale we were going to have to take our shirts off it was so hot and for him not to be looking. He promised not to. Have to pee, right back.

Lisa and I pleased each other with our fingers in bed. Best we could do with Dale on the sofa. I woke up early this morning. I had heard something. I looked over and saw Dale gone and heard the bathroom door close. I looked down to see if I was covered and I was. Then it hit me, this was my chance. Should I push the sheet down and show my top or slip my panties off? I slipped my panties off an d hid them under my shirt on the floor. On my back, I slid the sheet to my waist and heard the toilet flush. I felt totally hot, racing heart again, the works. I closed my eyes almost shut as I heard the door open to watch him walk by. He didn't walk by. He must have stopped behind me to look. My nipples were sticking out as I waited. He stayed behind me. I decided to roll over on my side, taking the sheet with me and exposing my backside. I heard him walk by then.I knew he could see between my legs as my 'hump' always shows. I was on my right side and moved my left leg up to spread myself. My butt and private(sorry) were fully exposed to Dale, and I was loving it. What a rush this was giving me. I wanted to just roll over spread myself and ask him to please look at me up close. I orgasmed at the concert that time without touching myself and I knew I would again. I needed to go to the bathroom and do it good. I acted like I was waking up as I rolled over. I didn't look at Dale but saw his face so he was watching. As I was to sit up, I glanced at him as to make sure he was asleep and could see his eyelids jumping, meaning his eyes weren't closed.

Pretending to feel safe that he was asleep, I sat up on the edge of the bed and picked up my panties. I stood up, completely naked, turning my panties around to put them on. I slipped them on but not my shirt and went to the batroom and masturbated all of probably one minute. That's all it took.I walked out and to the bed and Dale sat up to ask if I had anything for a headache. I covered my breasts out of instinct and said I did. I crossed my arms over me and went to the cabinet. I was trying to cover up and he said I was uncovered when he went to the bathrom and he saw already. I told him he shouldn't look but he said he was 18 and had no choice and said he wished I didn't care if he looked and saw me in my panties.I told him he'd seen my panties before and was seeing them then and I guess it was ok. He asked would I move my arm. I told him if I do that I'll lay out topless telling him about Cancun. I looked down at his protruding gym shorts and said he needed to to go to the bathroom. I moved my arm so he could look and then he went to the bathroom.I said I had computer work so when he came out he laid on the sofa. I woke Lisa up to get her t-shirt on and put mine on. I think it's going to eciting this weekend. We have to somehow make time for sex, though.

NEW POST - Hi ya'll. Lisa's lying down, John took off with Dale, so I'm here. When John got here, Lisa kept Dale away for us a little time together, then John left with him for me and Lisa some time. Threesomes are much better, but we can't with Dale. Lisa won't go topless in front of Dale cause he looks too much. I just don't let it bother me. From the tanning bed, Lisa had pink boobs, and we layed out for two hours with Dale gone and her boobs are getting better. John told her to keep her white butt and she is. I'm wearing bottoms, so I'll be two-toned in Cancun, dark and light butt. John and I spent an hour together and then Lisa and I did. Sex in shifts, I guess. Told John what I did and he thought it was hot. Lisa was shocked, but smiled. I like walking around someone in panties, it just excites me. John laughed and laughed at our letting Dale show us how to dance. He said maybe we should practice again before we go and Lisa said she would. About it, as I can't describe the sex now but I will.

NEW POST JOHN - RAIN, RAIN, RAIN. All day today rain in Georgia. What do three horny people do when it rains all day and they're trapped inside? Better yet, what does Dale do? What happens when I rip a towel off Kim after her shower Sat. evening before the dance in front of Dale? What happens when Lisa's desires overcome her inhibitions? What happens when Lisa tries to gargle cum? How did Kim get sprayed with it? What happens when Dale asks Kim where the clit is? From last nite to now, this has been one busy place. Hope the sun shines tomorrow. Kim and Lisa snoozing, Dale on his headphones, so can't get into anything I can't finish. Kim plans to start posting Mon. morning before anyone's up. "

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