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Exhibitionist Wife Kim - 36

Showing to Dale ...

KIM - "While Lisa babysat Dale Saturday for John and I to be together, I told John what I did in bed showing to Dale. It was much the way John had shown me to Jay. John got really hot over my doing that and wanted to see Dale see me naked. How? After my shower, John would, as a prank, strip me of my towel I'd have on. I would sort of "get mad" about it, and when he'd offer the towel back, I'd refuse it and say I was going to stay naked to "get back at him". John would "get mad" and go get his shower. The plan was Dale would see me naked awhile before we went to the club, and give me the rest of the weekend to wear nothing in front of him if I wanted to. Lisa was in on it and actually excited over it. I'll start there. As you'll see, we never made it to the club.

Just after I posted Saturday, Lisa comes out of the shower wearing a button up shirt over her panties. She was wearing a braless top to the dance, so had no bra on. I went to get my shower and came out with a towel wrapped around me. I walked over to John and put my arms around him for a hot kiss. He pulled the towel up over my butt, showing it to Dale. I told him to stop as I moved his hand and said sorry to Dale. Dale said no problem. Then, John did it again, and I reached back to move his hand but couldn't. John said Dale has seen butts before and Dale said sure he had. John was rubbing my butt probably 5 feet from Dale and kissing me and had the towel up to my waist. I tried pushing it down and his hands away but succumbed to his kisses and put my arms back around him. We broke the kiss and I turned to look at Dale . His eyes were on my butt and John squeezing it and spreading my cheeks showing alot. I asked Dale was he sure John wasn't embarrassing him and he said not at all. As wide as John was spreading me, I knew my anus and pussy was exposed to Dale's eager eyes. Then John pulled the towel from me. My breasts were no problem as Dale had seen them all day, so I covered my crotch with my hands as I pretended to get mad at John. As I said, I refused the towel and asked Dale if minded me being naked, which of course he didn't.

John went to shower and Lisa said she couldn't believe John did that, even though she knew. I said if John wants Dale to see me naked, then that's fine with me, and asked Dale if wanted me to stay naked. He did. I was going to act like I was going to paint my toenails, so went over and sat on the bench about 6-8 feet from Dale and in front of him. I had one leg out and brought one leg up to the bench, fully exposing my pussy to Dale. I looked down and my lips were just barely apart. I wanted them open more for Dale to see me. I said I hate doing nails and glanced at Dale whose eyes were glued to my pussy. I was in that rush I get. My legs were going numb, sweaty hands, etc. I asked Dale to get me a paper towel off the counter and while he did, I reached down to spread myself the best I could. He came back sort of slumped over and squatted in front of me to hand me the towel. I saw his problem. He really isn't embarrassed getting hard in front of me anymore, but he was in front of Lisa. I told him not to be embarrassed over excitement and he looked over at Lisa. She told him she didn't care. I told Dale just as guys get hard, women get wet when excited. He looked between my legs and asked if that was why I was wet, and boy was I ever! I said yes. I said I wasn't use to anyone seeing me naked and so I can't help but feel some excitement in it, as I opened up my legs just a bit more and took my hand there and bent over to look at myself. We were both looking. I told him I didn't mind him being hard if he didn't mind seeing me wet. That's when he asked me if I would show him where the clit is but please don't tell John he didn't know. Even though John knows better, he lets Dale act like a man about town and listens to all the women Dale's had.

I looked at Lisa and she nodded, her hand between her legs. In my morning post , I had said while in bed, I wanted to turn around and spread to let Dale look. Now I had that chance. I brought my other leg up on the bench and leaned back against the table. I looked at Lisa again and down at Dale as he squeezed himself. I was so hot and couldn't believe my exhibitionism was coming to the max. I could have just reached down, pulled my hood back from my clit and said that's it, showing no more than I was now. But I didn't. I reached with both hands, leaned back and spread my whole pussy as wide as I could and taking my two forefingers, exposed my very swollen clit. I told him he could look close and he moved within a foot of me. My hole was open for him to inside me. The front of his shorts were soaked and he wasn't hard. He came looking at me and I knew if I didn't get up so would I. Lisa called me to come over there.

I hoped my rubbery legs would work. I got to her and she knew what condition I was in and she was hot, too. I bent over and she kissed me hard. She told me to please tell Dale about us and John cause she needed us so bad. Lisa said he can go outside or stay and watch, she didn't care. She said this was torture and it was.

I pulled Lisa up from the chair kissing her as I unbuttoned her shirt and removed it, leaving her in sting bikini panties. I rubbed her butt and went inside , sliding her panties down past her butt, her not once offering to stop me. I told Dale about our last week of sex together alone and with John. That we were going to sneak this weekend, but we want each other. I told him he could go on the porch or he could stay, we didn't care. John came out just as he said he wanted to stay. John saw us and got hot. Lisa took her panties off and we sat on the bed. John walked over and we removed his towel and both went down on him. I looked over and Dale was changing shorts, and was already hard again. It must run in the family, because Dale was huge like Larry. John layed back and I straddled his face, needing a quick orgasm. Lisa mounted John and slowly began to move and orgasmed right away, as did I. John was actually cleaning me up when I came and then would please me, but all it took for me was to be touched. Lisa wanted more from John and stayed there riding. We both came again. We were honestly oblivious to even being watched. I leaned over as Lisa pulled off John and I went for her pussy, which dripped before I got there. I cleaned her and John up. I needed John inside me so bad. We went to a 69 with me on top.

This pointed my rear right at Dale. I wanted him to see me in that position, to see John inside me, to see Lisa licking us both, to watch her pull John out, suck him and then me and put him back. I wanted Dale to see Lisa tongue my butt. When she pulled John out, I wanted Dale to see my pussy all wet and spread open from John being there. I wanted him to see us all orgasm, to see my pussy full of John's hot cream and mine and watch as Lisa took every drop.

After John moved away, I stayed just a minute to continue letting Dale see how spread open I was. It was the hottest I think I've ever been, combinig great sex with exhibitionism. When I loked at Dale, he had finished this time in a paper towel instead of his shorts.

We had round 2 shortly after and never made it to the club...again. With the rain, Sunday was full of sex and showing and even group masturbation. Dale enjoyed being involved in that way. Don't know what Lisa and I will do with John gone, but he says to have fun. Lisa told Dale, after seeing his size, that someday he'll meet the right girl and make her very happy with that. No, Lisa doesn't want any and neither do I.

JOHN -Kim has had me so worked up, hot and horny since this weekend and especially after telling me everything she and Lisa did Monday while I was gone. She said having Dale as her voyeur this weekend watching her have sex was so hot. The sex is always hot, but the addition of being watched everytime just intensified Kim's orgasms. That between Dale watching and Lisa letting her inhibitions go completely, raining Sun. and Mon. and being inside and naked all day, Kim said it was a dream weekend for her.

Kim said they'd let him look so close she could feel him breathing on her pussy, as he said he loved the smell of them. Once, Lisa had Kim's pussy spread open showing him her puddle of cum and Kim said he got so close his nose touched her pussy. Kim said she thought Dale was gonna lick it up and said she didn't know that she would have stopped him.

She said they went over everything from showing him kissing, foreplay, oral sex, oral anal, fingering and then they got the stapon out. Dale got to see them with that before I did. Dale said his favorite time to see their pussies was after I pulled out, leaving them all spread open. Kim mentioned the other day how much that turned her on being seen like that. So, they used the dildo to recreate that look for Dale and themselves as they like to look. Kim will have to tell all about Mon.

Sunday morning Kim woke me up playing with my cock. I opened my eyes and looked over and she was propped up on her elbow just a grinning. She arched her eyebrows a couple times and I knew what she wanted. I reached over and pulled her onto me. She was already soaked. Don't know what she had been doing or thinking about but she was hot. She layed flat against me, kissing me deep and grinding on my cock. She shook all over when she came and her pussy felt so warm. She kissed my ear and whispered," Fuck me hard, John". Kim never uses the "F" word, period. It's always 'make love to me' or 'I need you inside me', etc.

I raised my pelvis, her with it, and as she continued to lay flat on me, I fucked her as hard and fast as I could. Rocking the whole bed woke Lisa up as she looked over her shoulder, smiled, and rolled over to kiss my arm and rub Kim's back. Kim and Lisa tried to kiss but too much movement. Lisa moved down and held on to my balls while I humped Kim until we both exploded. Kim looked over and Dale was propped on the sofa looking. She apologized to them both for waking them up but said when you gotta have it, you gotta have it.

My cock was still inside her as she began kissing me again. Looking over her shoulder, I saw Lisa's head moving and she was tonguing Kim's ass. Then she went down, licking cum off my cock and then putting it on Kim's asshole and rubbing it in. Kim asked her what she was doing and Lisa told her putting my hot cream in her butt. Kim said it felt hot and wanted her to keep on.

Dale got up to watch this. Lisa pulled my limp cock out, sucking it's entirety to clean and then was taking her tongue, licking up cum and taking it to Kim's asshole and trying to push it in. Lisa can come up with some hot things. Lisa continued until all the mess was cleaned. Dale jacked off in his hands. Kim told him he needed to have gotten a towel but he said he didn't have time. Kim rolled off me and brought Lisa up to straddle her face, and satisfied her.

Lisa had to pee and when she came back, laid next to me. I put my arms around them both, Kim moved in to kiss me and shocked me by saying she wanted to see me and Lisa kiss. Said someone on the Yahoo group had said something about the rule and she agreed. I asked Lisa if she wanted to and she said she'd love to. Knowing she had just cleaned us up, I had to ask if it was gone. She and Kim laughed at me and she said she brushed her teeth then layed a big wet kiss on me. Kim always sucks tongues when she kisses and Lisa was doing that. Then Kim joined in and we all kissed. That was very hot. Lisa said she had been wanting to kiss and Kim said we could now as it turns her on, too. But, she said, laughing, only when she's around.

Real quick I wanted to tell the cum gargling. Kim and Lisa are always playing with my cum, swapping it back and forth, depositing it on their nipples and licking it off, or on their butts and licking it off. I wasn't home for the anal beads but this had to be close behind.Lisa had sucked me off, taking the full load and had it in her mouth. She just had to show it to me cause she knows I don't like it. Usually she'll give it to Kim or put it on Kim when she doesn't swallow and Kim was right there waiting for it. Lisa dropped her head back, gargled one time, and obviously it got in her windpipe, cause she came up coughing and splattered cum all over Kim's face and in her hair. Kim said she'd never have a facial, but just got one. They didn't think it was too funny, but me and Dale did.

Dale wants to come back before he starts school the middle of Aug. We leave for Cancun on the 23rd of July for ten days, so we may get him back before we go. Kim and Lisa want him to come back. I told Kim she and Lisa need to take his virginity and Kim said he'd never last for them both. Kim says they measured him and he was 8". Larry was 9". Both are just very thick. I'm just under 7" and normal thickness. Kim says she thinks he's too big for her or Lisa. Kim said if he wasn't so big around she'd do it cause she could handle the length. I suggested us first to open her up and then him and she doesn't know.

KIM - Trying to tell about Monday is hard because it wasn't like a sex act we had. We just jumped around from one thing to another. Lisa and I didn't put anything on until late in the day. He had seen my clit and wanted to see Lisa's so I showed it to him. Wanted to know what you do with your tongue when you french kiss and Lisa said I like to suck tongues but that's just how I kiss.

Basicly, we just went through everything we thought he should do from kissing, told him alot of foreplay, showed him how to suck and nibble nipples, lick all over the body. I like my belly button tongued(still don't have a belly ring), my stomach rubbed, especially with a feather, my inner thighs with a feather. Love my clit sucked hard and nibbled, my butt tongued inside, lots of touching and kissing. For itercourse, I love it nice and slow until I'm ready to change the tempo, then I love it really hard and deep. John, even after he's all the way in wil press his pelvis against me and it adds so much. All this, I told Dale and Lisa demonstrated even with the strapon, which Dale loved. We taught him the bra thing and then got dressed and let him undress us nice and slow. He got hot looking at me from the rear after Lisa used the Strapon. We let him pose us in whatever positions he wanted to look at us in. He wanted to smell us close before and after sex. Towards the end we let him slide his fingers inside us and taste. I gave him a hj while Lisa used the strapon on me and Lisa gave him a hj while I went down on her.We were involved sexually or spread for him to see most all day. John could have told it better, but he wasn't there. I don't think I was ever not wet all day. We all went naked to the dock in the rain and let Dale dry us off and we dried him off.I especially loved having him there to watch me have sex. A major turn on for me. Don't know what else to say about it. "

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