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Dancing with Lisa in Front of the Crowd ...

JOHN - I'm not really sure when Kim will post again, but she will. She's been thru a horrendous experience the last two days with the nasty posts here coupled with an unbelieveable personal experience here. And if that wasn't bad enough, a day and a half of that I had no choice but to be out of town. Thanks to our friends Lisa and Jay and all of you here for your support. Of course I'm never more than a phone call away from Kim so thank goodness for free long distance!

Although a very personal matter, I'll just say Jen is no longer a part of mine and Kim's life, nor Jay's, and leave it at that. I'm up early so I can work today and be off Monday instead to give us a three day weekend. Kim will be here as will Jay and Lisa so Jen can move her things out. Lisa was suppose to come last nite but had to work and will come this morning.

Jay came over last nite to talk, we ordered out pizza and sat on the deck to drink a few. About the only thing Kim drinks is a wine cooler. After two she has a little buzz. Three is the most I've seen her drink. Last nite she went thru two 4-pks. Drunk would be a pretty good description for her. Her first time and she'll probably pay for it when she gets up. But for the first time in two days, she was thinking about things other than problems.

Now back to us. Jay, Kim and myself were on the deck last nite, with Kim on the lounger, Jay sitting on the end of it and me in the chair. Jay said he remembered the last time the three of us were out there and what happened. Kim, giggling (drunk), said yea she remembered because Jay came in her hand. I reached over and slid my hand down Kim's tank top to squeeze her breast. Jay reached for Kim's inner leg to rub and told Kim he'd make it past her hand if given another chance. She guided Jay's hand inside the leg of her shorts and asked Jay was he horny, turned and asked me if I was horny, and of course we were. We asked her and she said after no sex in two days she should be but just doesn't know. I could see Jay's hand moving inside Kim's baggy shorts, her legs open wide and Jay told her she was starting to get wet just like old times. Kim squeezed my hand on her breast and asked Jay to put his fingers inside her. As he did, she let out a little moan. Kim and I both watched as Jay slid in and out of her and we could hear her wetness now. She said what she'd love to have is a long massage and would we give her one. We jumped on that. Jay pulled his wet fingers out of Kim and asked her to help him. They licked his fingers and then Kim put her lips on his. Jay pulled back and reminded Kim of the rule. I told Jay we dropped the rule as Kim kissed me then kissed Jay.

While Jay went to the bathroom, I asked Kim was she too drunk to know what she was doing and she said no. She said she wanted to satisfy both of us and us her. Jay asked about the condom again saying only once did he have unprotected sex and ever since has always used condoms cause he doesn't know who girls are with. He said he wasn't using them with Jen and neither did we. He said he's been tested and is clean. We said ok.

I was taking Kim's top off when Jay came out and he unhooked her bra and I pulled it off. I kissed Kim as I unbuttoned her shorts and Jay pulled them off. As Jay was kissing her lower back I reached between her legs. Kim's panties were soaked thru. She reached down as if to remove her panties and Jay took over and slipped them off. I moved to her nipples and could see Jay's hand between her legs. Kim was pulling at my shirt and pulled it over my head and reached for my shorts. I took them off as Jay stood up and did the same. Kim was sandwiched between us as she reached for my cock in the front and Jay's behind her. I played with Kim's pussy while Jay played with her breasts. I kissed her, she turned and Jay kissed her. Kim dropped to her knees between us taking turns licking and sucking our cocks. I just watched her young pretty face go back and forth from me to Jay, pulling and sucking and she looked so hot. After two days of hell I was glad to see this was good for her. I told her if she kept on she was going to get a mouthful and Jay said him too. She looked up, smiled, and kept sucking. Just a minute later, Jay cut loose as Kim sucked to take it all. Pulling off him she squeezed up the last few drops looking at him while she licked it off his cock. She turned to me and down she went. I filled her up,too. She said she'd brush her teeth and be back for her massage. I was hoping she was gonna remember all this. She came back kissed us both and laid on her belly on the bed and said we had to rub until we could get it up again. Sounded good to us. We rubbed, touched, kissed Kim all over for the longest time and it was time to roll over. There was no rolling over.

Kim was passed out from the wine coolers along with all the pressure lately. Jay and I put her under the covers and she hardly knew what was going on. Jay went to the guest room and I moved in to hold Kim tight.

Not a hot finish to what happened, but maybe she'll want another mfm with us. Lisa wouldn't be naked in front of Jay before and I don't know if the weekend with her naked all the time in front of Dale will change that or not. It could really be hot if the four of us could get together. Those two in a 69 with me and Jay on either end pumping them while they licked would have to be hot, especially the way they love to clean up. Lisa has opened up alot so won't push. A hot thought would be Kim in the rear position, Lisa wearing the strapon, and me Lisa and Jay take turns giving her her first ever gangbang. Don't know if that would count or not. I haven't even seen them use the strapon, only Dale has. Guess he is a lucky kid! I've got to go to work. Kim probably won't post yet just give her some time. I feel this morning's gonna be bad for her head anyway. Glad to be back, and thanks again.

After the last two weeks of attempting to make it to the club and Kim and Lisa dancing in the girlie dance and sex interrupting, we finally made it Sat nite.

I didn't get here until late Sat. Kim said Lisa finally took her top off in front of Jay. Kim can't understand Lisa being one way with Dale willing to show it all and even touch, and totally different around Jay. Kim talked to her about Jay joining for sex, why she was so afaid for him to see her naked, etc. Lisa said once he sees her she'd be ok, but that she really doesn't want sex from him or with him and asked would that be ok if he joined. Kim told her if she was uncomfortable, Jay didn't have to join. Kim said what she's got to do is what she did when Dale was here: make Lisa horny enough to drop her inhibitions.

Kim wore her 'infamous' black shorts, again with no panties, lacy black top and lacy black bra. Lisa wore Kim's black tennis skirt pulled down into a low rise skirt,a short,white tank, no bra and tiny black panties. The panties covered less than Lisa bathing suit, giving her a sexy look showing white ass cheeks. They were actually starting to get riled up before we left to go to the club so I separated them.

This was their first time at the club on a Sat. nite together. Alot of people know Lisa as She's been there alot, and some remembered Kim from her dance with Jen. But when they walked in together everyone looked. Not just because they're so pretty, not even because what they had on looked hot, but because the two of them were together.

Al (owner) came over and asked them what happened last week and they made up an excuse. He said he knows they would win but told them once it was time, to wait until the other girls were on the floor before they got up. Jay ended up with a girl at another table and I danced with Lisa and Kim and they danced alone, nothing hot. Once while they were dancing, a girl came to our table and asked were they dancing in the girls dance and I said I didn't know. Then she asked if my wife knew Lisa was a lesbian saying she broke up with a guy to have women. I told her I heard she wanted both and the guy didn't. After that, she left. Kim and Lisa asked what she wanted and I told them. Lisa said everyone thinks she's a lesbian. She asked Kim could I dance kinda hot with her and put that rumor to rest and Kim said sure.

Lisa and I went over to where most of the girls were to dance and they were pointing before we got there. Lisa put her arms over my shoulders and I pulled her tight against me. We kissed a very hot kiss as my hands moved to cup her ass cheeks. I pushed my knee between her legs and she started grinding her crotch on me. The girls were quiet, the guys, loving it. Lisa turned her back to me and I put my arms around her and slightly raised the hem of her skirt, then slid both hands up her torso to her breasts, squeezing them both while Lisa reached behind her to rub my crotch. The dance over, she looked at the girls and asked wasn't being a lesbian fun! Go Lisa.

Usually in the girl dance one is the aggressor. Kim and Lisa decided to both be. When they announced the girls only, no one got up. They announced it again and a few started getting up. One guy came over and told Kim and Lisa his table has been waiting to see them dance. The girl Jay was with and him moved over to the middle to watch as did I. Al made his usual statement to the guys to keep control and the girls to have fun but clothes can't come off.

Most girls kiss but not like Kim and Lisa did. The first thing Lisa did was run her hand down the back of Kim's shorts. For those not familar with them, these shorts are too big in the waist always offering a view. Within a few minutes only a few couples remained. Lisa was showing her crotch squatting down opening her legs and Kim was feeling her up and pulling her skirt all the way to Lisa crotch and showing off her panties.Kim reached over with her fingers to run against Lisa's panties and crotch. At one point Kim had Lisa's skirt to the top of her panties exposing them completely and then lowered it. That was hot, people. Lisa turned around and kissed Kim as Kim went for the skirt again, pulling it up to squeeze Lisa's ass. Then slid her hands on up Lisa, taking her skirt with her and giving everone a full view of Lisa from the rear, and showing those sexy white untanned areas.

At this point there was one couple left tho they were mostly watching. Lisa turned Kim around, facing away, and reached around her and unbuttoned several buttons to show Kim's bra, then moved her hands down Kim's stomach to the top of her shorts, and as if looking for someone, pointed to a guy to come up. She said in his ear to look down Kim's shorts. The guy put his head right at the top of the shorts and Lisa just pulled them out and the guy looked.This was a shocker to all including Kim. Lisa pushed him away and again looked in the crowd. This time everyone was raising their hands. Kim put her arms back over and around Lisa's neck to make herself more showable. Lisa picked two more guys and a girl to look. By this time everyone knew Kim wasn't wearing panties. Then Lisa pointed to Al to come over, gave him a show and a big grin. Then pointed to Jay and he came up. He looked and slid his hand down to Kim's pussy and inside, brought his soaked fingers out and gave them to Lisa to lick. He did it again and treated himself. This was the hottest dance yet, and Kim letting Lisa show that had her super hot. Have to tell what happened later, Kim's up and wants to say something.

KIM - Actually that was a hot dance and I was totally shocked at Lisa letting them see it all down my shorts. Didn't say I minded, just surprised. I guess they are working today as some are already here. I'm in a t-shirt and nothing else so I'll make this quick. Jay brought that girl home so Lisa wasn't confronted with sex involving him. I saw a condom wrapper on the floor, so Jay was safe. George and Ann are up here, but no kid. We'll lay out over there today with the workers here. Lisa's got really nice tanned boobs now, so can't wear a top.

Here we go getting behind again, as Saturday night with John and Lisa was really good, as was Sunday morning. Jay was having sex with that girl while we did and that was new and hot. Don't even know if she's into girls or not, but she's cute and not at all bashful to take it off in front of everyone here. John says I have to go cause these guys have to get in here. We'll go eat and then go to George and Ann's to shower. Jay spent last night at that girl's place (Katie). Oh yeah. Lisa and I were laying out on George's dock, and they were gone for the day. John doesn't lay out so he went fishing. He never catches anything, but he likes it. So Jay called wondering where we were since he spent the night at Katie's and saw all the workers at our house. I told him and he said he needed to ask me something and I said sure. He said hearing girls talk and what goes on at the club and then seeing me and Lisa in bed Saturday night with John, Katie wants to know more about bi sex and would we talk to her. I told him to hold on and told Lisa and she said ok so I told Jay ok. I called John to come pick Jay up.

Everybody got there about the same time and John and Jay left in the boat. We just talked awhile and Katie said she was just curious and wondering if she was missing something. She asked what mine and Lisa's relationship was and I didn't really know what it was myself. She asked if we have sex alone or only with John and I said both. We didn't know she wanted to have sex but she did. We just thought she wanted to talk. I told her we usually don't with others but we could try to help. She wanted to kiss so I kissed her, but she didn't kiss back. I was about to stop when I felt her tongue respond and then she kissed good. Lisa kissed her and she said we both kiss the same way. She wanted to do more and I said we could use the house. She asked about dildos and I said I have some but we only use the strapon. About that time Lisa covered her mouth, said a bad word and turned red. I asked her what and she started laughing. Sunday, after Jay and Katie left we got the strapon out for John to watch. Afterwards, Lisa washed it and put it in the dish drain next to the sink. It was still there and those guys were over there. I called John to go get it and he busted out laughing.He said no way he and Jay were going over there and walk out with a strapon. I guess that wouldn't look good.

So, we had to go. We put a t-shirt on and drove over. Katie sat in the car and Lisa and I went in. I tried to block the view while Lisa grabbed it and put it under her shirt. We were leaving and kinda ran a bit. I was in front of Lisa, and heard another bad word. I turned, still moving, and Lisa passed me and said she dropped it. She was in tears laughing. I told her to get and she said no. I looked back and there it was lying on the ground. Lisa never stopped 'til she was in the car. I ran back, turned my back to the guys and picked it up and ran to the car. The guys were laughing and never have I been so embarrassed. I will never go back when anyone is there. Anyway, that was something else. I'll just add what happened with us three, sexually, to our list to tell. We're going out on jet skis so see ya later. Happy 4th "

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