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The Kissing Contest ...

KIM - Ok, back to this morning, our "bouquet of flowers" and waking Lisa up. Maybe I should even back this into last night. George and Ann wanted us all to cook out there last night for the 4th, as we'll leave this afternoon. Early on, Katie was sort of flirting with me, pat me on the butt, put her arm around me, etc. Katie is really not my type, and don't ask me what my type is cause I probably couldn't describe it. What the three of us had earlier yesterday was ok, but she's not into cleaning up afterwards not into a guy's ejaculate (sorry, don't like the other word) and me and Lisa love the stuff, even playing with it. She had seen Lisa cleaning me and John up Saturday night and didn't know how we could do that. She went down on us and all but wasn't into cleaning up our little puddle when we orgasmed. For me and Lisa, that's the best part of it. I just really wasn't turned on to what I was having with her. It was like she did just what she had to to get by.

Anyway, Lisa wasn't liking her flirting with me and stayed right with me. George and Ann wanted to talk to me and John so we went on the deck with them. They were wondering if we were still interested in watching and being watched and John said Lisa wouldn't be, that's just not her thing. I said maybe later on when she's more into stuff. Ann asked if Katie liked girls and I told her about our experience. I told them to talk to them. They asked about strip poker and I said Lisa won't. I said talk to them and later we'd slip out if ya'll work it out. I've never played poker of any kind and besides, everyone there has seen me naked.

I walked back in and Jay was on the pinball machine and Lisa and Katie were sitting on the sofa, Lisa on the end and Katie right next to her. For the first time ever, I felt something. Jealousy, or threatened, or hurt, I don't know. I just knew I didn't like it. I walked over and Lisa asked if our talk was over and I said yes. Whatever I felt was obviously written on my face because Lisa asked me what was wrong. Lisa asked Katie to move down so I sat down. Katie said she was going to see what's going on outside.

Lisa looked at me and started smiling and said I was jealous. I said I was not. This time she laughed a little and said yes I was, too, and kissed me really hard and deep. I asked how she was able to handle me having sex with Jen. She said she has a very special love for me and she just hoped it would work out for us. I told her I felt the same towards her. We talked and said a 3-some with another girl is good but not alone and that's how it will be.

Back to this morning. I leaned over and started kissing Lisa all over which of course woke her up. She smiled and I pointed to our dying weed John left us and Lisa thought it was so sweet that John included her in the I love ya'll. Lisa had to go to the bathroom and then came back. I was on my back and she got on top of me ,straddling my leg with her wetness and rubbing it into me as we kissed and kissed. I pulled Lisa up to staddle my face and she was so wet for me. She came quickly and her cream flowed into my mouth. I thought of Katie and wondered how she could not want this taste of pleasure. I love it. We kissed more and Lisa said she wanted me until I had to push her away. I got to the point I had to stop her. My clit couldn't be touched anymore, but so much pleasure from her had I received. She knows I love her and John to tongue my butt so she moved there and rolled me over. Lisa raised me up in the rear, spread me open and gave me all the wet tongue I could want inside and out. I was on fire I was so hot. Then, I felt her finger sliding in my butt, and she said stop her if it hurts. It didn't hurt, I was so wet there, too. It felt really good, as Lisa went in deeper until she had it all the way in. She asked should she stop and I told her to move it inside me. She wiggled it inside and then started to stroke me with it. This was hot, as I started moving on her finger. I told her faster, I was going to orgasm and I did. I told her what an experience that was. She pulled her finger out and smiled. I looked at her and said, "You're not". She did, right in her mouth. I didn't see anything and she said there wasn't , but would have anyway. She is so hot.

Did I give it all back to her? Of course all the way to cleanup. There's not really a taste. So we have something new now. I may let John try, but he has big fingers so I don't know. Need to go but will be around awhile We don't want too much sun today. Ann wanted my strapon last night so we didn't have it. Need John to get back!!

The exhibitionism at the party. There was a wet t-shirt contest. No, Lisa and I didn't enter. I saw one one time and they went for big boobs. I'm 34b and Lisa is about the same, so we passed. There were 8-10 couples and then some singles. Ann and Katie did it. From what was out there, Katie should have won, but the host of the party won. Politics in everything! They had to turn around and take their tops and bras off and put a t-shirt on. Ann and Katie just took their bikini tops off. Several women took their shorts off to not get wet and did this in their panties in front of everyone, although they didn't look so hot. But it was hot cause they did.

After drying off, only one put a top back on. The male host said even those who didn't participate should follow suit and get those tops off. The one who put hers back on took it off. Mostly, he was talking to me and Lisa. I told her just pretend it's Cancun and we'll see what it's going to be like. To an applause, we did it. They had a kissing contest and you had to keep your hands behind your back but anything else was ok.

John came over and wanted us to and I said no, he should have thought about us earlier. Lisa and I decided to do the contest. We didn't think anything about it until we got in the line and everthing went quiet because we were two girls. I guess it shocked them. The rules were no hands but whatever else to make it hot was ok. Lisa and I won simply because we were girls and everyone wanted to see. But, mind you, we were hot. We got as close as our bodies could get pressing and rubbing our breasts together, Lisa putting her leg up between mine, and as Lisa held her tongue out, I licked the underside of it, flicked the end of it then went back and forth on it like I was between John's legs! I think we embarrassed some and made some horny. I know it made me and Lisa hot in front of all them in nothing but string bikini bottoms and making out. I heard people talking and heard lesbian. Then heard, no, that I was married to George's friend from someone else.

We got alot of questions and congratulatory remarks from both men and women afterwards. Some, obviously swingers but we passed. John couldn't stand it so I finally let him out of the dog house. I guess wanting people to know he was part of this, he kissed both me and Lisa in front of everyone.

Lisa and I kissing hot was a huge turn on for us both. When people came up and talked their eyes were on our breasts and Lisa said that was hot letting that many look all they wanted. Our nipples stayed hard the whole time. Our pussies were both soaked and we couldn't do anything. We were both so 'sticky' feeling down there that we waded in the water. Isn't that terrible?!

John is going to teel Saturday night after the dance later and Sunday with the strapon. I got on here yesterday and now and he hasn't been able to. Mornings is about our only time.

We have 17 days 'til Cancun. Dale is coming in two weeks, so we have to make decisions. John has to leave today for overnight and I have to meet our contractor tomorrow at the lake. I told John I couldn't but he said I have to. I hope I can handle this. I'm trying to get Lisa to quit work and go with me and then work for us until Cancun and then her last semester of school. John's lying in bed waiting so I must go for a "ride".

I'll try to get myself in the mood for the shoes. As I said, I had to pretend I wasn't shopping for shoes in front of the salesman to justify having on a miniskirt. The three of us had practiced this at home. We knew we had to sit on the edge of the chair to allow the skirt to fall down. We knew how wide our legs had to be to show.

In the first store the guy was young. We looked at tennis shoes. As I sat for him to put the shoe on, Lisa stood behind him and looked. She spread her fingers to let me know I needed to open more. She held up a shoe to ask if I liked it, and in answering her, I was able to shift and open my legs more paying attention to her and not him. Lisa was looking between my legs and smiled at me to let me know the view was there. The adrenalin was flowing as I engaged in small talk with Lisa to give me an excuse for not knowing how my legs were. It took him forever to lace up my shoe and then he asked if I'd like both on and I said sure.

My panties were unlined and I could feel myself getting wet knowing he was seeing eveything. I kept looking around to make sure no one else was looking. I stood up to take a few steps and my legs were weak. I sat down and put my legs where they were before as he removed the shoes. Lisa showed him her shoes and when he got up, he held the box in front of himself. I was soaked, so if he was hard, we both benefitted.Lisa sat while he left to get hers and told me she could even see my pussy so he definitely saw it good. She said she was wet looking at me. Lisa told me to talk to her to keep her mind off her legs. He came back and I got kinda behind him. I motioned for her to slide forward and she did which dropped her skirt. I licked my lips and she smiled. Her really first show all experience and she was doing great. I could see Lisa's pussy just as she had seen mine and he was looking right there. My wetness had increased to the point I was uncomfortable. Without a lining there to catch the juices it just gets on you. Sounds gross, I guess, but it does me anyway. I was sure I could see a dark spot on Lisa's panties or was it my imagination and wishful thinking this had her that wet?

John watched it all from outside and although he couldn't see, he knew when we came out we were excited. I wanted to hug Lisa, kiss her hard and share this excitement, but in a mall that's not good. I told Lisa about the dark spot and she said she could feel it. She wanted to go buy some more panties and I did, too. We bought some and went to the ladies room to change. We went in the same stall and pulled our panties off and looked at them. Don't ask why. As many times as I've mentioned how disgusting it is that guys smell panties, we did it. I don't know why we did but then we kissed. We wanted oral but were afraid of getting caught. We dried off and put our new panties on and left. We gave the panties to John to stick in his pocket. I saw a thread here about do women smell each other's panties and they do, so our doing it was somewhat normal, maybe. I didn't have enough nerve to post there that we did.

Have to tell the other store tomorrow, which was the best one. Or John can post about how things were when we got home Saturday night. John's in the shower and Lisa is lying in our bed. She says hi. Must go to work at least awhile so need to go and get ready. "

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