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KIM - Let me begin by explaining what the posting problem is. Almost 4 weeks ago some very nasty comments were placed on this thread and I was quite upset over it. Anon messaged the moderator and had those comments removed and a block placed on the computer they came from. The next time I tried to post from here, I couldn't but thought it was some tech system problem. I was going to do some laundry that morning, including Jen's. Behind her clothes basket was one of John's journals he has kept of our postings. This journal has the web group name, the 'todp' selection, our thread name and personal info. This was also when I had just met Lisa.

To other things. My initial plan was to drop this thread and almost daily posting because of time, posting problems each week, and even negative personal messages I receive. Instead, I planned to post at different times on new threads each time telling about what we're doing. Cancun, for one. John was out of town all weekend so we postponed Dale until the weekend we get back. So I was going to post on that. Just different things at different times. I had planned to finish the shoe shopping this week before I knew I had to leave. Now, I don't know when or if the block will be eliminated. It must be something they have to manually do and are in no hurry.

So, I honestly don't know if I'm saying goodbye or just let this thread go and I'll post later. This will be my final post to this thread. If some of you want to make a final post, I will, of course read it. My sexual explorations these last three and a half months have been more than I would have ever expected. Some things I regret doing, some, I'm so glad for, like Lisa. All of you have watched the changes I've made and I'm glad to have shared them with you. I will share in the future if I can. I just can't write that much from work and wouldn't have time now, anyway. I appreciate all of you more than you will ever know. - Hugs, Kim

KIM in Cancun - Jay has a new girlfriend named Lynn. I get along with almost anyone, but not her. Everything I do is wrong to her. Walking around in front of Jay undressed as I always do, and she had a fit. Asked how I'd feel if she walked around naked in front of John and I told her I wish she would so maybe she'd shut up! If John , me and Lisa are fooling around, she asks us to go to the bedroom. If Lisa and I kiss, even a little smack, she shakes her head in disgust.

Yesterday went to Hidden Beach to go topless. We saw one lady topless. Lisa wouldn't because noone else did. While laying down, I took mine off maybe 10 minutes just to say I did. We thought everyone walked around topless. We both gave good between the legs views. I always wanted to pull my suit over down there and watch people look as they went by. And...They do look!! John and Jay don't lay out so left Lynn with us. Once she realized what we were showing, she moved! Some guys were below us and we put lotion on each other especially for them, making sure to show each other off. We were both wet and had to go in the ocean, holding hands of course which Lynn fussed about. In the ocean, Lisa and I kissed really hot for all to see and Lynn left.

Later we had a girl and guy ask us about joining them later, but we passed. It was exciting just showing affection to each other in public and then to John, too. I know people wondered what we were all doing kissing each other. No one knew who John was with. I offered to put lotion on Lynn, but she said she didn't trust me!!! (laugh). By last night, Lynn was getting better about me and Lisa and didn't leave if we kissed. She's ok when John and I kiss. Jay squeezed her butt in front of John and she had a fit. She is worse than I ever was. Ended up raining so we left the beach. Lisa and I were topless last night on our balcony and Lynn went inside. It was dark and no one around. We leave here on Friday and are going to Panama City Beach until Tuesday. Have a free place to stay there. Lynn doesn't know if she can go so if not, I won't have a computer after that. Lisa and I will try to loosen her up this week. Lisa and John says to tell ya'll Hi. This computer is on eastern time, but it's like 2:30 or so here so I'm going to bed.Lisa and I stay up to post after Lynn goes to bed.

I'm back for a quickie. When I woke Lisa up on the sofa, she pulled me onto the sofa. She was frisky. We kissed and got hotter and ended up naked. I was on my back, one leg over the back of the sofa and one leg on the floor. Lisa was licking and sucking and fingering when Lynn walked in and asked what the hell were we doing. Her hand was over her mouth, as I asked her to come over there. She just stood there, Lisa never stopping and me not being able to stop. I exploded. She was just standing there and said she had no idea we did all that. She thought we only kissed and fooled around. She sat on the arm of the chair and I could see her crotch with her t-shirt riding up. It excited me. We talked about things and she had no idea John had sex with Lisa. The cleaning up stuff made her laugh. I told her 4 months ago I never looked at girls like I do now. I told her it's just a totally different kind of sex, especially kissing a girl. She saw me looking at her crotch, I know, but never said anything or closed her legs. She said she just couldn't do that. I told her if she kissed a girl she would want to again. She asked if we were through and Lisa said it was her turn. I told Lynn we'd go to the bedroom, and she said she was going to get a drink and go back to bed, so we could stay.

I laid Lisa back as Lynn went to the kitchen and started pleasing her. When Lynn came back through I told her to stay if she wanted. She said she didn't want us to think she wanted this by staying and we told her watching didn't mean she wants it. She sat across from us. As lisa and I got hot, I looked at Lynn and told her masturbation is ok. She smiled and actually began rubbing herself. She ended up bringing her legs up into the chair and doing herself hard. We all came. Lynn was embarrassed bad and I held her and told her she shouldn't be. She was going back to bed and I squeezed her and her arms squeezed me back. We all said goodnight and she went to bed. I honestly think she is willing to try this, but I certainly won't push her. We'll see how it goes on the beach today.

Just after falling asleep yesterday after posting, John's alarm went off for them to go fishing. I felt something hard pushing between my legs and though I wanted sleep, I wanted that, too. Lisa, in the other bed, never moved.

It was also time for us to get up. I woke Lisa up wih a hot kiss and told her to get her shower and I'd get Lynn up. Lynn was lying on her stomach, naked, covers half down her butt. I called her with no response so went and sat on the edge of her bed and rubbed her back and called again. She was out of it, but woke up. I was rubbing her back and telling her to get up. She asked me to just rub her back a minute more. That gave me a tingling sensation between my legs hearing that. She asked if her back was red and I said no, but her butt was and outlined the red part. I told her if she wasn't so afraid for me to put lotion in certain areas she wouldn't be red and rubbed her lower back onto her butt. She said she won't act like that anymore and rolled over. That put my hand on her stomach which I left there. Seeing her naked excited me. Lisa came in and sat on the end of the bed. Lynn asked did we see other girls or just each other and Lisa told her our decision was no one on one with other girls but 3-somes, yes. I turned to Lisa and she kissed me. While kissing, I felt Lynn's hand on mine on her stomach and then felt it slide up to my elbow and back down.

At first, she was disgusted when we kissed, and now was rubbing my arm while we did. We broke the kiss and Lynn's hand moved to my hand. With my wrist against her stomach, I arched my hand up and she laced her fingers between mine and smiled. She thanked us for putting up with her and not trying to push her to want what we like. She said she had enjoyed watching us and masturbating and I told her if she decides to experiment, let us know. It would have to be her call. She brought my hand to her lips and kissed the back of my hand. She said she no longer felt what we like is disgusting. We got up. I think had I moved on her, she would have, but I want her to ask for it if she truly wants it and not just be caught up in the moment.

The wives of the guys John and Jay went fishing with showed up and we went for breakfast. It took maybe an hour of talking and I was wondering about this party. Then the word "swinging" came out. Lynn kicked my leg under the table. Realizing now that we had been invited to a swingers party, I explained we didn't understand that's what it was and that we don't swing. They didn't understand my being married to John and holding Lisa's hand, and actually that is hard to explain to someone. I just said it was a private relationship. They looked at Lynn, she reached for my other hand and said it was confusing to her, too, but she was part of us.

They weren't interested in us anymore and left. We laughed from then all the way back to our room, especially at Lynn holding my hand and saying she was part of us. An hour later, John called and said forget the party and I told him we already found out. I told him we were going back to bed.

Lynn wanted us to stay up but we were sleepy. She agreed to give us a couple hours and then get us up. I got up once for the bathroom and Lynn was in Lisa's bed reading a book, dressed. I was naked and saw her looking at me when I came back. She patted her bed for me to sit and I did. She just looked at me a minute and then asked me if I would kiss her to show her what it's like. I leaned over and kissed her very softly at first, and then hard. She was very responsive, so unlike Katie had been that time. I pulled away and asked her how was it. She pulled me back for anoher kiss. I squeezed her breast, bra and all and she didn't mind. Pulling away again, she said she needed to do this a little at a time, And I told her go at her pace. I gave her a smack on her lips and that was that.

Was going to tell more about yesterday, but today was better. I just don't have time to tell all the exhibitionist stuff we do on the beach and at the pool, but no topless. Unless alot of girls are topless, Lisa won't and I knew that. Lynn won't so I don't either. Boobs are not my best physical attribute anyway. My "bald spot" is better to see. I'll tell about this morning since time is limited.

Lisa and I were going at it with me wearing the strapon and Lisa riding reverse cowgirl. This position is the only one where the strapon gives John competition because it bends so easily and John 'doesn't'. In this position with Lisa bent over, I love to watch it go in and out of her, it just looks so hot. Anyway, Lynn walked in on us, excused herself to leave, but I called her and said she didn't have to go.

She walked over to the bed and kinda bent over and asked what we had. I told her a strapon and her jaw dropped. I told her to lie down next to me and she did and looked at it going in and out of Lisa. She couldn't believe it, but reached between her legs to touch herself. I asked her to pull her shirt off which was all she had on. She did and laid next to me. She was visibly excited. She put her hand on my stomach and leaned over to kiss me. While kissing , I felt her hand slide up to my breast. She asked if she could and I pressed my hand against hers on my breast. Our kiss broke and I leaned up towards her breast with my mouth and she turned it to me and lowered it to my lips. Sucking her nipple excited me or maybe it was her squeezing my nipples that did.

She moved her hand down my stomach past my triangle to my wet spot. She was surprised there was a dildo inside me, too. She touched my clit and then moved over Lisa's butt and back to my clit. Lisa came about this time and Lynn pulled her hand away. "

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