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KIM - Haven't said much about the exhibitionism because of Lynn and what's going on with her. We do alot of that, even going shopping down here. I'll get to some of it along the way. Lisa went out in the hall in her Panties and topless and we locked the door for a joke. She got caught by alot of people and got upset, crying. I felt so bad we cooled it on exhibitionism awhile and Lisa wouldn't talk to me all afternoon yesterday. Our first fight. I was going to tell more about yesterday with Lynn, but changing the subject briefly. After locking Lisa out and her getting mad and insisting I stay away from her, Lynn and I went to the pool. This was around 4:00 here.

There was this new pool guy. You never hear me mention guys too much. John is so muscular and good looking that I just don't look. But this guy! He was from Austrailia with that accent they have. Very nice body and face. He came right over to give his sales pitch on tanning supplies. He looked at me, I looked at him and neither of us spoke. Then he excused himself for staring and saying he was caught up in my beauty. Probably his sales line, but I liked it. We made small talk awhile and he asked was I married since I don't wear a ring and I said I was. He picked the lotion for me and asked could he apply some for me. I said ok and pointed to around my knee. He started there as I opened my leg. He put it all the way up to my bikini on the top of my leg and then moved to the outside of my leg and did the same. Then he moved to the inside. He ended up with his hand maybe a thumbnail away from my melting crotch and my legs spread. What hands! I wasn't supposed to be doing this, or enjoying it I should say. He went straight across to the other inner thigh applying the lotion. I was sitting there letting him rub all between my thighs and finally realized it. I told him that would do me and he insisted on putting some on my stomach. So, I laid back. He rubbed all over my belly, my side (tickled) and then along the top of my bikini bottoms. My hairline is right there at the top of my bikini. This was a very tiny string bikini. I have one that sits on my hip bones and gives a free shot inside but this one didn't. But he slipped just the slightest bit of his fingers inside along the top and I felt them pass through my hair at the top. He felt it, too and looked at me, and I looked down. I didn't know what to say or do. I knew one thing, I was getting turned on. He made a second pass and went just a bit lower, this time no doubting his fingers in my hair. In fact, the very top hairline was showing, and he took his hand and pulled my bottoms up over it and smiled. I probably was beet red. Lynn was in the pool. He apologized not knowing my hairline was that close. I told him no problem, everyone has it. Was that stupid sounding or what! He asked if I'd like some on my back, but I needed to catch my breath and said I'd see how the other did first.

I told John what happened cause I felt almost guilty. But I was super horny, too. By this time Lisa and I made up and John said we should go back and have our fun today with this guy. And then both be horny when he and Jay return.

There's just so much always going on that I jump around from one thing to another. Haven't finished Lynn yet. Need to post update real quick on Lynn. We used fingers on each other after Lisa got mad, but that's as far as we went. She wants more, but Lisa needs to be there, too, and she wasn't talking to us. Our last day here so we need to make it a memorable one. Maybe Lynn, maybe will abduct the pool guy and bring him up here and..........I'll sleep on it. I'll wear my bottoms that you can see down today so he can see what he had his hands in yesterday!

An interesting day, indeed. Actually, never made it back to the pool guy. Lynn came out of the shower after my last post yesterday, Lisa was drying her hair and I was sitting on the bed. Lynn handed me the lotion to put on her back and.........You know how the scent of someones freshly cleaned body can turn you on? Yea, well. I decided this was more important than letting the pool guy look and rub. So, while Lynn waited for lotion, being backed up to me, she got my hand between her legs instead. She didn't mind, Lisa put down the dryer, and round two was under way. Poor pool guy.

From John first thing this morning, then the three of us all day and wearing out that strapon, then sex on the balcony tonight, I'm pooped. We're leaving very early so I wish these people would leave so I could sleep a couple hours. There are two other couples over here now. They knew what was going on on our balcony earlier and yelled for our #. I don't think they could see, or not good anyway, but probably heard Lisa. We got dressed kinda before they got here. Hope they don't have plans on anything unless it's with themselves. I'm pretty much sexed out right now. Anon tells me I have a healthy sexual appetite and I do. but not with strangers.

I'll tell about all this when I get back home. I'll post a bunch Wednesday. It will just be the three of us in Panama City. Btw, yes, all 5 of us were on the balcony. Lisa still won't do anything with Jay, but I did. We all took turns straddling John's chair and riding, with Lisa ending up with the "prize" while Lynn got Jay's "prize." Guess I was on clean up duty. Oh, someone says it's called eating a creampie when you do that, not cleaning up. So if that's what it is, we all three ate creampie on the balcony!

Running out of time already this morning. I had never worn panties in the water before I did at the beach. Panties are not made for that! They were black, so not see-thru, but they cling to every part. The worst being what ya'll call a camel toe. That's embarrassing when it won't stay out of there. I ended up covering with a towel and changing bottoms. Just a thought for anyone who might want to try that.

I did, however, really enjoy our walking down the beach after dark, taking my top and shorts off and wearing my bra and panties. Has to be plain, no lace. Since the first time I did exhibitionism which was wearing panties in my driveway, showing myself in that way is a major turn on for me. Passing guys on the beach in my underthings was one of my biggest turn ons of all. Sometimes I'd turn around and catch them looking at my butt. I like pushing my panties just pass the top of my butt crack. That turns me on, too. My bikini bottoms and panties show alot of butt, anyway, and pushing it down to show just the top of my crack leaves just a little to the imagination to what you're seeing. Sometimes John slides his hand just inside our panties as we walk to show that.

Two of the three guys who saw us exposed in the room walked two nights down the beach with us and John and were excited we wore panties. We let them feel them so they knew what they were. They, of course, walked behind us watching John's hand in our panties and showing our butts to them. When they came back up to our room, we kept our panties and bras on. They thought they were going to get something but they didn't. They enjoyed watching me and Lisa make out. Lynn is shy about doing it in front of guys except John. We didn't take anything off, but rubbed each other, nonetheless. Most of this was on the balcony which faced the ocean and blocked from anyone else. We did do some lap dancing on the balcony, making them hold their hands out and no touching. That was on the last night after they begged alot. Lynn did all three. I did one and could feel myself getting wet really fast so I only rubbed it on him. I was afraid I'd get someone's pants wet and that would be embarrassing. Lisa just got in John's lap for her dance. I could feel this guy starting to get hard under me and then he had to reach down to position it, I guess, and then I could really feel it. It excited me, too.

We did alot of touching out there (girls) and it was hot for us all. I know they wanted more, but we didn't. I'm surprised Lynn didn't. She did one of the guys on the balcony in Cancun.

I won't have time to address everyone this morning and still have time to say anything. John kinda went overtime this morning. John had Lisa and I two surprises when we got home last night. We complained about the strapon harness not staying in place anymore so he went out and bought us a new one. This is better because it's just one dildo. Also, he got us a "double" dido. It's 13" long. It looks so realistic to the real thing on both ends. So, that's 6 and a half inches each...plenty for us. We haven't tried them out yet.

There were two other encounters with those guys other than them walking down the beach with us. One was John rubbing lotion on me and Lisa and making sure they saw, and then when I wore my panties at the pier party. The lotion thing was on our last day. Lisa said I'd better tell the truth on this one or she would, but I always tell it all.

We saw them coming, and John brought up the lotion thing and I said ok. John was rubbing it on my neck when they walked up and sat down on the end of the blanket. When he got to my breasts, he pushed my top up, exposing one side. I complained there were people down from us. One of the guys got in line to block that view. John asked did I not want these guys to see my breasts and I said I didn't mind cause they already had seen them outside the room but I didn't want anyone else to. So they gathered around to block all views. John pushed my top up to expose both and rubbed over them. John commented on how hard my nipples were and I said I wasn't use to being topless in front of three guys in public. He asked me if I liked it and I knew he was trying to get me to talk sexy. I just said I didn't know and didn't know how they felt. John asked and they all quickly answered they liked it. John asked me again if I liked it and I asked him did he like it. He said it really turned him on to show me off as long as it turned me on, and asked again if it did.

We had not done anything like this before but having John show me off to three guys, topless was indeed a turn on for me, though I was very nervous. So, I said, "Yes, it does". Next, John asked could they touch my nipple to see how hard it was. I complained a little about them not needing to do that. He said how about one guy. They raised their hands. I did want this but was nervous out there and embarrassed. I said Tim, the guy who gave me his t-shirt, could just quickly. I closed my eyes and felt his hand on my breasts and nipples. Alot of you here know I have very sensitive nipples and John asked me if it felt good. He does this to make me admit things, and so I said it did feel good but that was long enough.

I opened my eyes and John and Tim's hands were on my stomach. John asked if Tim could help with the lotion and I just asked were they sure no one could see us. Tim said we hadn't done this before had we and I said never. He said he could tell but that made it exciting. They were rubbing my stomach and inching down. John ran his hand inside my bottoms pushing them down and showing my triangle. They had seen this briefly already outside the room. John went all the way down and said " You're so wet". I could not believe he said that. He pulled his hand out and Tim did the same thing, but stopped short of touching me there. He looked at me and me him and asked if he could. I closed my eyes and said yes. I felt his finger on me and then inside me. John asked was it inside and I said yes. The other two wanted to see so John pulled my bottoms down to reveal Tim's finger buried inside me, as well as letting them see me there.

John asked if it felt good and I admitted it did. Tim pulled it up to my clit and rubbed me there as I opened my legs more. By now, I was hot. John asked if I liked Tim playing with me and I said yes. Tim was on his knees and I could see his suit sticking out and knew he was hard. Lisa was holding my hand and Tim pushed up my top to rub one nipple as he masturbated my clit. I reached out and squeezed Tim's manhood through his suit. He reached up and pulled the front down and put my hand back on him. He was so hard. About the same time that I came, he did, too, shooting his stuff straight up and back down on him and my arm. As soon as he finished I moved my hand and pulled his hand out of my pants I grabbed Lisa and we went to the ocean so I could get the stuff off me. Lisa said that got her so hot. Tim was the guy that night I gave the lap dance to. I know he wanted sex but I couldn't. Didn't say I didn't want to. I am way behind and Lisa and I have to get ready, so, later. "

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