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JOHN - "Kim had tennis matches this morning, and I had to go, so couldn't post. She's watering things in the yard now, so can't post much. After her panic Saturday, I told her that she had to show for the sting to be fixed, and she said she knew it, it was just hard to show that. Larry told her he understood, but it would hurt until it was treated. Kim said ok, pushing her panties down, actually alot further than before, and just said hurry.

Treating all three areas took about 20 minutes, and during that time, we talked about going to the nursery, etc., and Kim was relaxed alot more. Larry said he would need to do it again after we went to the nursery, and Kim seemed fine. Larry left to get his wallet and I was gonna take him to get his car.

Before I left I asked Kim if she was ok, and she said it didn't hurt much anymore. I asked was she ok about his having seen her hair, and the fact she pushed it down lower and took my hand and put it down her panties and she was soaked, again. She told me to take Larry to get his car and hurry home, while Larry ran the errands he mentioned. She said, "I'm very excited about letting Larry do all that again, but this time, when we return from the nursery, I'll have on shorts to remove and my sexy panties for him to see and for me to pull down, so he can fix me up". She said hurry.

I left to take Larry to get his car, though neither of us needed to be driving from all the beer. Larry mentioned how upset Kim had gotten when she realized her muff was partially exposed, and I told him she is very shy, that she was just not one to wear sexy clothes, etc., other than sexy underwear or bathing suits, but not thongs.

That she wears tank tops cut low, but doesn't realize she's showing when she bends over. I told Larry Kim was quite naive about things like that, and that it surprised me that she had her bathing suit on all day around him, so it was really hard for her to let show what she did after the stings. But, she said that he was really nice and made her feel comfortable. Larry asked if he could ask me something personal, and I said ok. He asked if the bottoms Kim had on all day was panties.

I kinda laughed and said they were, explaining she didn't want to mess up her real bottoms and thought at a distance you or anyone else wouldn't know. I told him she never expected him to come over like he did, and she didn't know what to do. She said she just acted normal and hoped you didn't know. That when she came back from his house and said you must not be able to tell, she just decided to keep them on. I told him she has no idea her butt crack shows or she'd have a fit. He asked if none of that or his seeing her panties pulled bothered me, and I assured him it didn't. I told him I use to tell her she needed to be in Playboy, and she said that would never happen. He asked if I had ever taken photos, nude, of her and I told him she wouldn't let me, and asked him was he wanting to see them if I had, and he said if I didn't care. I told him I would like to show her off cause I think she looks great.

He said he was glad to know that cause he definitely likes to look at her. I said he would get to, again when we get back from the nursery and he re-applies the tobacco. He asked if I was gonna tell Kim he knew her bathing suit was panties, and if I did would she not wear them anymore, and I said I really need to tell her but would also tell her I explained why she wore them, I said after he saw her with them down and had seen her wearing them all day she may not be that concerned. I said when we get back from the nursery, she'll have panties and shorts on and knows you have to re-apply that, so I don't know how it will go.

He said she pulled her panties down alot further than they had been, and I said I told her that and she said she didn't know how far down they were. He asked if I thought she would have a problem if he reached up to pull them down before she did when we did it again, and I said try it and see. He asked how far he could pull them down. I told him he could probably pull them down to the top of her pussy without her knowing how far it was. He said he would really like to see them down in the back if there was a way to turn her some.

I said we could try. When I got home, Kim was naked in bed and I joined her. She asked if Larry said anything about seeing her hair, and I told her all we talked about as we kissed and kissed. She was surprised, but hot hearing how he enjoyed looking at her and his asking me about her bathing suit. She said she would tell him I told her and that since he saw her all day and then even more stings that if he didn't care she'd just keep wearing them.

I told her he wanted to pull her panties down when he re-applied, and she wanted to know how far down. I said he asked the same thing and I told him to the top of your pussy and you probably wouldn't know. She said she would try it but that she just hopes he doesn't go far enough to see part of her pussy cause there is no hair there and it all shows. I told her if he did, he did, if she wasn't sure that she needed to pull them down. She asked what should she do, let him or not.

She was riding me at this time, and I pulled her down and said letting Larry pull your panties down would be hot even if he saw some pussy, cause your pussy looks so hot too, but if you let him pull your panties down you have to accept he may see your pussy and not care. Right before exploding, she said she didn't care and wanted Larry to pull her panties down. As soon as she said that I lost mine. I told her he wanted to see her ass while her panties were down if we could figure out a way to turn her, and she said ok.

It is still SAT. , and we have had sex twice. I like this. Kim wore a sexy panty and bra set with un-sexy shorts but with a low cut tank top to give Larry down blouse shots at the nursery. It will be Friday before I get back. I am very proud of how Kim has accepted her own excitement in all this."

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