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Lisa Teasing Dale ...

JOHN - I have not posted in awhile but it is just easier to let Kim do it, timewise. I do always read everything which is what got my ass in trouble yesterday. I read Lisa's post saying it was my fault for Kim doing what she did with Tim on the beach. Kim had talked to me after that beach scene about not putting her on the spot wanting her talking sexy in front of someone else because she's not comfortable except with me and Lisa. I didn't realize that but told her I wouldn't again. For some reason, when Lisa posted that being my fault, I took it wrong and told her some hurtful things I shouldn't have and knew it. She meant my fault in a good way cause it was hot. The three of us are undescribably close and "Lisa, you know you are a part of our life and family and you know how I truly feel, again, I am sorry".

That incident with Tim was hot and so was what went on that nite on the balcony. I had hoped Kim would ride him on the balcony like she had me and Jay in Cancun. She said because he had been nice and gave her his shirt, asked about sliding his hand all the way on the beach instead of just doing it, that she really wanted him on the balcony. When the lap dancing began, Tim slid his pants down, exposing his cock for Kim to dance on. But, she made him pull them up even tho she admitted she wanted to take her panties and top off and ride him hard. Watching her with Jay in Cancun was hot. She has always said she doesn't want sex with alot of people, but that another man or so would be good, just not one nite stands, and she said that is what Tim would have been.

I told them if they take Dale they had to wait until tonite when I'm there. I'd love to see that. I enjoy reading what Kim posts, tho she leaves out things sometimes. Lisa is so shy that I'm totally surprised to see her post, but she says no one can see her. Kim told me to call her when I got thru posting and she'd post. I've got to get to work so I'm gone.

KIM - Lisa and I wanted to get out of here early and go look at furniture and let Dale sleep. No, we didn't do Dale last night, but... We did have alot of fun and excitement. Until seeing him again last night, Lisa and I had forgotten just how big he is. Just an inch or so longer than John, but so big the other way. I'll tell on myself in saying I went to the bathroom last night after we were on the bed, naked, and looked in the mirror and opened my mouth wide wondering if it would fit....if and I say, IF, it goes that far tonight when John gets here. Lisa is reading as I type and thinks that's funny. It's like it's exciting to look at and exciting to touch and feel it, but the rest gets scary.

We didn't leave the office yesterday until 8:00 and got to George and Ann's late to get Dale. Stayed there for awhile and had a couple drinks with them and then left with Dale. The first thing he asked was if we could do what we did before. He wasted no time. Lisa asked him if he liked that and he said he thinks about it everyday. Lisa asked was he still a virgin and he said he was but we were welcome to change that. We couldn't help but laugh. Lisa told Dale we had two new toys we hadn't used and would he like to watch us play. Of course he did. Lisa told Dale she was already getting wet and asked him was he getting hard, and in asking, reached over to feel. This is how Lisa acts with John, but around anyone else, she is super shy. She likes Dale and gets turned on turning him on.

I asked Lisa was he hard and he was. I put my hand between Lisa's legs and she was wet. She was between me and Dale. I commented on how wet she was and asked if Dale could touch her wet pussy. She put his hand there and I felt his hand on her. Lisa can be so hot sometimes and when she is, it gets me hot.

John gets turned on seeing me have sex with someone whether it's a girl or Jay and wants to see me with another guy. But, it turns me on watching him, too, with Lisa and Lynn and turns me on seeing Lisa with someone. And right then I was hot seeing Lisa and Dale's hands between each other's legs and turned on the way Lisa was teasing him. I don't usually say it like this but will quote Lisa. She asked, " Dale, would you eat my pussy if I let you?" Just like that! I have never heard her say that in that way. Of course Dale wanted to. I couldn't wait to see this myself. We got inside and I was soaked from what Lisa was doing. She is just not aggressive like that. She laid back on the bed and asked Dale was he sure he wanted to and he was very sure. Lisa opened her legs and she was nervous, but hot.

Lisa reached down with her hands and spread her lips open and with her index finger, rubbed her clit with Dale just inches away. She told Dale to lick her right there and he did. This was one of those times where I think I did it on myself seeing this. All these good looking guys have wanted Lisa and she avoided them and now was lying there letting Dale have her. It didn't take her long, either. When he finished, she told him to spread her open and show me. He did, and she was hot with her little puddle and I told Dale he needed to clean her up like we showed him. I moved to sit on Lisa's face and watched Dale clean her up while Lisa brought me to orgasm. Dale asked could he clean me up and I told him I would let him give me what he gave Lisa tonight when John's here. Had more to post but Dale is awake so I have to go. I wanted to tell about the double dildo John got us and how hot it is with us both getting it at the same time and in different positions and Dale's turn on watching us. We're going shopping and then to the marina as they are having a back to school thing over there. If I can get back, I will.

JOHN - When I got here Sat. nite, It was time to hit the club. The girls had decided not to dance in the all girls dance but to play around with Dale instead. The club has started something new since we had been gone, karoake.(sp?) The theme was oldies. Kim and I like some of the old love songs. Dale said he wanted to do it. We asked could he sing and he said pretty good. They would dedicate the song to someone and that person had to go stand in front of the person singing. Dale sang, "In the still of the night" (I think it's a Platters song?) and called Kim up to dedicate it to. Dale brought the house down with his rendition of the song. That kid can sing. He won the contest hands down. To look at Dale, he's the kid thay stays inside all day on the computer type. I guess you never know what talents are there. When it was over they got him to sing, "Chantilly Lace". I think that's what it's called, and he was great on it, too.

Kim and Lisa took turns dancing with me and Dale, and rubbing it on us as they did. Once while Dale danced with Kim and Lisa and I sat out, a fellow came over to ask Lisa to dance. Lisa said she only danced with us two and he asked if they liked Dale cause he can sing and I said that wasn't it. He asked what was it and I held my hands about a foot apart. Embarrassed the hell out of Lisa, but the fellow left quickly. Kim and Lisa passed on the girlie dance, but watched. Nothing much. Katie was out there with some girl, but didn't win.

LISA - Kim says I have to do this because I didn't yesterday. John really needs to tell about Saturday night. I will just screw it up. As for me, it was my hottest sexual experience ever being with two men and a woman. Kim has had that before with Jay and Jen but it was my first. I'll wait and John said he would do it or Kim will about that night. As for Friday night, I really don't know why I acted as I did. It just excites me to excite Dale. The first thing he asked for was could we do everything again we did before. While in the car with both Dale and Kim's hands between my legs and mine theirs, my asking about the oral sex just came out.

As soon as we got home, I took off my clothes and got on the bed and Dale got between my legs. I opened my legs, reached down and spread myself open and Dale was looking at it, at me. I put my finger on my clit and told him to lick me there and he did. It wasn't like Kim or John or Lynn but he got the job done. I kept telling him what to do, Kim told him to slide his finger inside me, too. I know Kim talks about me being loud in sex and I guess I am but it makes it better that way for me and out there I can be as loud as I want! I reached between Kim's legs and she was sticky. Kim says she thinks she has small orgasms when she gets really excited without being touched and I know she does. I can tell the difference when she is just really wet and when she has done more than just gotten wet. All her sticky fluid let's me know and that just excites me so much when it happens.

So, when I felt her there and she was sticky, I looked at her and smiled and that's when I came. When I looked down at Dale, afterwards, his lips were quivering! He gets so hot. I wanted Kim to see what Dale gave me, so she went down to look inside and told Dale to clean me up. She put her finger on his lips to stop them from quivering. I felt Dale's tongue go inside me and Pulled Kim up to straddle me. As I thought, she had orgasmed and it was hot for me. She came big this time and Dale was cleaning me up and watching Kim and asked if he could clean her up. She said for sexual things like that, she needed John here but he could Saturday night. And he was an oral machine Saturday night for us both, but someone else can tell that.

Dale told us before he got up that he came on the sheets during all that and I guess was embarrassed. We told him it was ok that things like that happen in the beginning with guys. So, we got up and changed the sheets and dried out the mattress with a hair dryer.

We tried out the double dildo while Dale masturbated later. Don't have time to start that. Kim and I need about 30 minutes "quality" time and then we need to shower and get out of here. You better appreciate my posting and giving up some of my time with Kim, even though she's been fooling around with me most of the time I've been sitting here. "

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