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Someone Take Dale's Virginity! ...

KIM - Before leaving the club Saturday night, and while mingling, we talked to Katie. Remember her? John and Dale were off somewhere and Katie mentioned the word was out on us. I asked what word and she said the reason we hang around with this new guy (Dale).I asked what that reason was and she smiled and said cause he's hung. By John holding up his hands to insinuate the size of Dale to that guy, everyone assumed we were doing Dale. News travels fast!!

I told Katie the story and about his size and virginity. She said for her, the bigger the better. That was all me and Lisa needed to hear. Katie was hired on the spot, and, yes, Katie took Dale's virginity.....right after her jaw hit the floor when seeing it!

We were hoping Dale didn't mind Katie handling this for us and he said he didn't care who it was. We got home, got naked and Katie couldn't believe what she saw. Lisa and I got on either side of Dale(on his back) and were going to provide the oral stimulation to him while Katie was between his legs, playing with herself to get wet and would put the condom on. Lisa and I weren't going to use one, but with Katie, Dale needed to.

We knew he might not get past the oral part and we had told Katie all this and she knew. If he didn't make it past that, Lisa and I would turn part one into his first full blown BJ. The stage was set and we were ready. We told Dale just lay back, close his eyes and enjoy and the three of us smiled at each other.

I couldn't believe how it felt as I put my mouth around him. Normally, I think I'm pretty good at oral but I just couldn't go down far. Lisa licked up and down his shaft while I sucked and pulled from the top. Dale was in ectasy. We figured we better change places and not go too long. Lisa took the top. Other than John, the first guy I'd seen her go down on. Like me, she didn't go far. I moved down Dale's shaft, Lisa sucked. I moved on down and his balls were huge, too. I got one in my mouth and pulled. Dale lost it. I moved back to the top and Lisa quickly pointed him my way. She was trying to swallow while some was running out of her mouth. My trick in doing this is to build up saliva to swallow but I didn't have time so I dry swallowed or tried. We had watched Dale masturbate and knew there was alot of it, but didn't realize how much until we got there. Lisa got hers down and came back so I could get mine down. John and Katie were laughing their heads off watching us. Between the two of us we got most of it and finished him off. Ya'll know how John is about seeing that stuff, but Katie is much the same way. Just as she doesn't clean up with girls, she doesn't swallow guy's stuff either. For laughing at us, they now had to watch us play with what was still in our mouths and on our chins.

When I talk about this, I get e-mails about it being gross, but we like it. So, either don't read or write your e-mail. What I had in my mouth I transferred to Lisa's mouth, then licked her face clean. Lisa gave it back to me, letting it flow from her mouth to mine, several inches apart, then cleaning my face. Dale loves that, but the other two turned their heads...they weren't laughing anymore! I shared what I had with Lisa and we swallowed and continued kissing to clean each other up.

I'm not going to have alot more time to post. Time flies. Dale reminded me I promised to let him go down on me, so while giving him time to recover, we did. I laid back and Dale got between my legs. I let him spread me open and felt his tongue on my clit. Lisa was holding my hand and kissing me and moved to my nipples. Katie asked could she join me and I said yes. So, while they sucked my nipples, Dale sucked my clit. I told him to pull on it and he did. John wanted in on this, so we moved around and I hung my head off the bed and John entered my mouth up side down. I had never taken John with my head up side down but it was hot as he stroked in and out, Lisa and Katie rubbed and sucked on my nipples and Dale pulled on my clit and fingered me. What's a girl to do but explode!! Katie and Lisa moved up and took John from my mouth and were licking and sucking him right in my face. As he came, Lisa took it, Katie doesn't do that. Dale gave me another orgasm and Lisa went down to help him clean up.

Dale was ready again. We laid him back again and played a minute while Katie put the condom on. Not a good fit. John said put two on in case one came off. Katie was pretty wet although we hadn't done anything to her. It took her a bit to get it in but she did it. Dale actually lasted a few minutes with John telling him to think about other stuff not sex. That's how John does it when he wants to last. We even started talking to Dale about other things. Katie's expression was one of pure pleasure. She was taking it all from top to bottom. Katie came big and then she bent over on Dale resting and John told him to take over, raise his hips up, put his hands on her butt and stroke hard. Dale gave it to her and she was literally screaming. Didn't last but it was hot.

Katie just laid on Dale, both tired. Katie raised up and was still moving on him. He never did get completely soft, small or whatever. Katie came again and said she "had to get off this thing". Katie layed back and I saw between her legs. It looked hot but she doesn't clean up so I didn't. We pulled the condoms off Dale and cleaned him with a washcloth. He was still hard enough to do something. Lisa and I looked at each other and knew what each other was thinking.

Lisa mounted. Even with his smaller size Lisa couldn't take that much. She moved on Dale and motioned for John to come to her and she took him in her mouth. Seeing her with two guys inside her was so hot, I moved to her breasts. John hadn't had quite enough time to recover but was semi hard. Lisa came really hard, still only a few inches down Dale's shaft. Katie watched it all and as I started cleaning Lisa up, she left.

LISA - I wanted to tell about Lynn some yesterday, but ran out of time. I said yesterday how she and her roommate run around their apartment with no clothes on and how that now turns Lynn on. And how they sometimes give each other back rubs, supposedly non sexual. Talked to Lynn yesterday and she was telling me she goes naked more than before and now so does her roommate. Thursday night her friend complained of her neck and back and Lynn offered her a rub. They were both in panties.

Lynn said she's never gone past her friend's (Laura) back, but had moved to just above her crack and asked if it hurt there. Laura said it even hurts down her leg. Lynn said she just said ok and she'd fix it. Lynn staddled her legs and rubbed on her butt through her panties and asked Laura had she injured herself at sometime and she said no. Laura told Lynn if the panties were in the way just pull them down or off. So, Lynn said she asked her to raise up and she pulled them off and went back to her butt. Lynn still had on panties and said they were getting wet so she was afraid to sit on Laura. Lynn moved on down and said she was trying to look between Laura's legs to see if she was wet but her legs were together. Lynn had moved to Laura's upper legs and rubbing and said she was so horny. She said Laura didn't open her legs up so she didn't. She said she could see Laura's anus and wanted to touch and lick her there the way we do.

Laura thanked Lynn and asked if she'd have time to do it again Friday AM before work. Lynn said they set their alarms early. Lynn said she couldn't wait to get to her room and masturbate. The next AM, Laura came in to Lynn's room just as her alarm went off. She said Laura told her how much the rub had helped, especially from the lower back down. Lynn said they both sleep naked and were naked as she got on top of Laura. She said she sat down on right behind Laura's butt and began rubbing her shoulders. She said Laura started moving her butt some and giggling and Lynn said she asked what was wrong. Lynn's landing strip bush was tickling Laura's butt. Lynn apologized but Laura said it was fine. Lynn said she moved on down but Laura still had her legs together. Lynn said when she got to Laura's legs she rubbed towards the inside thigh and Laura opened them some. Lynn said Laura's pussy wasn't wet on the outside and she wanted so bad to spread her and see. Lynn pushed slightly on Laura's legs and said she spread wider. Lynn said then everything was in full view and she was so hot. She thought surely Laura couldn't be lying there naked and spread in front of her with her hands just inches away from her pussy and not be feeling anything. Or, could she? Lynn said she wanted so bad to touch her there, but so afaid to. She didn't. Lynn said if she had seen wetness there she might would have. So, it ended again. She told Laura she was going to get a shower and Laura just layed there and said ok. Lynn said in the shower she wondered if Laura had wanted more and laid there disappointed it didn't happen. Because of these thoughts, Lynn said she was in the shower furiously fingering herself to orgasm when she heard the door close.

Lynn said she knew Laura had to have seen her masturbating. After Lynn got out of the shower and was drying her hair, she said Laura came in to see if she wanted breakfast. Lynn said she could feel her face flush. Obviously, Laura saw it, too. Laura apologized for walking in and told Lynn she didn't have to be embarrassed that everyone masturbates. Lynn said she asked Laura how long had she been there and then Laura blushed. Lynn laughed and told Laura she was standing there watching her masturbate. Laura, laughing in return told Lynn she didn't mean to she just had never seen anyone else doing it. Lynn, jokingly, told Laura that next time Laura does it, she gets to watch. Lynn said Laura told her she didn't care, that maybe they both would masturbate and watch each other. Lynn said she had to ask Laura if she was serious and said Laura told her sure, if Lynn thought it would be fun. Lynn said she told her it would be fun. Lynn said they talked a little more, asking how often they masturbate and when was the last time. Lynn admitted doing it the night before and Laura said she had, too. Lynn said Laura told her she must be horny doing it the night before and then that morning again. Laura told Lynn she does it two or three times a week depending on how often she sees her boyfriend. Laura said maybe they could do it together Sunday night when Lynn gets back and Lynn said she told Laura she'd like to.

Lynn said between what was happening there and wondering if Laura might be curious and both looking forward to Sunday night, and being away from me and Lisa for two weeks, she was a horny wreck. I assured her we'd fix that for her that we were horny for her, too.

Lynn knows about a site we go to, but I don't want her reading, yet, anyway. Lisa is up and John, so Lynn will be soon, so I'll go and tell about last night when Lynn arrived later. We have a busy day of skiing and boating. Jay had a date and didn't come. He laughed and said he was afraid to bring his dates around us! Can you imagine?

Yesterday, because of crappy weather here, we went to buy a bedroom suite, love seat, recliner, and bedding. What did we wear, you ask? Loose tops and miniskirts, except Lynn. She went normal. She only brought one skirt and it was to wear last night. Lisa and I wear each other's clothes, but Lynn is a couple sizes bigger and can't wear our skirts. No, Lynn's not fat, just a bigger girl than us. I'll put her up sometime this week in a bikini. She's nice.

John sat back and watched us shop, trying out everything. If the guy didn't know my panties were pink and Lisa's were blue, he was blind, cause we gave him all the voyeuristic pleasures he could want. We layed on every mattress they had at least once and completely oblivious to the fact he lived at the end of the bed. If we asked who it was made by, he had to know, but each time would go to the label, bend down, read it to us as he looked up our skirts. He walked around with a clipboard in front of him.

Yesterday was braless day. As we checked out anything we had to bend over, and he always seem to be standing right there, so diligently. You ladies ever been bent over, can see down your own blouse, see your nipples, and then suddenly look up at the guy looking down at you and watch how fast they cut their eyes the other way or turn their head? Do you guys honestly think we don't know what you're doing? I love doing that!!

We wanted a king size bed like at home, so lying on them and moving around sometimes causes your legs to just open up. At one point Lisa told me she could feel her panties were wet and wanted me to see if it showed. She got on a mattress, me and the guy at the end of the bed, and I told her to check the middle out. To slide over on her bach, she naturally lifted and moved one leg at a time, revealing her entire crotch. If I saw it, I know he did, but no wetness showed through.

Sometimes we'd act like we were trying not to let anything show, and other times act like we weren't paying attention. I asked if we got it all would he better the price. He hehawed around and asked which mattress. I told him maybe I should try those two again and he thought I should, saying that might be his deciding factor, and he said that looking right at me and no smile. I think it was a proposition. I know it was. I sat down on the bed and told Lisa and Lynn to go decide on the loveseat, and Lisa knew what I was doing. That I was going to give this guy a show and had to act like I didn't want to in front of them.

They left and he stood at the end of the bed. As I swung my legs up onto the bed, I lifted myself and pulled my skirt up some before lying back. I was on my back, legs pulled up at an angle to the mattress with my feet flat on the mattress and legs together. Straight on, he saw nothing, but he took one step over to see the lower part of my panties. I asked how much of a discount? He glanced around to make sure no one was around and told me that was up to me. I told him I was sure we were " on the same page ", but I need a figure. He said right now, 10%. I opened my legs to let him see my full crotch and asked how much. He looked right between my legs and told me 20% and that was off the sale price. I asked was that the best he could do, and he came right back and asked was that the best I could do? I said maybe I should look at the other mattress again, so I moved to it which was further away. As he got to the end of the bed, he looked around again and when he did, I slipped my panties off. My heart was pounding so fast, I thought I felt my blouse moving. My hands were so sweaty, my mouth totally dry, I had goosebumps.. I asked myself could I do this, then I pulled the panties from behind my back holding them up with one finger and said, "How much"? His face was sweaty as he swallowed hard. He asked if I got discounts like this often and I told him I had never done this before in my life. He liked my answer, smiled and asked, "Just like on the other mattress"? I said yes. He said 40% off the sale price. I said ok and as I sat on the bed, he said,"But, I get those", pointing to my panties. They were wet, but I said ok, and left them on the floor. I, too was wet, very wet. I got in the same position as before and then opened my legs. This was a first for me. He didn't speak he just stared. After a minute, I closed my legs and he said please just one more minute, so I opened again. Perspiration was literally running down his face and I felt like I was going to orgasm. I asked him please don't tell my husband what I did(I couldn't wait to tell him) as I got up and he said he wouldn't do that. He put my panties in his jacket pocket and we wrote it up.

The other three were shocked I went that far. I was shocked I went that far, but what a savings. Even after that, they made plenty on the stuff. That was the highlight of the shopping and then we went home to ready ourselves for last night which I guess I'll tell later. We're going to have a little fun and then Lynn has to leave for what we hope will be more fun for her. "

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