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Lynn and Laura ...

LISA - Kim and I took turns kissing John bye as he left for work. Such a stud. This makes me horny writing this so I'll hurry so Kim and I can have time before we shower. When they announced the girls dance, we went outside. I took my bra off and asked Kim was it too much and she loved it. We changed our skirts and went inside as the girls were gathering on the floor. Katie was there with another girl I didn't know. She said she was sore several days after Dale and I can believe that the way she went at him.

We started our dance with a long wet kiss, and running our hands all over each other. Other girls usually watch us and match what we do up to a certain point. As we kissed Kim told me she wanted to show me off and taste me and I said yes.

Right off, she pulled her hands up my backside bringing my skirt with it until my entire backside was exposed,my panties barely covering my butt. She squeezed my butt, and slipped one hand inside my panties taking them down to show my butt crack. Kim asked how much was too much for me and I told her whatever she wants. I reached under her top and unfastened her bra and worked it out from under her top and threw it at the guys. I slipped my hands under her top and let everyone watch me squeezing her breasts. Kim slid her hand down the front of my panties all the way to my pussy and everyone could see her hand there from the rear.

She turned me around and squeezed my breasts and caressed my nipples. Kim started to inch the front of my skirt up higher and higher. She got to my pussy and asked could she pull it all the way up and I don't even know if I answered her but she did it.I was standing with my panties completely exposed. At this point we were so into what we were doing that we didn't even realize we were the only ones dancing,if you call it dancing.

To us it wasn't about winning this dance it was about showing ourselves off for each other and John. Kim slid her hand inside my panties and to my clit,exposing my little bush. She was masturbating my clit in front of everyone and whispering she wished they could see. We knew we couldn't show my pussy to them but if we could I would have let her. I know everyone could hear me over the music,but I couldn't help it. When I came everyone knew it and knew it was real. I don't even know if the music was still playing,I just remember back to back orgasms right in front of everyone and Kim moaning in my ear,she having her little orgasms,too. There was no hooping and hollering as usual,just quiet.

Kim put two fingers inside me and pulled them out covered in my fluids. She motioned for this guy to come up and she put her fingers in his mouth. This guy turned to the side to show what a boner he had sticking out against his pants. The lights came on and we came back to reality. Kim turned me around and kissed me so hot and hard. Lynn came up and hugged us and kissed us as did John. It was time to go home. Right now, I need Kim - Bye, Lisa

KIM - I'll try to tell Lynn's e-mail to me today, but if I can't finish, I will tomorrow. Rather than my trying to say she said, etc I'll just try it without all that. Laura was there when Lynn got home. If I end up saying Lynn said, then just live through it. Lynn was surprised she was home that early on a Sunday, but Laura told her boyfriend she and Lynn had something to do. Lynn had worried that Laura would back out, but Laura was looking forward to it. Laura told Lynn her boyfriend likes to watch her masturbate and maybe she'd learn something new.Lynn said she reached in her purse and pulled out the cellophane wrapped dildo and held it up. Laughing, Laura asked where she got that and Lynn told her from me. Laura asked if Lynn told me what they were going to do and she admitted she had. Laura asked if I thought they were crazy for what they were going to do and Lynn said not at all. Laura asked Lynn had she used that dildo and Lynn said no. Lynn hadn't, but didn't tell her about the strapon and double she had used. Laura stood up to undress and Lynn did, too. Once naked, Laura asked Lynn was she sure she was ok with this and Lynn told her it would be fun.

Lynn told me they decided to watch one at a time and then at the same time. Lynn asked Laura to go first. Laura laid back, raised her knees and spread herself open, admitting it was somewhat embarrassing. Lynn told her they were both women and shouldn't be embarrassed and Laura agreed. Lynn asked could she get between her legs to see and Laura said sure. Lynn opened her legs up wider and sat between them.

Lynn asked Laura if she got excited when her boyfriend watched her masturbate and Laura said she got really turned on doing it. Lynn asked Laura if it excited her any to have her watching, and Laura kinda laughed and admitted for some reason it did a little. Laura asked Lynn if she liked watching and Lynn admitted she did. They agreed that masturbation was suppose to be exciting so why shouldn't they be excited. Laura came shortly and they smiled at each other. Laura moved her hands but Lynn asked her to let her see after the orgasm so Laura went back to spread herself. Lynn said she wanted to just dive in Laura's sticky pussy. She asked Laura was she ready for the dildo and Laura said she'd try it.

Lynn unwrapped it and handed it to Laura. Laura put it to her entry and Lynn asked if she needed help and Laura handed it to her and said go slow. At this point, Lynn felt her juices flowing out and saw it on the sheet. She told Laura and Laura was surprised at her being so wet. Lynn told her this was more exciting than she expected and Laura told Lynn it was very exciting for her. Lynn described parting Laura's lips with her fingers as she slid the dildo in and the huge rush it gave Lynn to just touch her pussy. Lynn left her fingers there as she worked the dildo slowly inside. Laura hadn't said anything about Lynn's hand touching her there so Lynn moved over right next to Laura's swollen clit. Laura was telling Lynn how good it felt inside her and just moaning. Lynn told me she had to touch her clit, even if she acted like it was an accident. Laura's hips were moving and she was moaning and squeezing her breasts as Lynn moved her thumb over onto Laura's clit and she let out a little gasp. As Lynn moved her thumb against Laura's clit, Laura told her how wonderful it all felt. Lynn, pressing against her clit, asked was her hand there ok, and Laura put her hand on top of Lynn's and said she wants it there. At that, Lynn leaned over and replaced her thumb with her tongue and Laura ran her hand through Lynn's hair. Laura had both hands pulling Lynn into her crotch as she exploded. As Laura wound down, Lynn removed the dildo but kept her mouth on Laura as she moved to open her up. Lynn licked every drop she could find and kissed all over the outside of Laura's pussy. Laura raised to a sitting position and held her arms out. Lynn embraced her. Lynn felt Laura kiss her ear and pulled back to look at her. Lynn asked Laura was she ok with what just happened and Laura admitted she wanted that to happen. Lynn smiled and said she did, too. Lynn said their lips met and they kissed hard.

After both admitted wanting that to happen, they layed back down, continuing their hot kisses. Their hands found each other's breasts as they squeezed and pulled their nipples. Lynn leaned over to take Laura's hardened nipple in her mouth and sucked. Lynn slid her hand between Laura's legs and found her juicy once again, and telling her so. Laura confessed to having fantasized about this with Lynn so many times and still can't believe it was happening.

Lynn felt Laura's hand on her pubic mound and whispered to Laura to please touch her there. As they kissed, Lynn felt Laura's fingers pass by her clit and slide inside her wetness. Laura was moving her fingers in a circle inside Lynn and then in and out. Lynn rolled onto her back, opening wide and telling Laura how good that felt. Laura said it felt good to her to be there.

Laura told Lynn she wanted to please her and if she wasn't doing it right to please tell her, cause she didn't know. As they kissed, Lynn told her just give what she enjoys receiving and it will be good. Lynn told Laura to bring her wet fingers to their face. Laura did so, and Lynn told her to help her lick them. Together, they cleaned Laura's fingers and Laura said she loved the taste. At that, Laura slowly began moving down on Lynn.

Lynn watched as Laura spread her open wide and looked at her pink wetness, then felt Laura's lips against her pussy, then inside her pussy as far as it could go. She brought it out and up to Lynn's swollen clit, flicking it hard, sucking it, flicking again. Soon Lynn came hard. Laura was excited she did that for Lynn and was she ok. Lynn told her it was great and Lynn told me it really was great. Laura told Lynn she was so sticky and Lynn told her that's the best part to taste. Laura didn't hesitate as her tongue began tasting and swallowing every drop she found. When Laura finished, she told Lynn she could lay between her legs all night.

Lynn said they went at it until after midnight, slept together and had sex before work.

Okay, I got that finished. I've gotten several more e-mails from Lynn. Laura's boyfriend was over Monday night until late. They go in Laura's room when they have sex and Lynn said she hears them. Lynn said all she thought about Monday was being with Laura that night and now he was there. Lynn finally went to bed and said some time later, Laura came in, kissed her and said she was sorry he was there that long. Lynn held her covers up and Laura slid in and they held each other and went to sleep. Lisa said Lynn called last night and the BF was there again. Laura told him she had a headache to avoid sex again. But, Lynn said he stayed and stayed until Lynn needed to be in bed. So, she hung up with Lisa and went to bed. Lynn said they were setting their alarm to get up early this morning to have sex. Lynn wants John to go to the adult store and get her a video of FMF and a double dildo. Lynn's embarrassed to do it. Laura is going to tell her BF that someone gave Lynn the tape and did he want to see it. Hopefully, he'll like it and tease them some about it and them pretending to be really shy about it, but curious. Lynn said call her when he gets it and she'd drive down to get it one night. Lisa told Lynn John wasn't home but she was sure he would do it.

I called Lynn late when I got home. I suggested to Lynn instead of driving this far and back, why didn't she and Laura come up to the lake this weekend and get it there. Lynn thought Tim was coming but I told her it didn't work out. She's going to talk to Laura about it, saying she didn't know how she'd feel around John. I told Lynn we have two rooms now and they would have all the privacy they wanted. Lynn said she hopes she will come.

So, that's where they are on that. Lynn wants me to e-mail Laura and invite her and tell her the two of them can have some time together, tell about the club, about being able to show affection there or at our cottage and feel good about it. So, I did that last night and will wait to hear from her.

I let Lisa sleep this morning but it's time to get her up. Actually, it's time for me to go make love to her if you want to know the truth. If we have time before we leave, I'll get back.

Got Lisa off to school. I'm just going to tell everybody hi and then let John tell about the video. The video. I told so many lies on that video, I guess, to make myself look more innocent in Ken's eyes. In our phone conversation, Ken said he didn't like strip clubs because the girls were fake, they got no excitement out of it and what turned him on was when he picked up my panties in the furniture store and they were so wet and on the mattress, my pussy glistened. He said that was his turn on. He told me, believe it or not, he had never done anything like that at the store, or called to proposition for more.

JOHN - To promote her "innocense", Kim wore regular cotton bikini panties and some what sexy matching bra. Knowing she would be very wet, probably soaked doing this she said cotton panties were better. In case the camera didn't pick up the sound, I placed a tape recorder in the boat as well. They would actuall have to get in the boat and Kim knew exactly where she needed to be. Then, Ken would be in front of her. I had a choice of taking it over Ken's back and getting full frontal on Kim, or at an angle to pick up both. If Kim masturbated, over Ken's back might be blocked, so we went at the angle.

It was so important to Kim not to look like a sleaze so she wore white shorts, average lenth, and a printed button up shirt that comes to the waist. She pulled her hair up into a ponytail and put on these clear sunglasses she has that look like glasses. I think Waynorth has a photo of Kim in these glasses. At 22, Kim looks like 18. With this on, she was the innocent girl next door. No makeup, just lip gloss.

Kim looked so hot and sexy because she wasn't trying to look hot and sexy. Seeing her in this innocent outfit and knowing some 40 something yr. old man would see her completely naked and hopefully masturbating, had my cock hard and even leaking before he arrived. Right before 2:00, Ken called and said they were 5 minutes away. I held Kim, kissed her hard and slipped my hand down the front of her shorts and panties. She was already soaked and told me she was so hot. She made me move my hand before I made her too sloopy wet. She told me she couldn't promise the masturbation but would try. At that they arrived. Kim said her legs felt so weak she hoped she made it down the hill.

They came in and the first thing Ken mentioned(as he and Kim planned) was he really liked the boat shelter and could he go see it. Kim said sure and she'd walk down with him as my leg was bad. I was suppose to be clueless about what was going on. I'll post this and then continue. "

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