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Masturbating for the Mattress Guy ...

JOHN - Once close to the shelter, Kim hit the remote in her pocket to turn the camera on. I had turned the recorder on 20 minutes before they came.I could hear the door opening and saw Kim appear as she climbed into the boat and took her place. Ken followed. I told Kim whatever she did, do not look up at the camera. All the movies you see, people always cut their eyes to the camera and that ruins it.

Anyway, Kim went over again what the deal was -- she takes her clothes off, gives him her panties and bra and the puts her clothes back on. He said that was right but would she turn around when their off before she gets dressed. Kim told him she would. She was between the front seats as she began unbuttoning her blouse.

She was having trouble as she told Ken her hands were shaking so much because she's never undressed in front of anyone before. Ken offered to help her and after a minute, Kim dropped her hands and said he could cause she was too nervous. He started at the bottom, slowly unding each button. As he reached breast height, he made it a point to press out against her breasts as he unbuttoned. He apologized for the breasts contact and Kim said it was ok. He removed the top and looked. Kim reached down to unbutton her shorts and unzipped them. She looked up at Ken and said this was embarrassing and he told her she was doing great. She pushed them down and stepped out of them. Kim removed her bra and handed it to him and he put it to his face and kissed it. Ken asked Kim if her panties were as wet as the other ones were. Kim told him probably so and did he want them that way. He told her as wet as possible.

Kim, stuttering around, said she could rub them against her some before she removed them if he wanted, and he wanted that alot. Kim reached down, opened her legs and rubbed her hand between her legs, rubbing her panties against her wet pussy. Ken told her she looked so incredibly hot doing that and asked could she lift and put one foot in the seat. Kim put her foot there and continued rubbing and the look on her face was one of excitement. Ken asked if her panties were soaked thru and Kim said they were. Ken asked to see her hand, and even the camera showed the glistening on her hand. Ken reached out and took her hand, bent over and licked her hand, telling Kim he hoped that was ok. She said she didn't mind if wanted to do that. Ken told her he wanted her to remove her panties, rub herself some more and let him lick her hand again. Kim slipped her panties off and was now completely naked. She handed the panties to Ken and he said ,"You know what I want to do with these?" Kim said go ahead and he brought them to his face and licked the crotch, and told Kim she tastes so good. Kim turned to give him the naked view of her backside then turned back around.

Kim reached for her blouse and Ken asked her to please wait. He asked could she rub herself again and Kim said that wasn't part of it. Ken was practically begging so Kim said ok. She put her leg back up on the seat and began rubbing her pussy. Ken asked her to go in and out. Kim was so wet you could hear her juices popping with each stroke. Ken asked her if she masturbated much. Kim said that was about all the sex she had, that I worked so much and my bad leg made sex hard for us. They both admitted masturbating after the furniture store. Ken asked would she be interested in an affair, and asked Kim to sit up on the dash and place her feet on the top of the seats. As Kim sat up on the dash she told Ken they had to hurry, and said she was having an affair with someone. Kim said it was Lisa. I thought Ken was going to have a heart attack right then. He couldn't believe it but told her that was so hot to imagine. He said he saw Lisa's panties alot at the store, too, and she was hot.

Kim was sitting, legs spread wide, both hands at her pussy in a full fledged masturbation scene. With her legs up on the seat top, he had a full view of Kim's spread pussy. Kim said she was gonna have to relieve herself and asked Ken would he do himself to make her more comfortable as she had never masturbated in front of anyone, even me. He pulled his cock out and it was rock hard. He didn't want to use Kim's panties and Kim told him to wait. She pulled a condom from the console and told him to use it to finish in. He slipped it on and began stroking himself as Kim watched and he watched her. As he stroked, he asked Kim to let him lick her hand again. Kim slipped two fingers inside her and pulled them out,cupped, to hold the cum she had on them. As Ken took her fingers in his mouth Kim told him she had a small orgasm earlier and wanted a good one now.

With Ken standing and Kim sitting on the dash, his cock was right in line. He asked Kim could he put it in and them do it right. Kim said she couldn't she had gone too far already but they could talk later. He asked could he just touch his cock against her pussy and she said come closer. She reached out and took his cock in her hand and said it couldn't go inside so let her do this. She took his cock and rubbed the head of it against her clit. The hotter it got, she started humping her clit against his cock. She was real close to exploding as Ken asked could he kiss her nipple one time. Thru hard breathing she said yes and he leaned over but was sucking her nipple not just kissing it. They both came about the same time. Kim, the first back to reality, sort of pushed him back and grabbed her shorts as if totally embarrassed, and actually she was. He apologized for it getting out of control but Kim said it was just as much her fault. Kim took her panties and wiped herself as much as possible and said she hopes he likes them that wet. He said he loved it.

He told Kim she gave more, alot more than the deal and she has a credit towards whatever she might want. He said would Lisa be willing to join Kim in doing this for more. Kim asked if he would like to watch them have sex and he was all over himself. Kim said she didn't know but could talk to Lisa. Kim told him she wanted that sleeper sofa she looked at. Ken said with what she just gave him, if she could talk Lisa into his watching them, it would be hers.

They came back up and that was that. I've got to go, so if Kim wants to comment, she can. I was totally thrilled my wife's hot performance.

KIM - I won't add too much more. John and Lisa are both gone. Lynn and Laura should be here around 11:00 and Lisa around 2:00. John's coming back late today whether Lynn and Laura need privacy or not.

Ken is not an attractive type guy even at 40 something, but he is so nice and real. He said he has never done this sort of thing and I believe him. If he's lying, he sure isn't lying anymore than what I did yesterday to him. I just don't want him to think bad of me even though sometimes I do. It got carried away. I was going to try and masturbate standing up if at all cause I knew it would turn John on. I really don't know how I ended up humping on him and him sucking my nipple. Maybe I was in a sexual blackout. After my orgasm it was like I woke up and there he was in my hand, his mouth on my breast and his hand on my other breast.

The thought of John maybe a hundred yards away, knowing I was naked but not really knowing what I was doing was such a turn on for me. I knew he was wondering and couldn't wait for the tape. It took John about one minute to run to the boathouse and retrieve the camera and recorder even on that "bad leg" of his. Ken didn't make me do anything, it shows on the tape. My rush was so extreme I honestly was out of it. At least I didn't let him inside me. I would know if it had been. John said he'd have loved it had I put it in but you could see it wasn't. John hasn't been that hot in a long time, but I plan to keep him hot.

Lisa and I talked and she will let Ken watch us have sex. We have to figure where and how to come up with that much time to have sex. Lisa was as hot as John over the tape and I got hot seeing it, too. John said anytime I want to take someone to the boat house let him know. He's already suggested I could meet some guy at the club and invite him over on Sunday and sneak to the boathouse. John's trying to make me a bad girl....but it is sorta exciting.

Have to get my shower and wait for Lynn and Laura. Will let ya'll know what happens maybe tomorrow but if not, on Monday.

Lynn and Laura got here around 12:30pm. They came in holding hands and Laura quickly pulled hers away because of me. Lynn grabbed her hand back and told her she didn't have to hide here and at that, Lynn kissed Laura and Laura returned it. Then we were introduced. Laura is very pretty, Lynn did good. Laura said she has to get used to not having to hide her feelings here. Lynn asked about the stuff John got and I got her the bag. She started pulling out the double and Laura flushed. Then she pulled out the video and then the strapon. I said John got that on his own. Laura was red and laughing. Lynn held it up to Laura and said she wanted to try it out. She asked could I join and Laura said she guessed so but I said I needed to wait on Lisa. Told Laura our agreement and she said that sounded sweet and maybe she and Lynn should do that. I told them I'd love to watch and so I did awhile and then came in here to type this. Watching makes me too horny. I told them John would be back late and Laura said she wouldn't be able to like join all of us with John that she was already in enough trouble with her boyfriend. Lynn told Laura when she meets John she'll want him to join. I told them we have our own room but told Laura everyone runs through here naked. Laura said naked is ok.

So, that's an update from here Lisa will be here in about 15 minutes and maybe we'll join Lynn and Laura before we hit the water. I can't show Lynn and Laura the tape in case any of you ask.

When Lisa got to the lake Saturday, Lynn and Laura were in bed. We sort of watched them trying to use the double. That's harder than you'd think learning to move together on it. We ended up going to our king size bed for more room. We got both doubles out and all swapped around sharing them. Remember my saying awhile back that Lynn liked anal sex and wanted to try DP? Laura put on e strapon on and layed back. Lynn mounted her and leaned over. Lisa tried to enter Lynn's butt and Lynn couldn't do it. She likes it in one or the other but not both. Laura tried to take it anally from Lynn but couldn't. As a finale to the sex, we got our old strapon out plus the two new ones and three of us took turns giving the fourth one a gangbang in their favorite position. Lynn and Laura like it on top and Me and Laura like it from the rear. Having my butt in the air and my head on the pillow and letting them takes turns with me was a totally hot experience to say the least. There was so much cleaning up for all of us. I guess getting it from three people constitute a gangbang. Wonder how it would feel from three guys?

Because of all that, we never made it to the water on Saturday. We found out Laura likes exhibitionism to a certain point. She hasn't done alot but what she has done excites her and also excites her BF (Rich). She said they've done the pizza delivery with her in panties and a t-shirt, they set it up a few times for Rich and a friend to catch her asleep in panties when they came over, etc. She said it excites them to do that. Lynn was unaware of all that. I asked Laura if she would like to not be dressed when John got there and she said if I didn't care it would be exciting. She said until she and Rich decide something she wouldn't want sex with John but excitement would be fun. Right before John arrived, Laura was in her panties and bra getting makeup on. I walked over and removed her bra and she giggled. John enjoyed meeting and shaking hands with Laura in her panties and nothing else. I told him she liked to show and he said his kind of woman. "

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