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Picking Up a Guy at the Club ...

KIM - At the dance, I had decided to dance with some guys. John loves FFM and FFFM but also enjoys MFM, and we've only had that with Jay. I enjoy it, too, it's just been a problem finding someone I'm comfortable with and who wants more than a one night stand. John suggested Ken, but I'm not attracted to him in that way. Excitement, yes, but not sex.

Because we never dance with guys when they ask, no one ever asks us anymore. So, I decided to ask someone. Bold move on my part. After dancing with everyone in our party and noticing this one guy who was also noticing me, I got up my nerve to ask him. He was with another guy and I didn't remember ever seeing him before.

He accepted and said he had been there one time and had heard I didn't dance with guys so don't bother. He moved closer and told me I was a very sexy dancer and I thanked him. As we talked, his hands rested on the top of my butt. He seemed really nice and then his hands started moving down to cup my cheeks. I asked him not to and he moved them up and asked did I not like that. I told him not there, that if guys see him touching me they'll start saying I'm easy, and want the same. He said he didn't know any of the guys there but I was probably right and if I didn't want him to touch me, he wouldn't. I told him I didn't say I didn't want him touching me, just not right there and smiled. He asked what about my husband and I told him not to be concerned. He asked if we could go somewhere and I said no. I invited him over to our cottage for Sunday. He said he could come over but just a few minutes as he had something he had to do. After that dance, I reached up and gave a smack on his lips and asked if he'd like to join us. He waved at his friend and came back with me. I introduced Randy to everyone. I motioned for john to go dance so he and Lisa left and Lynn and Laura left. Randy asked about all this and if John didn't mind my being with other guys. I know it all looked strange so I explained everything to him from me and Lisa and John to maybe a 3-some with a guy, but told him how I felt about a relationship. Told him we have only had one 3-some with a guy and he's a good friend of ours. My hands were on the table and he reached and held my hand. He admitted my aggressiveness made him think I wanted to go get laid but in talking to me he sees a different girl. I told him I didn't know how to approach a guy about this. He said he hopes to meet my criteria on this and would love a 3-some with me. He said he wouldn't have time Sunday, and I told him it wouldn't happen that quick, that I would have to get to know him awhile before that happened. He said ok. He said it was so dark where we were that if he were to touch me he was sure no one would see and smiled. I smiled back and took his hand that was holding mine and put it in my lap. I was wearing short shorts and he rubbed down my thigh as I looked around.

He moved it back up and against my crotch and told me how warm I was there. I told him touching me there felt good and I squeezed my thighs on his hand. He moved to the leg of my shorts and I felt his fingers moving to my panties. He acted like he wanted inside my panties but sitting down that wasn't going to work. So, he moved over and rubbed against my pussy through my panties and told me how wet I was. I sort of laughed, told him I could tell and pushed his hand back. He asked if I didn't like it and I told him I did. I reached to his lap and felt his hardness. I squeezed it and told him I liked that, too. You have to be close to hear in there and we looked at each other and then he leaned the few inches to place his lips on mine. I felt his tongue and met it with mine as i was pulling my hand from his crotch. He caught my hand and moved it back and I squeezed and stroked just a minute then moved it and broke the kiss.

I asked how long he could stay Sunday and he said only an hour maybe. Not long enough to get things going. I said maybe we could enjoy what we just did just a little better and he said he'd love to. They were announcing the girlie dance and he went back to his friend.

Lisa and I didn't dance because of the new management and rules. Lynn and Laura did and won. Lynn, not that much into showing, showed Laura. She showed all of Laura's bra and Lynn squeezing her breasts and most of her panties including Lynn's hand in them. Laura's pubic hair showed through her panties but they didn't say anything to them. I guess because it was covered.

Afterwards, we talked awhile with people including Randy, and he walked us out. We got to the car and John was talking to someone and Randy asked could he give me a goodnight kiss. I reached up and put my lips on his and we had a hot little kiss. Then, Lisa reached up and kissed him too. Then Lisa and I kissed. Randy said he would be there Sunday.

Don't have time to tell about our sex Saturday night. All five of us on our bed. No sex between Laura and John. We did our little gangbang thing for John and included him except with Laura and ME. I didn't even get to. After giving it to Lisa and Lynn, he watched while all three of them took me from the rear and with Laura inside me said he couldn't hold it and I took him in my mouth and he exploded immediately while Laura pumped me. I held it in my mouth for us to play with. I shared it with all three of them even Laura taking some.

Sunday was hot again with Laura's bf calling and coming up and Randy coming. That'll have to come later. We have a horrendous week ahead with some long hours so I may not be back until Tomorrow or maybe Lisa. She has school tonight so I don't know if she'll get up.

Unless my husband finds his way out of the doghouse by this weekend, my 3-some, if it happens this weekend, will be with Randy and Lisa, not John. I slept with Lisa last night and let John have the whole king size bed to himself. Last month while Aunt Flo was here, I said it was ok for Lisa and John to have sex alone. I was here, just not right there watching each move except for one night. I had volunteer work and they had sex alone. Having had that I think brought us all even closer together.

Someone e-mailed and asked if Lisa and John were ever alone for sex. Yes, they have my consent though they only have during my period. Sometimes I watch and sometimes I'm not in the room. I actually find it exciting being in another room and hearing Lisa hot. As ya'll know she can be pretty loud. Sometimes Lisa will bring me John's "stuff" in her mouth for kissing, or spread for cleanup. The night they had sex with me not here, I was soaked wondering.

Anyway, on to last Sunday. Right after I posted Sunday morning and we left for breakfast, Rich (Laura's bf) called her cell. Ended up with her asking could he ride up and we said sure. During their conversation Rich knew We were all on the bed naked and John saw Laura having sex but didn't have sex with her. Laura said he wasn't too happy about it.

We came up with a good way to greet him. We would all be laying out topless on the dock when he got there. John would be up in the yard clearing out stuff. Laura had said Rich thinks Lynn is hot so he would walk up to her topless.

Rich arrived and saw John working and met him and John pointed to the dock. As he got to the dock, Laura got up and didn't know whether to hug him or what. We all got up and his eyes went from one set of boobs to another. Laura went to him and hugged him. I think he was in shock. Laura asked him to please not be mad, she loved him and only lied because she didn't know how to tell him. She told him about the tape they bought and were going to watch to hopefully get him turned on to a 3-some. He looked at us, then at Laura and said he was definitely turned on.

Laura kissed him and ran her hand down to his crotch and he jumped back. She told him to quit being shy and Lynn walked over and kissed him, while Laura unfastened his shorts. As Laura removed his boxers, Rich leaned over to suck Lynn's nipples. He was already hard as Laura went down on him. I reached over and pulled down Lynn's bottoms and off and his hand was between her legs. I don't think they even heard me as I excused us and we walked up to the house. I looked back and they were lying on the blanket.

While they were doing their business, John was still clearing out stuff as if nothing was going on. Lisa and I went inside, got the binoculars and took turns watching them out the window.(laugh) I was hoping they would be finished before Randy got there and they were and had put their bottoms back on.

Having watched them had me and Lisa horny. When Randy got there and came in, my first thought was jumping in the bed with him. He had said he wouldn't have but maybe an hour, so I knew we couldn't. Lisa and I had our tops on(bikini) and we decided to go out in the boat.We got John and went to the dock. Lynn and Laura were still topless as Randy told them Hi again and told them they danced good last night. Randy was definitely checking out the boobs. Rich was asking Laura what dance as we left.

Randy asked didn't we ever go topless and we said sure, but usually not out on the lake except in our cove. John went to the farthest part of our cove and we took off our tops. Lisa was in the seat next to John in the front and I was in the back with Randy. I moved up against his body and I could tell he was uncomfortable in front of John, just not knowing how to act with me. Lisa saw this and got up and straddled John's chair, putting her nipples to his mouth. Seeing this, Randy turned to kiss me and I felt his hand squeezing my breast and he rolled my nipples and I jumped. He asked was it ok and I said yes that I have sensitive nipples. I had my hand on his chest, wanting it on his crotch. But I wanted him to move first. I sorta rolled on my side sitting up and his hand went to my butt and squeezed. The night before he squeezed my butt and I made him stop. He asked, as we kissed, if I was going to make him move his hand again and I said no and kissed him harder. I felt his hand at the top of my bikini in the back and felt it sliding inside completely. He pulled it out and moved to the front and again slipped it inside my bottoms as I turned to give him easier access. He got to my pussy and told me I was wet like the night before and I said I knew it. He was having a hard time because of the room in my bottoms and I reached down to push one side down. Seeing this, he pushed the other side down and off. I was now naked as I put one leg over his to spread and he found my wetness, slidind his fingers deep inside. I slipped my hand inside his shorts and around his hard shaft, leaking with excitement. He said he wished he had more time as he wanted me so bad. I told him I wanted him,too. He asked could we have oral but I told him not knowing him, I couldn't without a condom. I told him I would with my hand and he said he was glad I was careful and my hand would do. I got between his legs and began slowly stroking him as I kissed his dry shaft and licked his balls. He picked up a towel and as I stroked, he came in the towel.

He looked at me and said it was my turn. He layed me back, opened my legs and with his tongue and fingers got me off in a matter of seconds. He looked up at me and asked if I wanted more and sure I did. Lisa was riding John in the front seat as I exploded for a second time. It was time for Randy to leave so we headed back with me cleaning Lisa up as we did and to Randy's amazement. I held Lisa open and asked Randy if he wanted some. He laughed and said most definitely but not after John. I told him John says that, too.

We got to our dock and Rich, Lynn and Laura were sitting there. Lisa and I got out naked much to Rich's shock and we walked up to the house. Randy left but said he would be back next weekend and I told him I couldn't wait. Me, Lisa and John got in our bed and then we heard the door. Rich, Laura and Lynn asked could they come in. Why not? "

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