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KIM - Randy thing has fizzled out for right now, anyway. He called today, real nice, and wanted to know how many guys I'd slept with. What he was wondering without coming right out and saying was if I was a big slut he didn't need to mess with. When I asked him about it, he just brought up being on the boat and how I seemed use to doing that. So, I said it for him and said he thought I was too easy. He stammered around about not meaning it exactly like that, but I had mentioned wanting to get to know someone. I told him I had spent my high school and college time and even now, ignoring guys when they hit on me, so I didn't know exactly how guys want me to act.

To answer his question, I told him I lost my virginity in college, having sex one time with one guy, and I've had my husband and I've had Jay, my best guy friend, so three guys. He didn't say anything. I added in case he wanted to know, Lisa was even a bigger slut, she's had four guys total including John. He didn't answer and I hung up. He's been texting all day but I don't answer. I guess I had to qualify to have sex with him. I tried my usual self with Tim and didn't do much except what John did on the beach and he got too attached so I try an aggressive approach with Randy and he thought I was a slut. So, I don't know. I don't have experience to how to act with guys, nice guys. It may just be me and Lisa at the lake this weekend.

Jay summed it up best of anyone who commented here or on the other thread by saying it's not that I didn't fulfill the terms of the paper John wrote, I didn't fulfill John's fantasy. And that was my sex with 3 guys. Tomorrow night I will do three guys, but John won't be one of them. Jay, Randy and some friend of Randy's will do it. I explained the whole story to Randy and told him afterwards he can think of me ever how he wants to. It's not going to be exciting or hot. After the club, we'll come back, Lisa and I will go in the bedroom and I'll cover with the sheet. Randy will go first, sliding under the sheet.No kissing, foreplay, just get on and do it and me on my back. When he's finished, his friend will come in and Randy goes out and the same thing. Lisa stays with me. When his friend is finished they both will leave and then Jay will come in. With Jay, I will have sex instead of just intercourse. That will finish my gangbang and if my smartass husband gets mad, tough. I'm not even going to video it because it won't be exciting. In his e-mail, John added another incentive for us to have this fantasy, but I can't reveal it right now. This will be his one time thrill and he won't even be here.

JOHN - Should they ever offer an award for 'Asshole of the year', I'm sure I would win hands down. My selfishness in wanting Kim to fulfill my fantasies almost caused her to make a terrible mistake. Thanks to our best friend, Jay, and our love, Lisa, they intervened and put it to rest. I have now put it to rest permanently.

Our first intention 5 months ago was to let guys see Kim in sexy ways to spark our sex. Almost immediately and without planning it, contact from a neighbor happened and since then my fantasies were sparked. Having me and another man satisfy Kim was my main fantasy, then thoughts of me and two other men satisfying her in a gangbang came to light. All of these fantasies without taking into consideration Kim had only had sex one time in her life before we met. You just don't go from sex one time in your life to being fucked from both ends by two men, to being repeatedly fucked by several men. But, fantasies can be overwhelmingly powerful. Mine were.

So many things Kim has done, not for her excitement, but for mine. Contact with Larry. What she did with Randy on the boat, even Ken on the boat. For Kim to be comfortable with another man she has to feel a connection. She can't just spread her legs and give it out like some people do in swinging type lifestyles. She didn't want what happened with Larry. She didn't want what happened with Tim on the beach, Randy on the boat, didn't want to masturbate in front of Ken. All these things were for my excitement in her doing things with another man. She can get excited doing something but afterwards it can make her feel so bad about herself. Instead of seeing that, I push for more, putting her under pressure to make "me" hot. So selfish.

Kim and Lisa and I talked about all this a long time last night. Kim says she can enjoy another man, a 3-some with another man but it has to be up to her when it is time. And, it's not going to be time until she has time around him doing other things. She said she loves taking me and Jay at the same time, loved her 3-some with Lisa and Jay over the weekend, and doesn't feel any wrong being with him.

I had dropped any thoughts of really having a GB until Kim brought it up as having had it with girls. That sparked that fantasy within me again. So, I pushed and pressured her, even tried making her mad by sending her that picture of the car she wants, even offered her another incentive to make it happen.

Lisa drives a piece of junk, twelve years old. Her money has always gone to pay for school. We've offered to buy her something else but she won't let us. I'm paying for her school this semester so she has been saving her money for a nice car. Other than our SUV, Kim drives an 05 Mustang GT, burgundy convertable. It only has 8,000 miles. Lisa loves the car so as my incentive and to further pressure Kim, I offered to give Lisa the Mustang. I knew this would make Kim feel guilty if she didn't do a GB, cause Lisa wouldn't get the car. Terrible, I know, but I had become obsessed with the thought of Kim taking three men the way I saw her take three women.

Thanks to Lisa and Jay , it didn't happen and it never will, now. Also thanks to all of you in supporting Kim, Lisa and Jay as you did. As far as the GB thing, I still feel it would have to be from men to be real. Kim and Lisa both know this as well and say so. That three different cocks inside you is not the same as three dildos. But, on the other hand, from what was written and the way it was written, she had what we determined at the time would constitute a gangbag. Along with asking both Kim and Lisa to forgive me for allowing my fantasies to get out of control, the two of them are off today to go pick up Kim's new car. I called our dealership yesterday and they found the car she wants. I also made arrangements to donate Lisa's car and it will be picked up this morning. Lisa will drive her Mustang to take Kim to get her car.

All's well that ends well. There will never be any mention of a GB, unless with girls and MMF 3-somes will be if and when Kim is comfortable with someone enough to want it.

Kim and Lisa, I love you both so much and again, am so sorry for putting fantasies before that love. "

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