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Having My Pussy a Little Exposed ...

JOHN - "Back to Sat. While waiting for Larry, Kim said she wasn't sure if she would let Larry pull her panties down. I thought she was getting cold feet again, and told her if she didn't want him to see that part of her, we'd tell him she was ok. She said no, no, no, that wasn't what she meant.

By all means she said she wants her panties down, just doesn't know how far he will take them. She said that I told him to the top of her pussy, but will he take that as the top of her pussy showing? I said I didn't know, but asked her why it wouldn't excite her for it to show some, and she said cause she will be very, very wet and didn't want him to see that she was. I couldn't help but laugh, But Kim wasn't amused. She said she really wants her panties down.

That this is a chance we may never have again, her standing in front of another man in her panties and with them pulled down exposing all of her hair, all of her butt, for 20 minutes or so and all in a non-sexual setting.

Larry came over and we left.

At the nursery, Kim gave Larry lots of down blouse shots, often looking up at me and smiling. I pushed the carts and they loaded them up. On the way home, Kim asked Larry how many more times would he need to treat her sting, that only one hurt. He asked which one and she said the one below her panties. He said just have to keep doing it each day until it was ok. I think that meant Larry would be pulling her panties down several days.

We got home, and Larry went home to get cigarettes. I told Kim my plan to show her butt naked by turning around. We have an antique phone 3 ft. from where they will be, and behind her. Once her panties are down, I'll say I have to go to the bathroom. It's a ways away, but a good view, and I'd call our home # on my cell phone. Kim would tell Larry to let her get the phone, which would turn her around and give him a full view. Kim liked the idea.

Larry returned and sat in the chair to mix up his tobacco, and Kim unfastened her shorts, and she slid them down told him I told her he knew about the bathing suit panties, and he said he thought it was agood idea. She said after his seeing her in them all day and even with them down she didn't care. He said great. She had on lacy, sexy panties, see-thru in the lacy area around her hair. Larry said ok that it was mixed up and asked Kim if she was gonna have a panic attack like before, and she laughed and said she knew she had to more or less be naked from the waist down and she didn't care cause he already saw her. She pulled her shirt up away from her panties and told him she'd hold that out of the way, so Larry took his hands, reached out and slid Kim's panties down while talking about the plants. He took them just past her hair and to the top of her pussy, with an inch of it exposed, and hairless.

In the back they were all the way down to within an inch of the bottom of her cheeks. He said ok and was that good, and Kim said wherever they need to be. That's when I excused myself to go to the bathroom, where I called. The door was cracked and I watched Kim turn to answer it. I told her he was looking and her ass was fully exposed. She said, "oh hi how are you?" I told her I was hot and she said "me,too". I told her he did come down showing some of her pussy. She said "I know". I said I was glad he can see it and she said, "I think I am, too".

With that she said she had to go etc., and hung up, and moved back in front of Larry, and I came back in. We all just talked about yard stuff, and I moved around to get Larry's view, bending over to look at the area, and you could see pussy, seemingly more that at first. I raised up and nodded at KIM to let her know it was showing and held my fingers an inch apart to let her know how much, and she smiled so I knew she was ok. We decided to eat out and Larry would eat, too. After 20 or so minutes, he was thru and Kim wiped herself off and pulled her panties up. Larry said he was gonna do that and Kim said she didn't know. She said she was gonna leave her shorts off cause they rubbed that spot.

After we ate Larry left saying he needed to go call his kids. Wanted to know what time were we gonna start back on the deck and I said I didn't know, that we were up early just come on over. I figured it would take us 2 hours more on the deck and then the yard was next. Kim was really turned on saying she couldn't believe in one day she has gone from being nervous about Larry seeing her in her panties from across the street that morning to walking around in front of him in see thru panties in our house and letting him pull them down to see her naked while he supposedly doctored on her. I asked her if she liked letting Larry play doctor with her and she said very much so.

I asked her how she felt now that he had seen some pussy, and she said she did like it. She said he'll probably want to do it twice Sunday, and then the 3 days he's in town, so she just wants us all to get as much excitement out of it as we can, cause after that there will be no reason or excuse for Larry to see her panties down.

I told her I'd like to get up Sun. morning and her put on this gown she has that isn't see thru, but is very low cut, and comes just below her ass, and of the silky material. I said I expect Larry to be over early, so Kim could still be in her gown. I told her she could get him coffee, reach up in the cabinet for a cup, give a hot view down her gown, as her tits he still hasn't seen, if she wants to show him her nipples, and she said yes. She said what if he wants to treat me and I'm not wearing panties to pull down.

I said tell him your not wearing panties and see what he says. I asked if he said it didn't matter would she want to say ok and pull up her gown up and just be completely naked from her tits down, and she said yes and in fact her fantasy before the treatments were over was to be naked, everything, while he treats her. I promised to fulfill her fantasy. "

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