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JOHN - "Sunday we were up early with Kim in her little gown, and as I suspected Larry was over early too. In fact we had just gotten to the kitchen. I told Kim if there was any chance I wanted to see her bend over for some reason and give Larry that hot rear view of her bald pussy even if it is wet, and she said maybe.

Told Larry we just got up, but have a seat coffee would be ready in a minute. He was watching Kim making coffee, etc. Kim bent over to throw away the old filter and what a sight! She bent over again to get cups from the dishwasher, and then brought our coffee giving me a knowing smile. Larry asked if she wanted to go ahead with one treatment now and then one this afternoon, and Kim said sure, and got another cup from the dishwasher and put some water in it, and came back to the table.

She said she forgot she didn't have panties on, and Larry said what was the difference, if she did they would be pulled down, and this way they're just out of the way. Kim said that made sense to her and pulled her gown completely up to her tits. Larry didn't even have it mixed up yet. Kim said she was gonna tie the gown together so she didn't have to hold it all that time. Kim said the wipes were at the laundry area, so walked off naked from her tits down to get them, and Larry watching that ass move.

Once there and once back, her gown came untied, with her tying it again when she got in front of Larry, saying it won't stay. Larry told Kim he couldn't help but see her boobs when she bent over so if she worried about him seeing her, she doesn't have to be, and could take it off and not have to fool with it. Kim said he had seen everything anyway and pulled it off, doing a little pose and saying "here I am naked" ... and Larry and I laughed and Larry told her to turn around, which she did, and then back around and told her at 45 it was quite a treat for him to see a 22 year old woman like her naked, and thanked her.

She thanked him for the compliment and told him if he wanted her to be naked for her treatments she would if he really liked to look at her. He said he loved looking especially when she bent over the dishwasher. Kim said he was welcome to look, and he asked her if she would turn around and bend over, and she turned around, bent over, spread her legs and touched the floor. I moved to where Larry was to look and she was so wet. She raised up and I said I couldn't believe she did that and she said only for you two. Larry was in shock too. Larry put the stuff on the sting. I told Kim she was so wet and she said she felt it, in fact on her legs, that she had never done anything like this before. Larry took one of the wipes and was wiping her juices from her legs and Kim opened up her legs.

I told Larry I'd hold that on Kim while he did that. Kim told Larry he could clean her up but not to go inside. He didn't go inside but did wipe her pussy, partly with the wipe and partly with his hand. He asked her to put one leg on the chair and she did, and that opened her up some. He rubbed the wipe over her pussy again and she jumped, saying that was her clit and it was sensitive. He did it again and again and I started kissing her and she me. I asked if she wanted him to stop and she whispered no. I was playing with her tits and Larry openly playing with Kim's pussy inside and out. All of a sudden she she grabbed his hand against her pussy and really came hard, moving her hips against his hand. She then got so embarrassed she was crying. We tried consoling her and she said she could never do that again. Larry apologized, and she told him it wasn't his fault, she just couldn't stop. She said right now she just wanted to go lie down and left. Larry said he'd leave and to call. I went up to be with Kim.

I went to Kim, lying on our bed and still sobbing. I held her and she told me she was so very sorry for what she let happen. I told her I loved her and she had done nothing wrong. She told me that Sat. had been the most wonderful day, the sexual excitement we were exploring and having was being transformed into our being together emotionally and she was so happy. I started to speak, and Kim held her finger to my lips and asked me to let her finish.

She said turning me on turned her on. The hotter I was the hotter she got. She said she went from being nervous about Larry seeing her body, to realizing the excitement it gave us all, to actually wanting Larry to see everything she had. Kim said when she woke up Sun., she woke up happy, excited about all her new plants to plant, and wondering what sexual excitement might be in store for us. She said she was excited about wearing her little gown in front of Larry with no panties, and to the possibility of raising it in front of him and letting him see her completely naked there for her treatment. That when I asked her to bend over in the kitchen so Larry could see her pussy if she could, that she knew she could and would.

Kim said when she pulled her gown off and stood there completely naked she felt good about it. That it made her feel really good when Larry told her that at his age, seeing her young body naked was such a treat for him. That she was very sincere telling him he was welcome to look. Knowing he saw her bend over in the kitchen and wanted to, again, just made her eager to show it again. She said she could see the shock in me & Larry both when she turned around and bent over and spread her legs. She knew Larry would see how very wet she was. That when he started to wipe her legs clean and asked to raise one leg to the chair, she felt letting him clean her up could add excitement, so told him he could, just not to go inside.

She said she felt both the wipe and his hand rub the length of her pussy, and she was fine letting him touch her and felt I would be, too. But then the combination of my kissing her so deep and hot, rubbing her tits, and Larry's contact with her clit, and then the feel of his fingers sliding into her wetness, she said she had no willpower to stop. Now, she feels she did me wrong, and is so ashamed and embarrassed to face Larry.

I told her in no way did she do me any wrong. That I wasn't looking for sex between her and other men or 3 somes, but instead for us to have lots of sex. I looked at Larry playing with her pussy as an extention of excitement for us. That after she came so hard, I wanted to lay her back on the table and just eat the hell out of her pussy, and then have her slide down onto my cock and fuck in the chair right there in front of Larry. I had no idea you would be upset.

I told Kim we were new at this, and we won't always do it just right, but we can't let things upset us or break down what we've accomplished so far. Kim told me she didn't want to lose what excitement we have, didn't even want to lose the excitement Larry gives us, but how can she face him?"

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