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JOHN - "I told her I was gonna tell Larry about the exhibitionism for excitement we're doing, and she needed to decide what excitement she wanted, and that's what I'll tell him. She said she knows he really likes to see her naked and she wants to let him. That we don't need treatments for a sting as an excuse. Kim said she'd tell him she enjoys being naked in front of him just as much as he does. She said he could undress for excitement, she would pose in sexy ways for us to look, but no pictures.

She said the only limit she has is no penetration from him in any way, even fingers, no clitoral stimulation cause we may not stop. I asked if she was saying he could touch, and she said that could be exciting, and if I liked it it was ok with her too. I told her I thought it could add alot of excitement seeing him touch her pussy, even spread it open and look, squeeze her tits and nipples, us give her an oil rub down, etc. She said she thought all that sounds good. I asked about his kissing, sucking etc. her nipples, and she said maybe we could experiment with that, as long as Larry understands if she is uncomfortable to always stop. That she feels we could add alot of excitement without penetration or clitoral stimulation.

I told Kim I wanted to eat her so bad and she said please do. After our sex, we jumped in the shower and then I told Kim I was going to Larry's and talk to him about all we said and were trying to do for our sex life. Kim asked what to put on and I asked her what she had planned to wear, and she said her yellow panties like her black ones, and asked me if I remembered that white halter she bought and wore one time. I said the one that is so loose your tits and nipples are always showing, and she said yes. I told her excellent choice.

I went over and told Larry all of it, and he seemed so relieved. He said I should have told him right off what we were trying to do with the exhibitionism stuff and he would have been happy to be a part of it, and still is. We walked across the street and into the house, where Kim was waiting at the table. Larry walked up to her and told her to get up and give him a big hug. Kim smiled and said she needed that and was about to apologize, and Larry told her nothing ever happened, it all starts right now, and she thanked him looked at me and said thank you. Larry said let's get out and get the deck done cause we have lots of yardwork to do, and patted Kim on the ass. I was so happy we worked this out. I'll report on the rest of Sunday maybe this afternoon. Larry said he may only be here one day this week, so we made the most of Sunday!

We made our way out on the deck, and the wasps were gone. Kim gave lots of hot shots off and on. Saturday she kept her legs closed around Larry cause she knew her pussy was showing on both sides of her panties, but Sunday made no attempt at all to keep anything from our view, whether it was rear or frontal views.

Larry commented he liked her halter, and Kim said she thought he would. Tried to get her to take it off while on the deck, but she was afraid someone might come around the house. She said she would when we go inside at lunch, and she did just that.

We finally got the rails and spindles done and I told Larry and Kim they could go in front and start planting while I sprayed the decking. Kim was gonna squat down if anyone rode down our street, still uneasy about someone else seeing her. I got thru with the deck and went inside to look out at them, and it was exciting seeing Kim not at all minding the hot views she was giving Larry. One time with dirt all on her hands, she must have asked Larry to pull her panties down where they had riden up alot on her ass, cause she turned around and he pulled them down for her.

I decided to make a special nite for her Sunday. She had done so much to let her inhibitions go so we could be excited. I left, telling them I'd be back, had to run to the store. I went to this adult sex shop I'd seen before and started gathering up things. Got some hot oil rubdown stuff, some flavored whip cream, body wash, scented candles and then found this thing they called a 'double whammy', a vibrator shaped like a cock, and when turned on the head of it rotated round and round, and at the base, a vibrating clit stimulator. Kim had never used a vibrator. I'd asked her before.

On the way home I got a dozen roses. Also got flavored bubble bath at the sex place. I thought Larry and I would give her a hot nite to remember. Got back home and smuggled everything in and then helped them. While Kim went in to use the bathroom I went over my plans with Larry and he said she'd love it.

We would be spa operators, she, our client. Larry would be my assistant, though not trained to perform some things. When almost finished in the yard, Larry said he needed to run get a shower, and would be back. I said I'd go get one while Kim put stuff up. When she came in, I met her and she said she needed a shower. I told her to wait until Larry got back and we'd go watch her, and she said ok and she might need her back washed anyway.

Larry got back and I told him we were gonna watch Kim take a shower, and he said that sounded like fun. I had the roses in the bathroom, lights low, candles lit, as we walked in. Kim asked what were we doing and Larry and I struck up the waiter pose with arm up and layed a towel over our arms, introducing ourselves as her spa operators ready to treat her to a bubble bath, wine, a complete full body massage, complete with hot oil rubdown and whatever the 'madam' may need.

I said my assistant would begin her bath water and bubbles and assist her into the garden tub while I prepare the wine. Larry poured in the bubble stuff and ran the water, turned to Kim and said, "Madam may I prepare you for your bath", to which Kim replied, "Yes, by all means, please do". At this time Larry untied her top, removed it, and slipped Kim's panties down and off. Then held out his arm to assist her into the tub, at which time I presented her with a chilled glass of wine, and instructed her to relax, soak and I would keep her wine filled."

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