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Thursday, September 15, 2005


Heidi has to Walk Naked Outside

My boyfriend (Bill) and myself (Heidi) have been reading the stories on this web site for quite a while. We have always enjoyed the stories and dreamed about actually trying to make one of our own. The only problem was I thought it should be him who does the dare and he thought it should be me. We finally decided that the only way to determine who it would be was to have a bet of some kind. The bet we chose was a simple one. We called it “The Bladder Buster”. We decided to go out drinking together and the first one to have to go to the bathroom lost the bet. In order to keep things fair Bill suggested that we match drink for drink. The slower drinker of us would set the pace.

This plan sounded like a lot of fun. The only surprise was that Bill had also invited a few of his friends along to help the cause. It didn’t take to many rounds for me to get a buzz. It felt like my bladder was going to explode but I held my ground. Unfortunately Bill held out longer then I could and I lost the bet.

The dare that Bill decided on for me was to strip completely naked in our apartment and go for a walk. I had to walk for 15 minutes away from our apartment before I could turn around and head home. I was also not allowed to hide from anybody (even if I knew them) or cover up myself up. I couldn’t believe this dare. I thought it would be something simple or easy to start for our first one. I told Bill that it was too risky and he needed to come up with a different dare but he told me that a bet is a bet and I had to do it. We scheduled a day about a week later for me to go for my walk. It was to happen on next Thursday (our next day off together) at 1:00PM.

The next week for me was a roller coaster of emotions. One minute I was excited the next minute I was scared to death. The only unforeseen events for me was that fact that waiting one week gave Bill time to tell some of his friends about my dare and invite them over the day it was to happen. The day finally came and so did Bill’s friends. We watched the clock all morning long. I was a nervous wreck. Was Bill actually expecting me to strip naked in front of his friends? Apparently, that was his plan because every hour on the hour they all did a count down for me. Finally 1:00PM came. Everybody was standing in the living room waiting for me to strip. I started to walk back to the bedroom to get undressed when Bill told me that I had to do it in the living room in front of everyone. When I asked him why he told me that he wanted to make sure that I didn’t chicken out and lock myself in the bedroom. I reluctantly agreed and started to take off my clothes.

It felt so weird to strip in front of somebody else besides Bill. I have never got naked in front people before let alone Bill’s friends. I took off my shirt and shorts and stood there for a while in my bra and panties. I was having a really hard time going any farther. Finally I decided what the hell any took off my bra. My breasts are not he biggest ones I have ever seen but from the look on Bill’s friends face I guess they were pleased. These smiles gave me the courage to take my panties off. Finally I was standing in our living room completely naked. The only thing I was wearing was my earrings, necklace and a bracelet. Bill wanted me to take these off too but I begged him to let me leave them on. I know it was silly but at least I didn’t feel completely naked I had something on. He said I could wear them and told me it was time to head out.
Up until now I at least had the protection of our apartment walls, but that feeling was leaving me. My legs felt weak and I could hardly move. Bill walked over to me and started to push me out the door. I stepped outside and felt an incredible rush. The sun was so bright and there were all of these strange people around. It didn’t take long for someone to notice me. I gathered up my courage and walked out to the front lawn. Bill had brought his camera with him and insisted on taking pictures along the way. This first picture was right in front of our apartment. Bill made me stretch out and pose for him.


After the initial shock of stepping outside was over I started to have some fun. It was such a rush for me to have all of the people see me naked. Bill looked at his watch and told me it was time to start walking. We headed out to the sidewalk and towards the park just up the road.


As I walked down the sidewalk cars where driving by honking there honks and hollering at me. I tried to tune them all out and just watch Bill and camera, but it was pretty hard. As we headed for the park I kept on asking Bill what time it was and how much time I had left before I could turn around. Bill just told me not to worry about the time and keep walking. It felt very weird being so far away from home with none of my clothes but it also felt very exciting. We finally reached the park. I came up on this older women in the park. When she noticed me she turned away and left as fast as she could.


Up until now everything had went pretty painless for me. I was used to Bill’s friends watching me. In fact I was glad they were there I felt safer with all of them there as my bodyguards. Then as I walked across the park I saw two of our next door neighbors walking towards me. For some strange reason these two guys made me feel really embarrassed. I don’t know why. As we approached them Bill made me stop and talk to them. I had to explain the entire dare and everything that had happened so far. As I was talking to our neighbors I decided to bend over and pick them a flower. I am sure all of Bill’s friends got a good view of my pussy because I took my time. Luckily Bill was to slow with the camera (I think he was shocked that I did that) and was only able to catch me giving the flower to our neighbors.


Everybody walked me back to our apartment and decided to come in for a while. I was feeling so excited and happy to be home I decided to not to wear any clothes for the rest of the day. I ended up making supper for everyone and served them all naked. The last of Bill’s friends left about 8:00PM. After that we had the best sex that I have ever had in my life!!!!

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