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Tuesday, December 06, 2005


Truth or Dare in the Dorm Room!

I have always wanted to pass on a story to your web site and I finally have the opportunity to do so. This past weekend my roommate and myself threw a small party in our dorm room. There was not to many of us at the party. There was myself, my friend, and four of the neighbor girls. It started as your normal drinking party that we got shanghaied in buying all of the booze for. This mainly happened because none of the girls were old enough. There were all around 19 or 20 years old. All of the girls were very, very, very cute so the thought of getting them all drunk with us sounded like a lot of fun.

It didn’t take to long before all of the girls were totally ripped. I decided that this would be a good time to suggest a new game. I suggested that we play a game of “Truth or Dare.” To my surprise everyone agreed. We divided up into three teams of two. Beth and Stacy, Jamaica and Kelly, Dave and myself. The game started out pretty mild. Most people went for a “truth” which was still a lot of fun. The first couple of “dares” involved a lot of drinking. By now we had the girls totally smashed and we were having a great time. Dave and I decided that it was finally time to see if the girls were up to anything story worthy so we dared Jamaica and Kelly to show us their tits.

The next dare fell on Dave and myself and we had to produce some goods to keep the girls playing so we had drop our pants and flash our peckers to the group. It was now Beth and Stacy’s turn for a dare so we dared them to flash their tits to someone in hallway.

Everybody seemed to be a little nervous to accept a dare now so the next round or two went by with only “truths” and quite a bit more drinking. Dave and I made sure the girls had all of the booze that they wanted and it didn’t take to long before Beth and Stacy agreed to another dare. We dared them to play the rest of the game with no shirt. That last dare must have been too much for Jamaica and Kelly because they would never take another dare after that one. Although they did dare Beth and Stacy so show us what color their panties were.

Things were really getting interesting now. To keep things rolling Dave and I accepted another dare and they made us flash the next girls that showed up in the hallway. After quite a few more “truths” and lots more booze we finally got Beth and Stacy to agree to another dare. We were all at the point were everything seemed hysterically funny. We couldn’t stop laughing. We dared the girls to take off all of there clothes and finish the game completely naked. Stacy played along well and removed here jeans and panties. She kept on saying that she could believe she was doing this. She also could not stop laughing. The only bummer was that Beth refused to get naked. Dave and I agreed that since Beth and Stacy were partners and Beth wouldn’t go though with it Stacy had to do another dare. “The final dare of the game”. We made Stacy spread her legs and show us her pussy. After the last dare the girls got dressed and we partied most of the night. Although no matter how hard we tried we couldn’t get any of the girls to do anymore or get naked for us again.

All in all this entire evening was one of the most fun times I have ever had and probably ever will have. Unless we can talk everyone into another game. I will keep you posted. I have attached some pictures for your enjoyment of our evening. I hope you don’t mind but I did not include the pictures of Dave or myself. They are not quite as enjoyable as the girls.

PS: I just had to share the wealth and tell everyone who would listen about my night. Thanks for listening


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