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Sweet dare


My shyness shell part 3
Ok all here is part 3. We love writing these but i am too shy to put up a pic yet...maybe I'll get up the courage, which is weird but whem I think about someone staring at me and just having my picture out there, FOREVER it's hard.
Alright so the rules were set, Heather's clothes were dry, and we were ready to hit the road. While walking out to the car I realized something, these shorts are made out of a cool and kinda breezy fabric (which is why they don't get me sweaty…duh!) and since I had no panties on, when I walked I could feel the air move through to my crotch and my nipples got hard again. We had agreed in the rules that Heather would say "you can't refuse this" before telling me my "tasks". This would make it so I don't always ask, can I refuse this, or is this one of my "tasks", I would know right away and upfront.
The trip finally started, and off we went with the car packed and me nervous but somewhat anticipating the week to come. The newly found freedom that I had, maybe small to others was very big to me. I thought I had taken a step in facing my fears or shyness in being naked. I knew I was in for more embarrassment since I had agreed to the 3 things that I could not refuse, but with the rules we set I felt I would at least be safe. (little did I know)
We're about a half hour down the freeway and Heather asks me how I'm feeling, I'm like "fine why do you ask?" Like I don't know she has got something in mind. She says "I've got something in mind" (see I told you!) "how about you take off your shorts and drive in just your panties." She had no idea that I didn't have panties on and I started to get nervous, so of course I say she didn't add the "you can't refuse this" before it and she says "I know I just thought it would be something to be easy and fun for you" It took few minutes of me thinking about it. Trying to figure out if I can handle the occasional truckers and SUV's seeing me half naked and I had figured it wouldn't be too bad with the angle they couldn't see. Well I must have taken too long and she thought I was going to say no, so she adds, "how 'bout if I go topless for a while, would you do it then?" As soon as I heard that I was like hmm, ok, so I said "if you do that it would be easier" (I was going to do it with out her being topless but I figured I would pay her back for the water) Then she just lifted off her top, unhooked her bra and took it off, her boobs just bouncing out right there in the open right next to me in the passenger seat. So I started to pull over and Heather asks what am I doing. I said I needed to pull over to take off my shorts and she said "no you don't, just keep your foot on the gas, I'll hold the wheel" Now this made me nervous for some reason maybe cause people could see me stripping in the car, but then I thought it's just my shorts I could do it slyly. So I let go of the wheel she grabbed it and I slid my shorts down my left leg and off my left foot and over my shoe. She noticed I wasn't wearing any panties and makes the comment that I must have gotten really turned on at home to start out this way. I blushed and felt my nipples start to get hard again. (they seemed to be doing that more and more) Then I took my shorts off my right foot trying not to let the car slow down too much. I got embarrassed, and thought..... I am half naked! This immediately freaked me out. It took a while but I did start to get used to it... people couldn't see me very well, but they were honking at Heather with her boobs on display, which I noticed turned her on cause her nipples were hard as rocks (and no the air conditioning was not on.) She was fine just sitting there like that! So that helped me deal with being bottomless a lot easier. The cloth seat on my ass felt good and once in a while over the bumps it would rub just right so I was actually enjoying it. (I kept this to myself though I didn't want to get teased by Heather)
We drove for about another hour before deciding to stop somewhere to eat, and she started to reach for her bra to put it on, and I said "hold on it's too hard to put on my shorts while you hold the wheel, so you need to wait to get dressed until we stop." She chuckled and said "no way! there are to many people in parking lots, not to mention some of the people we passed that saw me may stop where we do." I said ok I guess your the shy one now! And she turned red and just sat there not wanting to give in to my challenge. So I took the next exit and we pulled into a Burger King, she tried to cover up with out covering up by leaning against the door as I pulled into the parking spot. And just as I stopped these 2 guys in a tall truck pull up next to us on my side. I reached down an tried to get my shorts on and realized I didn't have time, so I grabbed them and put them across my naked waist to make it look like I had something on. Well they were too interested in Heather trying to get her bra on in a hurry to notice me, she had managed to grab it but it was twisted and as she was untwisting it to get it hooked she was showing them her tits in all their glory. She was turning red and the guys just sat there and stared as she finally got it untwisted. She waited a second to give them a last little show then finished puting it on. That made me nervous just watching her. I looked over and asked if they enjoyed the show and to just leave her alone now that there was nothing to see. So they went in to the Burger King and I got my shorts on and she put on her shirt.
When we got inside she got a couple of looks from the guys but that was it. I was feeling the air through my shorts again and it made me feel almost like I had nothing on, which again made me shy, I kept puting my hand in the bottom of my t-shirt and streching it down, but when I noticed myself doing it I would stop and tell myself it was all in my head. After standing in line for about 10 minutes I was getting used to the air, the feeling of just this little fabric between me and being naked down there was starting to turn me on. No one really knew I had no panties on but me and Heather and that made it exciting, like I was getting away with something. The thrill of it was starting to get me wet. This was still personal, I wasn't naked in front of any one, but it was very close to that in my mind. It was very scary at the same time... that I was that close to being naked in front of someone, and my shyness took over. I couldn't wait to sit down and be covered by the table. When we did get to a table and I sat down I noticed I had gotten a little wet between my legs (wow!) and I had to go to the bathroom, pushing my tank top down to hide. (two little junior high aged kids were google eyed when I walked by (showing more cleavage than usual from stretching out my tank top) After cleaning up and drying off my shorts with the air dryer (thank god no one came in, could you imagine them walking in and seeing me with the air pointed down and me with my crotch as high as it would go to dry off? It did feel good though!) When I got back to the table she asked me "are you getting turned on by not having underwear on?" with her little sarcastic kind of smile. I whispered that yes my body was again telling me something my mind was not ready for. She smiled a big I told you so grin. So we finished lunch and headed out to the car. When we got on the freeway she said, "I have a task you can't refuse." My heart started racing, I sat there driving but I don't think I knew what I was doing, everything was a blurr. She saw my frightened expression and asked if I was ok and reminded me that I agreed to do this. I did agree to this and knew it. So I came out of my shock and said ok what is my task. (Here it goes, I am so excited to tell this even though back then I was terrified.) She says, "I want you to go topless the rest of the way to the hotel" I sat there thinking, all these things going through my head. OK about 6 hours left till we get there, it's about 2 now it won't be dark when we arrive. I said, " I can't check in topless they'll call the cops on me." She said I had to be topless until we reached the driveway, she would be driving when we get there since we planned to switch half way through. She also said,"topless the whole way." I had to stay topless for the switch and also had to pump the gas topless when we filled up, while she paid, also when we got to the driveway of the hotel, I could get dressed she said but only in the tank top, "no bra!". Well I was scared to death but I could not refuse. I told her to hold the wheel I moved the seat belt to the side and I slowly reached down and pulled off my tank top. Then I paused, and she said, "oh just get it over with, and she reached to try to pull my bra off. I smacked her hand and reached behind me and unhooked my bra, and she let go of the wheel, grabbed my bra and threw it in the back seat before I had a chance to get my hands all the way out from behind me. With this my boobs bounced out (nipples at full attention again!) and I turned about as red as I saw Heather about 45 minutes earlier. I took the wheel and tried to drive covering up. (of course the seat belt covered some too). The drive for the next hour was so embarrassing, I got many looks, 3 people honked at me and 3 guys in a Saturn followed us for about 25 miles trying to get a look as often as they could. I was terrified the whole way but a little excited as well from the attention, no one had ever paid that kind of attention to me, or that much. I was used to being the one kinda off to the side except for a couple of friends and Heather. I was a loaner at parties. Heather was the out going one and a lot of people noticed her, I was just Heather's friend. So the attention was exciting (my nipples proved it) but the reason for it was scary.
After a while we decided to pull over at the next rest area to change drivers and I needed to go to the bathroom bad. I would have to do it topless so I was hoping that it would not be too crowded. It wasn't bad, it had 3 cars and 2 big rig trucks. I saw one guy a ways down walking his dog and decided to pull in as close to the ladies room as I could. When I got closer I saw two ladies at the coffee stand and two ladies running it, but no guys around (except the guy walking his dog out of site range) So I pulled in and said to Heather, I gotta pee, do you? she said yes so I said, "ok I dare you to go to the bathroom topless just like me, unless your chicken." That got her, she hates being challenged. She turned and gave me an evil look and I said, "hey no one said I couldn't play too." She just grabbed her shirt and bra and pulled them both up over her head, her tits bounced out and her hair went flying, and there we were two topless girls ready to make a run for it. I said go and we opened our doors and walked fast to the bathroom. ( I covered up and noticed she didn't) We almost got to the door of the building and around the corner comes 2 guys that had to be in their 60's, Heather gave out this little whimper, covered up immediately and I jumped to the door and pulled it open with one hand while covering with the other. Once inside we both turned and laughed at each other, I said, "Oh my God that was so scary." Heather said,"ah it's just to old guys." and shrugged. I turned to go to the first stall and noticed it was being used and Heather jumped to the next one before I could get there. The last stall was over-flowing so I had to wait, topless, in the bathroom for some one to get done. So I covered up again and stood with my back against the wall so no one would see from the outside if the door opened. Which it did almost right away. I guess the two old guys told their wives about us and they came in to check it out. I smiled at them keeping my arms closed, I was turning very red again and hoping Heather would hurry. Then the toilet flushed, but it was the other toilet not Heathers and that made me more embarrassed that another woman was going to see me standing there covering up. The lady came out, she must have been in her early 30's a pretty nice body and great boobs under a yellow tank top. She looked at me and as I entered the stall she asked if it was a college prank. I said yeah kind of, and closed the door to the stall. While I sat there doing my thing I heard the door open and at least 2 people leave. It must have been the 2 old ladies cause the water was still running from the other lady washing her hands. She turned off the water and asks, are you 2 from a local college Sorority, and we both sat there for a second. I spoke up and said no we were enrolled for the Fall and were on vacation. She laughed and said oh so this is a dare. She said she remembered those days, her husband and her still do that to each other once in a while just to keep things exciting. Then she says hey could you guys do me a favor, and I hear the toilet flush and Heather comes out from the stall and says maybe what's up? Heather turns on the water to wash her hands and when she gets done the lady starts again, but I had to flush, so after that, she starts talking again. As I come out of the stall covering myself I see Heather there just leaning against the sinks totally un-covered so I slowly drop my arms and walk over to the sink to wash. The lady says that seeing us like this and remembering her college years had got her a little horny. She asked if we would flash her husband with her so she could get some later. I was thinking I can't do that, then Heather says, sure we'll both do it with you, no problem. That locked me into doing it and I was horrified. The lady says ok we are parked just outside the door, and I said, "I think we are parked next to you, are you in a Mazda? And she said yes and her husband was probably already back in the car by now. So we made the plan to go out walk up to the car she says 1,2,3 and we flash him right in front of it then we could go to our car and leave. I was soooo red and feeling flush with what I was going to do. She walked out first Heather next and I followed. Heather and I covered up and her in her loose tank top. We walk out to the car she says 1,2,3 and I opened my arms an closed them real fast and started to run for the passenger side of the car. Heather just opened her arms dropped them to her sides and turned to the lady watching her flash. (I knew she liked to watch) The lady gives out a cheer as she lifts her shirt and bra and puts it back down. Heather turned and gave her a hug and walked back to the car. She unlocked the doors and I got in as fast as I could still covering up. She said, "now put your arms down your supposed to be topless remember." Then she reached back and got her bra and shirt, and I slowly lowered my arms and let everyone who just watched us flash see me sitting there topless while she got dressed. She started the car and pulled out to get on the freeway and said, "you had fun back there." and I said no that it was too scary to be fun." She just pointed to my fully erect nipples and said, "no I can see you had fun."
Poster: Gina