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Sweet dare


My shyness shell cont'
Ok I am back to continue the story. We were at the rest stop and just flashed some woman's husband in the parking lot and we are ready to get back on the road.
We get on the freeway and I am calmed down, we haven't seen any one for about ten minutes and I realize since I am not driving that I can't cover up with my driving hands and the seat belt barely covered half of my left breast. Of course with noticing this my nipples got hard again damn them! (I really love my nipples now they let me know that it's a turn on, and the guys like to see them poking out through my tops) I started to get used to the fact that if my nipples were hard it was something to enjoy, but I could only stand that so long before I would get scared again. The next hour went by fast as I sat there singing with Heather, and getting honked at and jeered at, I was pretty used to it, and still liked the attention. Then Heather says looks like we need gas and I got goose bumps, I was going to have to get out and pump gas topless. I was used to getting seen by people who could get a short look and I would never see again. This was going to be out there in public where the people could stare and get a long look.
Heather takes the next exit and pulls into the gas station. She pulls into the pump right next to the door of the mart place where the counter guy could see us easy. She knew by where she put the car that I would either have to face the street and show it all to any one driving by or turn and face the guy at the counter and show him everything as well as anyone who walked in to get stuff from the mart. I gave her a dirty look and she said that it was payback for her dare at the rest area. She got out and goes to pay for the gas, she could have paid at the pump but she was going inside to get some more snacks since we were almost out. She told me to get out and pump and she would pay when I was done pumping and after she got the snacks. I looked around and slowly got out and decided I would rather face the mart than the street, so I take off the cap and grab the pump and pull the trigger and nothing happens. Then I remembered all these are pre-pay and I am standing there tits out for all the people to see and she goes straight back to the cokes. So I tried to get back in the car and of course it had locked automatically when she walked away with the key. (anyone who has a Prius or knows some one who has a 2005 or newer one knows this about them, I forgot) That put me in a dilemma and I wanted to curl up and die so I tried to hide as close to the car as I could but it was dirty from the road and didn't want to touch it with my bare skin. She took a good ten minutes to get to the counter but no one had noticed me, then she pointed to me to show the guy which pump, of course the other two people in line behind her looked over and saw me cringing there. She got done paying, came out and yelled, "ok you can pump now!" So everyone turned and looked at me picking up the pump and pumping my gas topless. I was so red my face was hot and my legs were weak. Then what do you think happened, you got it, my nipples were getting hard. I started to think about my situation and what the other people must be thinking, and that got me turned on. To think that all those people were watching was turning me on. All those eyes, but my stomach was still churning and I thought I was going to puke. I couldn't mistake the wetness between my legs though. These 2 guys at a pump across from me moved to get a better look and were really enjoying it. One of them yelled out nice tits lady, then the other one added nice ass too, which the first one laughed at. Then Heather did a weird thing, she asked everyone what they think of my body with a round of applause and they all started clapping, even 2 women, who were there with their men. This made me a little more comfortable. Then I got up the courage to back away from the car and faced everyone to show off a little. (and that got me so wet) Then the pump stopped and brought me to reality that I had only shoes socks an a thin pair of shorts between my nakedness and everyone and I quickly put away the pump, then made Heather open the door and jumped in. I closed the door then shrunk down to hide. Heather being satisfied with her embarrassment of me got in the car and drove off.
The rest of the drive was kinda fun again, once I got over my gas station performance. I got used to the honks and such and started to like it. We got to the point where I could put on my clothes and I remembered I had to go bra less to check in at the desk. So I put on my tank top and got out of the car, the wind was blowing and I could feel it on my whole body and this shot a shiver up my back and brought my nipples to full attention. I stopped and turned around and Heather locked the doors. I had to turn to face my fear once more.
As I walked in only 2 people were in the lobby and it was a young couple so they didn't see me at all. I walked up to the counter and asked the lady if she had my reservation and she couldn't stop looking down at my nips, which made them more hard. (Heather wants me to add this next part) Some people have said I look like a slightly taller Jeniffer Aniston and with my nips out that's probably more true now. I get through the check in and I get Heather and we head up to the room. I won't mention the name of the place but we were on the 11th floor facing the ocean and we had a jacuzzi tub in the room.
As soon as she walks in the door Heather pulls out the rum and a coke and mixes herself a drink. Then (and I think she did this to shock me) she takes off her clothes and walks out on the balcony totally nude. She smells the air and then turns around and says hey want to try out the jacuzzi? You need to get naked to do it. Number one rule: no suits or clothes in the jacuzzi. I wanted to shock her, so I took off my shoes and socks then pulled down my shorts and yanked off my tank top, which made my tits bounce free, but that's what I wanted to do, to show her the new me. Then I started the water, went over to the curtains by the door and hid my self to look at the view from the balcony. Heather laughed at me and said that at least I am headed in the right direction, not cured yet. When the hot tub was filled we opened the curtains wide and watched the sun go down from the jacuzzi. The feeling of being naked in the water was very interesting. The warm water surrounding my body, the free feeling of my boobs kinda floating. It really relaxed me and as usual my nipples were hard so I knew I was aroused. Heather noticed and said, "see you do enjoy this stuff. You did a great job with the topless thing today, the people at the gas station really loved watching your body. This made me shy again but I was so relaxed I didn't react to it. Then I thought to myself...... I did like the attention and I was enjoying it in the car, after a while. Maybe it wasn't so bad after all, I mean look at me; naked in a jacuzzi in the middle of my hotel room with the curtains and sliding door open. This morning I could barely be topless in my own living room. It could be the vacation thing or that I just don't feel comfortable doing it in my own house, but now I was starting to think it's not so bad.
I got up the courage and asked her if she wanted to play truth or dare and she thinks about it and says, "ok but you gotta take at least one dare. I agreed. We go through a few truths and Heather took the first dare. I made her get out of the jacuzzi and go out on the balcony and yell, "hey Florida I love you so much I want to show you my boobs." Then shake em over the edge of the rail. She get's out goes to the balcony yells her line and does her thing. Some guys down below on the beach cheered and asked what room she was in, so she ran in and closed the curtains. (they never found our room). Then I took a dare. Heather decided she was hungry and wanted to order pizza and wanted me to answer the door in only a towel and have it drop just as I close the door. (I heard this is the usual naked girl in a hotel room ordering pizza). I thought about it and maybe it was the alcohol but I figured it would be for only a short bit before I closed the door, so I said "let's order pizza!"
I don't know who was more excited, Heather because I said yes or me for what I was going to do. I was very nervous, no one had seen me this close TOTALY NAKED except for Heather. So I got ready for the guy to show up, while Heather called in the order. I grabbed a towel and wrapped it around me. It was kinda small but had ok coverage, it did go all the way around me but only on top. My waist is where the slit started (I guess my boobs were too big.) If I left the slit in the front the guy could get a view of my snatch before I wanted him to. So I put the slit to my right side and nervously practiced letting it fall off. Heather came over and said ok it'll be 20 - 25 minutes and that made my heart race. The rest of the time went too fast for me and I got the letting the towel fall thing down during that time. Then I heard the knock at the door. This again made me turn red. The total came to $18.56 and the plan was to pay him with a twenty and then go back to my purse to get an extra dollar so he would have to come in a little to hold the door and on my walk back I would kind of "walk" my way out of my towel then try to "cover up", hand him the dollar and drop the towel as I shut the door. So I went to the door almost shaking, I opened it and said hi, It was a guy (thank goodness) about 22 and he had the most shocked look on his face. This made me feel a lot better to realize he was more nervous than me. He changed his look really fast trying to look like he was ok with me being in a towel. I appologized and said that I was trying to get a shower in before he showed up and I was just getting out of the shower when he knocked. So I reconfirmed the total and handed him the twenty and took the pizzas, then he started to leave and I said wait let me get you another dollar for the tip and turned and went to get the dollar I had left on the table and just as I turned I felt the towel loosen, I was just hoping it wouldn't fall early so I walked faster and tried to hold it with my arms squeezed. This caused my tits to go together and popped the towel open completley. I was holding it up with just my arms squeezed against my tits!! He said I didn't need to add to the tip but I was in this now I wasn't gonna quit, so I said, no really and asked him to hold the door open for me as it almost closed on him. He stopped it and stood in the door. I got to the table and put down the pizzas which made my towel slide, I grabbed the dollar with my right hand and caught the edge of the towel with my left. Which since I was bent over to put down the pizzas only stopped it from covering my left boob so I froze and he was standing there staring at my naked back and butt, and who knows what else since I was a little bent over. As I got up I picked up the other side of the towel and turned holding the towel in front of me and the dollar in my fingers. Then I stopped and looked at him and said, "ah since you've pretty much seen it" and dropped the towel. His jaw dropped and he looked away for a second then turned and got a good look. I handed him the dollar and he left looking back the whole time. I closed the door and I was very red. I picked up the towel and Heather was laughing sooo hard!! She said she was proud of me, and she thought I would just cover up and make him leave. And I told her I was a nervous wreck but he was so nervous at seeing me in the towel I loosened up. I was glad I had the towel now cause I was excited and WET and excused myself to go to the bathroom. It didn't take long to climax since I was so aroused and I cleaned up and went back. Heather didn't even know. We ate the pizza then decided the truth or dare was over so we watched TV nude for a while and then went to bed.
Poster: Gina