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Sweet dare


A Woman For Bigfoot
It had been three weeks since our last camping trip. My fiancé was surprisingly extra horny. The first day back we couldn’t even get the camping gear put away, whatever got into her, we had sex five times that day. We have made love almost every night since then but each time we did I could not feel much of my dick inside her. Her vagina seemed stretched out and my dick no longer fit her snuggly as it once did. In this last week however, I could feel her vagina muscles tightening up and gripping my penis again. She had been acting increasingly sexually aggressive toward me as well, insisting that I grow a goatee, refrain from any further haircuts, and a stranger request was to stop using under arm deodorant. She kept begging me to go back to the camp ground for another weekend getaway, even though she knew that the camp ground was closed for the winter. I know she always loved nature but I’m not used to going without deodorant and this is really testing the limits for me.
My 25 year old fiancé Vianneya is beautiful to me. She is petite in size but with more than abundance in her firm breasts. Her belly is flat and her toned body sports a perfect onion shaped ass that keeps most guys heads turning. Her perky red highlighted hair is stylish and sexy. My dick is usually at an instant erection at the slightest indication that sex may be coming with her. Our sex life is great and we are fucking like rabbits after she told me her story.
The other night, as we lay talking in bed, she finally came out with what was digging on her. At first I was shocked at her admitting to having sex with someone else. For a moment I was green with jealousy, and then anger that she would do such a thing. But as I listened I began to realize that her story was incredibly unbelievable but devilishly arousing. My penis was rock hard as she revealed her hot sexual fantasy. I said I would write it down so it would be documented for others. She insisted on helping me write this, and she said that only she could relay her experience. I am starting to think she concocted this entire story for my sexual entertainment, but if it is true. Wow. Incredible it would be.
Gosh I can hardly contain myself as I write this testimony about what happened to me. My entire body is starting to tingle and go numb as I relive this wonderful wild fucking again in my memory. He is right, I have been extremely horny ever since our camping trip. I know he does not believe me but obviously you would have to have had it happen to you to believe.
It was late in the camping season and because of him we were driving around frantically searching for the next available camp area on our map. James decided that he wanted to venture down a four mile canyon road to a secluded camping ground that he noticed on the map. We weren’t sure what the dotted line meant until we were on the dirt. We almost turned around because the road was so rough, but we pressed on and obviously others were just as determined to camp in this special place amongst the dense redwood trees as he was. To our surprise there were at least five other tents in the area. The trees were dense and the canopy of trees were so high that it almost blocked out the sky and it always felt like it was getting dark even in the middle of the day. It was a great natural feeling that I have always loved and James wanted me to be happy so he made sure I was. We set up our tent quickly as evening was fast approaching and started a fire. We enjoyed it for a little it while as we ate and then stored our food in the bear safe locker that was provided. As we were setting up our air mattress and I was rolling out the sleeping bags, I noticed the flicker of lights and the unusual amount of happy campers headed to the restrooms. I decided to wait until later to go pee since the restrooms would be full now. As James and I were lying there, watching the stars through the opening at the top of our tent, we both listened to the remaining crackling embers just outside our tent and quickly drifted off to sleep from the thin mountain air.
I awoke in the middle of the night; my bladder was reminding me to go find the restroom. James was sleeping soundly so I didn’t bother to wake him. It was a warm evening, and a full moon, so I went out in my night gown and flip flops and I could see somewhat with the moonlight. I had nothing on underneath since I took off my bra and panties before going to bed. I found the flash light and eventually found the restroom at center of the campground. I had just sat down on the stool and put my flashlight on the floor, when I heard a noise. My first thought was that I was sure the door had closed fully behind me and latched, thus locking behind me. As I sat there peeing the door knob turned and the door opened slightly. At this point I was done peeing but was sitting there scared out of my wits that a bear, or raccoon, or a camper, or something was coming in.
Now this is the part where James does not believe me. In walked the biggest hairiest, what looked to be a man, that I have ever seen. From what I could see with my dimming flashlight, he was at least seven feet tall and fully covered with hair from head to toe. He kept sniffing the air like a dog on a scent. He was grunting something at me and before I could let out a scream he lunged forward and grabbed me up off the toilet. His two hair covered hands completely enclosed around my waist. My face was pressed into his hairy chest and as I was screaming bloody murder into this smelly hair, my screams were muted. As he rushed me out the door, I noticed from the corner of my eye, a woman standing there with her flashlight. Her face lit up just enough that I noticed the astonished look on her face as my kidnapper carried me off into the thick forest.
From what I could make of it as it leapt and bound, this thing carried me up over that next ridge and down into a rocky ravine. The scent of this thing has been described in books by Bigfoot hunters as a pungent stinky odor, but to me it was more like an attractant or sort of alluring masculine pheromone scent. As he carried me without much effort my fear subsided and I actually felt safe in this strong man’s arms. It was just a strange sense, and perhaps an ancient instinct playing on my mind, that a caveman had just taken me and he would not be stopped by any man nor give me back.
He brought me to a hole in the rock that was an entrance to a hidden cave. He lay me on a soft pile of women’s clothing. There was just enough moonlight coming in from a hole in the ceiling that I could see him pretty good. It seemed obvious that this scenario had been repeated over time and some other women had left some of their clothing behind. My night gown had ridden up to my waist and my private area was exposed to his gaze. I quickly closed my legs to limit his view. He grunted and kept sniffing the air. I started to worry when I noticed what looked like the large head of his penis protruding from his parted hair. The head of his penis resembled the underside of a red apple. He put one hand on each of my knees and pushed them apart. He sniffed hard and I could feel the air swirling around my pussy, my butt and my inner thighs. I immediately began to tingle all over my entire body and down to my toes. The thought of this big hairy man smelling my pussy was just about all I could take. My pussy became wet and I could feel the wetness running down the crack of my ass as I was shocked with myself longing to be fucked hard by this creature and I imagined his extra large rock hard cock and what it might look like buried to the hilt in me.
Wait a minute, I thought. Reality was swirling amongst my wild animal instincts. This dirty man is not going to try and fuck me? Could this be happening to me? Am I just dreaming? By the size of his feet, I was wondering how big his penis might be. What about condoms? Wait a minute they probably do not make condoms big enough for this fellow and besides who is going to run and get some? Luckily I was on the pill so fear of getting pregnant was not an issue, but being fucked by his giant penis was.
After he was done sniffing between my legs, he quickly moved over me pushing my nightgown higher and above my breasts. His hairy body brushed my hardening nipples. His penis was protruding more now and I could see that this was going to be a challenge. I have seen pictures of big penises but nothing as giant as this one. I have to admit that I often told men that the size of a penis did not matter but seeing this giant penis did turn me on. I reached a hold of his shaft and guided it into me. It filled me up so quickly I almost fainted as I could feel my pussy stretching from his girth. He went right into it, humping me in a fast rhythmic pace. He pushed hard and I felt something strange happen. His penis actually did a “U” turn inside me. I reached inside his hair to his ass and squeezed his rock hard ass cheeks underneath. I screamed with delight of this strange but wonderful sensation. It was like two penises inside me at once. His cock had locked into me and it only moved an inch at a time in and out. I was so filled up and it was so tight in me that his humping was pushing my entire body back and forth on the pile of clothes. It was a humping and a fucking I had never had before. I was thrilled. I loved the sensation. An intense orgasm swelled inside me. I was being fucked silly out of my mind. I was absolutely in-fucking-credible. I was screaming with delight. I wrapped my legs around him tightly and was fucking his massive barely fitting cock as best I could. He tensed and hardened and I could feel him harden as his shaft pulsed. But because his cock was in a “U” shape inside me, the head of his cock was pointed out at the entrance of my slit. When he came it drenched him. He had cum all over his self and all in his hair. We lay together for some time. One more time I orgasmed holding him tightly. His cock became soft enough for him to pull out, and he gently and slowly did. Before I could catch my breath he whisked me up and carried me back to camp.
I must add that as she and I have been discussing this creature and what he is doing there, we began to think that he has been grabbing up other women, at the camp site, thus indicated by the amount of women’s clothing that she says is present in the cave. Looking online we have discovered popular belief is that the Bigfoot does not live in groups, but as loners. With that in mind they will travel hundreds of miles in search of a mate. The creature has a triple jointed penis which has brought the species close to extinction because it cannot deliver its sperm to the desired location and that is deep into the vagina at the point of the cervix. It is presumed that no one at the campsite has revealed the Bigfoot’s location because if they had, it would have been hunted and captured by now. The sad part is that it is obviously trying to impregnate someone to pass along its genes and keep its species alive. Most of those women are mesmerized by his pheromone like scent, strong muscular and manly body, and his wildly intense orgasmic making big cock. Whatever the case, true or not, that ugly smelling Bigfoot man has got what it takes to make my woman cum good, and me too.
Poster: James