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Sweet dare


My shyness shell part 5
Hello all It's Gina again. It's been a while but I finaly got the time to submit again. I think I had just done the pizza dare and went to bed. Also I am submiting a picture of me although it is modest. Anyway to start the story from the next day. The next day we got up early and decided to go for a jog on the beach. I got ready and the whole time I was thinking about the night before. I couldn't believe what I did. I was totally naked in front of a total stranger. I figured it must have been the alcohol or just being away from home on my own, because I would have never done that. It was making me scared just thinking about it. We went on our jog and the whole time Heather was saying how great it was for me and saying I should flash people as we were jogging. I couldn't I was too scared. I knew this was the trip I wanted to get over this but I felt like I was not any better, so I challenged myself and when I saw a bathroom I decided to do something. I told Heather I had to go to the bathroom and went in. She followed me and I looked to make sure it was empty and I asked her if she would do me a favor. She said sure anything, and I took off my sweaty shirt then took off my bra and handed it to her and asked her to put it in her pocket. (she had a pocket in her shorts an I didn't) She smiled, took it and stuffed it in her pocket (some of it hung out) then I put my shirt back on. I looked down and noticed it was sticking to me pretty good, so I pulled it away and I headed out for the rest of the jog. I got a few looks from people along the way most of them stares from guys. Since I had no support I was bouncing quite a bit and the friction along with the stares made my nipples totally stiff and watching me made Heather hot cause I could see her headlights poking out too. Next thing I know she says, hey I gotta go to the bathroom, and we stopped in at a restaurant. She says I can't let you have all the fun and pulls off her shirt and starts to take off her sports bra as we hear the toilet flush. The lady comes out to see Heather topless and me holding her shirt and bra. We waited for her to leave and I asked Heather where she's gonna put her bra since she only has one pocket, and she just looked at me, took her shirt and put it on then grabbed her bra and put it in the garbage then she took mine out of her pocket and put it in too. I couldn't get to her to stop her. I grabbed her arm and whispered, "why did you do that." She said that it makes the whole thing more exciting, "your not going to dig in the garbage and get your bra, so let's go" So we continued jogging and a few minutes later decided to turn around to head back. We had a little wind coming at us going the other way and that wind was now turning our sweat drenched shirts very cold and sticking to us much more. Yes my nipples could cut glass at this point, and everyone could see that, as well as the outline of my boobs!!! We got many more stares and even some whistles on the trip back and when we got to the room I couldn't get my clothes off quick enough to get in the shower. Not only to get clean but to finish off what was started on the jog.
I got out of the shower toweled off and wrapped the towel around my waist. I walked into the main room to see Heather relaxing in the hot tub with her eyes closed. I thought she was asleep since it looked like she was floating a little with her boobs almost all the way out of the water. I said hey sleepy head, and she shot down into the tub like I had scared her. I gave her a weird look and asked her if she was sleeping and she said no she was masturbating, and I disturbed her. This made me look down in embarrassment and she just said, "what, that's why you needed to get in the shower so fast." Which made me blush and look back up. She added, "it's good to see that you don't mind being topless in the room." Then I realized that I was topless and just a towel from being naked. I thought about it and didn't realize how comfortable I had been just wrapping the towel around my waist and walking around like that. She looked at me and asked, "now a test, can you take off your towel and give it to me so I can dry off and not drip water on the carpet." She stood up in the tub and started getting out, water dripping off her naked tits as she bent over to hold the side to swing her leg out. With all that water dripping off her I had to give her my towel, so I took it off and handed it to her. As she dried off I stood there mesmerized by her naked wet body and me standing there naked. It wasn't a sexual thing just me realizing the naked body is beautiful, and thinking why it made me so scared to show it off. Then I came out of my stupor with the reality of being naked and turned to quickly go to the room to get dressed. Heather wanted me to stop and come back to get my towel but I kept going. I got to the bedroom and got my bikini out to put it on. As I put it on I found myself getting turned on. I got the bottoms on and went to look in the mirror. I stood in front of it holding my top at my side and for the first time saw myself with some confidence and realized my boobs are pretty nice. I put on my top and went out to the main room. Heather was in the bathroom (probably finishing what I interrupted) so I went out to the balcony. I looked down and saw that the beach was packed but not many people walking behind it so I took the pieces covering my boobs and slid them to the middle reveling them to whoever could see. My nipples were already hard from thinking of doing this and I was getting excited again. The warm sun on my exposed tits felt so good. I have felt this before when I was covered and it felt even better uncovered. After a few minutes Heather came out putting on her top and saw me standing there, I quickly covered up and turned to walk in. She said, "what were you doing? I saw you do something there before you turned around." "nothing" I said and she said she saw me putting my top back, and asked if I was flashing. I blushed again and told her I just wanted to see what it was like and only did it for a few seconds. (nothing about that it was for a few minutes and it turned me on) She then said, "so the ice is melting even more, that's good. Slow but good." I just shrugged and walked back into the room. She followed and asked if I was ready to go to the beach. I said yes and grabbed a couple towels from the bathroom then my beach bag and we went to the beach.
We sat out for a while and had gotten up to dip in the ocean a couple of times. When coming back from the last dunk Heather took off her top and laid on her back. I looked around at the people who were trying not to but watching her untie the top, take it off then lay there. I got embarrassed. It wasn't me so I don't know why but I was. They all went back to what they were doing, well some of the guys kept looking over, and she didn't seem to be bothered by the attention (her nips were erect at first but that went away soon) I asked why she would do this and she said she wanted no tan lines and since we hadn't been out too long she could get a good tan over what was covered before. She sat up and got some lotion out and rubbed it on her boobs and around her front, then turned and asked me to put some on her back. I did and while I was doing it she whispered over her shoulder that she thought I could go topless too, after the gas station and the pizza guy and the balcony I should be able to handle it. I told her I didn't think I could and she said she would dare me and I said I still couldn't, then she said she could tell me I could not refuse I said she could and that would leave just one more, so she backed down and we laid down on our stomachs. She got up to turn over on her back soon and reached over, grabbed both strings on the back of my suit and pulled, my arms shot up to grab my top but she had it out from under me too fast. She had my top. I laid there looking around and a few of the people had noticed and were telling their friends to look over. Heather took my top and buried it on the other side of her towel. Then she said, you'll have to roll over soon or you'll burn your back. I laid there on my stomach with guys turning to look every so often. After a while I started to feel hot and asked Heather to put sunscreen on my back and she said sure sit up in front of me and I'll do that. After a couple minutes I couldn't stand laying there so I turned over and covered my boobs with my hands. I asked Heather to now put the lotion on my back and she said, sure as long as I put my hands down. So I just dropped my hands, the guy that saw this was shocked and had a excited look on his face then nudged the girl next to him to look. She turned and looked then more people started looking. The first girl (who was topless) made a clapping motion, smiled and mouthed the words "you look great" and other people smiled and went back to their books or whatever. There I sat topless on the beach and no one really caring, so I got some sunscreen from Heather and and rubbed it on my boobs and laid down on my back. (my nipples were hard and it didn't go away very soon) I felt the same feeling again of the hot sun just warming up my chest and also warming up my crotch through the suit, so I decided to go take a dip but realized I would have to do this topless since Heather had my top. I slowly stood up bent over to put on my flip flops and walked the 40 feet or so to the water. The whole way thinking everyone was watching me. There were others on the beach topless but I felt like I was the only one and ran and jumped for cover in the water. When I came up I thought that the whole beach of people would be watching me and found no one was. I swam a little then turned on my back and floated with my boobs exposed above the water. When I did this I saw my erect nipples and that turned me on more, to see my naked boobs with hard nipples just floating there. I was amazed at the realization I could get turned on by my own body. I needed to stay out in the water a little longer than I wanted to so that my hard nipples would go down, but they never did. So I walked out of the water my nipples pointing the way ahead of me, Heather was smiling as she watched me walk all the way back and sit down. When I did she told me I was turning on all the guys around here looking like that, which made me blush again and that got me a little "wet", but since I had just came from the water no one could tell. I laid back down and let the sun dry me off.
I took 3 more dips after that floating on my back each time but didn't wait to come back just walked out making all the guys there stare (one guy got smacked by his woman) It was pretty fun. Since they had all seen me except for the occasional passer by I felt at ease being topless and turned on gettting all that attention, each time letting the sun dry me off. After the last time I had gotten myself excited so many times and then the feeling of the sun to dry myself off I thought I was going to explode right there. I asked Heather if she was ready to go up to the room and maybe get some food, so we did. When we got to the room I went in and put my bag down then took my towel into the bathroom and hung it up, I wanted to get to that shower again to satisfy myself from the arousal at the beach, but didn't want Heather to know. I came back out quick and asked her where she wanted to go for food and we looked up a couple places, decided on one and I said I was going to take a shower to get all the sand and sunscreen off. She said she would too when I was done and sat to watch TV to wait. I got off very well in the shower since I was holding it back for so long. When I got out Heather was naked on the couch her suit next to her. She picked it up and went into the shower. I went to get dressed and saw that I had only 1 pair of clean panties since the jog (my see-through, sleep in only, pair) and one pair of shorts and a t-shirt to wash with the dirty pair. So I decided to go with out panties and put on my longest denim skirt and a spaghetti strap top. I had to wear a strapless, lacy soft top bustier with it which made my boobs kinda get squished up and out. When I was puting this on I saw myself in the mirror and noticed how good this top showed off my boobs(i hadn't noticed before) and my nipples immediately came to attention, but through the fabric they just barely poked through. Heather came out of the bathroom naked and drying her hair with the towel. She threw it on the bed and went to her dresser to get some clothes. I asked her how she could feel so easy about being naked in front of people like that. She said that it was only me and I had seen her that way before, and that she was comfortable with herself enough to do it. I told her I started to realize that comfort a bit today at the beach. She said she noticed and she was proud. "this was a trip to get you out of the hard shell you live in. You need to see that you have nothing to be shy of when it comes your body. Could you see they guys stare every time you came out of the water? Your nipples were telling that you were turned on." I had to admit to myself and to her it was a turn on to get that attention. She said she knew and that she also knew I had to get to the shower to take care of that. That embarrassed me and I blushed again and she said, "don't be embarrassed I was turned on too and had to wait for you to get out of the shower, why do you think I took off my suit on the couch, I had to keep it going until I could get in the shower myself." We laughed and I had to ask why she was turned on and she told me that seeing me get turned on and watching the attention I was getting got her hot. She got dressed and we left to go eat.
At the restaurant we had to wait about 20 minutes to get a table. I had requested a booth so I could hide my nakedness under my skirt but, when we finally got seated they had gotten us a table and that scared me. I carefully sat and crossed my legs. This skirt was my longest I owned but when I sat down, and saw that it went to just above mid thigh, and knowing I had no panties on it seemed even shorter. I was pulling it down constantly and Heather noticed this. She asked (rather loudly I thought, she says it wasn't) "you don't have panties on do you?" I just sat there blushing and shoved my hands in my lap to hide anything. She said, "you don't!" and smiled. The waitress came to the table and took our order and she started to turn away when Heather said to me, loud enough for the waitress to hear, "I think you should show her." I gave her the meanest look I could and shook my head. The waitress stopped from turning and said, "show me what" "nothing" I said, and Heather asking the waitress to come closer with her finger whispered "she's not wearing any panties" The waitress took a step back a little shock on her face and then leaned in and asked, "do you shave?" This got me very red and my face was hot. "well?" she asked softly. I squeaked out a soft yes and she stood thinking, then she said "show me", and backed up. I just sat there in my embarrassed state. Heather told the waitress I was very shy and this vacation was to get me to come out of my shyness shell. Then she told the story about the car ride down. The waitress introduced herself as Nikki and leaned over again and said to me, "don't worry I have a Brazilian wax job and sometimes go pantie less at work, by the end of the night I have had about 4 orgasms in the bathroom. So come on it can't be that bad, just turn and open up for a second." I sat there for a while and thought about how I could never do this, even if I wanted to, there were so many people around. I started to look around and Nikki said," I won't stare or draw attention, just relax, it's just me, I'm a girl! come on." So I thought about doing it and my nipples started to get hard again and this told me I wanted to do it, at least my body did. So I opened up my legs under the table and slowly turned. Then Nikki looked around to see if anyone was watching and looked down at my exposed pussy and then she leaned in as I quickly closed my legs and moved them back under the table. She said she liked the runway thing too but that I should try the Brazilian, it's a huge turn on at first. This made me feel better, then she said, "see that wasn't so bad." The rest of the meal she gave us great service and even bought us each a drink, she said it was a payment for the entertainment. I kept my legs crossed the whole night and nothing happened. We gave her a great tip and left. Heather wanted to go out dancing and I said that I was not going to dance in this skirt and no panties, so we went back to the room to drink.
When we got into the room I felt so relieved to get back and out of the public. Heather closed the door and said, "let's party!" She went to the mini fridge to get the coke and found we only had one left. We had to go back out to get some mixers, and she suggested that we make it fun. This made me very nervous knowing her and that she was practically an exhibitionist, and me with no panties on. I asked if I could just stay in the room and she said no I had to go. We left again and had to walk about 2 blocks to a little mart on the corner. When we got down to the lobby Heather says she has to go to the bathroom, so I follow her in and she checks the stalls and finding them empty turns and says,"OK for this short walk we are going to go bra less, hand me your bra." I paused for a second to think and she double dared me. (Just to let the readers know since we have dared a few times now, we have been daring each other for years, since we first met. It started like, say this to this person or touch that gross stuff, then it went to call this person and breath heavy and progressed to this. We have rules about these dares but I won't go into them. Let's just say a double dare is not to easy to decline without penalties.) So I reached behind me unhooked my boustier and pulled it out. Since it was strapless it was easy. She took hers off and stuffed both of them in her purse. (hers was big enough for both, I just had a small hand bag) Then she turned and walked out.
Let me explain now what we looked like. I had a dark maroon spaghetti strap top that was made of a shiny silk fabric. With my boustier on it looked a little like a wench top with my boobs kinda overflowing (it didn't do this when I got it but as my boobs have gotten bigger!) So with out the bra I just filled it out a little more. Since my nipples were now hard as hell you can see them really easily. Heather had a blue lacy top that you can sorta see through, with her bra on you can barely see the contrast of the blue lacy bra underneath. With her bra off you can see her boobs pretty easily since it is more of a contrast. So I started to think maybe this was for her more than me. We both had on denim skirts. We leave the bathroom and go out to the street and she was getting a lot of stares, and a couple dirty looks from the ladies. Then two guys come up and ask us if we want to go to a party that they were throwing. We did want to party but I wasn't dressed for it. I said not tonight but maybe tomorrow. So they gave us the hotel and room number and that they were there for the next 3 days and parties were every night with at least 20 people at them. So we said we would think about it and they walked and talked with us for a block (I think they were trying to get more looks at Heather) Once we got to the store they left.
The soda was in the back so we went back to grab a couple 6 packs. I noticed there was only one other person in the little mart and they were headed to the front already. We get to the back and Heather turns and pulls up her top and flashes me. I laughed and turned around and lifted my skirt at her. (a full moon since I had no panties on) This didn't bother me at all, I've mooned people before. (usually on a dare!) When I turned back around I noticed Heather had left her top up above her boobs and was looking through the cooler for the coke. She got out and turned towards me and her nipples were very hard and she said, "it is really cold in there" "yes I can tell" I said. She told me they didn't have cold 6 packs and pulled down her top. (her nipples were sticking out practically through her lace top) Then she says crouch down and flash me your patch, I said no and she frowns and said, "no one's here come on take a small risk." So I looked and there was just the person paying at the cashier so they were both busy so I crouched down and opened up my legs exposing fully everything, but then, since I was having fun I pull off the straps of my top and pulled it down. This made me pretty much naked in the back of the store, which was very exciting, my nipples were so hard and I started to feel my excitement growning in my pussy. I covered back up and the feel of the fabric of my top on my erect nipples turned me on even more, I was wet and I had nothing on to stop it from going down my leg if it got worse. (or better depending on how you look at it! Heather says) We get the six packs from the self and some chips and chocolate chip cookies. We got to the front to pay, and the guy there was staring at Heathers nipples and didn't look up as he scanned in our items. He finally pulled his eyes away to give us the total, I paid and we walked out laughing.
The walk back was filled with more stares and looks but that's it. We got into the room and fell on the couch laughing at how fun that was. She couldn't believe I pulled down my top in the store, I guess I am getting better about being shy. She got up and went to get us drinks and said "hey! we need ice." Then she smiled a devilish smile. "Since we had so much fun already let's keep it going, I double dare you to go get ice with your skirt pulled up to where it barely covers your ass." A shiver ran up my spine and I was back to the scared person I always have been. I can't do that I said so she said I had to pay 2 penalties. I thought about it and again decided the penalties together could be worse than the one dare so I agreed to the dare. Heather came over and had me stand up. Then she rolled up the waist of my skirt until I could feel my butt cheeks just peeking out. I went to the mirror on the door in the bathroom to look and it was very close to showing the bottom of my pussy. If I jumped or moved wrong it would show. I came out and she said here is the bucket, and you need to run. This would make the skirt go up on every step and that scared me. The ice was 1 floor down and I couldn't use the stairs since you can only open the lobby floor door from the stairs. The elevator ride would be not too bad if some one was in it since I didn't have to move. but they would see me run out from it and that would be embarrassing. So I took the bucket and went to the door and leaned out to look for people. Then Heather pushed me out and closed the door. My room key was in my handbag in the room so I had to get this done.
There were 3 people waiting for the elevator 2 ladies and a guy. Older, maybe in their 30's. I waited to see if an elevator would come to get them before I had to run over there. It didn't and they hadn't looked at me. So I started to run, my skirt bouncing up. It was then I was reminded that Heather still had my bra in her purse, because my boobs were bouncing up and almost out of my top. All three of the people looked at me at once, the guy smiling and the girls shocked, I put my arm up to hold my boobs down and tried to cover below with the bucket but couldn't do a great job while running. So they got a show and my nipples were solid. I stopped at the elevator and just looked down. One of the ladies asked "do you normally dress like this or is it a hotel dare." I just said dare and didn't look up. The other lady said, "you got a pretty nice body you don't need to cover it that much." I looked up and the other lady and the guy were nodding there heads. So since I was standing I uncovered, sure I was not showing anything and the second lady said, "see not so bad, hey if I gave you 5 bucks would you flash me and my boyfriend in the elevator?" I looked at her and then at him, he was pretty good looking for an older guy so I decided to say yes, but for ten. We got in the elevator and I had to lean to push the 10th floor button and the girl and her boyfriend got a good look at my ass and probably a little more. (I didn't think about this till later because my mind was on the flash i was going to do.) So I turned to them and pulled the straps down and dropped my top. I quickly pulled it back up and turned very red. She gave me a two fives and said, "thanks those were very worth the 10 bucks", the guy was silent. The elevator stopped as I was taking the money and I turned and walked out. Then the other lady says, "weren't you running?" and she held the door to watch as I ran to the other end of the hall. They must have enjoyed it if they all wanted to watch. I got to the ice machine and bent in to get the scoop and fill the bucket. I filled it and as I turned to get out I see a guy staring at me from 2 doors down. I stood up quickly and he pulled his head back into his room and closed the door. I was very embarrassed and in full blush but my nipples gave me away again as they were still hard as rocks. (or maybe it was the cold ice machine....not!) So I start my run back and made it to the elevators, pushed the button and got up to the next floor easy. When the doors opened there was a couple probably in their 50's waiting for the elevator and they looked at me with shock and disappointment. I just took off running down the hall wanting to get it over with and a quarter of the way down the hall my right strap fell off my shoulder and my boob bounced out. With the right side out, the left side loosened up and the strap came off the other shoulder and I tried to pull it back up with one hand and carry the ice bucket with the other and run, I couldn't get it. My boobs were blocking me as they bounced and I couldn't get the top around them and it slipped out of my hand. So I am running down the hall topless my top around my waist and my pussy showing with every step. I started to run faster to just make it to the door and I got there but the door of course is locked and I started banging on the door with the ice bucket and tried to get my top up with the other hand. Heather of course comes to the door and says who is it. Then the worst thing happens the door across the hall and one down opens and the door to the room next to us opens and a guy and a women come out to find out what the banging is about. I covered up my boobs as well as I could with my arm and the bucket and just hoped my pussy wasn't showing. Heather then opened the door and let me in. I ran in and put the bucket of ice on the table as she shut the door. Then she turned and saw me with my top down around my waist and the hem of the denim skirt(as I looked down to see) had flipped up and I was showing almost everything. I was so embarrassed I ran into the bedroom and closed the door. She came to the door and knocked and as she came in I was pulling my top back on. She gave me a drink laughed and asked what happened. I told her the whole story and she said, "that sounded like fun" I just turned and gave her a mean look and she laughed, which made me break the look and I started laughing too. I must have been a sight to see, and my wet snatch reminded me I enjoyed it. I told her I was going to take a shower and she said, "so you did have fun!" This made me blush and smile. I downed my drink then took off my clothes and took a shower.
When I came out wrapped in a towel she handed me a drink and as I took it she grabbed the towel and gave it a good pull. It nearly knocked me over and spilled some of my drink but she had my towel and I was naked. So I covered my crotch with my free hand and drank what was left of my drink with the other. She laughed at me and asked why I was covering up, that it was just us and I shrugged keeping my hand where it was. I went to get another dink and she said, "if you can't be naked in front of me when I have seen you like that earlier what's going on." I told her that the ice trip made me apprehensive. So she yanks off her top, her boobs bouncing free and then reached under her skirt and pulled off her panties and threw them at me. Then she rolled up her skirt and walked to the door. She said, "I am going to show you there is nothing to be scared of." She opened the door and started running down the hall. I went to the door to watch and 4 people at the elevator were just shocked to see her running topless, covering her self a little with one arm, and a very short skirt towards them. (I was leaning out the door naked with my hand covering my lower half but they didn't notice me.) She got to them said hi and turned quickly to run back. I was sure they were going to notice me now so I backed up. Then I thought I would get her back and closed the door. She came to the door and knocked. I just said. "who is it" she said, "very funny now let me in," I opened the door and in she ran in laughing at the fun she was having. She said, "did you see the look on their faces?" She poured herself a drink and then took off her skirt and got in the hot tub. "See that was fun, come and enjoy the tub." So I took my hand away, poured myself a drink and walked over to turn on some music. I got in the tub and it just made me melt. All the stress was gone and the feeling of being naked in a hot tub in the middle of the hotel room made my nipples hard again. We had a great time that night, we danced naked to the good songs that came on, we drank a lot and we went out on the balcony a couple times all wet and shaking our boobs. The combination of alcohol and the tub made me horny and I lost a lot of inhibition. (that's shyness for those who don't like big words) :o)
Poster: Gina