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Sweet dare


My shyness shell continued. Part 6
WOW! What a huge response from my last posting. All that just because I added my pic. There sure are a lot of eager guys out there! Let me just say before I continue the story I am not responding to any emails I got. There are just too many of them and I would never be able to keep up with them all. I would like to say to those of you that sent your emails of support for me getting over the shyness, (the heart felt ones) Thank you. The others who are just trying to see me naked on a more personal nature, just keep checking back here, there will be more. I promise. Well enough of that. On with the story!
Oh and just so you all know, I have finished typing out the whole story in Word, but will give it out in small installments so you don't have to read a huge long ass email all at once. Besides this adds to the excitement, the build up and all. Also as I remember little things I go back and add them to make it more complete.
If I remember right Heather and I had just done our crazy hotel hall dashing and had a fun night dancing and flashing.
I woke up the next morning with a small headache and realized I went to bed naked. Which I have only done a couple times before. I thought that was a new step for me since I couldn't do that before with out worrying that someone would come in and see me. I looked over at the other bed and Heather was still asleep, naked like me, her covers half on the floor and laying on her side with one hand on her hip the other under her pillow. I can say it now, I stared for awhile at her, the way she seemed so comortable laying there naked nothing covering her at all. Then I got up and walked in to the main room and noticed the door to the balcony was still open and the room was a mess. I walked over to the door and then remembered I was naked and quickly closed it and walked away. I started picking up the room and heard the shower start. When I finished the clean up I walked into the bedroom and noticed that the bathroom door was open and as I walked in more I saw Heather in the shower without the shower curtain closed. She had her eyes closed and was rinsing the shampoo out of her hair. I told her about this later that seeing her there like that, not a care for who could see, turned me on. I love her body but this again was not at all a sexual turn on it was a liberating one. I saw again how easy it was to be naked and comfortable with it. Because of this morning seeing her in bed and then in the shower I was more comfortable with myself. I stayed naked after she got out and I took my own shower, toweled off and then walked in to the main room drying my hair. Heather had her suit on and looked at me with surprise, "wow, you still drunk or did you have so much fun last night you don't want it to stop?" She didn't know that I had seen her earlier so I just said that I was getting more comfortable thanks to her. She said she should dare me more often. I just smiled.
I went back to the room to get my suit on.
We got down to the edge of the beach and Heather suggests we just take off our tops, and put them in our bags. She asked if I could handle it and I shrugged and reached around and untied my top. She just pulled hers off, her tits bouncing free and looked at me like "what's taking so long" I got my top off and put it in my bag. We walked towards the water looking for a spot to layout and I noticed not many people were staring. There were other women with their tops off so I guess they were used to it. We did get looks from some guys but they probably checked out every topless girl walking by. We found a spot and laid out our towels. Heather asked if I would put lotion on her and as she handed it to me she turned to face me I put some into my hands and told her to turn around and she just stood there, then whispered rub it on my tits, the guys will go crazy. Now this got me blushing again and I was a little shocked. I had never touched her like that, I had squeezed her jokingly on the boobs before but not rubbed and not while she was topless. So I said, "uh.......o.......k.." and started rubbing it into her boobs. We got a lot more looks sitting there than we did walking in. When I got it all rubbed in she turned around and I put more on her back. Then she said, "ok now I'll put it on you," and she turned around to take the lotion bottle. I started to turn around and she put her hand on my shoulder as she started to rub the lotion on to my boobs. My nipples got hard immediately and she was like "hmmm" and used both hands to rub it in harder concentrating on my nipples. When she got done with my belly she told me to turn around, when I did I saw how many guys were staring at us and I don't know how they did it but my nipples got harder, so hard they started to hurt. She got done and I laid back and let my nipples point to the sky. I lifted my head a little and saw how hard they were and started getting excited, so I closed my legs together tight and lowered my head. After about a half hour I needed to get up to take a dip and did my usual float on my back for a while and then just kind of stood there with the water covering me and flicked myself to orgasm. That didn't take too long since I was so ready before even floating on my back. I walked back nipples erect again and laid on my stomach. I got up every 45 minutes or so being so aroused. I had 5 orgasms in the 4 hours plus that we were out there. When we decided to leave to get lunch I was about ready to go out again, but just wrapped a towel around my waist to hide my excitement. We got back to the street and put our tops on so we wouldn't get arrested, then went and had lunch.
While we were eating I told Heather all about that morning how I had seen her in bed and in the shower and how confident she looked. Also how I had gotten off so many times in the water. She admitted she did once too and we had a good lunch just talking. We decided to go shopping after lunch.
We went to a couple of local trinket shops, then shopped for some clothes, we flashed each other a couple times while trying things on. Then we found a swimsuit store, Heather said we needed to find me another suit since she had 3 bikinis and I only had one so we went in. She grabbed me about 4 suits and just handed the pile to me and told me to go try them on. The first one was purple one with a sports bra like top and regular bottoms folded at the top . I didn't like this one cause it looked to serious. The second one was a very small string bikini that barely covered me on top and had a thong bottom with strings over my hips but just a small patch of fabric that didn't cover all of the strip of hair I had down there. Heather made me come out and show her so I did quickly and went back in the little room. The third one was about the same as the top I had on but green, the bottom was a thong with a little more coverage than the last one. The fourth one she had picked out was black, covered me better but as I put it on I noticed it was completely sheer and see-through. She told me to model this one too and I told her no that if she wanted to see it she could come in. She did and she said it was great but, I told her my mother would never let me wear this and she told me to just not tell my mom. We are going to college how is she going to know. Then I said I couldn't wear this in public and she pointed to my nipples and said, "you obviously like it." I looked down and it was true but I said no, again so she backed down discouraged. She took the other three out and then handed me 3 more. The first one was a top that had some padding in the bottom of the cups and when I put it on it pushed my boobs up and out, my tits looked huge in this top. The bottoms were again a thong (I was seeing a theme here). She liked this one a lot when I modeled it for her. She said she really liked my ass in the thong. The second one was one of those suits that looked like two straps wrapped up and over my body just covering my important places, and a fabric belt around my waist to tighten it against me. I modeled this one but it was not me at all. The last one was ugly and I had already decided on the push up one with the thong bottom. I bought that and we shopped until we got hungry for dinner and went back to the room to change.
I decided tonight that I was going to wear my see-through panties a short pleated skirt, and my blue silk button up top with the big collar. I thought that the see-through panties with the short skirt would be a turn on. I got done and Heather was waiting for me, she walked over and unbuttoned 2 buttons on my top. You could see my bra but it was only the lace part on the inside of the cups. You could also see a lot of cleavage. Good thing this was a padded bra cause my nipples were wanting to come out again. When we were done we went down to the front desk to ask what a good place for dinner was. The lady suggested a few places and we chose a seafood place near the beach. I got more stares on the 3 block walk over there and we ran in to the 2 guys we met the night before. They asked if we were in for a party tonight that there was going to be al least 40 people in their 2 room suite and that they would let us in with out paying the cover they were charging. They said they had made well over $200 bucks from more people showing up at the parties than they thought they would and also people bringing their own alcohol but still paying. I looked at Heather she didn't even look at me and said, "sure we'll be there, same place right?" They said yes and high fived each other. The shorter one was staring at me the whole time we were talking. The guys left and we went to dinner. It had very good fresh lobster and we shared one. We had a bottle of wine and a couple drinks with dinner and were pretty tipsy when we left. I know I was and Heather looked that way too. (She says yes she was)
We looked up where these guys were at and found it was just 2 hotels down from where we were. So we walked to the place (it was a Hilton) we stumbled a little on the way and got in the elevator to go to the 20th floor. Room 2088 was to the right and I noticed it was the last room number in the set of numbers on the wall. We walked all the way to the end of the wing and could hear the party half way there. We got to the door and found there was probably 40 - 50 people in (and overflowing out of) this room. We met the shorter one (Tom) at the door and he gave us a hug (he had been drinking since before we had met him earlier, he was VERY "friendly") He gave us a stamp of Bugs Bunny on our hands and said now we can drink anything we want. We went in and for so many people it wasn't overly crowded. We met the other guy (Paul) at the bar and asked him how he could pull this off with out getting kicked out. He said he worked there and that no one was booked above or below him and not any closer than 10 rooms away, but for only the 3 nights. (this was the second) He gave us each a shot of Tequila and a Jack and coke. We took the shots and gave him the shot glasses back. He told us to stick around a while, they were going to have a wet t-shirt contest with the $200 dollar prize and 4 girls had already signed up. Heather gave me that devil look again as we walked away from the bar and with out hesitation she said the......., words........, "I have a task that you can't refuse" and I knew right away what she was going to make me do. She said, "you have to enter the wet t-shirt contest." Eventhough I knew what she was going to say it still shocked me to hear it. I could go topless around some people on the beach but this was flaunting it to a crowd of drunk people, most of them guys. "she saw my hesitation and said, "more people saw you at the beach today then are here." "Besides they're all drunk, they probably won't remember it." So we went back to the bar to ask Paul where the sign up sheet was and he got excited and asked are you both going to do it. I saw Heather shake her head and start to say no but I put my finger on her mouth and leaned over to whisper in her ear, "I triple dare you to do this." She gave me a look and said "fine"! we both signed up and Paul gave us the wife beater tank tops for us to wear. He said he was going to make the announcement in about 15 minutes. So we downed our drinks and ordered another shot each. Heather told me to lay on the bar she was going to do the shot from my belly button. I looked at her and she just shot me the "you're doing it" look so I laid on the bar and pulled up my top to show my belly button and she poured it in. Then she put the lime in my mouth and the salt on my belly. Then she licked the salt took the shot and kissed me to bite the lime. I got up and said, "ok your turn" And laid her on the bar and did the same thing to her. She laughed a little as I slurped the shot. I could tell I was drunk because I wouldn't have done that so easy with out the alcohol. The next 15 minutes flew by. Paul brought Tom to the back of the room where they had three coffe tables set up as a little stage area. They said hi to everyone and said they had 8 girls for the wet t-shirt contest (2 girls signed up after us) Then he asked us to go get ready and pointed out the 2 bathrooms. Heather and I went into one and 3 girls followed us in. Two of them were black and had ok boobs but big butts. The other was an Asian chick with a boyish looking body, not much anywhere. We all stripped to the waist and put on our tanks. They were as I said earlier wife beater tank tops the kind big fat guys wear in the movies. The type the guys wear that sit there in the chair yelling at the wife to bring them another beer. When I got mine on I noticed the side holes were long and you could see just about anything you wanted from the side. the other girls got theirs on and left, and Heather grabbed me and rolled up the tank top from the bottom and tied it just under my boobs so it was tight and wouldn't move much. Then she pinched it in the middle an had one of the guys disposable shaving razors and tried to cut the tank with it. It took a while but it finally cut through and she made the slit start just below the top elastic and went down to where she had tied the knot. Cutting it like this made it sort of wrap each boob separately. Then she told me to do the same with hers. When we got out of the bathroom they were waiting for us and we went to the stage area. They had put tarps down to cover the coffee tables and behind them and put a kiddie pool on the tarps behind. They explained to us girls that they would wet us down one at a time and we would go up on the "stage" and do our thing for 5 minutes. Two of the girls from the other bathroom wanted to go together, so they said ok. Tom went up and announced what was going to happen and that they would vote after 2 rounds of dancing by us girls. They started the music and the first to go up was the two girls together. They were going in the order of the sign up sheet so I was 5th and Heather 6th. The two girls got soaked down and one (we found out was named Lisa) had a pretty good body, the other (Susan) was a bit bigger and had big sagging boobs. They got on the tables and started to dance together, Susan grinding on and grabbing Lisa, then Susan grabbed Lisa's tank and lifted it up to show her tits to the crowd and every one roared, she put it back down and started to fondle Lisa's tits. Then Susan started fondling herself Lisa pulled up her own skirt showing her green panties and the crowd roared again. Then the music stopped and they stepped down. The next girl (Theresa, the Asian girl) got soaked and she did her dancing, she pulled the middle of the tank in and showed her boobs and got a small roar from the crowd. I was thinking about how they were all showing their tits and I didn't think that was something I was going to do, but the crowd roaring and encouraging was pretty exciting. So Theresa got done and the next girl (Alex) got soaked and went up and pulled up her skirt turned and started shaking her butt and the crowd got into it, then she turned around with her skirt rolled up and lifted off her tank and swung it in the air, this got the crowd really going with loud cheers and whistles and when she was done they were cheering well past her being off the tables. She put her tank back on and walked by us. She had a good body but smaller tits. Then, it was my turn, I was so nervous but hard nipples proved I was ready to go. No one else had done anything with their tank tops as far as tightening them and so when I got soaked it stuck to me like I didn't even have it on. I went on the tables and started moving and cupped my boobs, the crowd cheered a bit then I shook them and they got louder, this got me excited and I decided to copy the other girls and started lifting my skirt. This got the crowd really going and they were getting almost as loud as the girl Alex got them. Then Heather came up behind me soaked and pulled my skirt the rest of the way up to my waist as I leaned back against her. Heather then whispered in my ear and I almost died. I had totally forgot that I had put on the see-through panties and she let me know this, but also that the crowd was loving it. I got very scared but very excited and turned on from her holding my skirt up to show me off and the crowd getting loud. I reached between my bobs and ripped open my tank top, letting my tits bounce with my dancing, the water flying off them in all directions then I turned and ripped open Heathers top and squeezed her tits. The crowd was going crazy for us and then the music stopped. We walked down and back to the back of the line with the crowd cheering on. Paul waited for the crowd to settle and the black ladies went up together and pulled each others skirts off and turned and jiggled their asses to the crowd, which got a good roar but not much more. They got done and Tom announced the start of the second round, and encouraged us girls that if we wanted to win the $200 we needed to prove it to the crowd. Susan and Lisa got soaked down again and went up, the music started and Susan pulled off her tank top and tossed it into the cowd, that got a little cheer then she got behind Lisa and undid her skirt and pulled it down, and the crowd got louder, then Lisa pulled her tank off so she was just in her panties and the crowd roared. They danced a little more fondling each other and the music stopped. Then Theresa got soaked again and went up as the music started she pulled her tank top off and jiggled and danced but got little excitement from the crowd. I felt sorry for her but she seemed excited at what attention she got. I was standing in the line covering my boobs with my arms and Heather leans in and suggests we go up together that she had a plan. I asked her what it was and she wouldn't say, she just said, "just follow my lead and remember they are loving you right now." I thought wow I was really excited to go back up there, maybe it was the alcohol but I was having fun showing my tits to everyone, the attention was such a turn on. So Alex got soaked and went up, she pulled off her skirt and then shook her ass, the crowd loudly cheering the she pulled off her tank top and threw it in to the crowd and they were all going crazy for her. She pulled down the corners of her panties to the top of her pussy teasingly and they were louder than they had ever been she pulled it back up as the music stopped. She picked up her skirt and put it back on as the crowd continued to chant ALEX, ALEX! she was beeming with excitement as she walked by. Tom let the crowd die down and we were next. They soaked us down and we went up, I had no idea what Heather had planned so I started dancing with her behind me (I thought) then she came up with a pitcher of water set it down in front of me and danced behind and unhooked my skirt. I reached behind to stop her and then heard the crowd go crazy so I took my hand back. She took off my skirt and I was scared but the crowd was so loud so I was really getting into it. Then she grabbed the pitcher of water, leaned me back and poured it from my chest down me and my panties were soaked which showed everything. I kept dancing and she reaches around and pulled my tank top off me and threw it to the crowd they were chanting my name Gina! Gina! and I was so turned on!! I turned around, opened my legs a little and rotated my hips showing my pussy completely to all who could see. Then I stood up and pulled Heathers top off and pulled down her skirt really fast. Her panties almost came down with it and the crowd erupted again. She caught them before she showed anything but then teased them a little with it. The music stopped and we grabbed our skirts and left the tables. Then the two black girls went up took off everything but their panties (one a thong the other big panties but she pulled them up like a thong) They shook and jiggled their asses all over and the crowd got pretty loud. It was then I started to think about the crowd noises when we all went up and I thought wow it's between Alex, Heather and me for the $200 dollars! Paul and Tom went up and announced that it was time to vote so he brought the first four up to get votes and Alex got the most applause by far Lisa second. Then they let them down and brought us up with the black girls and I got the most with Heather second. So they brought up Alex and Lisa and sent the black girls back down. We were all topless standing there, but Heather and I were still holding our skirts. Then Paul asked for applause for Lisa and she got a good amount of noise. Tom went to Alex and a loud roar came up. Then Tom put his hand over my head, Heather reached over and pull the skirt out of my hand and I stood there my tits out and my strip below showing to every one and I got an even bigger applause. Then he went to Heather and I grabbed the skirts and she turned around bent over and pulled her panties down. The crowd erupted with applause. So Paul said, "and the winner is"..........My heart was racing................I was so excited ..........."Gina" I almost passed out I was so excited and turned on at the applause. Heather got next to me and held up my arm to show I was the winner and she bent down and pulled down my panties. I reacted by trying to cover up but the crowd loved it and Heather had one of my arms up so I just stepped out of them and turned around again and bent over (legs closed, I was drunk but I wasn't unaware) Tom comes over and hands me the money and gives me a huge hug. (I was totally naked but I wasn't emarrassed at all by this hug) I picked up my panties and put them back on and gave Heather a scowl. She just smiled and reached for her skirt to put it back on. I grabbed mine and put it back on and a few people came up to me and told me how great a body I had. I was embarrassed because I don't think it's that great, plus I was standing there topless. Since they had all seen me naked I wasn't that self consious but it was a little awkward for me.(My tits have gotten bigger since so it's gotten easier) We went to the bathroom to get our tops and bras and someone was using it so we had to stay topless for a while. After about 10 minutes I was used to being that way and almost left with out the rest of my clothes. Heather stopped me and we got dressed in the bathroom. (I would have noticed in the hallway). When we were in there she told me she knew I would win and that was her plan. I said, "then what was the pantie thing there at the end by you" she said she had to make it close and to make sure one of us got the money, we laughed. then she mentioned how I looked like I liked it a lot. I said yes but maybe it was the alcohol and she said no I could tell you liked it by how wet you were...."down there." I stopped buttoning my top and looked her straight in the face and said, "WHAT!" "Yeah", she said "when you bent over and opened your legs I could tell and so could others that you were more than excited." I went white and stiff as a board. I couldn't believe I was showing all that to them all. She just said, "don't worry about it, it's over and you loved it." I did love the attention but at what expense, I relaxed a little but told her I needed to get back to the hotel. I couldn't look any one in the face on my way out. Heather had to thank Paul and Tom and I waited in the lobby for her. When she got down to me she said Tom wanted a goodbye hug, "I think he likes you", she said. I said I'm sure he does and she just looked at me and mentioned they were at the back of the "stage" and couldn't see a thing, besides I did give him a naked hug. This made me laugh and I settled down as we left. As soon as we got to our room I took off my clothes and went to bed. That's all for now.......more to come.......

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