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Sweet dare


My shyness shell part 7
My last post was part 6. It didn't get connected to the others with my picture but that's ok. I am going to update you all on me and Heather since it has been awhile.
I'm about 5 foot five and a half inches, I have Light Brown hair about shoulder length and light green eyes. I am about 130 pounds but not fat since I do workout, a little. Now what you are waiting for the boobs. I wear a 34C bra but it's a litle tight. I feel I am a 35C.
Heather is a little shorter than me, maybe an inch and is a little skinnier she has a very tight athletic body. She has brown hair and blue eyes and wears a 32B bra. Now on with the rest of the story.
We left off last time just leaving a very enlightening and embarassing party, with me being shy again but realizing I was enjoying being naked in front of people.
I woke up groggy in the moring. Slowly remembering what I had done the night before made me uncomfortable. I couldn't believe how far I had gone! I knew it had to be the liquor but if I was so turned on to be wet like that I must have enjoyed it a little on my own. I remembered really loving the attention, that was a big part of it, and being kinda shown off by Heather helped to. I think being drunk dropped my defenses but that brought out the chance of getting so turned on. That also made me not even know that I was that turned on so that kind of scared me. I decided not to get that drunk again at least while on this trip. I know Heather wouldn't let me go too far but if she was drunk, like last night, I could go farther than I would normally want to, which to a degree happened last night. I looked over at Heather laying on her side naked, the covers off again and just looking so happy. I got up and went to the bathroom to take a shower and when I got done Heather was in the main room drinking a coke on the coach watching TV naked. I walked out wrapped in the towel and told her the shower was all hers. She looked me up and down and asked what was up with the towel, "after last night I thought you were over the shy thing." I told her I found out I enjoyed the attention some, but I felt I went farther than I should have last night. She smiled and told me she was sorry if she caused that and I told her it wasn't her fault I could have stopped when ever I wanted to. So she got up and walked past me to the shower and turned around and yanked off my towel, then said "I need this for my hair." She didn't really need it but I didn't stop her and never covered up. She went to the bathroom and I went to the hot tub. I turned on the faucet and while it filled I got a coke. Then I walked over to the curtains and opened them to the sliding door. I opened it and just walked right out on the balcony buck naked. I looked over and 3 balconies over was guy standing there looking out at the ocean. He was hot and he had no shirt on which showed his well built chest and shoulders. As soon as I saw him I bent down so if he did look he couldn't see my boobs. I stared for a couple minutes and wondered if he was naked like me. Then a topless woman walked out to him and rubbed his back he turned around and gave her a long kiss and squeezed her left breast. She was great looking, dark hair model like body with great tits. I thought they must be naked and I didn't feel so embarrassed to be out there like I was. I stood up straight and looked out at the ocean and took a drink. I turned back and the woman saw me and smiled then the man turned to look and smiled too. We all stood there for a few minutes watching the ocean and then each other, then they turned to go back in waving to me as they turned, I waved back and they went in. I stood watching the street for a while a feeling of comfort coming over me, then I remembered the hot tub and went in to turn off the water and sit.
As I was turning off the water Heather came out toweling her hair saying, "I was wondering why my shower got cold at the end." I told her I could tell by her nipples she was cold, she just threw her towel down and got in the hot tub. I got in and sat across from her. We talked a bit about the night before and the dares we had done on this trip and she told me I had come a long way from when we first started this trip. We decided that we were going to go shopping again today to take a break from the sun. Since we had the extra $200 we thought we should enjoy it. I was excited about that since I love to shop. I got out to get dressed and got my dirty clothes together to have them washed. Heather put hers with mine and we took them down with us to the lobby. I was in my new suit with the push up top and the thong bottoms. I had a cover up on (it's kind of a little dress to cover your suit for those who don't know) It was pretty short so with the thong on I was showing lower ass cheek as I walked. The thong being a new thing for me took a bit to get used to but my boobs were so great in this top I liked the suit overall. Heather was in the same type of cover up and her tiny barely covering top with thong bottoms. We were both cheeky but that's all anyone could see of us.
We went the other way to go shopping than the day before and after a while came to a surf shop. I didn't want to go in but Heather pulled me with her. She went to the women's clothing section and pulled out 2 pairs of shorts for me to try on. One pair was a pair of tight long legged Lycra shorts, like biking shorts. The second was about the same material but they were very short. I went in to the changing room and tried on the first pair with my suit bottoms on. When I came out Heather looked and mentioned they were good but take off the suit bottoms they showed through. I went back in and took off the bottoms and tried them on with nothing on under and came out a little embarrassed. These shorts were so tight and the design made them ride up in the front, Heather said I had "Camel Toe" and had to tell me what that was since I hadn't heard that before. I didn't like these shorts much, so I went back and took them off and tried on the other pair. The design on this pair was much better, no Camel Toe and they were just as tight. They were also much shorter and my ass cheeks stuck out the bottom of these. Heather said with the push up top and these shorts I looked really hot. I looked in the mirror and thought the same thing so I bought them but left wearing my suit bottoms instead.
We stopped a few more places and then found a lingerie shop and went in. I went and found 4 outfits for her to try on and she found 4 outfits for me. She went first and came out dressed in a sheer teddy with a sheer wrap, with the wrap around her it was fine but when she opened the wrap you could see her naked body underneath. She said she liked it and might buy it. Then she came out with the nipple less bra and sheer panties, her nipples were poking right through the holes and her trimmed mound showed through the panties as she walked out and showed it all to me. She said the bra rubbed to much and was hurting, so she went back to try on the next thing. This was a lace up bodice type top with no coverage on the boobs they were just supported. Then silk panties and black stockings with a blue garter belt. She didn't fill out the top as much as I thought she would it must have been a size too big. She came out wearing it all looking great but you could barely see her boobs with the too large top. The sales lady came over and tightened up the straps and that made her boobs stick out more. Much to the agreement of the guy who had come in to "shop for his girlfriend" Heather gave a good modeling run of it showing off a bit and he tried not to stare.She went back in and came out later with the last outfit. It was a front less bra (just support with shoulder straps and that was it) and a thong with a sheer front. She was pretty much naked but came out and did the runway thing, which made her boobs bounce with every step and the guy, who had stayed for the show, loved it. (she says she loved watching his jaw drop as she walked right up to him like that) I think the guy go too excited because he left as soon as she got back into the changing room. She decided to buy the sheer teddy. I went in and found my outfits on the hangers in the changing room. My first set was the same front less type bra Heather had and a pair of silk panties that just covered the front barely and the back a little with strings connecting the two pieces of fabric. I came out a little timid and found no one there but Heather so I strutted a bit for her, she clapped and I went back in for the next set. This was a sheer tube top which fit a little snug on me. (Heather says she meant it that way) A pair of crotchless lace panties went with it. Standing there you couldn't see anything down there but I could feel it. I walked out strutting like before and there was another guy there standing next to Heather (she had gone out while I was changing and asked I guy to come watch me) Here I am strutting out of the room, boobs bouncing with every step, come around the corner to see this guy and Heather and I paused for a second until I saw the look on Heather's face. I started my runway walk right up to the guy, did a slow 3 step turn and then walked back. (she was right the look on the guys face seeing my barely covered boobs bouncing up to him was great) My nipples were hard at this point and I had 2 more sets to go. The next set was a sheer bra and the sheer wrap and a pair of sheer thong panties. So I got them on took a deep breath and strutted back out and straight at the guy again, when I got to him I opened the wrap to show my boobs in the sheer bra and did my 3 step turn. His eyes were huge and he couldn't hide his growing excitement, (wink, wink) and I couldn't hide my very aroused nipples. I went back in and got changed into the next and final outfit. It was a leather bra and buttless leather short shorts with a leather garter belt and black stockings. It took a while but I got it all on and came out to find just Heather there. She said the guy had to leave quickly when I left from the last out fit. I did a turn for her and she smacked my naked butt cheek. I rubbed it as I went back to change.To Heather's shock I bought the crotchless panties and the sheer bra because they felt great. But I told her the private things underneath has always been a turn on for me. She told me I could not wear the panties during the rest of the trip and I agreed saying I was probably not going to wear any the rest of this trip anyway, which shocked her again. She made a comment about how I've changed and I shrugged it off. We left the store and continued shopping, had lunch, shopped some more and went back to the room to change for dinner.
We decided to go to the place we went to the first night for dinner. This made me want to shave my strip off since we were going to see Nikki again. So I went into the bathroom and shaved it all off (as much as I could without hurting myself too much.) Our clothes were clean and placed on my bed. I could wear a clean pair of undies but decided not to just for the thrill of being that way when no one could see really. I put on my short pleated skirt, the new sheer bra and a pink silk button up top. (I had one in 4 colors) Heather put on her sheer teddy, her very short jean skirt and a low cut sleeveless black top. She was very sexy in this look.
We walked to the restaurant and on the way saw Paul and Tom again, I was embarrassed to see them because of the things I did last night but Heather just walked right up to them and said hi. Tom gave us both a hug and Paul told us the party last night was so loud thanks to us (which made me turn red and I was all shy again) that they weren't allowed to throw another party. Heather apologized and they said it was fine it was the best party they had ever had. Heather then to my shock said that we could have a party at our room tonight. I was already embarrassed, but to see these people again tonight was really scaring me. She told them that we could only have about 10 other people besides us and they said no problem they knew just who to invite. She added that is was BYOB since we didn't have the money to buy booze for everyone. They said don't worry they would provide it since they had some left over and had bought more for tonight before it got axed. They agreed on 9 pm to start and they left. I grabbed Heather and asked her what she was doing that I couldn't face those guys again and she thought I was over that and apologized but we couldn't stop it now.
We went to dinner and got Nikki as our waitress again. She gave us menus and said she would be back. We looked up what we wanted and ordered a couple of tequila shots and 2 drinks from the bar person. I told Heather I didn't want to get as drunk as I got last night and she agreed. After a while Nikki came back to take our orders and asked if my shell was cracked yet. I asked what she meant and she reminded me Heather had said last time this trip was to get me out of my shyness shell. I told her I thought it was cracked a little but I hadn't gotten out of it yet. She laughed and took our orders, then leaned in and whispered in my ear to meet her in the bathroom in about ten minutes Heather could come too. She left and Heather asked what the whisper was about so I told her. Our shots an drinks came and we downed our shots and started on our drinks. After ten minutes we went to the bathroom. Nikki wasn't there so we freshened our make up and washed our hands, and just as I was wondering if Nikki was gonna make it, in she walks. She checked under the stalls an when she found them empty went and locked the door with a key. She turned around and said, "OK I wanted so show you my Brazilian since you showed me your shave last time. She lifted her skirt and apron and showed us her bald pussy, she wasn't wearing any panties! She told us how we came on a good night, that tonight was one of those nights she talked about last time. She said she had had 2 orgasms already. Inspired by her I just lifted my skirt and showed her my shaved area. She bent over and felt around it, which made me jump, and said that I should get it waxed, it hurts a bit but makes it so much smoother. We found out she is bi but told us she has a boyfriend and was not into dating girls right now. Which made sense with the way she acted towards me. Then Nikki asked Heather why is it that I was looking like the risk taker and she looked like the shy one. So Heather un-zipped and dropped her skirt and took off her top and stood there in her sheer teddy. Then I rolled up my skirt and unbuttoned 4 buttons on my top and pulled it back to show off my new sheer bra. Nikki had this big smile on her face and said that it looked like we were having fun on this trip. We all laughed and got dressed. Three girls were waiting for the bathroom when we came out. We went back to our table and Nikki said she would be back with our food soon. She left and we ordered another drink. Then Nikki came back, too fast for our food to be ready and said she was getting off work at 10 and asked if we wanted to go out with her. Heather spoke up quick that we were having a party at our room that night that started at 9 and she should come over. She asked if it was ok to bring her best friend Julie (her boyfriend and Julie's worked together and were both away on a business trip) and Heather said great. Then she asked me if I wanted to show off a little. I was scared but curious as to what she meant by show off. She said that she could move us to a booth around the corner in the back. And that when she came around the corner she would give a signal. When I saw the signal I was to swing my legs out and open them up. Who ever she brought with her would see and she would take them away quickly after. She said she had told some fellow employee friends about me and they already knew about her. They wanted to see my daring shave, she thought she could get them to try what we did if they knew others were doing it too. I agreed as long as they stayed back a little and didn't embarrass me by staring for ever. She agreed and moved us to the new table. Then 5 minutes later she came around the corner and gave the signal, I moved my legs out an spread a little then a skinny girl with nice tits came around and looked and smiled this big smile and Nikki took her away. I looked around and made sure no one else could see anything and pulled my legs back under. There was 2 tables behind where Nikki came around to but they were empty. Then a couple minutes later she came around and signaled again and I swung around and opened my legs and this time pulled up the skirt a little. Another girl, this one full figured, nice curves, came around and looked, and again a big smile, and Nikki took her away. I was getting turned on from the attention and Heather noticed through my shirt. She then decided she wanted to join in the fun so she pulled her right arm into her top and then out of the teddy and put her arm back out of her top. She did the same on the other side and reached under her top at the waist and pulled her teddy down. While sitting there she unbuttoned her skirt and reached between her legs and pulled the teddy down to her ankles and stepped out of it. She then put it in her purse, re-hooked her skirt and got up to go grab a chair from an empty table. She ran back with it sat it next to me and said Nikki was coming. She opened her legs and I slid mine over and pulled back my skirt all the way. Nikki came around the corner and noticed she didn't have to give the signal and then a really skinny younger guy walks around the corner. I closed my legs and swung them back. Heather just stayed there. Nikki gave me a look and mouthed the words "it's ok." So I slowly moved my legs back and opened them with my skirt half up. She took the guy away and we sat back at our booth and finished our drinks. Nikki came back soon with our food and while she served us she said that the guy, Tim had over heard her with the second girl and wanted to see. He had only been there about 3 weeks and was very insecure around the girls there. So she decided it would be a thrill for him and let him have a secret in common with some of the girls. She thought we wouldn't mind from that far away and he would have something to tell his high-school friends. He was a 17 year old Junior. She thought that he had probably not even seen a pussy at all much less from that distance. This eased my tension about her not telling us about guys coming around. I told her she owed us for not telling and she said it was worth it. She returned later to check on us and told Heather it was about time she did something daring, that it was a great surprise for Tim. She then said that there were 3 more girls if she could get them when they weren't busy. She walked away and we started eating. The three more times she brought girls I lifted my skirt all the way back since there were no more guys planned, and they all went with out a hitch. We were almost done eating and Nikki brought us the bill. She told us that 2 of the girls had taken off their panties and wanted to show them to us to prove it. She pulled them out of her apron pocket and displayed them for us. One pair a cover everything almost granny pair and the other a smaller lacy pair. Heather suggested she take them so they had to go home without them and Nikki loved the idea since both girls were single and she knew one of them was going out right after work. Heather put them in her purse and I gave Nikki my credit card for the dinner. We finished our food and she came back with the receipt and said the girls were scared especially the one going out right away but they didn't ask for them back. (Nikki had to convince them a little) So again I gave her a huge tip and we got up to leave, gave Nikki a hug and reminded her we would see her tonight and she still owed us. We gave her our info for the hotel and room. She didn't mind the penalty and would be there what ever it was. After she left Heather gabbed my arm and pulled me back to the booth and said that I needed to take off my bra and put it in her purse. I was like, "why, are you daring me?" She said no but she was completely naked under her clothes and thought that I should share in that with her. I told her no, that it was about time she felt a little awkward and I didn't. Then I put two fingers between her boobs on the top of her top and pulled it down more to show off a lot more cleavage (it was already a low cut top as I said earlier) Then I reached down and started rolling up the waist of her skirt. She stopped my hand and gave me an evil look. I gave her the same look and said I triple dare you to walk back to the room with me in the way I set your clothes. She just put her hands down and I did three rolls on her skirt. That made it to where she wasn't showing anything on the front or back but as she walked you could see her ass cheeks come out. Sometimes if it bounced just right you could tell in the middle she had nothing on. We left the restaurant and started walking back to the hotel. We got looks from a lot of people, the street seemed more crowded tonight. This time the looks were at her and rightfully so, she was practically strutting and enjoying all the attention. Each step she took showed some of her ass and a little more as I said. When we got close to the hotel I was walking beside her and reached around and pulled up her skirt, showing everything from behind. She paused for a second or two then slapped my hand down and walked faster to the hotel. Which made her skirt bounce more and I noticed her boobs bouncing more and her nipples were pointing out through the top (almost bouncing out of the top with how low cut it was) She was loving every second of the attention and by the time we got to the lobby was laughing about it. We got to the room about 8:15 and started cleaning up, I sent her out to get ice three times so we could fill the bathroom sink with it. We were ready in less than a half hour and realized we needed cokes to mix with. So I sent her out to get some in her same state of dress and she gladly agreed.
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