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Sweet dare


My shyness shell.....continued.
Hey everyone it's me Gina. I know it's been a while but I lost internet for a while and these stories can't be done at the library.
So when we left the story Heather was out getting cokes wearing close to nothing, and I was getting the room ready for the party. This one is long but I didn't want to split it up. You'll find out why........ here we go!
When she got back Tom and Paul were already there setting up the little portable bar they had at their place. I was filling time with small talk but embarrassed at how I had been the night before and not making much eye contact at all. She walked in the door all smiles and the guys eyes got huge and their jaws dropped. She just said hi and purposely bent over at the waist to put the cokes in the mini-fridge. They got a partial look since they were at a bad angle, she turned around and went into the bedroom. Her show took some of the embarrassment form me and I loosened up. When she came out her skirt was rolled down and her top was at it's regular low cut length. We talked with the guys as they finished setting up the bar. After a while we heard a knock at the door and Tom and Paul introduced us to 4 people that were at last nights party. I was again very embarrassed and couldn't look them in the face. Two guys and two girls. Jim and Ted were taller, over 6 foot tall and both were pretty good looking. Jim had a great ass and Ted stomach muscles did tricks!! The girls were Janice who was about my height blond shoulder length hair, B cup size boobs and bigger hips. All were in their early 20's and then Alex from the wet t-shirt contest, who as I explained from last night had a great body with Heather size boobs (B cups) and short bob cut light brown hair, she had turned 20 two days ago. She gave us both big hugs and said how great of a job we did last night and that we both had great bodies. We thanked her and I told her she had a great body too. Janice said that the last part with Heather pulling down my panties won it for me. This embarrassed me a little but since we were talking casually and no one was starring at me about it I got used to the comments. Then another knock at the door and another two couples came in, Paul said they had all been at the party last night. This was Greg and Pete, Greg the tallest of all the guys so far, but skinnier. Pete was a black guy just taller then me but large chest and leg muscles (Heather says he had a nice ass too) both guys in their mid 20's. I should describe Tom and Paul as well. Paul was the taller of the two, a bit over 6 foot, with wavy short black hair, ok looking but nothing special. Tom was short, a little taller than Pete, kinda plain looking with really nice eyes. He was a touchy feely guy, both of them were 24. Then the two girls that were with Greg and Pete were Sharon and Tammie. Sharon was a little shorter than Heather, about 5'3", the same athletic body but no boobs really. She was kind of shy cause she didn't talk much. Tammie was taller than me really long legs and a great curvy figure with larger C cup boobs, they were young 20's as well. Then before we closed the door another girl came in. Tom said this was his friend Sue who couldn't make it to the party last night. She was almost exactly my height and build with long (down to the middle of her back) black hair, she had just turned 21 last night, which is why she didn't come to the party. We told everyone to have fun and took any coats to the bedroom. Then we explained that we had a couple more people coming that were friends we met. (well, one we met) So the party starts and some people are dancing others talking, Paul serving drinks and it's not too crowded. Then around 10:20 we heard a knock at the door and I went to greet Nikki and her friend. I don't think I explained Nikki when we met her in this story so I will describe her now. She was my height(5'6") but bigger boobs (at least D cups), full hips but not fat, a belly button ring and tongue stud. Short dark brown hair to just below her ears. Her friend we met was Kristen, she was hot, Black hair at the roots with blond highlights, short and spiked a bit in the back. She was just a little taller (5'7") than me with about the same size boobs, a very small tight ass and muscular arms. She had the greatest green eyes. I let them in and got them 2 shots each of Tequila and explained to Kristen that Nikki owed us little payback and since she brought you you have to join her. Kristen said she knew the story and was fine with that. They also just needed to catch up with the rest of us.
Everyone wanted to know the story and I said they didn't need to know. Then Nikki just started from when we met her and I was so embarrassed! I had to leave the room. Nikki pulled me back in and Tom and Paul said they knew I was an exhibitionist but didn't know how much. I turned bright red and said I wasn't an exhibitionist and the story was exaggerated a bit. Heather piped in that it wasn't at all and I was just coming out of my shyness shell. Everyone had a laugh at my expense but didn't push it any farther, which I was grateful for.
We all continued drinking and the subject of the hot tub being used came up. Heather said she had 2 extra suits and I had one, that left 4 girls with out suits to wear and the guys had nothing. Then Nikki speaks up and dares any guy in the room to strip to there under pants and jump in the hot tub. Ted, Greg an Pete step up and start stripping. All us girls got together to watch and high five each other and Nikki and Kristen started cheering so we all joined in routing on each guy. Greg got done first showing off his tight stomach and medium size package in his undies, he jumped in fast. Pete was next to get done and man did he have a big member, that thing was huge. He jumped in then Ted got done, nothing special there and he jumped in. Then Pete said ok any girls that want to jump in in just their panties step up. We all looked at each other and no one stepped up. I wouldn't cause I didn't have any on besides I wouldn't have anyway. Then he says, Ok bra and panties? We all looked at each other and no one moved. So Paul says enjoy the tub guys, anyone need a drink? The rest of us went back to dancing and having fun. Pretty soon Pete stands up to get out and all the girls stopped to look. His boxer briefs were sticking to him so much there was nothing left to imagine. Sharon let out a big cheer and the rest of us followed with cat calls and anything that would embarrass him. He just stepped out and stood there dripping, Heather went and got him a towel and walked right up to him holding it away from him. She got so close she could have kissed him but turned away and then threw it at him. He looked like he was starting to get a little excited so he covered with the towel. The other two in the tub asked for towels and Heather said, "not until you stand up and step out of the tub." They looked at the other guys for support and Paul told them they got into it they would have to get out. No pun intended. They sat there looking like hurt puppies. Nikki came over to us girls and said, "how about all the girls do shots together?" Heather said, "as long as mine is a body shot off of you." Nikki agreed and the girls went to the bar. Nikki laid down on her back and then un-buttoned her top, grabbed a lime wedge and put it in her bra between her boobs. The guys all stared watching very close. Heather licked Nikki's belly and poured the salt then she poured the Tequila in her belly button, which made Nikki giggle. (I guess she was a little ticklish) Then with no hands Heather licked the salt, slurrped the shot (which made Nikki giggle and squirm) and put her head in Nikki's cleavage to grab the lime. She moved her head around a little which made her hair fall all over Nikki's chest and all of a sudden Nikki's bra pops open! Nikki was wearing a front hook bra!!! Luckily she was mostly covered by Heather's hair and closed it and clipped it in time to not show much. She got up and said "my turn." Then she lead Heather to lay on her back and reached down to pull up Heathers top to get acces to her belly button (at least that's what I thought at first) she didn't stop at the belly button area. Just as she got to the bottom of Heather's boobs (showing the bottoms of them) Heather stopped her hand. Nikki smiled and leaned down and whispered in Heather's ear. (Heather says Nikki asked if she wasn't wearing a bra) Heather nodded her head and Nikki whispered again (Heather says, Nikki asked if she would take it off any way) Heather laid there thinking and she took her hand away as Nikki pulled her top the rest of the way up over her head. There Heather laid, topless on the bar. Everyone was staring at this point. Nikki licked Heathers left nipple (which made it get very hard) poured the salt on it, put the lime wedge in between Heathers naked boobs then poured the tequila in her belly button. Nikki licked the salt (she took some time doing this) slurrped the shot and Heather squeezed her tits together as Nikki went for the lime. (it took a little for Nikki to get the wedge out.) Heather got up and went to the bathroom to get a hand towel. She came back drying her belly and tits and then took her top and put it back on. (her nipples were at attention poking out from under her top) The rest of us girls took our shots in a glass all at once. We turned around as Ted and Greg decided to stand up together and step out of the tub, to the cheers and cat calls from all us girls (embarrassing them was the goal) Heather got towels and threw them at them high so they had to jump to catch them.(Heather says she did this on purpose to see them jiggle when they jumped, which was nice) While we were taking our shots Pete had gotten dressed, Ted and Greg saw this and grabbed their clothes and went to the bedroom to get dressed. They came out with their towels rolled up and explained that their undies were too wet to leave on so they wrapped them in their towels to dry them. Pete showed he had to do the same. So at least half the guys here were going commando as Heather pointed out. We danced to a couple good songs and Nikki says, "I need another shot, and I want a body shot off of Gina!" she took my hand and asked if I had a bra on and I said yes so as we were walking over to the bar she stops and starts to un-button my top. I remembered I had the sheer bra on and went to stop her but she blocked me with her head and had 4 buttons undone by the time I could get the advantage. She yells out "oh a see-through bra!!" and everyone turned to look. Nikki made a little move of her head and Kristen took my arms from behind and pulled them back. Nikki undid the rest of the buttons and pulled my shirt back to reveal my boobs (through the bra) to the party. I turned red and my head was getting warm. As usual my nipples got hard, which made me realize I enjoyed the attention so I decided to walk to the bar and take off my shirt. As I did I thought (most of these people had seen me naked last night, except for 2 girls here) I handed my shirt to Heather and reached back an undid my bra, took it off and handed that to Heather. Ted and Tom cheered, Nikki and Heather had huge smiles on their faces. I laid down on the table, nipples pointing to the ceiling, and waited for the proccess. Nikki bent down and sucked my right nipple and poured salt, then she sucked on my left nipple and poured salt. She opened my mouth and put the lime wedge there and poured the tequila in between my boobs. She then sucked the salt of both nipples and licked and slurrped the tequila from my belly button up to my neck, I was getting turned on by all this attention, and Nikki's tongue going wild all over me. Then she went for the lime and gave me a huge kiss with tongue. I was wet and horny as she pulled back from the kiss. Everyone cheered at the whole proccess and I had to lay there a bit to get control. I sat up and went to the bathroom to get a towel. While in there I toweled of my lower half and and got the last small towel to dry off the rest. I walked back out topless drying off and took my bra and shirt from Heather to put them back on. Before I got started Kristen said that last shot looked good and she wanted one. I paused and laughed thinking she was kidding, she said, "come on over here and be my shot glass Gina" I froze for a second and gave my clothes back to Heather walked over to the bar, with everyone smiling and staring. I laid back down and Kristen did the same thing as Nikki. (just not as good of a kiss.) I was wet again and said I needed to go to the bathroom. I got in there and picked up the same towel I had used to dry myself off before and almost couldn't stop drying. Then I flushed the toilet to make it sound like I had gone then walked back out. When I got out everyone was smiling and staring still, I said, "WHAT! I just went to the bathroom, that's all! I didn't have time to do anything else!" They all laughed and I put my clothes back on. Then Tom says I want the same shot they got! I said no I wasn't going to do that, with any of the guys. Nikki said, "YET!" and they all laughed again. I was feeling comfortable because of the alcohol and beeing topless again in front of these guys didn't bother me too much. Which kinda surprised me a little.
The party was getting a little boring after the shots but people were getting tipsy too, so Paul says anyone want to play solitaire, we all laughed. He said, "ok I know it sounds stupid, but this is strip solitaire and everyone here has to play at least one round. I told all that I invited, that you would have to do something for me before you could leave the party. Jim says, "yeah but I though it would be cleaning up or something." The rest of his people were nodding in agreement. Heather says, "that doesn't include us right? Paul says, "no but I thought you guys would love this since you did such a great job at last nights party. I didn't know you were bringing guests so Nikki and Kristen don't have to. Nikki immediately says, "oh, we're in!" Kristen gives her a mean look and then slowly smiles. Paul starts by pulling out a deck of cards and tells us the rules and how it works.

"Round 1 is 5 hands of regular solitaire except you look at one card at a time in the draw stack and you go one time through the deck only.
Your goal is to get at least 15 cards up to the top.
If you get less than 10 up to the top you lose 2 articles of clothing, and must down a shot of your choice.
If you get 10 to 14 cards up you lose 1 article of clothing.
If you get 15 cards up you're safe.
If you run the deck and get all the cards up you get all your clothes back on if you have removed any during the round, you can't save this reward for the next hand, and everyone else drinks a shot.
You must stay the way you are dressed the whole round, which means if you lose 2 pieces of clothes in the first hand, the next hand starts with you down 2 pieces of clothes. If you loose another then you stay 3 down.
Round 2 is after your round 1 is done. This round and every round after is not required but you can do them if you wish. The second round is 4 hands not five, but if you choose to do a second round you must complete all four hands and you start from your current state of dress. For instance if you have lost 4 pieces after Round 1 (5 hands) you start Round 2 with out those 4 pieces, and must complete all four hands in the Round 2. Then you can go on after that round to the Round 3 and 3 hands and Round 4 with 2 hands so on.
Clothing rules are as follows:
One article of clothing is 2 socks or stockings, each shoe is one, no jewerly or watches are clothes, everything else is obiously 1 article. You must play this game from the way you are dressed right now. No adding clothes, HEATHER, PETE, TED, GREG!" Everyone laughed, knowing she had no bra and they had no underwear.
"The last one is up to vote from every one. Should we all stay the way we are dressed after we are done with our rounds? Or get dressed again." We ended up voting that we all stay the way we are dressed until all players were done. After that is up to individual preference. The next step was to find out who would go first and be with out clothes the longest. We decided to draw names to decide the order, and do it one name at a time. We would draw the first name and that person plays, then we draw the next name. It made it more exciting (or terrifying). I got napkins and put names on little sections of them and tore them apart. We made sure everyone had their names in the empty ice bucket and drew the first name. It was Jim, everyone clapped and Paul handed him the cards to shuffle, then Paul added something. "I left the jokers in the deck if one comes up it is a free card to add to the top card count but sits to the side. If you get this you have an extra point to use if you get both it's 2 extra points, but you must choose someone to take a shot with each joker you get. You can choose yourself if you want, it's a wild card. So Jim get's done shufling his cards and lays them out. Two aces right away, and he plays out the rest of the hand with no jokers and got 12 cards up so he took off his shirt. He had a t-shirt on so it was nothing. Then the next hand he got a joker, he made Janice drink. (she was getting pretty drunk) That hand the joker and 1 ace was all he got so he took off his shoes and drank a shot. He shuffled and dealt the 3rd hand, got a joker again and made Alex drink. When he got done he had 16 cards up including the joker so he didn't lose anything. The fourth hand he found both jokers and ran the deck. He got dressed again an made Alex drink both, saying getting her drunk is what got her in the contest last night, everyone laughed then drank one shot each. He had one more hand and it went fast, no jokers and 2 aces. He took off his shoes, and decided that a second round was too risky.
The next name was Janice, she was very nervous you could tell as she shuffled the cards. She dealt them out and got one ace right away, she relaxed a little and a few cards later got a joker and made Jim drink to pay him back. She finished the hand with 10 cards up including the joker, which is lucky cause it would have been 2 pieces had she not gotten it. She took off one shoe. She shuffled and started the next hand with two aces up right away but had 3 kings 2 eights and 2 tens on the piles. She didn't get any jokers and no more cards went up so she had to take off 2 pieces of clothing and drink a shot. She took the shot for courage and took off her other shoe and her stockings, which she did very carefully so she wouldn't show up her skirt. She had 3 hands left and she had already lost 3 pieces of clothes, anything more and we were seeing intimate garments. She nervously shuffled again (or was it the alcohol?) and dealt 1 ace right away. She got a joker a few cards later and made Alex drink, saying she wanted to see her get crazy again. A few more cards later she had ten up and then turned the second joker, she made Heather drink and went on to get 2 more cards up. That made 13 and 2 short of safe so she took off her top to reveal a nice lacy almost sheer bra. She shuffled and dealt the next hand and got a joker right away, made Jim drink again and went on to get the second joker 3 cards later and made Alex drink again. At the end of that round she had 18 cards up and was safe. She shuffled and dealt the last hand and finished with no jokers and 19 cards up and she said she was done. She had to stay in her skirt and bra for the rest of the game.
We drew the next name and it was Sharon the shy one, she hadn't said much all night but was drinking a bit more than the rest and was pretty sloshed. She took the deck and sat indian style on floor where every one else was playing. When she got comfortable she was showing a great view of her light blue panties to anyone facing her, Heather called me over to show me, they were nice silk panties. I reached over and pushed down her skirt and she looked up and smiled and said thanks. She was red in the face but drunk enough she didn't care. She shuffled and dealt and didn't get any jokers and only 4 cards up, she covered 2 cards she could have put up with other cards during the hand. She took off her shoes, showing a lot of pantie shots while doing so. She shuffled and dealt the second hand and seemed to sober up a lot (maybe she was faking it before?) She got a joker and made Nikki drink and finished with 9 cards counting the joker. She took her shot and took off her socks and her top. She had a basic biege bra on that didn't reveal anything. She shuffled and dealt the 3rd hand got both jokers and made Nikki and Alex drink, Alex said she was getting warm after the shot and went to the balcony to cool off. The hand ended with Sharon getting 17 cards up total - safe. The next hand started and she got 1 joker making Kristen drink this one and ended up with 16 cards. She started the final hand of the round with two aces, and then got a joker and made Paul drink. It was looking good for a while but she only got 11 cards. She took off her skirt to show off those panties most of us had already seen. So she was left with her underwear on and decided to go for a second round. Greg tried to tell her she shouldn't but she said she wanted her clothes back, so she shuffled and dealt, this hand she got both jokers made Greg drink both and ran the deck to get all her clothes back. She said she was done but Paul repeated the rules, she had three hands to go. She finished the three hands in just her bra and panties again losing two pieces the first and last hand and one the second. She made Greg drink on one joker and Pete and Sue with two others. She walked off in her undies covering up a little.
The next name was drawn and it was Pete. To the girls dismay he only had to got down to his feet being bare before running the deck in his third hand. He made Nikki drink one shot and Alex drink the other. That was the only jokers he got and only had to remove 2 shoes in the last two hands combined, he took off his socks for the hell of it and said he was done. The girls were disappointed since he was goinig commando they wanted him to take off his pants.
The next player was Tom, the first hand was no jokers and 8 cards. He took his shoes off drank the shot and started the next hand. No jokers and 12 cards, socks off this time. The next hand 1 joker he made Kristen drink and 6 cards up. He took off his shirt and pants. Down to his undies and 2 hands to go, us girls were paying attention now. The next hand another joker and Kristen drank again but he got 21 cards and was safe. The last hand he ran the deck and got all his clothes back and decided to stop. He made Kristen and Heather drink there was a pattern showing with Kristen. We all decided to take a half hour break to settle from the drinking, we were all pretty drunk and needed the break. Heather made coffee and we danced a little and sobered up. Sharon seemed better after her second cup of coffee and we all decided to start the game again.
The next name was Ted he started by running the deck and made Kristen and Heather drink. The second hand he got no jokers and 2 cards, took off his shoes humming a stripping song as he did it then took his shot. The third hand he got no jokers again and 5 cards his socks and shirt came off and he was down to his under shirt and pants, still going commando from the tub earlier. His fourth hand he got a joker, made Kristen drink it (I knew there was a pattern now) but got 19. The final hand he got both jokers and 14 cards, one short of safe so took off his undershirt. He made Kristen drink again and Sue drink, the girls were seeing the same pattern I was and were again disappointed that another commando guy kept his pants on. Ted said he was done and got up off the floor feeling a little relief to have his pants.
Sue was the next victim, she shuffled and dealt the first hand, got a joker on the deal and made Paul drink. She got another joker 2 cards later and made Tom drink. She ended with only 2 aces up for a total of four and took off a shoe and her shirt much to all the guys surprise showing a cute little purple lace bra , then took her shot. The second hand saw no jokers and only 7 cards so she took off her other shoe and socks. The third hand was not much better, no jokers but she got 10 cards. This meant she had to take off her bra or skirt so she unzipped her skirt, which was knee length, and wiggled out of it, revealing a matching pair of lacy purple panites. (I couldn't see but found out that it was a thong) She had 2 hands to go and only 2 garments left. The fourth hand started out with 3 aces, she got about half way through the draw pile and got a joker, made Ted drink and ended with 19 cards up, she was safe. The last hand started well again 2 aces and a 2. She got a joker and made Ted drink and ended the hand with 14 cards one short of safe and had to take off the bra or the panties. She reached around her back gabbed all of her hair and put it in front of her, it covered down to her crotch. Then she reached back unhooked her bra and with one arm holding her hair and boobs slid off the bra. She didn't show anything and the guys were disappointed this time. She said she was done and got up carefully covering, once she stood up she let her arm down and was still covered by her hair.
We drew the next name and it was me, just as Tom called it we heard a little yelp. I looked up and Paul had a hold of Sue's arms and she was struggling to free them. This of course showed Sue's nice rack to everyone through the moving hair and she slowly realized that and stopped struggling. Paul let her go with a smile and she pulled back her hair to expose herself in full to everyone, she did a turn showing her thong, and ass cheeks and said to Paul, "are you happy now?" Then the eyes turned to me again. I told her she had a nice body and she didn't need to hide it.Then I started shufling. I got an ace of hearts up on the deal and another ace and a 2 of hearts shortly after that, I was feeling confindent at this point. I turned a joker over a few cards later and made Jim drink. I got the Ace of diamonds a little later then ran out of cards. I had a total count of 5 and took off my shoes and downed my shot. The second hand started slow and half way through the draw stack I had 4 cards up, no jokers. I was hopefull to go on a run as I had two 2's showing so all I needed was the 2 aces and would have at least 8 points, I got the 2 of clubs up and then found a joker and made Heather drink, the ace of hearts came up and I put the 2 on it and only needed 2 cards for ten points. The last ace came up and I topped it with the 2 and the 2 threes topped 2 more I had 12 and needed 3 more to be safe a 4 showing was for the spades and I needed the 3 to get both to count. I got the 4 of diamonds with three cards left but that was it. I took off my socks trying not to show anything up my skirt since I had nothing on down there and newly shaved. I was getting a bit warm in the face from the alcohol. The third hand was bad, really bad I got no jokers and 3 points. I had to take off my top, and my bra or my skirt with no panties, either way I was getting half naked. So I unbuttoned my shirt slowly and Heather started the strip song humming, then I took off my bra since they had all seen me topless anyway. The fourth hand I got 2 aces right off and then a joker quickly and made Nikki drink, I started getting aroused with my naked tits there in front of me as I played and my nipples quickly got hard. Nikki and Heather smiled as they saw me getting turned on. I turned over another few cards with only 2 more points, but at the end to my shock I only had 11 points and had to take off my last piece of clothing, which only three people knew was my last besides me. I stood there hesitating, then Nikki started chanting my name and everyone joined in. I slowly un-zipped my skirt and slowly slid it down to show my shaved pussy, and I was totally naked standing there, with everyone but Heather, Nikki and Kristen, in shock. The chanting slowly stopped as I got the skirt to my knees and it was silent as I stepped out of it. Nikki started to clap and Heather joined her then the guys joined them. I still had a hand to go so I sat back down and started shuffling, I was turned on by the clapping and my nipples still showed it. The next hand went just as bad and I had to dink but had nothing left to take off. I decided to go for a second round since I didn't want to walk around naked all night. The first hand my luck came up an I ran the deck. I got dressed and everyone took their shot. This made me much more comfortable of course and I started the second hand, no luck, no jokers and 3 points, shoes gone. Third hand 1 joker made Alex drink but only got 8 cards socks and top came off and a shot. My last hand I lost another piece of clothing and no jokers. I took my shot, feeling very tipsy and still turned on, my choice was my bra or my skirt and for some reason took off my skirt and left the game with my bra on. I was so horny and turned on I felt my self getting wet again. So I went to the bathroom and take care of it. I came so fast I barley had to touch my self, so I stayed a litlle longer took off my bra, and fondling my boobs I fingered myself to another orgasm. I put my bra back on flushed the toilet and went back to the party. When I got back Paul was in his boxers and had finished his round.
Nikki was next went one round and made Kristen drink on 4 jokers and ended up naked. She decided to not do a second round much to the guys happieness, she walked over to me and said now we have a topless girl a bottomless girl and a naked girl. Just then Sue motioned for us to come over and showed a pushing motion behind Paul so we nodded our heads and pushed as she grabbed his boxers and pulled them down, he fell into the back of Tammie who moved in shock, without Tammie's support and his boxers around his knees he fell to the floor putting his knees down first. Just as he landed Sue pulled harder and had his boxers in her hand in 2 quick yanks. She twirled them in the air as Paul covered himself with his hand and got up. Alex was near the sliding glass door and Sue called her and threw them. Alex hauled them in, ran to the balcony and threw them off. Paul was so scared and Sue just laughed, Alex was laughing too and said, serves you right for doing that to Sue now remove your hand. So he slowly took his hand away to show his manhood in all it's glory. I would say it was average but I hadn't seen that many.(Heather says it was average) So we had a naked guy a naked girl, a topless girl, and a bottomless girl, me. Everyone else either hadn't gone yet or had most of their clothes left. At least the guys did, the girls were all at least showing undies.
Greg was next, the last of the guys and the last one going commando. He dealt the first hand and ran the deck, made Kristen and Alex drink, Alex went back out on the balcony to cool off. The rest of us took our shots. We decided that the drinking part could stop as we were all toasty. Greg went on playing and I went out on the balcony to check on Alex, she had her shirt up and was holding her bra open when I got there and I asked if she was having fun and she turned and showed me what she was flashing. She quickly realized this and put her bra and shirt back. Then she told me she was very horny right now and wanted to show the people below her tits. There was only 3 people below and no one was watching but I accepted her answer. I said I was pretty drunk and she said she was too. She stared at me for a second and complemented me on my shaved mound. I thanked her and she leaned in and gave me a kiss on the mouth. I told her I wasn't interested in girls but thanked her for the kiss and complemented her body. She went back in to the room and I followed her back. I found out Greg was down to his shirt and pants with 2 hands to go. The fourth hand he got only 11 cards and took off his shirt. He got both jokers right away on the final hand and got 12 up which meant he had to get naked. All the girls gathered around and sung out the stripper song as he un-buttoned un-zipped and dropped his pants. He had a nice package but he was not circumsized so it looked like a little rocket. He decide to do a second round but had no luck getting his clothes back. He broke even three times but never ran the deck. He went for round three, broke even on the first hand and lost three pieces on the next 2. The fourth round he broke even twice and the last round he got 6 cards so he had to stay naked. He covered up then got in the hot tub. Nikki got in too and Paul followed. It was Heathers turn and she decided to forfeit and stipped as a lap dance to Pete who was sitting on the couch. He showed his excitement to this and grabbed a pillow to cover up. Next thing you know Sue takes off her bottoms to the guys surprise and got in the tub as well.
Alex volunteered to go next and basically just never put any cards up stripping off everything after 4 rounds and stayed that way. She got up did a slow spin for every one and walked out on the balcony.
This left Tammie and Kristen. Tammie went next, ran the deck the first hand, and the second hand but lost 2 items each of the last 3 hands. She got down to her panties and covering herself as much as possible with both hands. Kristen was drunk, took the cards threw them in the air and said, "52 card pick up" Then slowly did a striptease right there with everyone singing the stripper song. As soon as she was naked she picked up her bra and panties and went to the balcony and threw them off. She came back in past the naked Alex and got in the hot tub, which was now crowded with 5 nude people. Tammie grabbed her clothes and put them back on and poured herself a drink. I looked around at every one and no one put anything more on. Janice looked at me and grabbed her bra and pulled it up over her head, her tits bouncing out and free, then reached down undid her skirt and yanked it down her panties coming off with it all in one pull. She turned walked to the bar and poured herself a drink. Sharon wanted to join the fun but could only bring herself to taking off her bra. I said what the hell and pulled my bra up over my head, threw it towards the bed room and shook my boobs around with a little dance. Then turned to join Alex on the balcony.
We stayed out there for about 15 minutes silent just enjoying the sound of the surf. Then I see the lady from 3 balconies over come out with a silk robe on. She looked over at us two topless girls smiled and dropped the robe to show her nice tits, the guy came out looking like he was naked, I couldn't tell since we can't see each other from the bottom of the chest down. He saw us smiled and reached around behind the lady and put both hands on her tits. After a while of watching this (I couldn't take my eyes away and neither could Alex) he started to take her from behind, her tits bouncing with each thrust, She looked over and saw we were staring and smiled again. Then he turned her around grabbed her by the waist lifted her in the air and brought her down on to him. She road him for about ten minutes again tits bouncing with each thrust. I looked over at Alex and she was fingering herself right next to me. I was dripping wet so I joined Alex in getting myself off too. I didn't care if anyone from inside could see or came out. The guy then put her down and leaned her back against the balcony ledge and started thusting harder, she leaned her head back and started to squeel in extasy. I heard Alex groaning and then she went silent and stiff as she reached orgasm. With watching her come I came right after. She looked over at me and kissed me again. This time I kissed back and with tongue, she started grabbing my tits with her left hand and found my wet pussy with her right hand. I grabbed her tits and then moved one hand down to her wet warmth. I looked over at the other couple, they smiled and he carried her into their room. Alex and I brought each other to second orgasms and I had never had such a hard and satisfying one ever. We kissed a little more and then walked into the room. There were only Nikki and Kristen in the hot tub and they were doing what Alex and I just got done doing. Heather asked how's the weather and I said it was great and I took Alex's hand and lead her to the shower. We soaped up and made each other climax again, then cleaned up and came back into the room. I had never been like that with a girl but that was the best 45 minutes sexually of my life, from the balcony to the shower, it was so nice. We got back to the room and Nikki and Kristen were still going at it and I heard Heather and someone in the bedroom as we walked by. Everyone else had left. I told Alex thanks for the wonderfull time and helped her find her clothes and put them on. She left with a lingering kiss at the door. (she squeezed my naked tit as the door closed) I walked back to the room and asked the two in the hot tub if they wanted a drink since I was pouring another for myself. They slowly came to a stop with a look on their faces like they had just come up for air and din't know where they were. Nikki asked me what I said and I repeated it. Then she said sure as long as it was another body shot. Since I was already naked and not minding it I figured why not. Nikki and Kristen got out of the tub like 2 venuses coming out of the ocean both totally bare naked and shaved. I poured a shot into a shot glass and put it on my stomach as I laid on the floor (the bar was gone with Paul and Tom.) Nikki kneeled down as she grabbed the salt and had Kristen get her a lime. Kristen brought it back and kneeled down next to her to watch. Nikki was at my stomach level and Kristen next to her at my knee level. Nikki licked me just above my pussy right where I had shaved earlier, then she poured the salt. She put the lime wedge on my left boob, which was closest to her. She poured the shot in drops from between my boobs and all the way down to the salt, me gigling and shaking as she did it. My movement must have allowed the tequila to go farther because I coul feel it as it hit the top of my pussy. That's when Kristen leaned down and started licking it and my pussy and Nikki started licking between my tits. Nikki sucked my nipples very hard and I almost came right there. I had gotten oral sex before once, but this was way different, Kristen knew just what to do to drive me crazy and Nikki just licked up all the alcohol and sucked both nipples till I came very fast. I laid there when they were done totally exhausted and they asked if they could take a shower. I said sure and they left me there.
I must have fallen asleep cause I woke up as I heard someone say something and saw Nikki walking out the door. I went to the bedroom and heard somone coming to the door, it was Heather and she walked out naked and sweatty. I asked her who she had in there and she said it was Pete. I was shocked!!! He was hot and she said a very good fuck. (she still says that) We sat on the couch and talked about the night and I said I would sleep out here. She went back in to the room and came out quikly to ask me if I wanted to see Pete sleeping in the nude. I ran in quietly to see him laying on his back covered to the waist. She went over and slowly pulled away the covers to show a very nice dick on a very nicely built black man. She covered him up and walked out with me. She said, "What they say about black guys is true!" We laughed and I went to sleep on the couch and she went back into the bedroom.
Poster: Gina