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Sweet dare


My shyness shell (cont.)
Hey all I am back with the continuation of my story from vacation. When I left off last time I had just had the most sexual and exciting night of my life. The game was fun and now I continue from the next morning.
I got up off the floor trying to remember how I got there, but could recall nothing. I walked towards the bathroom and out walked Ted drying his head not even looking. I just quietly watched his nice naked body walk by me and into the bedroom. My God he was hot!! I got in the bathroom, locked the door behind me and went potty. Then I turned on the water nice and hot to take a bath. Heather knocked on the door and said she had to go really bad. So I opened the door and let her in. As she went we talked (some people can't do this but we never had a problem with it since we were kids.We had never done it both naked before though) She said she had 3 orgasms through the night and he didn't get much sleep. I told her that I had that in the first hour after the card game. We laughed and she finally got done and left me to slip into my hot bath. It was very relaxing and I almost fell asleep. I got out and all the towels were gone so I went to the main room to find a dry one. There weren't any there either so I went out on the balcony to air dry. No one was at the balcony 3 down so I sat in the chair and dried off in the warm sun. The sun was so nice and warm on my naked body I fell asleep. Heather woke me up a little later. She said I had been out there for 20 minutes. She was in her bikini and cover up ready for the beach. I got up and walked to the bedroom. I grabbed my cover up then went to the drawer to grab a suit. I then decided not to get the suit and put on my cover up, made sure everything was in my bag for the beach and went out to leave with Heather. I told her on our way out I had nothing on and we were going to buy that sheer black strap type suit at that one shop, she said she remembered it well and lifted the back of my cover up to check, there was my naked butt and she put it back down. We walked the 2 or three blocks it took to get there and I thought everyone was looking at me being naked under this thin cover up, the bottom of my naked butt cheeks showing below it. I walked in and went straight to that suit, took it to the dressing room and tried it on again. It had 2 straps over the shoulders about an inch or so wide each, just enough to cover my areola, sheer so you could see them through the fabric. They came together just below where my hair had been down there before I shaved it, and went under with about a 2 inch wide or so strip to a g string back end that separated into the 2 straps about mid way up my back. It looked like a thong coming up to separate into the 2 one inch wide straps over my shoulders. It had a white belt that tightend the sheer fabric of the suit to my body. I looked in the mirror at this suit on me, it didn't cover much and what it did cover was see-through anyway. I was getting turned on by just looking at myself. (which never happened until now) I took off the suit put my cover up on and went to the front to buy it. I kept it in the bag as I walked out of the store. Heather asked me why I didn't keep it on, I told her I would later. We got to the beach and found a spot to lay out, I got the towel out of the bag and laid it out. Heather laid hers out and took off her cover up and sat there on her towel. I took off my cover up and took out the lotion to put it on Heather. She just sat there in shock at me being naked on the beach. All the people around were staring and I told her to turn around so I could put the lotion on her. She turned around and I applied the lotion. When I was done I asked her to put it on me. As she rubbed it into my back, which made my boobs bounce, I tripple dared her to get naked with me. She stopped and just sat there in silence, then she took off her top and wiggled out of her bottoms and there we sat naked. I was so turned on by all the people staring my nipples were again fully erect, Iaid back on the towel and looked down at them as they pointed straight up. I don't have the biggest nipples but when they are at attention like this I swear it looks like 2 nailless pinkies pointing straight to the sky. Seeing them this way turns me on a lot, just to know that my body has all the electricty running through it and my hormones are gearing up! I hadn't felt this way really before last night, I always wanted my nipples to go away because it was proof that I was turned on and I didn't want to be. Now I look at them as a early detection tool to the fact that I am doing the right thing. I like being turned on now and my nipples help that. So I laid there taking in the warm sun, the warmth on my boobs and my naked crotch felt so good and just the knowing I was turned on got me more turned on. I had to get up and get in the water. So I walked slowly down to the water and felt the stares from around me. I found an out of the main area place to float and then bring myself to climax under water. It is a real free feeling to be in the water nude, all the warm water surrounding and touching my nakedness and supporting me as I float. It's probably as close to being back in the woom as you can get. I got done with my pleasuring and started walking out of the water. I looked back at the towels and there was 2 cops standing there looking down at Heather as she was puting her bottoms back on. I got there and they said hello and then told me that it is illegal to not where your bottoms on the beach, tops off is ok but full nudity as not. I pulled my suit out of my bag and put it on and then pulled the top part off. They said the bottoms were close to being illegal but that I had something on was the legal wording. They left and I laid back down to get some sun and Heather nudged me and said, to look around. I sat up and noticed a few people turning and looking away.The attention from the cops had gathered a crowd and they were still watching us. When I sat up some left and others turned there gaze away. I rolled over on my stomach and laid down. Then I heard a male voice say hey how you doing. Heather said fine and I turned over to see 2 hot looking guys standing there and Heather sitting up talking. I said hi and noticed they both didn't look into my eyes right away. Once they looked up they said hi and I asked how the were enjoying the sun and scenery. (I thought this was funny) Heather got the joke and the 2 guys stood there and one said the sun was great but there wasn't much scenery to look at. ( I think he was serious and didn't get the joke, scenery...staring at my tits.) They said they had been on their boat most of the day and came in to get fuel and beer for the rest of the day and tomorrow. They had noticed the cops and when they saw us they wanted to come over and invite us on their boat and we could catch some sun any way we wanted. (Heather and I looked at each other like ...Yeah Right!) These guys were looking to get laid and were trying to impress us with their boat. Heather, to my surprise said, "sure we'll go tomorrow, we have plans in a few minutes, but definatley tomorrow" They agreed and told us where to meet them and left. I looked at Heather and she just said, "I have a task you can't refuse." This was the last one and I couldn't wait for her to tell me this one. She starts by saying' "It seems like you are open to more now than when we set the rules so I am going to stretch this one a little on the rules. You have to be my slave for the day tomorrow and do anything I tell you to all day" I was shocked, she found a loop hole with the slave thing so she could make me do tasks all day and already said she was going to stretch the rules, which meant I was going to do some things I had never done before so I needed to set the ground rules a little for this one. I said we needed to get something to eat and we packed up and went to lunch. At lunch I tried to get some rules set down but she said she saw me last night and there wasn't anything I could say that would make her set any rules. "trust me" she said, "I won't make you do anything you won't be able to get over in time." How much time was what I was worried about, would I be scarred for years? Would I hate the water and not be able to go near it for a long time. Probably other worse things that I couldn't think of but was scared of anyway. So we went to a local historical sight and spent the rest of the day there. I made her go with out bottoms under her cover up for awhile which she did with ease. I found there was not much that would scare her, so I knew I was in for an interesting day tomorrow. We had a great dinner that night and had a little too much to drink. We ended up both being naked for the last 2 blocks to the hotel and up to the room. Only 2 people saw us and luckily they weren't with the hotel. I went out to the balcony to check for the couple three balconies over and no one was there. In fact I never saw them again. The encounter last night was the best and last with them. I went to bed very nervous about the following day as a slave to Heather's whims.
Poster: Gina