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Sweet dare


My shyness shell cont'
I have had some extra time so I thought I would post again. I am almost done with my vacation so only a little left. I wanted to get on to a dare I recently did with Heather and a party Heather and I had. Anyway to continue with the next day in my vacation of breaking my shyness shell.
I was brought out of a nice dream by Heather telling me to get up. She wanted to go for a jog. It was 5 am and I had about 4 and a half hours of sleep. She told me I had to put on my cover up and socks and shoes for jogging, nothing else. I got dressed and she put on her bra and panties and shorts and t-shirt and socks and shoes. I dared her to take off her bra to go jogging and she said no dares are valid from me because I am a slave and slaves have no rights. We went on our jog and my cover up bounced all over while I jogged, and after an hour of jogging my chest was sore and I had shone at least a dozen people my ass and pussy. I was so turned on when we got back to the room I had to go take care of myself. Heather said I could go to the bathroom but would have to leave the door open and she would sit and watch me go. I couldn't masturbate in front of her so I just tinkled. We were to meet the guys after breakfast and Heather said I could go eat breakfast in my new swim suit and no cover up. I put on my suit and grabbed my purse. This suit made it a bit embarrassing to show everyone in the restaurant my full body. Everyone else in street clothes and covered up. I got stares but the bad kinds not any good kinds. I got mean looks and comments under peoples breath. We got done and I left as soon as I could.
We got back to the room and I got my day bag ready for the boat. Heather walks over and tells me to take off my suit and give her my bag. I handed her my bag and as I pulled the suit off my shoulders and dropped it to the floor she took out the other suit I was gonna bring and my change of clothes for later in the day. She told me to put on my cover up and gave me my bag. She said I was to go to meet the guys in my cover up. I was a little scared about this. I asked Heather to put sunscreen on me now and she says she will do it on the boat and I couldn't put any on until then. I put on my cover up and grabbed my bag.
We met the guys near their boat and got on, Heather stopped me after one step and said ok take off your cover up and show the guys what I picked out for you to wear today. I took off my cover up and stood there for a couple seconds nude as the day I was born, (specially since I was shaved) the guys couldn't stop staring as I walked to the front of the boat and laid out my towel. I took the lotion out of my bag and stood there rubbing lotion into my tits as my nipples got harder and harder. The guys continued to stare and Heather came over and I gave her the bottle to rub the lotion on to my back. I turned around to face Heather, took hold of the bottom of her cover up and pulled it up and off. She shook her head to make her hair fall into place, which drove the guys crazy. Then I reached around behind her, whispered in her ear that they have already seen you this way and if I'm naked you are going to be topless. I untied her top and pulled it over her head. She didn't even flinch, started to rub lotion in to her tits and I took some from her to do her back. We laid down on our backs and took in the sun. This was the hottest day since we had been down there. There was not a cloud in the sky. The guys stopped staring and went to start up the boat. It was a small cabin cruiser from what Kevin told us. Kevin was the owner of the boat, a tall guy probably 6 foot 4 awesome washboard abs, a really nice firm ass and well toned body. He had short black hair and light green eyes. The other guy was Stephen. He was around 6 foot athletic body but not toned he had a great ass, blond hair and dark blue eyes. (with a twinkle that made you want to stare at them) We took off from the dock thingy and slowly went out to open water. It wasn't very rough and Heather and I had only a little problem now and then moving on our towels. The boat stopped and the guys came out to join us on the front deck. Kevin said this was not a great boat to ski behind but we could. He had a couple pairs of skis and a tube if we wanted to tube. We had a full fridge with a couple of 12 packs of beer and sandwich makings. Also a full bar with Tequila, rum, whiskey and a couple of good liqueurs. We could stay on the boat all day if we wanted to. I put on my sunglasses and looked up to see both of them staring at us, and since they were sitting down at our feet they were getting a good view of my pussy. I got a bit embarrassed and sat up and crossed my legs. I asked Kevin if I could have a beer and he said sure and went to get me one. Stephen stayed and stared at Heather. I asked Stephen if we could go down the coast a little today and stop in a local village to shop, he said he didn't know since Kevin was the owner and "captain of this vessel" Then I asked him if they were gonna lay out with us and he said sure, then left to get a couple of towels. While they were both gone I told Heather that I thought Stephen had an interest in her. She asked me why I would think that and I told her because I was sitting here totally naked and he couldn't take his eyes off her. Kevin brought beers for all of us and Stephen came back with towels for the guys. Stephen gave a towel to Kevin then laid his next to Heather. (I think they chose who was to "be with" who on their own.) Kevin laid his next to me and we laid out and enjoyed the hot day. After a while the hot sun beating down on my naked body started to get my hormones going, my nipples were hard and the warmth in my crotch wasn't just the sun so I decided to take a dip. I asked Kevin if there was a way to get back on if I went swimming and he decided to give us the "tour" of the boat. He showed us the bar the fridge the bathroom if we needed to take a dump, otherwise use the ocean. Then the small bedroom and told us to get on the bed and look out the little windows at the great view. It was right above the waters surface and was kinda cool. Then he showed us the back of the boat and where they had a platform in the water and 3 stairs leading to it. I ran and jumped in and Heather followed me. We must have been a sight with our naked boobs floating there cause the guys were staring again. I leaned back and kicked my legs to swim away a little and float on my back. I was turned on enough and knew these guys would love the view, and I would love the attention.
We swam for a while and decided to come back in. Kevin brought us towels to dry off with, I thanked him and asked for another beer, Heather did too and soon we were all sitting drinking beers. We decided on playing a drinking game and Heather came up with one. We were to go around the table, she would start, and name an animal but in alphabetical order and within 5 seconds. If you fail you swig. She started with antelope and I said beaver Kevin said cat and Stephen said dog, Heather said elephant and I said fox. It went awhile to Heather who came up with unicorn and we said that was not a real animal. She downed her beer. We decide to do shots from then on and you couldn't rename the same animal when you started the next round. It lasted for about an hour and a half and we couldn't think of any we hadn't done. I had taken 3 shots, Heather 4, Kevin 2, and Stephen 5. Stephen was getting a little blurred in his speech when we started over with a new game and all animals were available. We stopped after about an hour with me getting 1 shot, Heather 2, Kevin 4 and Stephen 2. We decided to not make him drink the last 2 cause he kept losing track of the letter he had to do. We were all comfortable and I didn't ever realize I was naked until I got up and felt the breeze on my boobs. I went to the bathroom and when I got out Kevin was making sandwiches. He asked me what I wanted and I ordered ham so he told a dumb joke and asked if that was hammy enough. We laughed and he handed out the sandwiches. I was about to ask if we were going to go down the coast when Heather says Kevin deserves a kiss for that joke and I need to give it to him. I paused for a second then remembered that I was the slave, so I got up and leaned over his chair and gave him a peck on the cheek. Heather said that wasn't a good enough kiss for that joke and I should kiss him on the mouth. I leaned down again, my boobs almost touching his chest and kissed him on the mouth. He returned the kiss but no tongue. He was probably thinking he shouldn't do more. Then he asked if Heather was telling me what to do and I had to obey. Heather said yes and asked if there was something he wanted to make me do. He said yes a kiss, a long kiss. So Heather told me to do it and I enjoyed a nice kiss, his tongue darted around and was so light and delicate it was very sensual. Heather told us that was enough and we ate lunch. It was about 1 or 2 and I asked if we were going to go down the coast and go shopping. Stephen said he wasn't into shopping and Heather agreed, so Heather decided to go tubing. She went then I went and then we went together. My body was very red from the tube and I was little sore. We tied up the tube and I went to lay out again on the front deck, the rest of them wanted to stay in the back. I asked Heather to put lotion on my back and I rubbed it into my boobs in front of the guys as she did. They were trying not to stare but they couldn't hide it very well. I went to the front deck and laid down. I fell asleep for a while in the warmth and Heather woke me up with a pinch of my left nipple. She said I had been out for 20 minutes and better role over. I started to and felt something kind of squish on my side as I did. I looked down and they had put whipped cream around my boobs and nipples then a line down my stomach to my crotch a triangle around that and a line across my belly button all the way across to both sides. I stopped rolling before it got all over and Heather told me to stay on my back and let Kevin lick to cream off my crotch. They had been drinking more because they were all laughing at my expense. Kevin came over and kneeled at my feet and leaned in between my legs and licked the whipped cream off of me. He was a gentleman about it and didn't go down on me. Then Heather says Stephen was going to lick it off my belly and he kneeled down at my waist and licked it off, 2 final licks on the bottom of my boobs. My nipples were very hard from the attention and the licking and I was getting the warm feeling inside. Heather kneeled down and started to lick the cream from my boobs and sucked and licked my pointed nipples longer than anything else. I started to moan a little with this and she did it harder. She stopped before I got too noisy and got a wet rag and washed me off, which sent shivers and goose bumps all over me from the touching. I nearly came with the washing. She told me to roll over and tan my back side so I did and everyone laid out with me. I got up to go to the bathroom and she asked where I was going and I told her, she said that I needed to go in the water if I didn't have to take a shit. I said ok and went around to go in the water. She joined me and was next to me the whole time, which made it impossible to do what I wanted, no needed, to do, which was pleasure myself. I got out of the water and went and laid on my stomach to tan some more. After about 15 minutes Heather said I needed a drink and had Kevin make me a drink. She told me to get up and go the the table in the back to drink it. I went back and sat down at the table. She said that before I had my drink Kevin and Stephen wanted to do some shots, and they would do them off my body. She lead me by the hand to lay on the table and Kevin brought my drink and the 2 tequila shots. She had the guys standing on each side of me while I lay naked on the table. She sucked my right nipple to attention and poured the salt on it then placed the lime wedge between my boobs. She poured the shot in my belly button and told Stephen to go for it. He sucked my nipple and licked off the salt, both my nipples were again at attention. Then he sucked up the shot and wiggled his head between my boobs as he took the lime wedge. Then she came around, sucked my left nipple, poured the salt and put the lime wedge at the top of my crotch pushing my legs together far enough to hold the wedge. She lifted my head a little and poured the shot down my body from between my boobs. Then she told Kevin to go for it. He sucked my nipple then went to the other one and sucked that. When he was done he licked up the rest of the salt and tequila from around my boobs, I was so aroused right now I almost came. He continued down my body licking and sucking up all over making sure not to miss a drop. He then stopped and stood up, walked around my leg and put his head between both legs and licked his way up my legs to the lime. Before he got to the lime I arched my back, gave out a soft moan. I was so built up from getting so close a couple times during the day, that I had the biggest and best orgasm I had ever had. (last nights was almost as good but not quite) Noticing this he picked up and tossed the lime wedge and went down on me. He started humming as his tongue did the light darting like when he kissed me. I came again in no time and once more before he was done. I laid there with a huge smile on my face naked and spent. Kevin showed me to the shower and washed me off, making me cum again as he messaged and fingered me. We walked back out and Stephen and Heather were kissing and all over each other so we went to the bedroom.
To thank him for the joy he gave me I gave him my second ever blow job. He was bigger than I thought and I could only take part of it in since I hadn't had much experience(just the one time and some pointers from Heather.) I asked him if he had condoms and he said yes. He went and got one and we put it on him. I got on top and road him for long time and almost came again, but he stopped me and rolled over and went at me from behind. I had never done this position and came quickly with a loud moan. He kept going and gave out a little grunt a short time later as he came and we laid there exhausted. I heard the shower going as we left the room.
We got back out to the back deck and no one was there so I decided to go to the front to get a good view of the soon arriving sunset. A few minutes later Heather showed up naked and wet. She picked up her towel and started drying off. When she was dry enough she laid her towel down and sat next to me to watch the rest of the sunset. The sun went down and Stephen joined us clean and dressed. Kevin said he was going to take a shower and Heather got a change of clothes out of her bag and got dressed. (with out undies I noticed) She put on a straight tank top and a pair of shorts. I grabbed my cover up and put it on, Heather didn't stop me. I asked Stephen what was the plan and he said it was up to Kevin since it was his boat, so we waited for Kevin to come back. He decided he was hungry and wanted to know if we wanted to go ashore and get a good dinner. We all agreed it was time for dinner and we pulled anchors and headed to shore. Heather told me to put on my halter top and shorts but no bra and no panties. I didn't have any with me any way. So happily I got dressed as we pulled in to the dock and tied down. We went to an Italian place and got a table near the back. The waiter came up and asked us for our drink orders and when he left Heather told me that when he comes back to take our order I was to pull down my top, scrunch down and lay my boobs on the table and order for all of us. It wasn't a long way to scunch down and I wrote down the orders on a napkin. The waiter got there and I pulled down my top and put my boobs on the table. He looked right at me and stared as I did this so I had his full attention. As I ordered I noticed I was getting something else of his to attention and he finished taking the order and hid himself as he quickly turned to leave. We all laughed and Heather thanked me for not complaining about doing it. I was glad to as I was much braver with my nakedness and loved the attention it got me. We had a great dinner and great service form our waiter and we tipped him well too. We walked out of the restaurant and Heather said thanks to the guys for a wonderful day but that she and I wanted to do somethings on our own now since it is our last night here. I gave Kevin a huge kiss and hug and Heather did the same to Stephen and we went our own ways.
Heather told me as we walked that she had seen a flyer that there was a great bar down the road that was having a wet t-shirt contest and that I was entering it. I couldn't refuse since I was still her slave, I was also kind of scared but more exited to do this again but with out her up there with me could I do it?
We got to the bar and and it was packed!!! It was huge and probably more than 200 people were there. We found out the contest was starting in 20 minutes and the rest of the girls were in the back already getting "dressed" for it. I signed up got the t-shirt from the activities guy and had to read a page of rules and sign a waiver. I did and we went to the back to get ready. I took off my halter and put on the t-shirt. It was a little big but Heather got some scissors and cut a strip of it out from just a little below the top all the way to almost the bottom leaving only a little on the top and bottom. Then she cut the hem at the bottom and pulled it tight and tied it just below my tits. Then she told me that I was going to just get wet and dance on the first of the 3 rounds. Then in the second round I was to dance and untie the top and then rip it off and throw it to the crowd. Then in the third round I was to either tease the crowd by lowering my shorts or if I wanted I could take them off. She gave me the option which was interesting but she said that she couldn't make me take off the shorts in front of this big of a crowd. She added that it would probably get more reaction. The fact that I had no panties on and everything being wet they could proably see most of what I had anyway.
There were 9 girls in the competition and 5 of them didn't have a chance. The other 4 of us were close and anyone could win. The prize was free drinks the rest of the night for 2 people and a $300 Amex gift card. I was excited about the chance of getting the gift card but didn't want to get too drunk. All the girls in the contest were allowed free drinks until the end of it, incase we needed the "courage." I had 2 shots to get started and was ready to go. Heather went out front to watch as all us girls went on to the stage. I was the last in line and got to watch all the others go first. I will tell you about the other 3 girls that had a chance with me being the 4th. The first girl, Jane was a short brunette with at least C cup boobs and a small ass. She got soaked down and started dancing and turning around a lot to shake her ass at everyone then she turned around and pulled off her shirt which got a huge cheer from the crowd. She danced a little more twirling her shirt above her head and her time ran out. She put her shirt back on as she left the stage. Then next girl, Becky was a tall skinny girl. Probably 5'10" long legs, short black hair and about B cup boobs. She didn't have any curves really just long legs. She got soaked down and danced around really fast, she didn't take off anything but teased by pushing her boobs up and together with her hands. Then a girl named Shawnee' got up and after getting soaked turned and just started shaking and wiggling her ass. She was a short black girl straightened black hair to her shoulders and a nice ass but small B cup boobs, if that. She shook her ass and danced around then she lifted her shirt to show her boobs and the crowd cheered. She finished by shaking her ass some more and left. I got up there and got soaked, then I shook my boobs around and squeezed them. Then I turned around showing my ass off and the fact that I had no panties on being very clear to everyone as the shorts were stuck on me like a second skin. I started to untie the shirt and the crowd cheered but then I stopped and shook my boobs some more, which made the shirt untie, and that gave my boobs more freedom to shake. I got done and they eliminated the 5 other girls. Jane, Becky and Shawnee' and I were left. Jane got soaked again and took off her top right away and danced again shaking and twirling it over her head, then put it back on when she was done. Becky got soaked down again and she pulled her shirt off, getting a big cheer and setting her boobs free and pushed them up again them turned around and spread her long legs and bent over at the waist, the crowd cheered again. Then she put her hand through between her legs and grabbed her ass and pulled her hand through rubbing herself all the way through which got the crowd screaming. Then she turned around and danced fast again and left puting her shirt back on. Shawnee' got wet down and started shaking her ass again, then turned around and took off her shirt, the crowd cheered and then she turned around again to shake her ass some more. When she was done she had left her shirt on the stage and didn't cover up. So I went out got the water and started shaking my boobs again then I reached down and ripped the shirt off, swing it around and threw it in the crowd. They all roared and I shook my tits some more. The crowd was loving it and I decided to do the same move that Becky did I turned around spread my legs and bent over. I put my hand through and grabbed my right butt cheek, then I pulled it through with my middle finger sliding a little into my pussy. It made my body tingle and I felt the ecxitement building inside me. My time ran out and I skipped off the stage, my tits bouncing the whole way. They sent Shawnee' and Jane off and it was down to me and Backy. Becky went up and got the water and tried to rip her shirt off but couldn't get through the hem at the bottom (I knew then why Heather had cut the hem) so she pulled it off and threw it to the crowd, they all roared then she did her move with the hand and did the same finger thing I did, but she turned around and licked her finger which made the crowd go wild. Then she teased by pulling her bikini bottoms down a little and her time was up. She jumped up and down shaking her little boobs as she stepped back to the back of the stage. I walked up on stage and got wet then started the same way by shaking my naked tits to the crowd. Then I teased by pulling down the front of my shorts a little and the crowd was cheering and a chant started of "skin to win" I turned around and spread my legs again and put my hand through, the crowd was going crazy and the chant got louder. This time instead of grabbing my ass cheek I grabbed the top of the back of my shorts and I pulled them down to the floor as the crowd went wild and the chant stopped. I stepped out of the shorts and I was so wet from the excitement. I decided to flip the shorts to the crowd and the guys scrambled to grab them. Then I realized that was all I had to wear, but couldn't get them back. I turned around and danced naked for a few seconds and my time was up but the crowd was wild with cheers and applause. They brought Becky back up and took a vote. Becky got a lot of applause but I got a lot more. My excitement over being naked in front of so many people was running down my leg. I was so wet from the water no one could tell and I accepted my gift card and ordered drinks for Heather and I. I ran to the bathroom as soon as I could and shut and locked the stall door. I rubbed myself with one hand and pinched my left nipple with the other and came very quickly. I heard the door open and saw my bag slide under the stall door, as Heather said I could put on my cover up. We spent the rest of the night dancing together and with others and she was showing off my crotch as much as she could by lifting my cover up to all. We got back to the room about 2:30 and I took off my cover up and walked out to the balcony. I looked over again and as I said earlier didn't see anyone three balconies over. The humid night air on my naked body felt so good, but I was tired and went to bed and fell asleep on top of the covers.
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Poster: Gina