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Sweet dare


My Shyness shell last entry
So here it is my last entry to my (long) story. Although it all happened in one week it took a while to remember it all and write it all out. Anyway this is the last one, I hope you have all enjoyed this it has been liberating to share.
I woke up on my back with my left leg off the side of the bed and my right spread out where my heel was just holding me on the other side of the bed. Heather was standing naked at the foot of the bed just looking at me and my spread eagle pose. She said it was cute the way I laid there naked and all spread out, no fear at all. I realized I had broken the shell. I knew it yesterday but this had confirmed it. She said to me exactly what I had said about her a few days before.
We checked out of the Hotel and put our things in the car. I had my skimpy suit on and she had her bikini on and we went walking and watching people to waste some time and get sun before we left. I had put some things in my day bag for the walk and we stopped in to the restaurant where Nikki worked and I put a pair of my panties in a large envelope I got from the hotel. I told the waitress there we were friends with Tim and Nikki and could they give this to Tim. We started to leave and in walked Nikki. She had dropped by to get her schedule and I told her about the envelope. She laughed and said she would make sure he got it. We told her we were going home today, so we hugged and kissed her on the cheek. I told her I had broken the shell and she said she knew at the party the other night and that's why she left with out saying goodbye. She told me to enjoy my new found freedom and take advantage of it as much as I could. We left after getting her phone number and email and said we would keep in touch. (which we still do.)
We walked back to the car and started the drive back, I told Heather she needed to take off her top and I pulled my suit off my shoulders. We drove for a few hours topless slowing for some high school guys to get a good look for part of the trip. We stopped to fill the tank and since I didn't have the belt on with my suite it fell off as I stepped out of the car. Since it was dirty I went naked the rest of the trip, except when we stopped to eat I wore my cover up only.
We got home a week before my parents were due back and we dared each other to unpack the car naked. Which we did but no cars came up the driveway next door. We took a shower together and stayed naked in the house for the night, dancing to some good songs and painted each other with some body paints Heather bought earlier in the day. Heather stayed at my house the rest of the week. We both sunbathed nude in the back yard the next day although I was worried that the Helton's would come home. We went grocery shopping on Wednesday and while we were out I decided to get the Brazilian wax. I was very red after but, Nikki was right it is better. On the way back I dared Heather to streak the last 3 blocks home and she did but had me drive slow so she could run next to the car so only one side of the street could see her. Heather wanted to get me back so she double dared me to put on my see-through strap suit with no belt on run from the back door and over to the Helton's pool, jump in one side and swim to the other side then run back to the back yard. I agreed to do it and got my suit from the dryer. I knew since I couldn't wear the belt the straps over my shoulders would be the only thing holding it on me, and running would probably cause it to fall off. So as I started to run it slipped and I grabbed the straps and put them back on. I had to run standing as tall as I could to hold the straps tight. I was very worried that the Heltons would be home even though I hadn't heard anything from the front telling me they were. Even if they weren't they could come home any time, the rush of the possibilities got me excited. I got around the fence and decided to hold my suit up with my hands on the straps by my shoulders. It was hard to run this way but at least my suit stayed up. Then my tits bounced their way free of the suit so I ran the rest of the way just holding the suit on around my waist. I got to the pool put the suit back on and ran to the far end to dive in and swim back. I reached out and dove in and, yes you guessed it, the suit came off as I hit the water. I stopped and went back, grabbed it and started swimming again. I got to the other side and climbed up the ladder naked and dripping wet, holding my suit in my left hand. The freedom of being naked and swimming felt so good. I ran back to the back yard with out pausing and Heather let me in to the kitchen through the sliding door. The Helton's weren't home and since both sets of neighbors appeared to be gone for the week Heather and I went skinny dipping in the Helton's pool that night. And with the free feeling and the risk of being caught I pleasured myself in the pool in front of Heather, another first for me, I had never masturbated with any one so close. It was under water but still in front of her.
Heather dared me the next day to go out in this long t-shirt that I sleep in sometimes. She said that is all I could wear and I had to go out the front door and run to the end of the driveway, stop and do 5 jumping jacks and run to the yard. She started the sprinkler watering the yard and she said that I had to run over and back through the sprinkler ten times before I could come back. Then I had to stop on the porch and do 5 more jumping jacks before I could get back in. I got undressed and went up stairs to get the t-shirt, I put it on and came down, it barely covered my ass. She opened the door and I took off running, my tits were bouncing as I ran and the shirt was flopping up sometimes to my waist showing my newly waxed pussy. I got to the end of the driveway and did my jumping jacks, then headed for the sprinkler and ran through. After twice through I was soaked and the t-shirt was stuck to my tits and crotch. I got done with the ten times over and back and ran to the porch. Heather was watching from the window and I decided to add to the dare. I peeled off the wet t-shirt and with very hard nipples did my last ten jumping jacks naked and holding the t-shirt. Later that week we did a couple other small things but nothing too exciting.
That was my trip and my story of how I went from the shy person I was to the exhibitionist I am now. I hope you all enjoyed it. I have other dares I have done since but I will save those for later.
Poster: Gina