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Sweet dare


Heathers Dare
This is Gina again. Heather came up with this dare for both of us since she likes to do them too.

She decided that we needed a "little" public display of nakedness. I say little because we planned it for a mall near us that is small and not very busy. Also we planned it for a Thursday evening which means not as many people are there.

The plan was for both of us to dress in white gauze type fabric sun dresses, the kind with the spaghetti straps that are light and comfortable for a summer morning. We would not wear bras and only white cotton panties underneath. I don't own one of these dresses so we planned that I would buy mine at the mall and then change in the bathroom for the dare. After I get changed into mine we head toward the fountain that is just off the middle of the mall. Then while walking by we would get into a fake argument and start pushing each other. Of course you know what follows we both end up in the fountain like on that commercial on TV, except we would just push each other in and stop fighting after the "accident" and make up after getting out and laughing at each other in our wet clothing. We walk off soaked to the bone with see-through dresses and panties on.

So that is the dare that Heather came up with and I accepted. It didn't go exactly as planned as you'll find out.

We got up at about 8 and took our showers and got ready for the dare. Heather was in her white dress and panties and her white sandals, that's it, besides her purse. Since I didn't have a dress yet, I was wearing my pink shorts and a tight long sleeve t-shirt, white with pink arms. No bra with white cotton panties and flip flops. We had already found a store in the mall that had the white gauze dress I needed in my size so we went to the mall. We got to the store and found the dress and I went to try it on to make sure it would work. Heather came in to the dressing room with me and we almost matched with our dresses on, so I bought a light pink one that would have the same effect with the dare but not look like we planned the whole thing with matching dresses and all. We headed to the bathroom and I changed into the dress and put my clothes in my purse, I wore the shorts and the light shirt so I wouldn't have much to carry in my purse.
We left the bathroom and headed to the fountain and I started to get really nervous. There were more people than I expected and we walked by a security guard going the other way on our way there. I totally forgot about security guards! I stopped Heather and asked if she wanted to not do this, and she said that it would be fine and she wasn't going to chicken out, and asked me if I was going to lose the dare. So I went on not to be outdone by her.
We got to the fountain and started our argument quietly, then I called her a stupid slut for sleeping with my boy friend a little louder. She told me that if I wasn't such a bitch and kept him happy he wouldn't have come to her, so I pushed her and she fell back like I had really put everything I had behind it. She came at me with the most evil looking face and tried to slap me, but I moved back and slapped her arm out of the way. Then I went to push her again and like we planned, she dodged and I went a little passed her almost into the fountain. She turned and pushed me, but I grabbed her arm as I fell back and we both went in, me on my back and her on top of me. I pushed her off of me and she ended on her back fully under the water like me. We got up out of the water and went to go at each other and paused, drenched and dripping and I started to laugh at her hair in her face and she laughed at me and then we looked at each other like we needed to get out of the fountain fast. We went from dry to soaked in seconds.

Let me explain what Heather looked like then she will type what I looked like and let you know something I didn't know at this time in the story.
He hair was soaked and in her face, her mascara was running down her face and the dress was showing her body almost like there was nothing covering it. One thing I didn't know would happen with these dresses (but was a welcome surprise!) is that the gauze would form fit to our bodies. What I did know, because it was so thin, it was almost perfectly clear once wet. She pulled it away from her torso and flipped the bottom to try to dry it out a little as we walked away, You could see her tits and hard nipples very well through the top part and she left that the way it was purposely for people to stare at as we walked away, which they were doing. Now Heather to explain my state of dress and what I looked like.

Hi, I haven't typed yet on these since Gina is a better typer, but here it goes. Let me go back a bit in the story. When she grabbed my arm to pull me in to the fountain with her(this was all very fast) I went towards her like she had actually grabbed me. My hand went forward and as I put it down to catch myself it caught Gina's strap on her dress. Then she pushed me off of her so I could get wet on both sides (the water is kind of shallow only about 8 inches deep) As I fell on my back the ring on my right hand caught her strap and broke it. I guess as she got up it fell off but with the water soaking her she didn't feel it. So her left boob was out for all to see. I didn't tell her until we had walked a little so people staring could get a good view. Her hair was a mess and her make up was smeared. The rest of the dress was skin tight on her and her nipples were at full attention. She got a little camel toe affect with the dress at first but pulled that away to dry off the dress part a little. Now back to Gina.

Hi again, so I didn't know about my boob out until she showed me later and I was so embarrassed, but then again it was already done. We walked off looking practically naked laughing and arm in arm. We got to the next exit from the mall and ran to the car, getting looks from people coming in.

It was so exciting to be nearly naked in front of those people and to actually get away with it! We got back to our room and pulled off our clothes and finished ourselves off, Heather in the bathroom and me on my bed.
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