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Sweet dare


Daring party
Hey all it's Gina again, and for those who don't know who I am I'll describe myself again. I am about 5 foot 6 inches tall, I have light brown hair that goes a little blond during these Summer months. I have Green eyes and I weigh about 130 with an athletic build. My bra size is 36C. My best friend is Heather she and I have known each other since grade school and are now in college together. Heather is about 5 foot five inches tall with dark brown hair and blue eyes. She is skinnier than me at around 115 and her bra size is 34B, although when we stand next to each other they look the same size as mine. Oh and she loves to show hers off, well so do I now really. We are both into guys but don't mind having fun with the girls. (sometimes they are more passionate).I love this website, it really turns me on and makes me want to share my experiences. Here is a new one:
My friend Heather and I decided to throw a party for some close friends. These friends had to be picked specially, just for this party because there is a very good chance of getting naked and seeing others naked. The 5 girls are chosen because we know them well and know them to be a little flirty and not against showing some skin in certain circumstances. The 5 guys were chosen because we know they like to flirt and have fun but we also know, either through personal experience or through other girls, that they won't take advantage of a girl. They know that no means "NO!"
Heather and I came up with the idea of having a party based around a game that we played on our vacation to Florida. It was Strip Solitaire. Each person we invited would have to agree to do one thing for us before they could leave the party but not know what that one thing was. Of course it was to play the game which, as I said before, obviously could mean getting naked.
Of the 10 we invited 4 could not come or would not agree to the stipulations of the invitation. This meant we had 6, 3 guys and 3 girls, it was perfect. With Heather and I that made for a party of 8 which was a good size party for this game since it could last a while.
Heather and I live in a dorm room together, but this party was going to be at her mom and dad's place. They were gone for a 3 week vacation/business trip. Her dad had business the first week and they decided to stay in London for the rest for some time away.

The party was on a Friday so that anyone needing to stay could, and have as long as they needed to recover. I was soooo excited!

It finally got to the day of the party and Heather and I got to the house really early, leaving just after morning classes, to decorate and set up the bar and some pre-game entertainment. We got finished in time to take a skinny dip in the hot tub. We walked out to the tub in our towels and took them off as we got in. I don't know if it was the cool air or just being naked outside but I got a chill as I took off my towel and my nipples immediately got hard. This was going to be a fun night.

We got out of the hot tub and toweled off, went inside and got dressed for the party. I'll tell you later what we are wearing since it does play a roll in the game. I'll describe our guests, and what they are wearing, as they play the game.

As the last guest arrived, a little late, some had already started their second drink and everyone was either playing or watching the Wii in the living room. I got their attention and had them turn off the Wii. Then I went over some rules. I told them this was going to be a very fun night and I know they were all curious about the task they had to do before they left the party. To insure that and to stop people from driving drunk I asked for every one's keys. We put them in a basket and Heather took it upstairs to hide it. As she left I explained that yes there is a pool and hot tub in the back. The pool can be used but no screaming or loud noises as we don't want to anger the neighbors. The hot tub can be used but Heather's parents just put in new filters and since we don't want them mad there can be no clothing worn in the tub. That means none...naked only. (the filter thing was a lie but it made things more interesting) The guys smiled and nudged each other. The girls tried to hide there excitement by acting shy. I told them the bar was open as some had found out but there is no "bartender" so mix your own or just grab a beer. There is a recipe book in the cabinet on top.
Now to the thing they had to do before they leave. I had their full attention at this point and Heather came back down the stairs. I went on to tell them that Heather and I played a game a while back that we enjoyed and thought that having a party around this game was a fun way to do it. They were even more curious. We could play this game and start right away as a drinking game or we could wait until everyone had a few and play it with out drinking rules. They all agreed to start right away and do it as a drinking game. So I told them the game was Strip Solitaire. The girls looked a little scared, but the guys smiled again and were ready. I knew the girls would still do it but at least one would be hesitant. I took all coats that were still on and told them that Heather would explain the rules as I put away the coats and got the deck of cards. We would play around the coffee table with the player on the couch in the middle and everyone else around in chairs or on the couch next to them.
Heather gave the rules:
socks/stockings-garter belts/nylons/ = 2 items
shoes/sandals/flip flops/footwear = 2 items
Tops/blouses/shirts = 1 item
pants/jeans/skirts/dresses = 1 item
underwear/panties = 1 item
bras/undershirts = 1 item
No hats, jewelry, watches or glasses count.
Game Rules:
It is solitaire. You deal out the cards in 7 stacks with one card on the far left stack and progressing to 7 cards in the far right stack. The rest are the playing deck. You play one card at a time, one time through the play deck. If you have played all the cards in the play deck and there are no more moves left in the 7 decks; that is called a hand. There are 5 hands in the first round. So:
5 hands = round one.
4 hands = round two.
3 hands = round three.
2 hands = round four.
1 hand = round five.
You can not stop playing until done with the round you are playing in. If you feel like at the end of the round you need or want to play the next round you may play the next round but can not stop playing that round until it is done. Now is where it gets fun; the scoring.
In the top stacks where you play the aces then the two's and then the three's etc. is how you score.
Get 9 cards up or less and you lose 2 items of clothing, and take 2 shots.
Get 10 to 15 cards up you lose 1 item of clothing, and take 1 shot
Get to 16 cards up you are safe but you can try to get the rest of the deck.
Get the whole deck and you get any clothes you have lost back and the rest of the party members have to drink a shot. If you are fully dressed it doesn't help you but the rest of the party drinks 2 shots.
You must remain in the state of dress you are in, for the rest of the party, when you decide to stop. This means if you are topless you stay that way. If you are naked you stay that way..etc. Then Heather asked if there were any questions. One girl asked if Heather and I were playing and she said yes we wouldn't make them do it if we didn't.
We will put the guys names in a hat and the girls names in a different hat and draw names in the order of; girl, boy, girl, boy, girl, girl, boy, girl. The order turned out to be, and names are changed to protect the guilty, :o)

Heather, Ron, Julie, Phil, Kirsten, Me (Gina), Greg and Trisha. I will describe the person and what they are wearing as they start their round.
We decided you could choose your alcohol for the shots, but I said it had to be at least 80 proof.
I have to say up front this happened a week ago and I can't remember every card that was played but I do kinda remember what they stopped with and what people took off at the end of the hands so that is how I will tell the game play.
Since Heather is the first to go I can tell you what she was wearing, since you know what she looks like from earlier. I can also tell you everything she was wearing since we got dressed together. She had an off the shoulder over sized green top with her blue bra strap showing on her left shoulder. The bra was a sheer blue bra that you can see through. She had on matching sheer blue panties and a light blue skirt that came down just above her knees. She had black silk stockings on with a garter belt, and a pair of black pumps.
Heather sat in the "hot seat" and I handed her the deck after I took out the jokers. She shuffled and dealt out the deck. As she shuffled I went and poured her 2 shots of Tequila. I got back with the bottle and shots and she was playing the first hand. She finished it with only 4 cards up. Which meant 2 items come off and 2 shots. She downed the shots fast and took off her pumps. I refilled the shots as she shuffled the deck for the next hand. She only got 2 aces up after awhile and finished this hand with 8 cards up. She took a shot and pulled her skirt up to her waist, showing off her garter belt and sheer blue panties. She took the second shot while holding up her skirt, to give the guys a good show I think. Then she unhooked the clips on her garter that held up her silk stockings, twisted the garter around and unhooked it and tossed it at Phil, then slowly rolled down the stockings throwing one at Ron and one at Greg. Without putting her skirt down she sat and shuffled the cards for the next round. She dealt and got an ace right away and finished with 13 cards up. She decided to take off her green top, revealing her sheer bra. To give you an image, she has her skirt on but pulled up to her waist, showing her sheer blue panties (that don't hide much) and her sheer blue bra (not hiding anything, nipples fully erect). And a big huge smile. She sat for the fourth hand and I reminded her she needed to drink. I refilled her shots and she downed one, then I refilled that. She shuffled and dealt, and after a slowly played hand she had put up 22 cards. She was safe, but did not run the deck to get her clothes back. That being un-exciting she shuffled and dealt the last hand quickly. She played this one kind of fast and either the alcohol was effecting her or she was throwing the game cause she had a couple chances to put up cards but didn't, then covered them with other cards. She ended the 5th hand and the round with only 6 cards up. She downed the shots slowly then lowered her skirt. She reached up under it and pulled down her panties, stepped out of them, picked them up and threw them at Phil. She then put her hands on her boobs, locked two fingers on each hand under her bra and quickly pulled it up and off. Her boobs bounced free and her nipples we really sticking out. She twirled the bra above her head making her tits bounce more and threw it at Greg. The guys could not stop staring. The girls were grinning at the fun she was having and I asked her if she wanted to go on to the next round to try to win her clothes back. She said no she was good and walked to the bar as the guys watched her all the way. So she ended up practically naked with only her skirt on.

Next up was Ron. He selected Vodka shots. Heather brought the bottle of Vodka over to the table and the guys kept staring. She decided to fill his shots by pouring the vodka off her nipple and into the glass. Some of it missed but that didn't stop her. She put the full shots down bending at the waist (giving Phil an up close and personal crotch shot from behind). When she got up and walked back to the bar Ron just sat there staring, Phil adjusted himself obviously aroused by Heather's antics. Ron "woke up" and shuffled the cards then dealt the first hand. So let me describe him to you. He is about 6 foot 3 muscular build with wonderful 6 pack abs. His hair is light brown cut short, he has blueish green eyes and a great smile. Oh and a very nice ass in the black jeans he was wearing. He also had on a large hockey jersey and sneaks with socks on under them. He played a lot of cards around and finally ended with 19 cards up. He was safe! Damn it! He gave us his cute smile after we counted the cards up and started shuffling. Ron played the next hand and ran the deck. Not only did he not take anything off but we all had to drink 2 shots each. Since he hadn't created any excitement I decided, after everyone else downed their shots, to tell Heather I wanted my second to be a body shot off of her. The guys were stunned. I laid her across the chair I was in and poured the Tequila in her belly button. Then I licked between her very aroused boobs and poured the salt there then put the lime wedge in her mouth. I bent over licked and sucked her boobs and between them making her nipples so hard they looked like they hurt. Then I slurped the shot and kissed her hard to take the lime. She got up off the chair and had a huge smile. The guys were still stunned. I looked at Ron and told him if he can run the deck again I would do both shots off her. He started shuffling and the guys watched him close as he started the next hand. I noticed that Heather went to the bathroom right away and didn't come back out for a while. Ron played the next hand kind of fast, I must have distracted him. He ended up with 8 cards up. He decided to take off his shirt showing off those glorious abs, and one shoe. He drank his 2 shots of Vodka and wanted Heather to refill them the same way she filled them before. She was still in the bathroom so I just poured them for him. He got through the next hand slower and ended up with something less than 9 cause he downed 2 shots and took off the other shoe and a sock. Heather got back to see him pull the sock off. She poured the shots again off her nipples for him. She wasn't aroused when she came back but she was after pouring. Her nipples sprang back to life. I noticed as Heather was pouring that Kirsten was staring almost as much as the guys and I don't know if she noticed but her nipples were poking through her top. Maybe she was getting turned on by Heathers arousal or maybe she was enjoying Heathers nearly naked body. When Heather bent over at the waist again to put down the shots she gave Kirsten the up close look at her crotch. I had a slight glimpse and noticed Kirsten had very attentive nipples. Much to the surprise of everyone and mostly Heather, Kirsten slid her finger in and gave her a quick flick. Heather almost fell over but stopped herself and paused to enjoy it. When she stood up she turned and said thank you to Kirsten then un-snapped and pulled down her skirt. Then she asked if Kirsten would like to lick the excess alcohol off her chest. Kirsten, as I said, very well turned on, obliged by standing and licking and sucking Heathers chest and tits. Then Heather took Kirsten's hand and sucked the finger Kirsten had used to give her the flick. The guys were all getting noticeably excited and Julie and Trisha were either aroused or shocked I couldn't tell, but the look on their faces was wide eyed. Ron still had a hand to play in this round so I reminded him and he shuffled and dealt hand number 5. I don't think he had his mind in it cause he only got 2 cards up. The girls got very excited at this point. To see the pants come off a guy. Ron took off his second sock and stood to un-button his pants. The zipper came down slowly and Julie yelled out "come on baby show us those undies!" Then Phil says, "No please! Don't!" Everyone laughed as he bent over at the waist and pulled them down strutting some wood. I can say it cause I have seen it, he has a nice package. The girls all screamed as the jeans came down and this made Ron put a leg up on the coffee table and shake it for them. (Phil covered his face with his hands.) Ron's member was was swelling quite well so he stopped and covered up, with both hands, then walked behind the bar to hide. Naked Heather walked over to the bar also but on this side not his. I had to ask him if he wanted to go on to the next round but he declined saying he wanted to stay right where he was right now.

This brought us to Julie. She stood up to take the "hot seat" still laughing from Ron's performance and got quite sober looking as she sat down. She had been drinking slowly during the game but the fact that she was "the one" playing brought her to reality. Julie is tall, about 5 foot 10 and long legs. She has light red hair, cut short but flared in the back and bright green eyes. She has 32C cup boobs (we compared one night in the dorm) and is somewhat outgoing. She was wearing tight legged jeans with small healed pointed toe shoes. She had on a tight, knit, green halter top that had a strap around her neck, but stopped above her belly button to show her pierced navel. The green in her top made her eyes REALLY stand out. She shuffled and dealt her first hand. When she finished she had to take off 1 item so she took off her bra. It was a strappless and she just reached behind her, under her top, un-hooked it and pulled it free from the front. This was a shock to the party and she downed the vodka shot. She must have really liked the attention because her nipples were poking out under her knit top very nicely. She shuffled and started her next hand. She got 2 aces right away on the deal and ended with 6 cards up. She reached out and sucked down her shots quick and shook her head. Then she took off her two shoes, revealing that she had no socks or nylons on under her jeans. She had played 2 hands and, if she was wearing panties, she had only 3 items of clothes left. Her nipples were so erect they were practically poking through her knit top. She quickly shuffled again and started playing her 3rd hand. I looked up and Heather was going through the back door, her little butt jiggling as she jogged for the hot tub. Ron walked to the back door and once there pulled down his undies and stepped out of them, dropping them outside the door as he jogged to the hot tub. No one else noticed because of Julie's hand going on. She finished the hand with enough cards to be safe but that's it. The next hand she had to drink 1 shot and very slowly and carefully pulled down her jeans. She had a black and red thong on and as soon as she showed it she bent over at the waist poking her ass at the couch and pulled her jeans off fast. She sat down fast as to not show much to the 2 guys sitting right in front of her. She was down to her knit top and her thong and she still had 1 hand to go. I don't know what she was shy about, she has a very nice body. Maybe we need to get her out of that shyness shell. She shuffled the cards getting ready for the last hand of the round. Then everyone turned to stare at the 2 wet, naked, very nipply people as they walked in the back door giggling. Ron, noticing that people were looking at him naked, reached quickly down outside to grab his undies, but paused realizing we had all seen it and just dropped them to the floor. Then he reached out and tickled Heather and her boobs bounced as she squirmed. With the distraction Julie had started her hand and had 4 cards up already. She finished with 12 cards up. That meant another shot and one very important item to remove. She sat there looking at the shot, grabbed it and gulped it down. Then looked down, maybe thinking about what she had to do, so I started a chant her name. JULIE! JULIE! JULIE! others joined in and Heather walked over next to her, and pointed out her own nakedness. Julie stood up and then put 2 fingers in her thong and pulled it down, showing a shaved bare pussy. Then she sat down quick and said she wanted to go to round 2. I had to remind her once she started she could not quit till the end of the round, even if she got her clothes back. She said yes she understood, and Phil and Greg were all smiles at the night they were having. She started the 1st hand of 4 for the next round slowly and finished strong with 23 cards up. She was disappointed at not running the deck and started the next hand quickly. This hand was the hardest. She only had 4 cards up at the end and that meant 2 shots but she only had the 1 item of clothing. She slowly drank the shots and sat there not wanting to take off her top. Again Heather walked over buck naked and took Julie's hand and lifted her up. I started the chant again as Heather reached up, put her hand on the back of Julie's head, and pushed it down. Then slid the strap off it from the back. Then she put her hand under Julies chin and riased Julies head up and Julie raised her arms. Heather asked her slow or fast and she said slow but fast at the end. As the top raised up we all started to clap and when it got high enough her boobs bounced nicely free and the guys went crazy. Then it just popped right off and she covered up. We all did the Awwwwwww thing and she slowly pulled one hand at a time off and the group went nuts. She had a nice smile and very erect nipples. She sat back down and started her 3rd hand of 4 totally naked. She finished with 18 cards up. The fourth hand ended without her running the deck as well. She said she wanted to go on to the next round and at this point wasn't bothering to cover anything or close her legs even though she was a little wet. Maybe it was the alcohol or the attention but she didn't care. The next round had 3 hands and the first one she ran the deck and much to the disappointment to the group she put her clothes back on, but either by accident or on purpose I don't know, she had somehow forgotten to put on her bra! She started the next hand and lost 2 items and took off her shoes and lost 2 more items the last hand. Then she realized, or faked it, that she didn't have a bra on. She looked down and put her hands under the bottom of her top and slowly pulled it up and off, as her nice tits bounced out and free she swung the top over her head making them bounce even more. Then she peeled her pants off and said she was done. Standing there in only her thong she said she had to go to the bathroom and walked off, her uncovered butt jiggling as she went. Seeing all this stripping and nakedness was getting me horny and I was showing my excitement with very hard nipples, as were Kirsten and Trisha. What people didn't know was I was getting very warm between my legs. We had 2 naked players and one in just a thong. This night was going better than expected.
To be cont.......
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Poster: Gina