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Sweet dare


Daring party pt.2
So on with the party........

The next victi...., uh player, was Phil. Phil is about 6 foot tall with black hair that he pushes up in the middle to make a faux-hawk. Bright blue eyes that you can easily get lost in and he is tan skinned with some East Indian look to him. He doesn't do any sports, and has no real muscle definition, but he has no fat. He is a very good looking guy and is really funny. He was wearing a blue polo shirt with a t-shirt underneath, black shorts and black slip-on shoes with white ankle socks. He was sitting across the table from Julie and got up and stepped over the table to sit on the couch. He took the cards and shuffled them for a long time. He dealt out the hand and played for a long time, moving cards all over and finished with 15 cards up and just needed like one card to get a bunch more up. Just getting 15 cards though meant a shot and 1 item, so he asked Heather to pour him a tequila shot. She came over and sat on the coffee table straddling it. Then she grabbed the tequila and poured the shot off her right nipple, not spilling much. What she did spill she used her hand to rub all over her right boob. Phil was practically drooling. He finally drank the shot and took off a shoe. He sat there a second probably going over the image of a naked Heather pouring the drink over her erect nipple in his mind. Then started gathering the cards and shuffled again for a long time. He played the next hand and ended safe but didn't run the deck. The next hand he had to take off 2 items and did 2 shots (I poured them, the regular way) He took off the other shoe and his shirt. Which made the girls cheer. (The alcohol must have been getting to them) He still had his t-shirt on. The next hand he ended with 12 cards up and took his shot and a sock off. The final hand he had to take off 2 items and the last sock and his t-shirt came off. He made the most of the t-shirt by dancing and slowly pulling it up. The girls were cheering him on and heather screamed, "take it off baby!!" Which made Ron yell, "just get it done dude!" Phil, always wanting a laugh, took it off and continued his dance shaking the shirt then putting it between his legs and going back and forth. The girls yelled some more and he was loving it. I didn't know when he would stop so I told him he needed to take his shots as I poured them and he downed them fast. I also asked if he was going on to round 2 and he decided not to, so he stepped aside and traded seats with Kirsten since she was in the seat he had before.

Kirsten was now in the "hot seat," which was making people hot, very hot. Kirsten has known Heather and I since middle school. She is about 5 foot 3, shoulder length light brown hair with blonde highlights. She has gorgeous turquoise colored eyes and a small face that is very cute. She is a spark plug of energy and loves attention. She has perky 30B boobs. She was wearing a short white pleated skirt, knee-high knit white stockings and sandals. She had a red button up silk top with the top 2 buttons opened. It wasn't low cut but showed a good amount of skin. I poured 2 shots of Vodka for her and she started shuffling. The first hand she worked to getting over 16 cards up and shuffled for the next hand. The second hand started and Julie came out of the bathroom, her nice tits bouncing as she walked to the bar. Then she said something to Ron and Heather and they walked to the back door. Ron reached down to grab his undies and Heather slapped his hand. They turned on the porch light and all walked out and into the pool. Kirsten was almost done with her second hand when I looked back at the game and she ended with 12 cards up. She stood from the couch and bent at the waist to get her shot. (giving Greg and Phil a down the blouse shot) Then to my surprise she reached up her skirt and slowly pulled down her red and black lacy panties. She stepped out of them and then twirled them around her finger. It was silent for a second but I started cheering and Trisha joined me and the guys clapped. Kirsten sat, "carefully" and shuffled for the 3rd hand. This one lasted a while and she ended with only 8 cards up and a lot of cards out. She stood again and bent over at the waist, drank her shots and then reached down the front of her top. She un-clipped the front snap bra and pulled the strap off her left arm, then pulled the strap off her right arm and then reached down the front of her blouse and came out with her black and red matching lacy bra. Then she sat down crossing her legs quickly and removed a sandal. We all cheered the bra thing and that she didn't have underwear on now. Then she grabbed the cards and shuffled for the 4th hand her nips at full attention. She had been playing awhile and the 3 swimmers were coming in from the back. I was shocked to see all three were naked. They had apparently talked Julie out of her thong, she was carrying it in her hand that was across her boobs. They all stood there a bit to dry off. Heather leaned over and whispered in Julie's ear and she slowly dropped her arms to her side and let go of her thong. The others were watching Kirsten play and I caught Julies eye. I winked and gave her an ok sign. I looked back down and this hand was not going well for Kirsten she finished with 3 cards up. She reached out drank her shots and removed the other sandal and a stocking. She had a smile still but did not look like she meant it, but her nipples were so hard being naked behind that silk top she couldn't hide that excitement. She gathered the cards and shuffled for a long time. After she dealt the cards she paused and watched the 3 naked people walk to the bar which made everyone else turn to look. Julie covered her boobs with her right arm and Heather reached over and tried to pull her arm down. As they struggled their boobs were bouncing all over and Julie, not winning the battle, gave up and grabbed a drink not caring about her now very erect nipples. Kirsten started the last hand of this round and finished it with 7 cards up. She quickly drank then pulled off the stocking, not very carefully cause she showed a good bit of pussy up the skirt. Then she stood and un-zipped and slowly pull down her skirt, pulling her shirt down as she went. The shirt covered her front pretty well, but when she bent over to step out of it she showed her boobs down her blouse. Kirsten took her skirt with her as she walked to the bar showing a little bum from under the shirt. When she got there Ron got her a beer and as she reached for it Heather grabbed the shirt and pulled it up, with her scream everyone looked and saw a full view of her naked body before she could stop Heather. Heather let go, satisfied in her accomplishment and Kirsten came over and sat down covering up, but very erect nipples and a red faced smile giving away her excitement. We now had 3 naked people at the bar flirting, drinking and having fun. A topless guy and a girl in only a silk top watching the card game with the 3 of us that hadn't gone yet. I was next.

I sat in the middle of the couch and gathered the cards to shuffle for my first hand. I was wearing a purple halter top with a strap around the neck, similar to Julie's but mine was silk and went down to my waist. I had on tight black pants and purple pointy toed sandals. I did not have nylons or stockings or anything like that on. I knew the game I was playing tonight and was not wearing a bra and had on the best thong I owned. In the hopes of getting at least close to naked. I was so turned on to know that is was my turn my already hard nips were now aching. I was starting to feel moist between my legs and I hadn't played a card.
I dealt the hand out and started with the ace of hearts up. I had gotten the 2 of hearts and the ace's of diamonds and spades up then got the 2 of spades which allowed me to put up the 3 of spades. I could have put up the 4 up but didn't and kept playing. Then I put the 3 of diamonds on the 4 so I couldn't play that one up. I worked the hand to only getting 7 cards up by the end. I drank my shots and took off my sandals. Then I shuffled and dealt the next hand. All I had left on was my thong, pants and top. The thought of this was growing the excitement I had already built between my legs. I played the next hand normal (I had it all planned) but was disappointed to get lucky and got 19 cards up. I shuffled and played the next hand normal as well and got 12 cards up. I drank a shot and stood up to un-clip my pants, I unzipped them slow when Heather started the cheering, and then hooked 2 fingers in the waistband and bent over at the waist putting my ass in front of Greg's face. Then I slowly peeled down the tight pants to show my nearly naked, thonged butt to everyone as they all cheered loudly. Greg could probably see I was very turned on right now, but I turned around and sat to start my next hand. Greg just sat there stunned. I had planned to throw the 4th hand but since I was close to naked now I played it straight. I ended the fourth hand with only 4 cards up and the growing excitement as the hand played out bad was just killing me. I asked Julie to lay on the coffee table so I could do the shots off of her and she got shy and said she didn't want to. Then Kirsten looked at Julie and said that she would let me do one off her if Julie would do the other. I was shocked. Kirsten has a lot of energy but is kinda shy and this was an amazing thing for her. Julie turned red and took a long time to say yes. With the yes Kirsten turned and faced us and slowly, one button after another, un-did her silk top. Then she put both hands on the sides and slowly revealed her naked body. Ron had to go behind the bar again and I know Greg and Phil were in the same boat. I was ready to explode at the sight of it, and had to sit and cross my legs to contain it. Kirsten walked over and laid her naked body on the coffee table, with very hard nipples pointing straight up off of those perky tits. I sat a little getting under control and then poured the Tequila in her belly button. I licked just above her little strip of hair on her crotch and poured the salt and she took the lime and put it in her mouth. Everyone's eyes were on us as I bent over and licked the salt as Kirsten giggled at the tickle from my tongue. I quickly sucked and licked the Tequila and took the lime from Kirsten as she kissed me. She stood up and looked at Julie and said it's your turn. Julie walked over and laid her naked body on the coffee table. I repeated the same thing with Julie but when I licked the salt I could see she was very turned on. I still had to take off 2 items and I knew this would make me naked. After Julie got up and walked to the bar Heather reminded everyone that I still had to take off 2 items. This made everyone look at me. I pulled the strap up and over my head and then put my fingers under the bottom of my halter top and pulled it off quickly, this made my bobs bounce out and showed I was not wearing a bra. It felt so electric! I quickly pulled down my thong and threw it to the stairs. I was so turned on I said that I didn't want to play the last hand and did not want to go to the next round, then walked to the back door to go to the hot tub. As I walked to the door I told Heather to make Greg play his round and he stood and said forget it and stripped naked, not caring that his member was at full erection, and a very large one at that. I couldn't stop staring, and my excitement was running down my leg. Then Phil stood up and took off his pants, apparently he was going commando and he was at full attention as well. The only person left was Trisha. Standing there fully clothed.
We all stopped, realizing she had not played yet. The odd silence lasted a few minutes but was broken as Heather put in a CD and the song she picked was "I want your sex." She knew Trisha, and also knew she would respond to it. We all started chanting Trisha's name and she started to dance and strip. Trisha is about 5 foot 5 inches tall with short black hair with red highlights that she likes to spike up. She wears glasses as accessories they aren't necessary to see at all, she just wants to look smart. She has big boobs at 34D which makes her look top heavy because she is only about 120 pounds. She was wearing a black concert t-shirt from the Violent Femme's, black stockings, a black skirt and black sneakers. She took off her glasses first and tossed them on the couch then lifted her t-shirt up and off, which got a huge cheer from all of us as we kept chanting her name. She had on a sheer red see-through bra, which she pulled up and off as well, setting her nice tits free to bounce around as she danced. Then she un did her skirt and pulled it down kicking it at Greg, and showing her matching sheer see-through panties, those quickly hit the floor. Now only left in her Black stockings and shoes and showing a fully shaved pussy she danced to the music until we all joined. Now we had a Party!!
Everyone was nude and we soon went out to the pool and hot tub. I sat in the tub with the jets going pleasuring my self to a very full orgasm. The others were all in the pool. Then Heather and Ron joined me in the hot tub and started making out and fondling each other. I got out to go swim and saw Phil and Kirsten going at it as well on a deck chair. The cool night air on my warm naked body felt really good and my nipples reacted to my arousal. Julie walked by me on her way to the hot tub, her naked body glistening in the shadowy light from the house. I think she was turned on as much as I was because she reached out as she went by and rubbed my right boob lightly touching my nipple. That got me even more aroused and I turned to follow her back to the hot tub.
We got in and sat and talked a little, both of us working ourselves with our hands under the water. She stopped talking and got a very nice look on her face so I decided to come over to help her finish. At seeing me moving over she shyly moved away and I reached out and started caressing her right boob. She stopped moving and slowly sat up to expose it above the water and I snuggled in and lowered my head to suck on her hard nipple, then slid my hand down to help her finish off. She played with her clit as I put two fingers inside her and she quickly bucked and moaned to a very animated orgasm. She didn't even care that Heather and Ron were there. Heather then slid over and started to suck her left nipple. Julie jumped a little at first coming out of her euphoric state, but allowed Heather and I to continue licking and sucking her tits. Then to her surprise Ron came over and lifted her up and entered her straight on. She didn't have time to react and moaned again as he entered. I came just watching Ron as I continued to caress and suck Julie's breast. Then she got into it and started really moaning as Ron kept pumping and she finally let out a big sigh as she reached orgasm again. Heather reached over and grabbed Ron's cock and gave him head until he shook and gave a short moan himself minutes later, Heather taking it all in. I smiled to the others in the tub as I got out and went down to the pool.
I dove in and swam to the shallow end to just sit and relax. Greg was in the deep end an got out and walked over to me, the water glistening off his naked body in the moonlight. I was so horny and stilled turned on from the hot tub that I got up and took his hand and led him inside to Heathers bedroom. I knew she kept condoms in a certain hiding spot and grabbed one and ripped it open. Greg smiled knowing what was to happen and I didn't have to do much to get him "up" to the occasion. I rolled the rubber on him and I went to the bed. I bent over and put my head and arms on it showing my bulging pussy to him without a word. He didn't waist a second and entered me from behind. I came rather quickly with all the other attention from earlier and the anticipation of this happening, but Greg kept going. I almost came again, then he flipped me around and pushed me on my back to the bed. He entered hard from the front and I moaned and came again just before his faced cringed as he had his orgasm. I pulled him slowly out of me, took the rubber off and threw it away. I thanked him for the great lay and went downstairs feeling tired and spent.
I walked downstairs naked and found Heather downstairs with a towel wrapped around her waist standing and talking to Kirsten who was still naked. They told me that the only one left besides Me and Greg was Phil and he was in the hot tub. Greg came down the stairs covering himself. I laughed and said that we had all seen it so knock it off. He un-covered and found his clothes laying around and got dressed. Then Phil came in with a towel wrapped around his waist. Phil then took off his towel to dry his head and us girls stared at his cock. I guess I was still a little horny. Heather ripped off her towel and started dancing all around him with her tits bouncing and bending over with her naked ass on his cock. He got very excited very fast and Heather grabbed it and turned around for him to go at her from behind. They had crazy sex right there but it didn't last long as Phil blew quickly from being so turned on.
Greg left and Phil went upstairs to take a shower. Kirsten, still totally naked decided to go back out to the hot tub. That left me and Heather in the house, both nude. We sat on the couch and talked about how well the party went. Then started to clean up as Phil came down from his shower. He grabbed his clothes and got dressed. He congratulated us on a great party and game night and that he would love to be invited back if we do it again. We both hugged him and he grabbed our naked asses as he hugged, then he left.
Heather and I went back to clean up and both remembered at almost the same time that there was still one more guest, out in the hot tub. We went out to the hot tub and found Kirsten just relaxing with her head back and her eyes closed. When she heard us walk up she sat up straight fast, her boobs both splashing up and bouncing out of the water. Heather and I laughed and told her it was fine she could continue and we would not bother her in her business. I asked if she wanted us to leave or stay and if we stay does she want our help. She said we could stay but she was fine on her own. So Heather and I sat down and started talking. Kirsten slipped back down a little below the water and started again. I couldn't help but stare as she got herself off while Heather and I we're talking. She looked so peaceful as all the fun was going on under the water. She finished a little later with a slight moan and a couple of small spasms. As she came back to reality Heather and I decided to take a dip in the pool. The difference in temps always gets my nipples hard and it is a turn on to swim naked in a pool. As we were swimming Heather swam up to me and whispered to not be shocked but the teenage kid across the street was watching us with his binoculars. I didn't make it obvious but casually looked over and saw he was peeping. From the angle of his house to our back yard he could probably only see the far end of the pool (closest to the house) and about half way to the end Heather and I were almost to now (the shallow end). He couldn't see up to the hot tub which was good because Kirsten was walking down to the pool, in all her glory, those nice tits bouncing slightly with each step. We got her attention and she walked over to us to find out what was going on. We told her what was happening and she got in the pool quickly and up to her neck in the water. We told her what we thought he could see, and she was relieved. Heather and I talked a little and came up with a plan to give the boy a good show. We asked Kirsten if she wanted to help out and she was nervous about it. We assured her she would not see him and he may never see her again. We swam to the other end with only our heads above water, and as we got to where we thought he could see I glanced over with only my eyes and saw his room light go out. That was confirmation of where he could see since he wouldn't want us to see him peeping. He probably didn't know the moonlight showed a little of his outline so we knew what he was doing. The plan was to get to "his" end and lift ourselves out of the pool and sit there naked talking. He couldn't see anything but our tits for this but it was a good start. Then we would act like we were getting out to go back into the house facing away from him to show our naked asses, proving we were totally naked. Then Heather would turn and push Kirsten in and then try to push me in. We would wrestle showing all sides of ourselves an then both jump in. So we got up on the side of the pool and sat there. Knowing he was peeping was a small turn on but Kirsten's nipples were very much erect. We decided to get out and turn towards the door to go in and Heather turned and pushed Kirsten in but she turned to face the boy full frontal as she went in. Then heather tried to push me in I acted like I almost went in but just held on with my toes as Heather reached for me I got her arm and twisted it behind her back. She put her head back and arched her back to show the boy everything she had as she tried to get away, then she reversed the hold on me and I arched and jumped a little to let the girls bounce. We both went in after that and I was the first out of the pool jumping and pulling my self to my knees, a nice doggy style shot for the show. I got to my feet as Heather tried to grab at me from the water her tits bouncing as she jumped at me. Then I started running towards the other end and Kirsten was running towards me so I turned around and bounced as much as I could as I ran away. Kirsten caught me and Heather jumped out of the pool to help. Kirsten gabbed my arms behind me and pointed my naked body towards the boy, pulling my arms so I would have to arch my back and show my wet tits off. Then Heather walked up and started making out with me. Kirsten started kissing my neck and rubbing my hips. I started to enjoy it a little and we slowly walked out of the boys sight. Kirsten let go of my arms and started laughing, Heather stopped kissing me and we all laughed at the show we were giving this kid. Kirsten was getting tired and Heather wanted to go in as well so we decided to slowly walk into the house to give the guy one last good look. We did and when we got in the house we laughed again. Kirsten asked for a blanket to sleep in. She said she normally has night clothes to sleep in but sleeping naked would be fun. I got blankets for all of us and I laid down to go to sleep thinking what a great party this was. A lot of fun was had by all and we should definitely do it again.
Poster: Gina