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Sweet dare


County fair
My husband's colleagues and many of our friends are always trying to find creative ways to exhibit me. The goal is to embarrass or humiliate me but they're finding it more and more difficult as I'm not fazed by who I'm exposed or stripped in front of.

The majority of the public exposures have been at places like bars, hotels or parties at people's homes. I have often enjoyed being the only one naked or the first one naked.

Sex in public has always been reserved to only being at the hotel's and individuals houses.

Three weeks ago my friends successfully humiliated me. We were at a county fair. I was wearing a T-shirt over a skirt. I was actually dressed conservatively and I had panties and bra on as well. I was wearing my cowboy boots. There were a lot of Amish people at the fair. Of course all the Amish women are very conservatively dressed, and are very plain looking. My friends kept pulling up my skirt exposing my panties as we walked around through the various barns of animals . I also realized, that there were as a group of Amish young men and women that were kind of following us and watching and laughing at what was happening to me.

One of my friends grabbed my hands when we were in this one barn, and bent me over a saddle that was positioned over a saw horse. One of my other friends reached up under my skirt and pulled my panties down as the Amish people were watching. He then pulled up my skirt and invited the Amish over for a closer look. They let me up and I thought my ordeal was over. Both the Amish men and women were laughing about what happened, and I heard my one friend ask them if they wanted to see me totally naked. told them no way they're way too many people around that they couldn't do this. The one Amish guy said that we should go down to the next horse barn that is more often the beaten path. It turns out they were keeping their horses there.

We went to the barn and there were a few more Amish and non-Amish guys in the barn. My friends and the Amish people that had tagged along, pulled me into one of the stalls that had a small pony in. They stripped me completely including my cowboy boots, and they all went out of the stall taking my clothes with them. I basically was in the stall with a pony on full display. After about 30 minutes of being on display, they finally gave me my clothes back and we left. I figured they had something else in store for me.

It turns out at the county fair they have this a lot out of games to win prizes. The Amish women were selling pies in this one booth, and there was a stand in the booth where you could throw a whip cream pie at a person.

The amish guysdecided this would be a good place to have some fun with me. They took me behind the curtain in the booth and had me take off my shirt and bra. they than put a plastic smock on me that barely covered my breasts. They were going to use me as bait for people to throw cream pies at, and they knew the intention was for my breasts would be a target. I was kneeling on a chair, with my arms on a table, and my breasts hanging forward with the smock barely keeping my nipples concealed. I had on my skirt and panties, but from the waist down I was hidden by the curtain. There were quite a piece of people that were now coming by the booth to get a look and try and see down my smock at my breast and nipples. As different people took turns throwing pies at me, my hands would go up instinctively to try and block it. The guys were complaining, so one off the Amish guys tied my hands to the table with my arms spread totally apart. Before I was able to keep adjusting the smock preventing total exposure of my breasts, put with my hands tied I was now totally helpless. I knew that the objective was to get the cream pies inside of the smock on my breasts. Originally guys had to throw the pies from about 10 feet away, but they started to allow certain guys to come closer, and one guy literally came up right in front of me and put his hand inside of my smock and grabbed my breast to the delight of the crowd. He then untied the smock at my neck, and it fell forward fully exposing my breasts. Now they were going to throw the pies at my bare chest on display. I heard the one guy announce throw a pie at her breasts and get to lick it off. I beg the Amish guy that was standing next to me to not let this happen. But they were having too much fun. Then when I thought the worst had happened, I felt my skirt and panties being taken off behind the curtain. But my hands were tied and I was helpless to do anything. Some guy I didn't know then came out from behind the curtain holding my skirt and panties and announcing to the group I was naked. Fortunately one of my friends grabbed the skirt and panties from him. They then pulled the table from away from the curtain and everyone saw I was naked. A number of the guys were now coming behind the table to get a view of my ass and pussy that was on display.

They finally untied me, and the crowd dispersed as I cleaned myself up behind the curtain and put my clothes back on.

My friends and I then went to get something to eat. I wasn't hungry at all. I was totally embarrassed and humiliated at what had happened.

My friends were whispering and talking between themselves. They asked me before we went home, if I dared to play in the pie booth again. Although I was humiliated, I was turned on at the same time. We went back to the booth and the Amish guys were really surprised after what had happened that I would be willing to do this again.

I removed my shirt and bra and again put on the smock and was positioned on the table and my hands tied. After two guys had thrown a pie at me, the Amish guy untied my smock, and my breasts and nipples were again only on display for the people to throw pies at. My backside was behind the curtain as before. I knew there were a number of the Amish guys behind the curtain, because they were there when I took off my shirt and bra in front of them and put on the smock. Right after the Amish guy untied my smock and put my breasts on display, I felt someone behind the curtain taking my skirt and panties off again. As the pies were being thrown at my face and breasts, I could feel someone putting their finger in my pussy. As they were fingering me I was having a hard time controlling myself and I think the people that were throwing pies at my breasts wondered what was going on in the curtain, as clearly I was shifting my bottom around considerably. Then I felt what I knew was a cock being slid into my pussy. One of the guys behind the curtain was now banging me. I heard the one Amish guy standing next to me tell a couple of his friends that they should go behind the curtain and get in line for their turn. I couldn't say a word as I was biting my tongue trying to prevent myself from screaming. I could tell my legs were turning to jello, as guys took their turn screwing me.

Finally the evening was over. We went home, and I literally slept for 16 Hours straight.
Poster: laura