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Sweet dare


my very naughty wife
I usually work pretty late at night, but I'll never forget the time I came home early from work. I was pulling into my apartments when i saw my wife walking down the stairs carrying a load of laundry. The basket was so big, she couldn't see me pull into my spot. I watched her make her way down the steps. At the bottom of the stairs she turned away from me, I could see that she had on her little white "fuck me" shorts and a plain, black spaghetti strap shirt. My wife is fucking gorgeous. She's 5'6", dirty blond hair, great c-sized tits. She has a tiny waist, and the most perfect ass. Everytime I see her in these shorts I can hardly control myself. The material is made out of that soft, towel material. I love the way it clings to her pussy. Just the littlest bit of her butt cheeks were peeking out of the bottom of her shorts. I could see that she had her headphones on and was jamming out to her music. I got out of the car and followed her around the side of our apartments. She was on her way to our site's laundry center. I stayed far enough away not to be noticed, but close enough to see her beautiful ass, shaking to her tunes. As she made her way towards the laundry room, she passed by the pool. She got a whistle or two from the group of guys swimming around and drinking beers. She gave them a wink and shook her ass a little for them. As soon as I saw her flirting with the guys at the pool, I ducked out of site to see what she was going to do next. With all of her dancing she didn't notice that something fell out of the basket. I couldn't tell exactly what it was, but it looked like a pair of her black sheer panties. I placed myself behind the set of hedges along the laundry room. There is a window there and has good cover from anyone passing by. (Side note, this is great place to watch girls do their cleaning, you'd be surprised the couple of things i've seen.) The blinds were down, but there some cracked ones that allowed full view of the facility with all the anonimity one could desire. She started loading the clothes right away as soon as she got in their. She had her back to me, I could see her swaying her hips to the music. She started really getting into it, I could tell by the way her movements had changed from just dancing to sultry, sensual movements. She brought her right hand up slowly around the back of her neck and ran it through her hair. I could see her left, rubbing her gorgeous C-cup breasts through her shirt. Her right hand came back down her body. She leaned herself against the folding table. I could only see her backside, God how I wish there were another window. Her left was now under her shirt, squeezing her nipple with her fingers. Her right hand was working furiously in her shorts. I was instantly hard. She was really going at it, not noticing that I was outside the window, or that one of the guys from the pool standing in the doorway with the pair of panties she dropped. I froze. She must have had her eyes closed, or else I'm sure she would have screamed or at least stopped masturbating. None the less, my wife is bucking hardcore against the table fingering her pussy to an intense orgasm.

The guy in the doorway is already in front of her before she's finished. He has his shorts down and he's stroking away at his cock. I am in
amazement that I'm not in there beating the shit out of this guy. I'm just standing behind some trees hard as a rock waiting to see what is going to
happen when my sexpot wife opens her eyes. She lets out a little yelp when she sees that she's not alone. "I'm so sor- " but before she can say anything, the guy already grabs her and spins her around. He rips off her shorts and throws them in the corner. She's not wearing any panties. I have a great view of her. Her shaved pussy is dripping wet. He lifts one of her legs up onto the table. My wife is telling him "no, please don't, i have a husband, and... and..." she's completely helpless, as he sticks his dick into her. she goes completely limp onto the table. this guy doesn't care at all; he proceeds to fuck her brains out. In an instant she's sprung back to life and begins to pump back in rhythm with the guy. I have never heard such moans come from my wife. she is slamming herself into him as he grabs onto her tits. they're both fucking like a couple of teenagers. he pulls out, picks her up and turns her over. she's now on the table with her legs up high and spread apart. he smacks his dick on her clit before he starts rubbing it inside her slit. "put it in again, please," she begs. the guy doesn't hesitate, and burys his dick deep inside of my wife. she lets out a soft whimper. i can hear her telling him to "keep it up, she's almost there." within minutes she's cumming all over his dick. by the looks of it, he's getting pretty close too. he pulls out of her and before i can blink, she already has her mouth wrapped around his cock, engulfing every inch. he didn't last long at all, i could see his eyes roll into the back of his head as he came in my wife's mouth. like some sort of possesed porn star, she just kept sucking and sucking, milking this guy dry.

I'm so distracted by what's going on right in front of me, I didn't see the other two guys walk inside. I guess my wife's moans were a bit louder than I thought. They too had their shorts down and their dicks out. My wife was already on her knees as they aproached her. My wife started going between the two of them, sucking one and then on the other. It was like a work of art. Still not finished with her, the first guy gets right behind my wife again and slowly slides his dick into her. Overwhelmed, she comes instantly, never having two dicks at once, let alone three. I had never seen my wife act like suck a slut before. One of the guys she was sucking on said "move over, let me come inside her pussy." My wife said "please no, only in my mouth." As he entered her, she knew it was helpless. he was a little bigger than the last guy, certainly much bigger than she was used to at home. I think she wanted him to come inside her the way she grinded up against his cock, I could see her pussy squeezing around it. He was fucking her like a pro. She was much louder than before. He was having to hold his hand over her mouth to keep her quiet. One of the other guys came over and put his dick in her mouth to try and quiet her down. This guy was fucking her face like it was her pussy. She came again as she sucked on his cock for another time. She began to rub on her pussy, and as she came again and again. The guy behind her started fucking her faster and much harder. He only lasted a few more minutes inside my wife's wonderful pussy. He came hard and filled her full of his seed. It began leaking out with every last thrust he could put forth. She told the guy to get off of her, because she wanted to "come again, on a new dick." I couldn't beleive what i was seeing/hearing. The new guy picks her up and begins fucking her while he's holding her in his arms. Her ankles are resting on his shoulders as he pounds her dripping snatch. My wife throws her head back screaming for him to fuck her as hard as he can. He slams her back down on the table and grabs her anlkes, spreading her legs wide apart. She is getting fucked good, better than she ever has, i'm sure. "Fill me up, I want it, don't stop until the last drop." The guy loses it, and sprays her pussy full of sperm. I can see my wife's pussy gripping his shaft, not wanting it to end. The other two are jacking off over my wife's face and tits. She starts rubbing her tits and licking her fingers. She drops her hand down to her pussy and begins finger fucking herself to a climax as the two blow their loads all over her. She is left covered in jizz and the three guys make their exit out of the laundry. she gets up from the table, I can see her looking for something, she finds her shorts over in the corner, they are all ripped up. she tries to clean up as much as she can, but it's obvious that she just got fucked; her hair is a mess and her skin looks sticky. i'm wondering what she's going to do next, because all of the clothes are in the machine, and she doesn't have any bottoms. she looks out the door, i watch her take a deep breath as she walks out of the laundry facility. she makes her way to the pool. i change locations again to get a better view. nobody's at the pool. it looks like the three guys took off, i don't see any of their stuff laying around. standing near the edge, my wife's tits bounce as she peels off her shirt and jumps into the cold water. when she pops out of the pool, her nipples are quite erect. And she is soaking wet. By the time she gets back to the laundry, the clothes are ready, and I watch her put on a new pair of shorts. I run home and hop in my car, and drive off beofre she can see me or the car. I drove around the block a couple of times, and then came back. I went upstairs and set my keys down on the table. My heart was pumping so fast, I could hardly breathe. I asked my wife how her day was, and all she could do was smile at me with a certain glow about her. I sometimes think that she knew i was outside the laundry room the whole time. But then again she could be just keeping this dirty little secret to herself no knowing that i actually do know.
Poster: Adam