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Sweet dare


My Trip Part2: Fire Ant Bites
Okay so this part of the story takes place about a week or so into the my trip with Janet...

One day I was following Janet through the woods. The place she is from is basically a large island with nothing but sand and trees. We left our stuff at her grandparents’ house and took off in our bathing suits. She said she knew a really nice beach spot to swim on from when she went there a while ago. My bathing suit was a skimpy little red and black 2 piece and hers was one of those micro bikinis where it stretched tightly over her nipples and only covered them with a tight bottom. I noticed she was wearing more and more revealing clothing since we got “here” and I asked her about it. She said she didn’t care what people thought about her here since she didn’t live here. It finally hit me that she was right. I stopped and asked her if I should go nude. She started laughing and said “go ahead”. That was enough for me to take my top and bottom off in just a few seconds. She commented on my nice body and large breasts. Oddly enough we never saw each other naked before, probably because of her conservativeness. I asked her if I could see her breasts she moved the bikini material to the side and revealed her nipples to be. She had brown nipples and they were so tiny and hard looking. I mentioned before she had B cups but I never saw her boobs. They were so hot I actually got wet and moved in to touch them. She quickly covered up and told me not to tell anyone (guess she still wasn’t okay with people knowing). I hung my suit on a tree and told her that it was so I couldn’t put it back on. We finally got to the beach spot and like she said it was beautiful and the water was calm. Janet’s cell phone rang and she got a text telling her she had to go back to her grandparents’ house to fix something. She told me to stay there and she would be right back and I should just swim or something. I actually got scared because I was naked and alone someplace I didn’t know very well. I didn’t follow her back though, instead I went swimming for a bit. When I was too tired to swim anymore I went back to shore and rested in the shade of some trees. I was thirsty so I started to head back through the path we came from. I figured I would pick my clothes up on the way too, but when I got to the tree (after being confused about 100 times) they were gone. I looked around to see if the wind blew it or something. I saw a guy on the ground and he was holding my top. I walked closer and saw he was jacking off with my bottoms. It got me horny and I walked closer but he didn’t notice me as I stood in front of him because his eyes were closed. I kneeled down on his side and watched him, his cock was actually a nice size, I would guess about 6 inches. I realized he was close to cumming so I stuck my mouth on his cock and he squirted immediately, I guess I wasn’t thirsty anymore after that? He got up and looked at me then gave me back my top and bottom, not even looking embarrassed. I took it but didn’t put it on and then he said “hi, I am sorry.” I didn’t know he could speak English, that’s rare! I told him it was fine and we started talking a bit but he had trouble understanding my “slang” he called it. He seemed like a nice guy, he looked older too but to my surprise I found out he was actually 18. We were walking along and having idle conversation when we found a large stick of bamboo. He asked me to stand in front of it so I did. He took my arms and tied them behind me and the stick then did the same with my feet and tied me closer by the chest beneath my boobs and at my waist. I don’t know where he got the rope but it was rough and I assumed it was for tying animals to move them around the island. He carried the stick on his shoulder with me facing downward. My feet almost touched the ground because he was only carrying the top while the bottom dragged along the ground. He told me he had an idea and stopped, propped me up between 2 rocks, and left. I thought he was going to leave me there like that for a second, bring back some people to rape me, or maybe cook me or something but he came back after just a few minutes. He brought back a worn plastic bag and took out a bottle. He poured something onto his hands and rubbed it onto my boobs (it was sticky and cold) and my nipples immediately got hard. He tied two strands of string to my nipples and hung them onto the ground, also covering them in the liquid. He told me to look down and I noticed there was a red ant tunnel right below my boobs. I screamed for him to let me down but he picked up some ants and put them at the base of the string. I tried to wiggle free but the stick was wedged between rocks, suspending me there helplessly. He went behind me and took his cock out and started fucking me wildly in my pussy. I was watching my boobs the whole time as the fire ants crawled up the string and started biting my nipples. Mosquitoes were also interested and were landing on me too. All I could do was shake to try to get them off but it wouldn’t help. Meanwhile, I was being fucked hard and I couldn’t concentrate on anything because of the pain. He came inside my pussy and put a rock or something inside it. He walked over to my face and slapped me with his cock and told me he hopes I get pregnant then ran away. I couldn’t even care about him when my boobs were burning from all the ant bites. They were all over my boobs and I could feel every bite and move they made, it hurt so much. About 10 minutes later, I hear someone running by and I call out for help. I look up and I see Janet frantically running around in a circle. She untied me and we got the ants off. My boobs were so red, they actually swelled up. I didn’t even have any clothes because the guy took them too. I was mad at that guy and I didn’t even know his name but it didn’t matter. There was something kinky about him that I liked so Janet and I agreed to keep it between us.

My e-mail is
Poster: Carmen