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Sweet dare


Work dare from Heather
Hey all it's Gina again. I know it's been a while but I have some tough classes and it's hard to find the time. I have really enjoyed catching up though. Oh and Carmen like you say you are a slut! Those stories are just crazy scary girl.

I just wanted to tell everyone about my new job and what Heather dared me to do the other day while I was at work.

I got this part-time job at an attorneys office and I had been there about 2 weeks. I was just getting to know some of the people I worked for and the office had about 15 men and only 2 other women besides me. The other two women were nice and very good looking. They dressed very professional so I decided that I needed to go shopping to make sure I had enough suit looks and professional attire.

Heather and I shopped for about 4 hours to get me some good looks that I felt comfortable ( and a little sexy ) in. I brought the stuff home and Heather asked me to put on this nice pin striped gray skirt suit. I bought a cute white silk blouse to wear with it that had a big collar. I put on the pencil skirt that went to just above me knees and it was kinda tight. Not too tight just enough to make me look good but not slutty. I stood there wearing the skirt topless in front of my tall mirror and Heather said to sit on the end of the bed to see how far it would go up when I sat down. I did and it was close to showing too much, if I didn't keep my legs closed really well some one could get a good look if they were staring at my crotch. If I left my legs open to the farthest they could go, anyone could see almost all of me. Of course I was wearing white panties at the time and it was very obvious. I put on a new bra that was very lacy so I could feel more sexy under the silk blouse. Then I put on the silk blouse and the gray striped suit top. The bottom came down to my waist and closed tightly over my chest. It accentuated my curves very well. I was fully dressed and Heather asked me to take off the blouse and my bra and then put on the suit top. I was like "what is this, am I your own personal striptease." She said she just wanted to see what it looked like, then I thought about it. I wanted to feel sexy and this would give me a good image to imagine for when I needed the sexy feeling at work.
I took off the suit top and then Heather suggests that I take off the just the blouse and then put the suit top back on. Then I could take off the bra from under the suit top. I decided this would be a better image for me so I took off the blouse and then put the suit top back on. I took a look in the mirror and the suit top came down low enough to see the top of my bra, the top of my tits were peeking out, with my nipples right at the top part of the bra and suit top and just below being seen but they were tingling at my arousal. Then I reached behind me under the suit top and unhooked my bra. I then took off my left strap down my arm. I had to push the strap down the sleeve a bit and that made my left nipple pop out (much to it's/my relief) I pulled my right arm in a bit and took the bra strap over my hand. I put the top back on straight and put my right arm in to the left side of the top. This strap fell down to my hand easy as it had no restrictions on it. As I reached to the cuff of my left hand and pulled the bra free it grazed my nipples and they got very hard but still held in by the top, barely. Then I took a look at my self. This was a very, very revealing top when nothing is underneath it, probably why Heather wanted to see it this way. She smiled as she looked in the mirror laying on the bed behind me. The low cut look and my tits almost totally out, but not quite and the skirt made me look like a hooker school teacher. My tits looked huge this way, barley held in, lookin like they wanted to just burst out(which they practically did). Heather got on her knees on the bed to get a better look over my shoulder, so I backed up next to the bed so she could see. Then she bent down and reached up my skirt and pulled down my panties. At first I started to move when she reached up there but then stopped and let her go. When they hit the floor I stepped out of them and she told me to sit on the bed again with my legs as far apart as they could go. I did and it showed my bald pussy in all it's glory. Then she said to stand up, so I did, and she got behind me again and reached around from behind and un did the first on the top. It didn't do much but relieve some of the pressure on my aching nipples. Then she undid the second button and my tits were set free. She pulled the sides of the top to the side of my tits and sat there admiring the view of my very erect nipples on my perky tits. She bent over again and pulled the bottom of the skirt up to my waist, I just stood there letting her do this. Now I had my tits out and my pussy along with it but still had the clothes somewhat on. I was very aroused at this point and took off the top and skirt and went to the bathroom to enjoy it.
When I walked back into the room naked Heather was giggling. She told me I had an awesome body and it's so easy to turn me on. I said she had just as nice of a body and she just laughed saying that she didn't. I told her to get naked and put on this suit the way I had and we would see. She said no it wouldn't make a difference and I jumped, right on top of her. In no time I had her on her back, my legs on her arms straddling her chest, one of the buttons on her top was touching my pussy. Then I started to unbutton her top as she squirmed. To my surprise when I got to where I could see the front of her bra I noticed it was a front release clip. I pushed the button and POP! her boobs bounce free. It was nicely easy, she squirmed and pushed me to the side and I grabbed the bra as I went and pulled it, with her top, around her back and off as she tried to grab at it while trying to stand. I laid on the bed holding her bra and top and she was standing there bare breasted. Her boobs finally stopped their bouncing, and she stood there with just her jeans on (probably panties too but maybe not). She gave up after that since I already had her half naked. She picked up the suit top and put it on, then unbuttoned and unzipped her jeans and pulled them down. Seeing her in just the top and panties was very cute so I told her to stop and take a look. She turned and stood in front of the mirror and smiled as she saw how nice she looked. I kneeled on the bed behind her and took a good look. The top wasn't as tight on her and a little bit bigger. Her nips were out in all their glory, but the bottom of her tits were held in by the top. The bottom of the top came down to just barely above her crotch so I bent down and slowly pulled down her panties, as she let me do this she had a little shiver. She stepped out of the panties and stood to look, puling down the top so it sat just so you could see the bottom of her bare pussy. It was so cute. I then reached around and unbuttoned the top button and pulled the sides out to show her off better. She stood there practically naked just the bottom of her pussy and some nice butt cheek sticking out. I grabbed the bottom of the suit top and pulled it up and off her and then we were both naked in the room. Heather flopped on the bed as we laid there and laughed. Then Heather came up with a dare for me. The next time I wear this to work I would need to do it with nothing on underneath. I said whoa I will get fired if I don't wear the blouse and skirt. She said no leave the those on but no panties and no bra. I was not excited about this dare since it was at work but I agreed. Then she said I should wear it on Monday. So I tried to think of what was happening on Monday at work. I couldn't think of anything that had me doing a lot of walking around the office so I decided to do it.

Monday morning I woke up and took a shower, as I came out of the bathroom toweling off my hair Heather reminded me that I had a dare to do and I started getting nervous. My nipples were at attention right away and I went to the closet to get my clothes. Heather had a class right then but she skipped it because she wanted to make sure I followed through. I put my clothes on the bed and dried off my body with the towel that was on my head. Every touch on my nipples sent a shiver down my spine. I put on the blouse, and the silk rubbing on my tits just brought on more shivers.
The blouse came down to just above my pussy so no safety on that covering things up. Then I put on the skirt and as I tucked and adjusted the blouse the friction on my very aroused nipples was driving me crazy. I had to sit and be still for a second to calm down. Heather laughed at me but I didn't let her affect me. I got control and Heather got up and opened the door to our room to leave, which sent a gust of air right up my skirt. Again I almost lost it with the reminder that I had no undies on. I wasn't afraid but turned on at the thought of being in an office of mostly men with nothing on underneath my clothes.
I got up to get the jacket top and Heather said I should unbutton the first 2 buttons of the blouse. I tried it and looked in the mirror at my plunging cleavage but thought that it would be to unprofessional to do this so I buttoned one of the buttons.
I got the jacket top on with some more rubbing on my nips and stood in front of the mirror to take in the whole look. As I stood there it looked good, very professional and no way of anyone but me knowing what was or wasn't underneath. I also knew though that if I sat down I had to be careful, if someone looked when I sat down without keeping my legs closed tight they might get a view of my shaved pussy, which I wouldn't mind as long as I didn't know about it or I caused it on purpose.
I got to work and the morning went great I just sat at my desk doing my reports. Then Sherri, the nice looking brunette come over to my cubicle and stands behind me next to my chair and asks if I want to go out to lunch with her and the other girl Joan. She must have seen down my blouse because she paused while asking and adjusted back a little. After she was done asking she bent over and whispered in my ear to ask me if I was wearing a bra. This got my nipples to start their march to attention. I thought quickly, should I tell the truth? Maybe she is the type to report me and I get fired, maybe she won't report me but think I am some kind of slut. She must have felt my pause to think and added that she could see down my blouse earlier and saw my left nipple pushed up against the blouse, held in by the suit top and no bra. I immediately started to apologize and she stopped me and said not to worry, she liked to spice things up too, she looked around and pulled up the side of her skirt to show her garter and the nice silk stockings, and no panties!! I could only see her hip but there was nothing there. I was relieved and a little surprised but we laughed together. I told her I would love to go to lunch and signed out of my computer and we went to get Joan.

We got to the deli for lunch and the subject of conversation got around to fashion and how being at an attorney's office we need to look professional but want to feel relaxed and sexy. Sherri mentioned to Joan that I was not wearing a bra today and I had to add that she wasn't wearing panties. Joan had this shocked look on her face and asked how we knew this about each other so we told her the story from earlier. Joan said she could never think of doing such a thing because she just was too afraid someone might see. I told her that I used to be the same way but got around that on a trip I took one summer. I suggested she just try to take off her bra underneath first because she had a top that went to her neck and a vest top over that. She wasn't sure so I asked her to go to the bathroom with me and I would show her how easy it is. Sherri told her to do it and she would stay at the table so they would not think we had left.
I checked the bathroom for others and found no one there. Then I took off my jacket top and unbuttoned 2 buttons to show my boobs and now erect nipples to Joan. She just stared with this blank look so I said, "see how easy it is, and you have a much more covering top on than I do." She laughed and I asked her if she would just take off her bra and give it to me. She stood there a while thinking and I told her to just do it no one will even know. I reached out and unbuttoned her vest top, she didn't stop me so I took that off of her and pulled her blouse out from her skirt. She let me do that too, so I started unbuttoning her blouse she was very red and put her hands over her chest and stopped me. I told her she had a great body and that it would be no problem, then she reached behind her self under her blouse and unhooked her bra. Then took it off her left arm then her right, pulled it out handed it to me. Her tits are very nicely shaped about a 32C and her nipples were very much at attention(and very long too). I pointed and said, "see you do like this." She covered up quickly and I told her that I know how that feels, my nipples gave me away all the time when I was shy. We both laughed. She buttoned up and re-tucked her blouse and through the silk you could still see her large hard nipples. She looked down and noticed so I reassured her as I handed her her vest top that she would have that on and no one would see. She quickly put it on and looked in the mirror. She was showing nothing at all, but I knew she was enjoying every minute of it. I buttoned back up, put on my suit top, and we went back out, finished our lunch and went back to the office.
I had a meeting later that afternoon that I had to attend, so I went to the bathroom to check and make sure I was not looking slutty. I got to the meeting and sat carefully because there were 8 guys there and me taking notes. The meeting went fine except that I think the head partner at the firm that was conducting the meeting stopped behind me quite a few times, I think he was trying to get a good look so I adjusted a couple of times before he got around to me to give him a better view. That got me very hot and I had to "use the restroom" when the meeting was over. Sherri walked in while I was just about to climax and heard my breathing and said, "it must have been a good meeting." I got done and cleaned up and came out to tell her all about it and she said that I was crazy. I told her they couldn't prove I did it on purpose and besides who is he going to tell. We both got a good laugh.
The rest of the day went fine and Joan has been dressing more revealing lately. I think her shell is breaking too.
Poster: Gina