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Sweet dare


My Sweet Aunt
I was lying on the sofa watching a football match. My aunt (next door neighbor) came and sat beside me in her nightdress.

“Not now. The match is really getting interesting.” I said.

“Oh, is it?” She said, as she started rubbing my cock, which soon sprang to life. I soon started to squeeze her heavy boobs and the football match was all forgotten. I removed the buttons from her nightie and started suckling on her swollen nipples and she moaned heavily, as I sucked on both her tits real hard one by one. I then spread her panty-less legs and started fingering her pussy, which she always shaved specially for me. After I made her cum, she started what her hands had started. She opened my pyjamas and knelt on the ground and gave me the usual, mind boggling blowjob she had been giving for the last 8 years.

As I came with a heavy breath, I started reminiscing about how it had all started. My mom had passed away 9 years back and my father much earlier. I was 18 when my mom died. I went to live with my aunt, whom I was extremely fond of. She was 39 at that time. She had gone through a messy divorce after she was accused of adultery by her ex-husband. She had been a vagabond all her life, but after marriage she seemed to have mellowed down. But her husband started getting into bad ways and she started to wander again. Though people from her husband’s side cast aspersions on her character, I still loved her. After about 3 months I started to stay with her, I started getting attracted to her. She was an attractive woman with soft, light skin; a slim body; perfect buttocks; and well shaped boobs. Though it was the wrong way to feel, I always felt I could easily have her.

I tried my best to control my feelings towards her, but couldn’t. I decided I had to see her nude somehow. I made a hole in the bathroom to see her bathe. One day in the morning, I waited for her to go to the bathroom. I peeped through the hole to see her perfect nude body, which was enough to drive anyone crazy. She had much bigger boobs then I imagined, which were beginning to sag very slightly, but looked delicious nevertheless with huge black tits. Her ass looked well toned and rubbery, and bounced whenever she moved. Wow! She had a heavy bush – she probably never shaved.

This continued for a month. I began more desperate to touch her. I wondered how it would feel to taste her tits, rub her voluptuous ass with my hard cock, and finger her bushy pussy. I knew she loved me too much to probably not refuse, and her very sensitive pussy would definitely make things easier. I knew she brought some colleagues at her office, when I was in college. I was not sure whether she slept with them, but she must have, I thought.

I thought seeing her nude would fulfill my lust, but it only increased. I fantasized going to her room at night and pressing her breasts while she was sleeping. To make things worse, I noticed that she wore no bra at night when she wore a nightdress, and I couldn’t help staring at her breasts that dropped down beautifully as she bent to serve me dinner.

One day, my aunt and I went for shopping. She wore a tight Salvar Khameez, and her bosom really bulged, and my cock really started to rise again. We shopped on the 10th floor of Spencer’s. As we got into the elevator after shopping, there was a huge crowd. As we got in first, we went to the end of the elevator. Me and aunt were snuggled at the end. Aunt was standing just behind me as the crowd rushed in. I realized this was a very good opportunity to steal a touch of her magnificent boobs. I was helped as more people got into the lift and I had to step backwards. I didn’t have to make an attempt. My shoulders were pressed very hard to her left boob, and my, how soft they were! My cock really rose with all its glory as I could feel her hard nipples. I felt my aunt’s left hand on my right buttock as she held onto her package with great difficulty. We were in that position for almost 3 minutes till the crowd cleared.

As I walked the rest of the journey with her, I was feeling the horniest ever. I opened the door and let her in. She walked in with the packages and went to the kitchen to keep it on the floor. As she bent to the ground, I felt a strong urge to just go behind her and rub her ass with my hungry cock. I somehow resisted it and kept the bag and left the kitchen.

I jacked off my cock three times in the night thinking about her nude body and the feel of her soft breasts. I decided I have to let aunt take a peek at my penis for me to arouse her, knowing fully well easily aroused she could be. I told her before going to bed that I need to go early in the morning and requested her to wake me up at 7 am in the morning. My lusty, devious mind had a plan. I somehow managed to get up at around 6:30 in the morning. I slowly tiptoed to see if aunt had gotten up. She was still asleep. I went back to my bed and started to wait. I heard the alarm. I removed my upper garments and my underwear and snugged myself under just the bed sheet. I could see my cock protrude. I soon made a small opening between the bed sheet in such a way I could pull out my rock hard cock and make sure it is in full view. I made sure my cock stood still facing upward by placing it between a pillow and my right hand. I put my left hand over my face and pretended to be asleep, but my left eye was open under my hidden left hand. Soon I heard aunt coming over to my room, and as she came inside the room, she froze.

She stood there for a few seconds and stared at my cock. She slowly walked towards me as my heart paced. I felt I was about to cum due to the excitement. She took the pillow slowly as she had the closest view of my lovely, dark brown penis. She covered my fully erect cock with the pillow and slowly shook my hand. I pretended to awake as I turned around to make sure she doesn’t see in case I cum. I somehow prevented it. I was feeling great. I had shown my most private thing to my aunt, and I am sure she enjoyed it. It felt so great!

I got up and had my bath. I was feeling very horny – never had I felt such uncontrollable lust. I came out of the bath with pyjamas without underwear. I wasn’t wearing my banyan to show my muscular arms and shoulders. My aunt just couldn’t miss my great cock bulging as I walked into the kitchen. She eyed it slowly but continued to stir something in the kitchen, which she was preparing. I went and stood very close to her, with my protruding cock inches away from her right thigh. I told “I am feeling very sleepy.”
“Hey lazy, get up! It is an important session for you, right?
I said “Yes, I said, but I am too tired.” I pretended to yawn and put my face on her shoulders and feigned a snore. As I did, my hard crotch touched her right thigh. Wow, how it felt! I stood in that position, and she made no move -- not a budge. I am sure she loved it. If she had moved, I would have gone back, but she didn’t. I was feeling out of control. I knew I was on the verge of having her, if I had the guts to. As I lay in that position, I could see her great ass protrude to the left, and as I turned right, I could see her braless bosom flow in all glory. I said “Okay, let me sleep for a few minutes here. Then I will go.” I don’t how I did it, but I moved behind her ass, as my cock touched her ass crack. I put my hands around her shoulders and snuggled close to her. She switched off the stove, but continued to stir. My cock was fully blown now.

My heart was pounding as I slept on her shoulders. I knew I was either going to make love to my dear aunt or going to get a sound bashing from her, when aunt said “Okay, if you don’t feel like going, forget it.” Her voice sounded so different, something which made me felt so horny. I could no longer bear it. My hands which were on her neck came down as I slowly cupped both her braless breasts. They felt like heaven. She still didn’t move, but she slowly started to breath. I knew she was letting me have her. I couldn’t believe it, could this really be happening! I started squeezing her boobs real hard. Now her nipples started to get real hard and I was on cloud nine with my even more erect cock glued to her ass. I started kissing her shoulders and this seemed to drive her crazy as she passionately started breathing. She started shaking and wiggling her ass, teasing my dear, dear cock, which just loved her ass cheeks. I started licking her shoulders, which tasted so good and salty. She suddenly took my left hand which was still caressing her boobs, and placed it on her ass crack. As I continued to caress her right breast, I started rubbing her ass cheeks and occasionally fingering it. This continued for some time when she suddenly turned around and embraced me. “Oh Bala, I really love you. How I have wished this day would come. She passionately kissed my mouth. She bent down in a jiffy and pulled my swollen 6.5-inch cock out of my pyjamas, which sprang out like a snake out of a box. She dropped my pyjamas to the ground and started playing with my balls, which was even more heavenly. She slowly put my love stick into her mouth and started jerking her head to and fro. I could feel her tongue lick my pink beauty and all of a sudden I came with a burst of cum. She held onto me holding my butt, which was really great.

She got up without saying a word and went into the bathroom. I was gasping for breath not still believing what had happened. I went to the bathroom and cleaned myself, had a nice shower, and was horny again. I saw aunt come out of the bath. She smiled at me. “Please come to my room.” She said.

With my heart beating, I followed her to her room. She asked me sit beside her. She gave me a loving kiss on my forehead. “You like me, don’t you!”

“I have always loved you, you know that, but for the last few months, I have been thinking about in the wrong way…..”

She put a hand on my lips and said. “No, it is not wrong. I started fancying you when you were 14, but somehow told myself it was wrong. At the elevator the other day when we went shopping, the minute you touched my breasts, I knew the time had come.” She kissed my right cheek and started to squeeze my nipples slowly one by one. She bent down and sucked on my nipples, which really felt great. As she did that, she started rubbing my cock. I embraced her and started pressing her boobs. “Do you want to see them?” She said, as she removed her nightdress revealing her two beauties. I hungrily sucked on both her tits for a long time. She was still wearing her panties. My hands went inside them, caressing her hairy pussy. We then had great sex throughout the day. I requested her to shave her pussy, which she has always done specially for me for the last 8 years.
Poster: Ramesh