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Sweet dare


first time for everything
I am a college student in Minnesota, I love it here but the winter can get long. I recently split with my fiancee and was very sexually frustrated, both in and after the relationship. In late November and old female friend of mine returned for 6 weeks from school in Georgia and that is where my adventure begins. My friend, we'll call he Jo for anonymity has always been very dear to me, we met at a summer camp when I was 13 and she was 14. We hit it off right away but in a very asexual way. We spent as much time as we could together doing what friends do, with no intent of dating. After a couple years she introduced me to her friend Louanne who I got along with very well and started dating. Louanne and I dated for 2 years before we split up realizing that her being an urban peace activist and me being a rural sportsman would suredly cause too many rifts in our future relationship. Jo and I remained friends but we started opening up to eachother about sexual topics and we progressed into high school, but remained just friends who talked about sex but never participated in it together. My senior year of high school Jo was my biggest fan and went to all my hockey games. I went to a private school that was within just a few miles of her house so it was easy for her to make the trip. I was the star goalie and ended up dating the most popular girl in the school; in most of the country the quarterback gets the girl, here it's the goalie. Her name was Amy, she and I dated for 4 years as I traveled and played Junior hockey (the level between high school and college) then went on to play college hockey. Our relationship was strong and so we decided to take the next step, and I proposed. The engagement was rocky from the start as her parents liked me but did not approve of the hectic lifestyle I lived as I tried to advance my playing career. After a year or so our sexual life degraded as well and I only lasted another 6 months before I knew what I had to do. We agreed that going our seperate ways would be best, and so we did.
Where Jo ties into this is that she and Amy never got along, Amy was jealous and constantly suspicious of my friendship with Jo and would become irrate if I spoke to her. When Amy and I split I immediately caleed Jo to let her know what had happened, and lucky for me she was on her way back from GA and would be back home in the north for 6 weeks, and would arrive the next day. We agreed to meet at our favorite pizza place for dinner in 2 days.
She got there first and my heart raced as I pulled up and saw her face through the window. I rushed in and sat down. Our conversation immediately turned to my sexual frustration in my relationship with Amy. Soon she brought up her sexual frustration in the south because she couldn't seem to find a guy with her same interests. For the first time I saw Jo as someone I was interested in, and could instantly see she had the same lightswitch turned on (pardon the pun). I told her that I wanted to experience things I hadn't, one of which was going to a strip club, she responded saying she had never been either. So we decided we would go, in 3 days, which was a thursday night. In our conversation it came up that I had never had a blow job, that I had given oral to Amy but she refused to reciprocate. It also came up that Jo had been invited to be part of an orgy but that she said no because she was uncomfortable with the guys involved. And with those things fresh in our heads we continued what was turning from dinner with an old friend into a date. She asked if I wanted to go see a movie and of course I said yes. The theatre we were in was fairly empty and we sat near the back. Throughout I had my arm around her and rubbed her shoulders and neck which she seemed to enjoy. After the movie it was very late and we left, I dropped her off at her car and drove home. The next two days I was terribly distracted at work, only thinking about my date (dare I call it that) with Jo on Thursday.
Thursday arrived and the day was brutally slow, finally it was time to drive into the city to pick her up, I made sure I was fresh and clean and even shaved downstairs just in case. When she jumped in my truck she told me she knew one of the dancers and that she would be there tonight. I didn't think much of it other than that it was nice to know there would be someone to show two rookies the ropes. We got there and parked the truck, my heart raced and we came closer to the door, I paid the cover for both of us, we entered and realized that there isn't alcohol at full nudity strip clubs in our state. With the prospect of liquid encouragement out I was unsure of how the night would be and much more nervous. After a few minutes Jo bought a lap dance for me from her friend. Apparently she told her friend that I had never had a blow job and asked her to do her a little favor. A couple minutes in Crystal (the dancer). Covered my eyes with the bra she had been wearing and told me to not peek, that she "has a suprise", my belt and pants were undone and pulled to my ankles and I was getting excited about what that suprise might be. I felt warm moist lips touch the side of my shaft as I quickly rose to attention, then something peculiar, I felt large breasts against my head, how was that possible, soon I couldn't resist and I took a quick peak, only to see Jo giving me head. I couldn't hold back and ejaculated into her mouth, she giggled and spat it out into a near by garbage can. I couldn't believe whathad just happened. We pulled ourselves together and went back out into the main lounge of the club, we stayed another hour or two before we couldn't resist eachother. As quick as we could we left the club (I left a large tip for Crystal since she was so great) and barely made it to my truck a block away before we had to have eachother, I opened the back door of the truck and she jumped in, she had her clothes off before I had even got in myself and we had the best quickie I have ever experienced. We stayed naked as we drove to my house almost an hour away, we arrived and she jumped out of the truck and ran inside still buck naked. The rest of the evening was fun but fairly uneventful since we were both exhausted.
I knew exactly what I should do, I called a friend of mine who Jo had had a crush on in high school and told him what had happened. My friend Rob is bisexual and had asked me before to take part in a 3way with him and his roommate Lauren. I asked him to drive up the next day to have dinner and possibly some fun. I asked Jo to stay for a couple days, and told her I was planning a nice sensual meal for that evening. She took my truck to run home and get clothes for the weekend, and while she was out I made the meal and set the table for 3. When she returned Rob had arrived but had parked his car in the barn so she couldn't see it, he was waiting in another room until I told Jo my plan and she agreed, he came in and gave her a hug, telling her it was great to see her again. We started eat to, feeding echother in various ways. We drank a fair amount of wine to muster our courage and we moved to the basement. I had the fireplace roaring and some soft music on. Jo did not know that tonight would not just be the first night she would have 2 men at once, but that it would be my first sexual contact with another man. It started with jo abd I kissing as Rob rubbed her back then moved south, soon I was inside her and she was giving Rob head. Then she switched and took me into her lips and I reached over and took him in my hand, he slid over and I took him in my mouth, it was the greatest taste I had ever had. We changed it up again and this was what I was waiting for, I got on my knees and took him inside me. I had mastubated with a toy before but never had anyone inside me. As soon as I loosened some I pulled Jo over and started pleasuring her with my lips and tongue. Finally before we had all about had enough I told them I wanted to be in the middle. Rob sat on the couch and I sat on his lap, taking him in, then Jo straddled me facing me and we kissed passionately for a few minutes as we all moved together in rhythm, then Rob came inside me which sent me over the edge, I told Jo I was about to finish and she worked furiously hard then came with me inside her and finally I let go and filled her with my cum. We all melted to the floor and fell asleep. In the middle of the night Rob left Jo and. Cuddling on the floor where we awoke in the morning.
The rest of her time here we spent together enjoying our friendship and having a huge amount of fun as well. She went back to Georgia just after new years, and since we have been talking constantly and sending pictures back and forth. I cannot wait until we both graduate at the end of this semester, she is coming back here and we have even talked about becoming a real couple and moving somewhere a bit warmer. We have decided to continue our relationship sexually with Rob and he is as excited as we are about having another wild night.

I love reading the stories and posts on the board and would love to hear from anyone who has had a similar event, or even any who hasn't. Or anyone interested in sending pictures back and forth, Jo and I love taking dares from eachother and others. My email is thundernorton@gmail. com

Hope to hear from you guys

-Mike T.
Poster: M.T.