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Sweet dare


First Time Watch (wife husband stranger)
First Time Watch

We had been invited to a party held at a 5 star hotel out of the city. It was late and everybody was drunk everywhere around, in the lobby, at the bar or at the garden outside where my wife and I were sitting under the moonlight, both drunk and my wife more than ever. She even could not move her ass to the fucking car to get back home. I decided to buy some orange juice for her to help her getting better. It took around 15 minutes for me to go back inside and return to my wife.
I was walking through the trees to the place my wife was there that I heard my wife’s laughing, after a few seconds I heard someone’s else voice too talking with my wife and both laugh. I came closer quietly to see who the hell the guy is talking to my wife.
I hid myself between the trees close to the table. Luckily there was enough light for me to see everything clearly. I put the fucking glass away and sat there behind a rock.
There was a guy with a nice suite talking to her. I hadn’t seen him during the party and I think he was one of the hotel customers, any way he was around 40 and looked like a business man.
He had a bottle of whisky in his hand and from the time I was there he purred three shots for my wife. She really was drunk and everybody could realize that from the way she was talking.
For a moment I saw the guy rubbing my wife’s feet over her silky skirt. I just wanted to jump out and hit the face of that fucking guy but for the first time in my life I felt a new feel of horniness by watching this scene. I stayed calm until the guy went further and put his hand between my wife’s legs.
This time I felt my cock getting hard especially when I saw my wife sitting back relax on the chair after his act and open her legs a little wider. She was conscious but completely out of mind and the man was taking a good advantage of her situation.
I just told myself to let it happens. For sure it was the first and the last time for me to do this and my wife too. I knew that she maybe feels sad after she becomes well but also I wished she does not remember anything the next morning.
However the guy pulled my wife skirts up and pushed her back to sit more comfortable on the chair then took her panty off and put it on the table top. He took my wife’s legs up in the air, wide open and started giving her a massive oral sex. My wife’s high heels were moving with the moving of the stranger’s head.
From the position where I was hiding I could not see what he is doing exactly. The only thing I could see was the movement of his head between my wife’s legs and off course I could hear her voice of moaning softly in the dark.
After a few minutes he stood up and unzipped his pant then pulled it dawn to his knees and took his hard cock off. I could not believe that I am letting a stranger does such a dirty thing with the love of my life, fucks her before my eyes and I enjoy that but the joy of watching was making me to stop doing anything.
Later he took my wife’s head and before she realizes what is going to happen pushed his cock in to her mouth and at the same time put his hand between her legs. From the body movement of my wife I realize that he is finger fucking her while she sucks his dick.
It didn’t take too long that he pulled his cock out of her mouth and helped her to stand on her feet. It seemed to me that he is in rush to finish his job and it was obvious because somebody could reach there before his final act.
Anyway he bent my wife over the table and pulled her skirt up. Now I could see my wife’s white butt from there. He sniffed her ass for a sec and kissed her left butt lovely then positioned himself behind her and pushed his cock in to her pussy slowly. Soon he started pumping; at first not too hard but soon harder and faster.
I could not hold myself any more. I started masturbating by watching this awesome scene. I came sooner than both of them; my wife came too and the guy just pulled his cock out of her pussy one second before he comes. Then he helped my wife again to sit on the chair and put her panty on. He looked around nervously and left quickly from the other side of the garden.
I moved out with the glass of orange juice which was not cold any more. I reached to my wife. Her eyes were closed. I called her and she just said: “That was awesome honey, do it again…” I just realized that my wife did not even realize that someone else has fucked her not me. It was a good sign and in fact it was my lucky day.
I looked at her nice feet. I opened her legs and took out my hard cock, touched her pussy through her panty; it was totally wet of somebody else’s action. This time I took her panty out and fucked her easily in her juicy pussy. She came again and me too.
We stayed at the hotel that night and the next morning left there. Still she doesn’t know the fact of that night and I will never ever let her know about that. It was the best happening of my personal sex experiment and will be my biggest secret of my life.

Poster: xu10club