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Sweet dare


older women are so much better.
So I have been into older women for a long time, ever since I hit puberty. There has always just been something about a women who has matured into a fine thing. I finally got my chance at an older woman last week. She is this lady who lives across the street from me, who I do some things for her just to be a good neighbor. To tell you the truth she is someone who I can't really stand. She is one of those people who do things rather absent mindedly and comes off being a major bitch. So I was over at her house helping her lift some stuff into her attic. The whole time I can see down her shirt, no bra and just a really nice rack. She had to have had like a large b maybe small c cup. Which doesnt bother me at all because I am really into smaller boobs over the large ones. She had a lot of things for me to put up in the attic and after awhile I just kept looking down her shirt not paying attention. I didn't notice that I had started to get really hard, really quick.

I tried to maneuver so she wouldn't notice but she did. She said am I exciting you a bit. I tried to push it off but she said she would take care of that in a jiffy. Not knowing what she meant I put the next box into the attic when I look back down to see her completely topless. This surprised me as she is like 45 and didn't think she was that daring. Now I am 21 and know that she is old enough to be my mom.

But I have a weakness when it comes to boobs and I lost control. I started to walk down the ladder, she stopped me a few planks from the bottom and pulled down my pants to suck my dick. I have never really had anyone suck my dick before other than road head so this was a shock to me. It felt really good and she went at it for only like a minute before I pulled back because I didn't want to cum.

I stepped down from the ladder and met her gaze. At that moment she and I were all over each other. She stripped off the rest of my clothes, as I did to hers. we were heading for a bed to fuck but I really couldn't wait. I turned her around and bent her over, entered her from behind and just went at it. With her being my first older woman, I tried to make it last. After fucking her from behind for awhile, I pulled out as I started to swell. She told me to keep going until I fill her up with cum.

So to make it last I laid her down on her back and started to fuck her pinning her knees to her chest. I pounded into her as hard and as fast as I could. I knew I was doing a good job because after each hard thrust she would scratch my back an give out a loud moan. So loud her dogs would bark. I kept fucking her until I finally swelled and came deep inside of her pussy. We laid there agaist eachother catching our breath. Her boobs felt so good, hot and sweaty.

I really wanted to keep going and she knew that I wanted to too. So she laid me on my back, put my slowly softing dick between her boobs, and almost instantly I became hard again. She took that as a compliment and started to ride me. She rode me hard and aggressively. Her pussy lips were rubbing against my dick and her boobs kept bouncing, hitting me in the face. This gave us both great pleasure.

She rode me until she had an orgasm, but not an ordinary one. She squirted her cum all over my dick, which made me cum even more inside of her. She asked me if I like what I saw and of course being curious I said Hell yeah. She got off me and told me to eat her pussy and make her do that again. Her pussy was really swollen from the sex but it was like nothing I have ever eaten before.

Eating pussy is something I really enjoy doing so I knew pretty much exactly where to touch to get her to orgasm. So I was full faced in her pussy with my tongue licking everything I could and occasionally using my finger to carass the g spot. It didnt take long for her to cum again and this time she squirted a lot into my mouth. She told me to gulp it down, which I did. At first it grossed me out but the after taste was really delightful.

I wiped myself off and started to get up. She asked me where I thought I was going. She told me to get back down there and eat my cum out of her. She said that she was cream pied but now she wants to taste the cream. I have never had a girl push my cum out of her pussy, mostly because I usually used a condom. As I started to eat her pussy again she pushed my cum out and told me to put it in my mouth. As I did this she pulled me up and started making out with me to get the cream. It was really weird but very kinky.

She stood up, let me suck on her boobs one last time, and told me I could get dressed and leave.
I have had some good sex before but I have never had great sex before. I think I am hooked on older women. If any other older women have stories or pictures for me dont be afraid to email me. I would love to hear from you all.
Poster: Edward