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Sweet dare


getting laid at the tavern...
Here is another true story. I had a friend who was probably one of the easiest girls I ever met. She had shoulder length brown hair and a pierced nose, not really pretty but kind of average. She had smaller B-cup breasts, very nicely shaped, and a big ass. She had a flat stomach, and was not fat at all, but her ass was wide and her hips were broad. She could fill out a pair of jeans like few women I know, and she was kind of a earthy, hippie chick. We'll call her Jen. She was into music and partying, mainly partying and listening to music. We hooked up once when I was drunk, but she was the kind of girl who you'd eventually fuck if you knew her long enough. One night we were out at a tavern with several of my friends we'll call Bill, Matt, and Kenny. Jen had a crush on Bill, he was a good looking guy, and he played the guitar. I knew she had her sights on him when she started asking a bunch of questions about him. We were playing pool and drinking beer, getting progressively more buzzed and having fun. There were some other barroom roses at the tavern and they were distracting us from Jen, which I could tell she did not like. We were joking around what we'd do to several of the hotter girls and I could see Jen getting red. Especially when Bill starts playing doubles pool, partnered with some skanky rocker chick. Jen was partners with Matt and after they lost their game she took him out to her car to smoke a bowl...and they were gone for a while. When they come back in her hair was messed up and he looked pretty happy, not just stoned either! He doesn't say anything until later when we are taking a leak. After they got out there she started complaining Bill wasn't paying attention to her and we weren't helping at all, then she gets out of her car, walks around to the passenger's side, opens the door, and kneels down in the parking lot. She grabbed his cock, knelt in between his legs and unzipped his fly. She pulled out his cock and started sucking it like a hoover, lots of suction, head bobbing up and down. This girl had sucked A LOT of dicks and she knew how to work it over, up and down, slobbering on it and using her hands, giving him some serious head. He reached down her shirt (no bra) and felt her small tits, and he felt her nipple harden up. As her head bobbed up and down on his cock a car drove in and parked, clearly seeing them and laughing about it on the way into the tavern. He finally warned her he was going to cum and she just sucked harder and cupped his balls, and he shot a load of sperm into her gullet. She swallowed it all, smiled, kissed his forehead and walked back into the tavern. No wonder her hair was messed up! She came in and continued drinking, playing pool, and trying to get Bill's attention. After a half hour or so she heads out to the car with Kenny to smoke, but this time I wandered out to see what was going on. I took a spot next to a SUV where I was in the shadows, and while they weren't under a streetlight, they were pretty visible in the car. Jen was smoking in the driver's seat, but when she finished instead of getting out of the car I see Kenny's hand slide behind her head and guide it into his lap. The back of her head is bobbing up and down in his lap..she is sucking his cock too! He later told me she was deepthroating him and licking is balls at the same time. She gets up and after wiggling around a little I see her shorts come off. She straddles Kenny and eases down onto his cock. He is holding her waist, then has his hands up her shirt, while she rides his cock. Her big ass is flying up and down like some girl in a rap video. After a while the car sharts shaking and I see her bouncing pretty hard, then they stop. She gets out and puts on her shorts, no underwear, smooths her hair, straightens her shirt and heads back into the tavern. I walk over to see Kenny trying to dry his boxers off and pull his pants back up, he tells me he shouldn't have fucked her because he didn't have a condom! She wanted him to cum inside her because it turns her on to have jizz running out of her pussy in public. The crotch of her pants never showed the load that night, but she definitely had JBF hair in the bar. The other girls knew, and we all knew, except poor Bill. I was getting pretty hammered at this point in the evening so i wasn't really paying attention to what was going on, but eventually I realize Bill is nowhere to be found. I looked outside in the parking lot and sure enough, there he is making out with Jen. They are in a deep passionate kiss, and he has his hand down her shorts....I just went back inside. I found out the next day that he took her home and fucked her sloppy seconds. Repeatedly. We never told Bill.
Poster: joey bishop