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Sweet dare


How my sister lost her virginity
My next "incident" occured abouts 6 weeks ago and is a bit different from my last 3 posts.

My little sister Julie, got married about a month ago. 2 weeks before the wedding I went and stayed with her for the weekend and left Gary (my husband) with the kids. The idea was to have a good girlie time together before she tied the knot.

To help set the scene I will describe Julie. She is 27 years old, about 5 foot 7 inches tall and is a natural blonde like myself. She has a nice slim figure and perky little tits.

She is also a regular church attendee and due to her beliefs, she was waiting for her wedding night to lose her virginity. I don't think she had even seen a man naked up to this point in time.

On the Saturday we had gone into town and looked round loads of shops. She had bought lots of new clothes for her honeymoon (all very conservative). While we were having coffee I asked her what she was going to wear on her wedding night. She admitted that she hadn't got anything yet as she didn't know what to get. She wanted something sexy but had not bought anything sexy in her life before. So I agreed to help her choose.

I took her to a local lingerie shop that I knew sold quality, sexy stuff. She got very embarrased when I started picking out possible nightdresses. She kept picking out really non-sexy stuff but I refused to let her buy them. In the end I got her to choose a nightdress. It was a full length white silk nightdress which had slits on each side up to her hips, a plunging front and thin straps over her shoulders. The top half was all beautiful lace which would show of her tits very well. It was very clingy and would show of her lovely figure. She asked what type of knickers she should wear. I pointed out it was her wedding night so she shouldn't wear any.

In the evening we went out for a nice meal. Julie drank a lot of wine which I thought was unusual for her. Afterwards, we went to a pub for a couple more drinks. She was getting pretty tipsy by now. I noticed that a couple of guys were eyeing us up but I ignored them as I was with Julie.

I started to notice that Julie was not very happy and got the impression she was upset about something so I her asked what was wrong. She said she was worried about her wedding night and having sex with her new husband. I said not to worry, everyone is nervous the 1st time and you will really enjoy it. I then got a suprise as that was not her worry. She said there were 2 things bothering her. Firstly, she was worried that her lack of experience would mean she wouldn't be any good for her husband (he was not a virgin and had been with at least 2 women previous to meeting Julie). Her second worry was that she would always wonder what it would have been like to have sex with another man.

I pointed out that she didn't need to worry about these things and it will all turn out okay. She said this had become a massive worry for her over the last few months but she had come up with a plan, but she wanted my help. She then explained her plan which really suprised me. She wanted to have a one night stand with a stranger to get a little bit of experience and so that she wouldn't always wonder what another man would be like. She was too scared to do it on her own so she had invited me over for the weekend with the idea of finding a man each.

I was in total shock and questioned if she was really sure about this. I also pointed out I was married to Gary and didn't want to cheat on him. She said she had really thought it through and was absolutely determined this is what she wanted. I spent half hour making sure she really meant it but she was completely convinced that this is was she wanted. I said I wouldn't do this behind Gary's back, but I would talk it over with him on the phone. If he was okay with it I would go through with it (I was still in shock at what might happen).

I stepped out of the pub and rang Gary and explained the situation. At first he was completely silent. I asked him if he was upset with me for asking him. He replied he was not upset at all but was completely shocked at what Julie wanted. He then pointed out that his cock had gone rock solid at the thought of what might happen and the whole thing was a massive turn on. In fact he had got his cock out and started to play with it while talking to me on the phone. So I asked if he was okay with it. He said on one condition, that I give him a blow by blow account when I got home the next day. I agreed and he said he was off to bed to have a good long wank over what was going to happen that night. This made me feel really horny thinking about Gary at home with his big hard cock.

I went back into the pub to let Julie know it was okay only to find the 2 guys who had been eyeing us up were sitting at out table and flirting with her. (so much for needing big sis to help her). Julie introduced me to Ian and Jim and told me she had invited them back to her flat to join us for some drinks. (wow she was a quick learner I thought). They were obviously very keen on the idea so we got our jackets left. I have to say that Julie had done very well in picking 2 very good looking guys with really fit bodies.

I could see Julie was getting very nervous as we walked to her flat. When we got in I told her to have chat with me in the bedroom. I told the 2 guys to make themselves at home for a minute while we put on something more comfortable.

When we were alone I checked whether she still wanted to go through with this. She was addament. I suggested we both got changed into something a bit more sexy (we were both in jeans and sweaters). She started to look through her stuff while I got changed. I hadn't brought anything sexy with me so I picked out a long white blouse that I had planned to wear the next day. It was only just long enough to cover my pussy and bum. I left a few of the top buttons undone to make it more sexy. Julie said to go on ahead and she would join me in a minute.

I went back into the living. Ian and Jims eyes nearly popped out of the head when they saw me. I took the opportunity to explain the situation to them while Julie wasn't there. I told them to be really careful with her and if either of us told them to stop they should do it immediately. The both agreed to this. I could see that the whole thing was a massive turn on to them as well. 2 very large bulges had appeared in their jeans.

Then Julie entered the room. I couldn't believe it, she had put on her wedding night nightdress. She looked stunning, especially her little tits poking through the lace top. Ian and Jim just sat starring, not believing how good their night was turning out. She asked if she looked alright. We all replied how stunning she looked which helped her relax. Although I was starting to feel pretty horny I still couldn't believe what was about to happen.

I realised that everyone was still feeling a little awkward about the situation and I would have to get the ball rolling. I beckoned Jim over to me and pulled him close and started to kiss him. His hands immediately started groping my bum which felt good.

Ian took this as his cue to approach Julie. He walked over to her and gently started kissing her. He part his arms round her and caressed her back with his hards gradually working down until his hands were on her bum. I could see she was starting to like the experience.

Jim started to get a bit more adventurous with me. One hand was now inside my blouse fondling my tits. The other hand had pulled the back of my blouse up to grope my bare bum. This was now feeling really good and I could feel myself getting wet.

Julie was letting Ian touch her little tits through her nightdress, he eventually slip his hand into her top and started to gently carress her hard little nipples. This was a new pleasure for her and I could tell she was really beginning to enjoy the whole experience.

I suggested we moved into the bedroom. When we got in I lay down on one side of the bed (it was a doublebed) and pulled Jim down on top of me. My blouse rode up showing off my trimmed, now wet pussy. Jim's fingers soon found they way down there and started to devle deep inside of me.

Meanwhile Julie had laid on the bed next to me. Ian sat down beside her and started to caress her body. He started with her tits. He gently removed the straps from her sholders and pulled her top down. He little tits looked so perfect as Ian played with them and gave them gently sucks. He then started working on her legs gradually working his way up. He eventually uncovered her virgin, untrimmed, blonde pussy for us all to see. I have to say it looked perfectly formed. Ian gently started to touch her pussy and Julie let out a groan of pleasure. I couldn't believe I was watching my sister getting groped for her first time.

I was so engrossed with what I was watching I hadn't really noticed that Jim had got off me and was in the process of removing his jeans and boxers. He revealed a huge cock (must have been at least nine inches). My immediate thought was wow this will feel good. But I was also glad that I had picked Jim as this would be a bit much for Julies 1st time. I then noticed that Julies eyes were transfixed on his cock. It was the 1st time she had seen a hard cock for real.

Ian then stripped off to show of his cock and it was almost as big as Jims. He led Julies hand on to it and she started to gently pull on it. I sat up on the bed and started to suck Jims huge cock as he stood in front of him. I suggested that Julie tried doing the same to Ian. It wasn't long until Julie's mouth was full of Ian's cock.

I then lay back and openned my legs. Jim lay down on top of me and inserted his cock into me and started to pump me gently. Julie followed suit and laid back. I watched as Ian gently slid his large cock into Julie's pussy. I could see from her face that she really enjoyed the sensation of this. He started to gradually move back on forth on her and I could hear her groaning in pleasure.

Jim pumped me harder and harder. We were both getting off on what was happening to Julie and we both climaxed fairly quickly. Boy he had a lot of cum, I thought I was going to burst. He pulled out and sat beside me and we both watched as Ian pumped Julie. They went on for a long time as Ian was taking his time to build things up. All of a sudden she let out a massive groan and I knew she had just had her first orgasm ever. Seconds later Ian filled her virgn pussy with his cum. (I had checked that Julie was on the pill before I had let anything happen).

We all laid back and relaxed on the bed. I asked Julie if she was alright and she said she couldn't be happier. We all gradually fell asleep all cuddled up on the bed. I went to sleep hoping Julie wouldn't regret this in the morning

I was woken then next morning by grunts and groans next to me. I turned over to see Jim lying on Julie pumping her hard. Ian was standing next to them naked watching what was going on. I could see from the state of his cock that he had already shagged Julie that morning. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. It wasn't long before Jim shot his load in Julie and pulled out. She turned and smiled and said thank you to me.

I suggested to the guys it was time to go now and they got themselves dressed and left. Julie explained how they had all woken up before me. She had enjoyed the night before so much and had wanted one last go (which turned into 2). She said that her plan had worked and asked me to thank Gary for letting me do this.

I shot back home after breakfast. Julie went off to her church for the Sunday Service (I doubt she was listening much to them sermon). I got home to find Gary had dropped our kids round at his parents. I knew what he wanted. So I sat down and gave him every detail of what happened. He then fucked me so hard it was unbelievable.

Sorry if this story was a bit long. I am still in shock it actually happened. I couldn't help thinking about all through her wedding day. But you should have seen the dirty smile on Gary's face as she walked up the church aisle.
Poster: Sandra