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Sweet dare


Boys not in
About 3 weeks ago my husband Gary had a lads night in at our house with 3 of his friends. They do this about once month and it involves eating curry, drinking lots of beer and games on playstation.

I always go to bed early on these evenings with a bottle of wine to myself and this one was no exception. At around midnight I heard Gary saying goodbye to his friends and then the front door being closed. Gary came up the stairs and came into our bedroom.

He told me he was feeling very horny and wanted to have some fun with me downstairs on the sofa. I liked the sound of this, so I agreed. He said I should put on something sexy while he went back downstairs to wait for me.

So I got up and chose something to wear. I put on a short black lacy night dress. It only just covers up my boobs and my pussy. It is very see through and leaves nothing to imagination. I then put on some black holdups and high heel shoes. A bit of a strange combination but I knew Gary would like it.

I walked down the stairs and into the living room and got the shock of my life as Gary's 3 friends were there waiting for me. I found out later that Gary had made a bet with his friends that he could get me to come down stairs wearing something very sexy. He then told them to pretend to leave the house and wait very quietly for me to come downstairs. As you can see he won the bet.

At first I just stood there in shock wondering what on earth to do. Gary was standing looking at me with a big grin on his face. The 3 guys were just staring at me in disbelief. My initial reaction was to run back up stairs. But then I thought, what the hell they have seen it all now, I might as well stay down here. So I walked across the room and sat down on a chair and asked which one of them was going to get me something to drink.

Gary went of to the kitchen to get me a large glass of wine. I said to his friends that it was obviously a victim of a prank by Gary, how would the like to help me get my own back. I knew Gary would be a few minutes as he can never find the corkscrew to open the wine bottle so I had time to set up the revenge.

When he came back into the room he found me still sitting on the same chair but now with my nightdress removed. The 3 friends were standing in front of me with their jeans and boxers around their ankles. I was playing with their big hard cocks using both my mouth and my hands. Their hands will all over me. Now it was Gary's turn to be shocked.

Gary decided to just stand and watch his 3 best mates having there fun with me. Although at 1st I had just done this as a joke it was starting to feel seriously good. I had know these guys for years and had fantasized many times about them shagging me. All 3 of them had good size cocks and I really enjoyed handling and sucking each one of them.

It wasn't long before Gary had got his cock out and was playing with it while he watched his friends. This went on for about 15 minutes until I got off my chair and got down on all fours. I got one of the guys to come round in front of my so I could give him a good suck and signalled to another guy to take me from behind. He knelt behind me and slipped his cock gently into my very juicy pussy. He didn't stay gentle for long and started pumping me very hard. Gary and the 3rd friend stood and watched the action.

Neither guy lasted long. The guy shagging me shot his load in my pussy which felt fantastic. The guy I was sucking shot off a very large load of cum in my mouth. I sucked him dry and swallowed the lot. I told the other friend that I wasn't fully satisfied yet and he would have to finish the job. I rolled on to my back and lifted my legs high and wide to give him full access to me. He soon had his cock in and was pumping me hard. Gary now stood right next to me and carried on wanking his cock. After 5 minutes I felt the guy's cock explode in my pussy filling me with a large amount of cum. I had a massive orgasm and was nowcompletely satisfied. Gary then shot his load all over my face and tits making me very messy.

The 3 friends all got themselves dressed and went to leave. I gave Gary one final shock. I followed them out on to our front drive, still only wearing just my holdups and covered in cum. I gave each one of the guys a long snog, encouraging them to grope me all over in full sight of all my neighbours houses.

Gary then took me up stairs and we had one more fuck to finish the night off.

I have seen Gary's friends a few times since this happened. I let them know this was a one off and not to expect it to happen again. However, we do have fun discussing just how good fun it all was.

Well now I have posted all the things that have happened to me over the last few months. If something new happens I will make sure I will write a post. I hope you have enjoyed reading all about the fun and experience I have had this year.

Sandra XXX
Poster: Sandra